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Volume 16 Issue 10 - July/August 2011

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Jul 7 6:30 Kevin Quain;

Jul 7 6:30 Kevin Quain; 9:30 Benny SharoniQuartet. Jul 8 4PM Hogtown Syncopators;6:30 Artie Roth Trio; 9:45 Angela Scappatura.Jul 9 12PM Laura Marks; 3:30 ConorGains Band; 7PM Elena Kapeleris. 9:45Hotfoot Orchestra. Jul 10 12PM ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz; 3:30 Bohemian Swing; 7PMVern Dorge; 9:30 Angela Morris. Jul 116:30 Peter Hill Quintet; 9:30 Dave Young’sCharles Mingus Workshop. Jul 12 6:30Allison Au Quartet; 9:30 Rex Jam hosted byTerra Hazelton. Jul 13 6:30 Trikonasana;9:30 Turtleboy. Jul 14 6:30 South in theCity; 9:30 Jacklyn Guillou Quintet. Jul 154PM Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30 Artie RothTrio; 9:45 Vaughan Misener. Jul 16 12PMSara Dell; 3:30 George Lake Big Band; 7PMElena Kapeleris; 9:45 Jamie Ruben. Jul 1712PM Excelsior Dixieland Jazz; 3:30 Dr.Nick Blues; 7PM Vern Dorge Trio; 9:30 Newand Used. Jul 18 6:30 Peter Hill Quintet;9:30 The Cookers CD Release. Jul 19 6:30Allison Au Quartet; 9:30 Rex Jam hosted byTerra Hazelton. Jul 20 6:30 Trikonasana;9:30 Leyland Gordon. Jul 21 6:30 KevinQuain; 9:30 Sean Bray’s Peach Trio. Jul22 4PM Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30 ArtieRoth Trio; 9:45 Bob Brough. Jul 23 12PMSara Dell; 3PM Rip Rig & Panic Big Band;7PM Elena Kapeleris; 9:45 Duncan Hopkins.Jul 24 12PM Excelsior Dixieland Jazz;3:30 Beverly Taft; 7PM Vern Dorge Trio;9:30 Robin Jessome CD Launch. Jul 256:30 Peter Hill Quintet; 9:30 John CheesmanJazz Orchestra. Jul 26 6:30 AllisonAu Quartet; 9:30 Rex Jam hosted by TerraHazelton. Jul 27 6:30 Trikonasana; 9:30Robb Cappelletto. Jul 28 6:30 Kevin Quain;9:30 Music of Oscar Peterson. Jul 29 4PMHogtown Syncopators; 6:30 Artie RothTrio; 9:45 Kiki Misumi. Jul 30 12PM SaraDell; 3:30 Swing Shift Big Band; 7PM ElenaKapeleris; 9:45 Justin Bacchus; 12:45 RichBrown’s Rinsethealgorithm. Jul 31 12PMExcelsior Dixieland Jazz; 3:30 FreewayDixieland Jazz; 7PM Vern Dorge Trio; 9:30Jake Wilkinson’s Blue Note Series.Ristorante Roma1090 Bloor St. W. 416-531-4000All shows: PWYCJul 1 5PM Coleman Tinsley Trio; 8PM VictorMonsivais Latin Band. Jul 2 5PM Samthe Shark Trio; 8PM Bossa Tres.Saint Tropez, Le315 King St. W. 416-591-3600Live piano jazz 7 days a weekwww.lesainttropez.comStatlers on Church487 Church St. 647-351-0957www.statlersonchurch.caEvery Mon SINGular Sensation OpenMic w Jenni Walls and Donvoan LeNabatEvery Tue Chris Tsujiuchi; Every WedBram Zeidenberg; Every Thu Open Mic wDonavan LeNabat; Every Fri Julie Michels& Kevin Barrett; Every Sat Alex Hopkins.Every Sun James Moyer.D. In The Clubs (Mostly Jazz)Ten Feet Tall1381 Danforth Ave. 416-778-7333www.tenfeettall.caEvery 2nd and 4th Tue Dunstan Morey &the Toronto Fingerstyle Guitar Association.NEW: Every Thu East End Jazz Jam hostedby Brendan Davis Trio w guest Chris Gale.TD Jazzfest: Jul 1 9PM Juliann Kuchoki.Pwyc. Jul 2 3:30PM June Garber; 9PMAlex Samaras sings Sondheim. Pwyc. Jul3 Carin Redman Quartet Pwyc. SaturdayNight Cabaret, 8PM PWYC: Jul 9 Countermeasure(14-piece a cappella). Jul 16Tracey Dey.Jul 23 Lara Solnicki. Jul 30 OriDagan sings Sarah Vaughan. Aug 6 JordanaTalsky.Aug 13 Broulala. Aug 20, 27 TBA.Sunday Afternoon Matinee, 3:30-6:30PMNO COVER: Jul 10 Ilana Waldston. Jul 17Norman Marshall Villeneuve. Jul 24 LauraHubert.Trane Studio964 Bathurst St. (full calendar)Tranzac292 Brunswick Ave. (full calendar)Multiple shows per day, many are PWYCEvery Mon This is Awesome 7PM; OpenMic 10PM. Every Fri The Foolish Things5PM. Multiple performances every night,including: Jul 1 7:30 Kent Eliuk. Jul 26:30 Les Petit Nouveau. Jul 3 5PM Monk’sMusic. Jul 5 10PM God’s Gift to Yoda. Jul6 7:30 David Woodhead’s Confabulation.Jul 7 7:30 Bluegrass and Oldtime. Jul8 7:30 Emergence Quartet. Jul 9 10PMHeavy Ethics. Jul 10 10:30 Lina Allemano4. Jul 12 7:30 Peripheral Vision. Jul 137:30 Comhaltas Irish Slow Session. Jul14 10PM The Roofhoppers. Jul 15 10PMMy Home the Stars. Jul 16 6:30 MichaelDavidson. Jul 17 7:30 Morning Bell andKatie DuTemple. Jul 18 7:30 Mazinani/Kubota/Martynec/Lumley. Jul 20 10PM St.Dirt Elementary School Jul 21 7:30 Houndstooth.Jul 22 10PM Red Blue Green, StarLab, Choro Trio. Jul 23 6:30 Joe Hall. Jul24 7:30 Daniel Easty, Ryan Driver, ChrisBanks. Jul 26 8PM Toronto Folk Singers.Jul 27 10PM Make It! Jul 28 10PM RyanDriver Quartet. Jul 29 10PM Nancy Dutra,Darcy Deaville and Michael Laderoute. Jul30 7:30 Steph Marshall, Marylou David andKatie DuTemple.Whistler’s995 Broadview Ave.All shows: NO COVERJul 1 11AM: Ribfest: Jazz & Blues All-Day.Jul 2 6PM Chuck Jackson & the Allstars.Jul 3 6PM Havana Blues Trio.Zemra Bar & Lounge778 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-651-3123www.zemrabarlounge.comEvery Wed Open Mic and JamEvery Fri Live Music FridaysLook for favourite live music venues onour website map, World of The WholeNotethewholenote.comparticularly delighted tohave the opportunity tooffer a workshop alongwith the concert forvocalists and teachers.This is a once-in-alifetimeopportunity formost local singers andteachers — a chance tosee a little bit of what isbehind the magic of Mr.McFerrin.”Art of Jazz is a notfor-profitorganizationdedicated to jazz educationand performance,founded in 2005, witha vision to present,promote and perpetuatethe art of jazz throughenriched educationalactivities and innovativelive musicalperformances. It beganin Toronto’s historicDistillery District in2006 and has recentlyrelocated outside ofToronto proper toneighbouring regions ofPeel and beyond. Whythe migration?“Part of the mandateof the organization isto build new audiencesfor jazz and to exposeaudiences to musiciansthey may not have theBobby McFerrin.opportunity to see or hear. With changes underway at the Distillery,particularly construction that was affecting our outdoor space, wedecided it was time to find new communities to build our globalvillage. Last year, we took the Festival north and the Art of JazzGlobal Jazz Village took place in Maynooth. We are once againpresenting the Art of Jazz Global Jazz Village in Maynooth andneighbouring Bancroft August 17–21, 2011. We further expandedour Festival season to include the Brampton Global Jazz and BluesFestival August 11–14, 2011 … Our focus and mandate remain thesame — each is a celebration of the art form of jazz and has deeproots in education. Local artists along with top musicians fromaround the world come together to perform in intimate venues. Wecreate a relaxed, casual and welcoming atmosphere that allows audiencesand musicians to mix, mingle and learn from one another.”Why Brampton?“The City of Brampton approached the Art of Jazz about bringinga jazz festival to their city. They have generously sponsored theFestival and provided unprecedented support behind the scenes.We have access to the beautiful Rose Theatre, Gage Park, GardenSquare and more — all located in downtown Brampton and in closewalking distance so that we can maintain the feeling of a communitythroughout the weekend. Brampton is the second fastest growing and11th largest city in Canada with over 511,000 people from more than175 distinct ethnic backgrounds. It is an ideal place to build a jazzfestival, build jazz audiences and grow a vibrant jazz community.”Thank you to all of you who continue to support live music.Whether you’re paying with credit, cash or with your attention, youmake a world of difference. Happy Summer!Ori Dagan is a Toronto-based jazz vocalist,voice actor and entertainment journalist. He canbe contacted at: OF ART OF JAZZ52 thewholenote.comJuly 1–September 7, 2011

Free Connections,Good VibrationsETCETERA!ORI DAGANSunshine, laughter and in some cases, concerts: the bestthings in life are free. In light of this, and inspired by an emailfrom Cheryl Drake, senior church administrator at Humber ValleyUnited Church, we hereby inaugurate a brand new category in TheETCeteras. Looking to find a new home for a well-loved recordcollection? A used instrument case? Or as in the case of HumberValley, 26 rust-coloured gowns and 18 cream collars? If you arelooking to give away these goods without remuneration, we arehappy to list these and other items at no charge in The ETCeteras’brand new Giveaways section.Speaking of new, a holistic healing clinic has recently introducedlive music two days a week when booking massage therapy oracupuncture services. “It is my long held view that music is morethan entertainment,” says Marie Graff, proprietor of BodyOneRegistered Massage Therapy Clinic. “With sound healing makingits way into the discussion on energy medicine and many interestingexperiments on that front, we have decided to bring musicians intoto the clinic to play soothing music. Live music can make a realdifference on your whole neuro-physical being, effectively activatingevery cell in your body with the imprint of melodic principles.” Seethe Announcements section for details.Screenings of cinematic musical classics are abundant thissummer with a rhyming pair of weekly screenings at Yonge-Dundas(“Dancing in the Dark”) and David Pecaut (“TIFF in the Park”)Squares. Films range from such old-school staples as The Wizardof Oz and The Sound of Music to more thoroughly modern fare likeThe Muppet Movie, Hair and Moulin Rouge. It will be interestingto see how the weather holds up (particularly for the screening ofSingin’ in the Rain).In my column this month (see previous page) you can read allabout Art of Jazz’s Brampton Global Jazz and Blues Festival andBobby McFerrin’s concert and workshop. Two more workshopsare featured in this festival: a Latin percussion clinic with Cubanborndummer Francisco Mela and a jazz improvisation clinic with19-year-old American saxophone prodigy, Grace Kelly. “One ofthe things that makes the Art of Jazz unique is the community webuild,” says AOJ president Bonnie Lester. “Bringing top artistssuch as Mela and Grace Kelly to stay throughout the festival andplay with local and international musicians allows us to create arelaxed, casual and welcoming atmosphere. We encourage audiencesand musicians to mix, mingle and learn from one another, deliveringwhat we hope will be a memorable experience for all the guests andfriends of the festival.”“Not a concert? Not a problem!” Be sure to include all the relevantdetails when you next contact us at & FUNDRAISERS•August 28 Choirs Ontario. Fortieth AnniversaryConcert/Gala Dinner. Event to follow2011 Ontario Youth Choir Final Concert (seeListings Section B). Concert, reception andgala dinner to take place at Hart House (specificlocation TBA). $100. 416-923-1144.COMPETITIONS & SCHOLARSHIPS•July 15 deadline Canada’s Walk of Fame. ASong for Canada. Canadians invited to describethe true essence of the Canadian identity, andwhat makes them proud to be Canadian, in a250 word essay or poem, optionally with amusical interpretation. Winner collaboratesLet YourInner Songbe SungWhole ClassicalVoice training for all ages inall styles of SingingClassical Voice Trainingusing Yoga Postures,Alexander Technique,Mindful Meditation techniques,and Expressive MovementOn Bayview at Eglintonwww.83VoICe.com416 83 VoICe(838-6423)E. The ETCeteraswith Stephan Moccio, Raine Maida and ChantalKreviazuk and receives ,000. 416-628-5612.•Entries now accepted Oriana Women’sChoir. Canadian Choral Composition Competitionfor Young Composers (30 Years and Under).Prizes of $1000 for compositions in the followingcategories: i) new setting of the text SilentNight; ii) new setting of the text Laudate Dominum;iii) new setting of the poem Rubies byRalph Waldo Emerson. Winning compositionswill be performed by Oriana Women’s Choir intheir upcoming season. entry fee per composition;for SA/SSA/SSAA voices, a cappellaor with piano accompaniment. Deadline for applicationis August 1.Children'sPianoLessonsFriendly, approachable -and strict!Liz Parker416.544.1803liz.parker@rogers.comQueen/Bathurst88.9 mm × 88.9 mmOntario Youth Choir Reunion &Choirs Ontario 40th Anniversary CelebrationSpecial concert and gala dinner, August 28, 2011OYC concert, 2:00 p.m.MacMillan Theatre, Faculty of Music, University of TorontoReception and gala dinner to followHistoric Hart House, University of TorontoConcert: regular: • senior/student: •child (12 and under): freeConcert, reception and gala dinner: $100Premiere Source for HigH quality food(416) 364-7397 www.pasqualebros.comt: 416 923 1144 • 866 935 1144 • f: 416 929 • www.choirsontario.orgJuly 1–September 7, 2011 53

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