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Volume 16 Issue 10 - July/August 2011

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Summer Music’s

Summer Music’s Highways and BywaysDAVID PERLMANDouglas mcnabney, violist is one of Canada’s distinguishedchamber musicians. He has toured extensively throughoutCanada, Europe, and the United States, and is a Juno — andGrammy-nominated recording artist. Formerly artistic director ofthe Domaine ForgetInternational Festivaland Academy, heis also coordinatorof chamber musicat the SchulichSchool of Music ofMcGill Universityin Montreal anda busy soloist andguest artist acrossCanada, the USA,and in Europe, withchamber musicsocieties, ensembles,and (in past years)at summer festivals.He is also, now,the second artisticdirector of TorontoSummer Music inits five year history,succeeding AgnesGrossmann last fall,which has put a bitof a crimp in hissummer touring, anda significant gleamin his eye.Most significantly,though, for thisstory, the TorontoSummer MusicBloor/Bathurst offices,with their eye-catching mural, are just down the hall from TheWholeNote’s digs, which made him an ideal and convenient startingpoint for WholeNote’s annual ramble down the highways and bywaysof summer music (and for the story’s main photograph). As isour custom, we have chosen to follow music’s makers in their summerperegrinations, posing the same four or five questions to eachrespondent. Here are McNabney’s responses, followed by “teasers”from the replies of others who responded in time for this magazine’sdeadline. The story now takes up its home on our website where itwill, if history is a reliable precedent, continue to grow and developas the summer progresses.What are we interrupting (i.e. taking you away from to write this)?Still exhilarated after performing the Black Angels String Quartet byGeorge Crumb with the SuperNova String Quartet at ScotiaFestivalin Halifax ten days ago. Keeping in touch with managers and agentsafter last week’s ISPA conference in Toronto to book artists for 2012TSM. Planning to find a successor at McGill for Jonathan Crowwho has just been named the new TSO concertmaster. Establishingthe incredibly complex rehearsal schedule for the TSM Academyand Festival, writing programme notes, getting my tux ready toattend the MadHot National Ballet Gala this evening … Oh yes,coordinating the pouring of new foundations next week for ourcottage renovations …What are you most looking forward to as an audience member betweennow and September 7? That’s like asking me which one of my childrenI prefer! … I’ve chosen artists and put every program togetherwith such care — I’m dying of anticipation for each. Kiril Gerstein’sToronto debut? Sir Tom Allen? Christine Brewer, our new Mentorsand Fellows series where our young artists get to perform withthe likes of Menahem Pressler, Anton Kuerti and André Laplante?I won’t want to miss one of those!How about as a music maker/player? No question, the MendelssohnOctet — the season finale of the TSM Festival with Jonathan Crowleading. Fireworks guaranteed!What are you already preparing for beyond the summer? and (how) doyour summer plans tie in? In terms of TSM, the Festival theme for2012 and 2013 is already set and I’m starting to book artists in consequence.For my own performing, I’m looking forward to recordingthe complete Beethoven String Trios with Jonathan Crow and MattHaimovitz, our third album after the Mozart Divertimento in 2007and the Bach Goldberg Variations in 2009.What are you doing this summer?BORIS BROTTBoris Brott is one of Canada’s most celebratedSymphony and Opera Conductors. Currentlyhe is founding music director of the New WestSymphony in Los Angeles, artistic director of theMcGill Chamber Orchestra and artistic directorof the Brott Music Festival and National AcademyOrchestra in Hamilton/Toronto.“This has been a banner year for me as a frequent guest conductor… I am in Italy again conducting a five performance runof Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly” at the beautifully renovatedPetruzzelli Theatre … looking forward to conducting 13 performancesof Carmen at the famed Arena di Verona in 2012.”ALAIN TRUDELAlain Trudel is music director of Orchestra London,l’Orchestre Symphonique de Laval, the NationalBroadcast Orchestra, as well as Principal GuestConductor of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra,and of the HSSB. He is also proud to be the conductorof the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra.“This is my chance to have some quality time with my family.Therefore most of my time will be spent with my loved ones … andwith the music of the greatest composers!”KERRY STRATTONKerry Stratton has conducted orchestras in Europe,North America and Asia. Maestro Stratton is theConductor of the Toronto Concert Orchestra, theGrand Salon Orchestra, and Conductor & MusicDirector of Wish Opera.“I’ll be recording two previously unrecordedworks by Jean Francaix, with the Sir George Solti ChamberOrchestra in Budapest. This is very exciting to me as I have been incommunication for some time with the late composer’s son, who hasdirected me to some truly marvelous scores.”8 thewholenote.comJuly 1–September 7, 2011

JONATHAN MONROJonathan Monro is a Newfoundland-born actor/musician. He has performed at Carnegie Hall,on Broadway, and on stage, TV, and in film. Herecently won the Harrington Award for outstandingcreative achievement as a songwriter for BMI inNew York.“…I’m looking forward to the German publication of my musical“Variations on a Nervous Breakdown”, performing “2 Pianos 4Hands” in San Diego in August, and finishing the score to two newmusicals, with plans to have them performed in concert in the fall.”CHRISTINA PETROWSKA QUILICOPianist Christina Petrowska Quilico has long beenone of Canada’s leading interpreters of new music.“… looking forward to taking one of my daughtersto see Alice in Wonderland with the National Balletof Canada. My daughters and I love the ballet and wehave all taken lessons…working with Terrill Maguirefrom York University on a dance/piano concert in September … reviewingmy Ann Southam repertoire for several tribute concerts … I’vealso been invited to a New Music Festival in Virginia …”ANTON KUERTIAnton Kuerti has performed in recital and withleading orchestras in 40 countries. In Canada hehas appeared in 140 communities, and played withevery professional orchestra, including 41 concertswith the Toronto Symphony.“I will perform at the opening MooredaleConcert, Sept. 25, with the extraordinary cellist Ofra Harnoy, whomI have long admired but never played with. After that I will be offto China, Halifax, Ottawa, Barrie, Philadelphia, Australia and otherassorted destinations — really my agents should provide me with alittle more variety, don’t you think?”CHRIS DONNELLYChris Donnelly is a Juno nominated pianist,composer and improviser from Toronto, Canada.He teaches at the University of Toronto and blogsregularly at“I’m learning and memorizing music! I have somesolo piano performances coming up in the nextmonth including the Toronto Jazz Festival and Music by the Sea inBamfield, BC. Performing from memory is very important to me; itcontributes to more effective performances … memorizing music isvery tedious and time consuming, but much more rewarding thanreading music!”SONDRA RADVANOVSKYSondra Radvanovsky’s dynamic stage presence andstunning vocal gifts have firmly established heras the leading Verdi soprano on the internationalstage today. Ms. Radvanovsky and her husbandmake their home near Toronto.“There really never seems to be enough timeto prepare a new role properly when you are on the road all thetime … so I am taking some time off at the end of the summer towork on new music and to just be in our house.”ALEX PANGMANProud to be known as Canada’s Sweetheart ofSwing, Alex Pangman possesses the requisite taste,talent and the historical knowledge of an avidrecord collector to breathe new life into the sturdystandards of the classic jazz era.“I am desperately hoping to catch PreservationHall with Del McCoury at a festival stop this summer! We have justscouted locations for our music video … Really excited about this asits been many years since I made a proper video!”40th Season2011~2012SUBSCRIPTIONSERIESGREAT CHAMBER MUSIC, 4 HST incl.Th. Sept. 15 Tokyo Quartetwith Markus Groh, pianistTh. Oct. 13 Jerusalem QuartetTh. Nov. 17 Gryphon TrioTh. Dec. 1 St. Lawrence QuartetTh. Jan. 19 Lafayette QuartetTh. Mar. 15 Tokyo QuartetTh. Apr. 5 Quatuor BozziniTh. May 3 Artemis QuartetPIANO 6, 8 HST incl.Tu. Sep. 20 Marcus GrohTu. Nov. 8 Lise de la SalleTu. Dec. 6 Louise BessetteTu. Mar. 6 Richard GoodeTu. Mar. 27 Marc-André HamelinDISCOVERYTh. Jan. 12 Leslie Newman, flutistwith Erica Goodman, harpistTh. Mar. 1 Wallis Giunta, mezzowith Steven Philcox, pianistTh. Mar. 22 Véronique Mathieu, violinistwith Andrée-Anne Perras-Fortin, pianist HST incl.CONTEMPORARY CLASSICS, HST incl.Tu. Dec. 6 Louise Bessette, pianistTh. Mar. 22 Véronique Mathieu, violinistwith Andrée-Anne Perras-Fortin, pianistTh. Apr. 5 Quatuor BozziniBUY THE SEASON – 16 CONCERTS – 3, 4QUARTETS + PIANO – 13 CONCERTS – 5, 9QUARTETS + DISCOVERY – 11 CONCERTS – 2, 9PIANO + DISCOVERY – 8 CONCERTS – 2, 9The lower price is the last 4 rows of the theatre.CanadianHeritageatPatrimoinecanadien416-366-7723 1-800-708-6754Order online at www.stlc.comJuly 1–September 7, 2011 9

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