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Volume 16 Issue 2 - October 2010

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Expect something

Expect something different...PETER MAHONSales Representative416-322-8000pmahon@trebnet.comwww.petermahon.comand Arvo Pärt is surely the mostpopular living composer cur-peredwith a kind of composer’sfound creative inspiration in settingsof sacred texts from medievaland renaissance eras. Pärt’slarge-scale compositions are perfectexamples of sacred worksthat have lived and breathed mostoften in concert spaces, often forComposer Arvo Pärt.audiences far removed geographicallyand philosophically from the Slavonic church traditions fromsembles180 singers from their University Voices programme, con-posers,“The Mystical Worlds of Pärt and Schafer.” Glagolitic Mass on November 10and 11 is a highlight of this season. I can’t recall a recent date inthat blends both erudition and a rhythmic, sensuous appeal, andhis Glagolitic Mass has proved as enduringly popular to audienceseverywhere as his operas have become. The unusual name of theMša glagolskajainto a strange cross between a ominous-sounding geologicallandform and mouthwash) refers to Glagolitsa, the oldest knownassembled rather chaotic translations of the Mass texts, delightingconcert-goers, infuriating linguistic scholars, and providing headachesfor generations of choral singers accustomed to nice, safe lan--ousconcert that includes Tchaikovsky’s Marche Slav Op. 31, Pro-Lieutenant Kijé Suite, and a new work by CzechConsult The WholeNote’s listings for more choral concerts takingplace over the next few weeks.Benjamin Stein is a tenor and theorbist. He can be contacted at:Toronto Classical Singers2010/11 SeasonHandel: Messiah (Highlights)Sunday December 5, 2010Mozart: Requiem in D MinorMorten Lauridsen: Lux AeternaSunday February 27, 2011Mendelssohn: ElijhaSunday May 1, 2011Conductor: Jurgen PetrenkoThe Talisker Players OrchestraConcerts 4:00PM @ Christ Church Deer Park1570 Yonge St. (2blks north of St. Clair at Heath St. W)Season Tickets: Adult: Senior/Student: Single Tickets: Adult: Senior/Student: Tickets: 416-443-1490www.torontoclassicalsingers.cawww.totix.ca26 thewholenote.comOctober 1 - November 7, 2010

Look Back at AngerJIM GALLOWAYLast month I gave a talk to the Toronto Chapter of the Dukethe second Tuesday of every month, except for July and August. cietythrough the efforts of one Bill Ross, a Canadian working in-of course, his alter ego Billy Strayhorn. (It’s interesting to note thatSociety.)The Toronto chapter’s origins make an interesting story, thanks-terhas been meeting regularly ever since. There’s no doubt that shewho had established a warmfriendship with the Dukemany years before. Afterhis death, Rhea and her son,Ron, also a lawyer, main-a period of time, wheneverToronto they would be invitedto the Anger home afterthe engagement to enjoysome home comfort. Andon. I came up with a list of16 different venues wherethey performed.Duke Ellington.Robert Fulford, in theToronto Startre,tenor saxophone soloist Paul Gonsalves came down from thestage and stood before a middle-aged woman in the audience, affectionatelyserenading her as the band accompanied him. While Gon-number ‘for Mrs. Anger, our dear friend.’” For years Rhea and herson Ron were familiar faces at jazz events in Toronto and their loveand enthusiasm for the music never diminished.October 1 - November 7, 2010 27

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