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Volume 16 Issue 2 - October 2010

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In his book, Music Is My

In his book, Music Is My Mistressand her son, Ron, are also among our most loyal friends and supporters.They never miss our appearances in Toronto, and the city’sof its health to them. Canada has a character and a spirit of its own,which we should recognize and never take for granted.” The Inn on the Park. It was a three day event, and the musicians in-serMacPherson and myself. In addition, there was a rare perform-The Tatooed Bride by my bigband. Alice Babs, who had a long collaboration with the Duke,was present. She’s perhaps best remembered for her singing in thevoice. It had a range of more than three octaves and was so remark-wrote for her, he had to use three different singers!In the early days of the society, meetings were held in members’homes – but nowadays Montgomery’s Inn, at the junction of DundasStreet West and Islington, is the home of the Society. And each yearthe Toronto Chapter presents a fundraising concert at a date closegroup led by Dave Young and Terry Promane will be the featuredensemble. More about that closer to the date.As a result of their fundraising activities, seven ,000 scholarshipsare awarded to emerging Toronto musicians, a remarkableachievement for what is a relatively small group of enthusiasts.Speaking of which, they would welcome additional members – especiallysome younger blood – so if you’re interested please call Chrislive on in one of his favourite cities. St. Philip’s Anglican ChurchA casual, relaxing hour of prayer +great music with the city’s finest musiciansWhat’s in a Name?was nicknames given to some of the musicians who worked withTrombonist Joe Nanton was one of the great pioneers of thegersounds were a major ingredient in the band’s jungle sound thatiesabout the origin of his nickname, neither having to do with histrombone technique – a common misconception. bandmates, so much so that he became known as tricky with a deckpableof “doing with one handwhat someone else would do withtwo – he was tricky that way.”Nanton had perfected a techniqueof drinking on-stage without anyonenoticing!Another trombonist, LawrenceBrown, joined the band inhe kept away from the drinkingand high-life enjoyed by the restof the band, a rather puritan behaviorthat earned him the nickname“The Deacon.”Tenor sax player Paul Gon-and stayed for the rest of his life.-panic,when in fact he was fromlingtonbestowed on him anothersobriquet. Because he sometimeswalked around in the audiencewhile soloing, the Duke dubbedPaul “Mex” Gonsalves.him “Strolling Violins.” trombone section. So was Quentin Jackson, whose nickname was“Butter,” thus giving rise to “Britt and Butter.” So you see, some ofus don’t only play on instruments – and words seldom fail us. St. Philip’s Anglican Church | Etobicoke25 St. Phillips Road (near Royal York + Dixon)416-247-5181 www.stphilips.net28 thewholenote.comOctober 1 - November 7, 2010

Two New GroupsJACK MACQUARRIEResa’s Pieces Strings in rehearsal.In last month’s Bandstand column I focused on a few new ensembleswhich had graced the local scene over the past two or threeyears, and mentioned some new ones scheduled to begin this fall.It seemed appropriate then to see how some of these proposed newstartups were doing. Two in particular, with very different aims, attractedmy attention. Resa’s Pieces Strings was billed as a begin-Long and McQuade was to be a beginners band for people 50-plusFirst up was the rehearsal of the string group Resa’s Pieceserand conductor of the very successful Resa’s Pieces Band. Thestrings group included a wide spectrum of ages from high-schoolstudents to white-haired seniors. All had enough experience to knowhow to hold their instruments and play basic scales. For those neophytesin the group who were less than familiar with some of the adjustmentsrequired by their instruments, a technician from Georgeto assist.After a few openingremarks outlining theaims and objectives forthe months ahead, andgetting the instrumentstuned, director Ric Giorgistarted the group rightoff playing simple melodiesinterspersed withexercises on such mattersas bowing techniques.By the time thebreak came along, thisnew ensemble was playingsimple melodies inharmony with better tuningthat might nave been expected. At the break, this new group wasinvited across the hall, where Resa’s Pieces Band had been practising.There they were welcomed into the fold with the cutting andsharing of a cake for their “birthday.” berghas established from day one in leading Resa’s Pieces ConcertBand. It is “to provide an opportunity for people to return to playinginstruments that they have not touched for years.” Doing yourbest, but also having fun is what is expected, and everyone growsmusically together with each “piece” completing the whole! As ofrehearsal. players are in short supply. In fact, one acquaintance of mine hasstring players: get a viola and join the fun on Monday evenings.check it out at their website, or email quaintedsession at Long and McQuade’s downtown Toronto store-This is a band for retirees who either have not played for years, orThe trumpets of the New Horizons Seniors Band.have sung or played other instruments and would now like to playin an organized group. The majority of these people did not own instruments,and were curious about which instrument might be right-edhow to hold it, blew a few notes and then decided to try an oboe.that emanated. Rather, it was quite a pleasant musical tone. I immediatelysuggested that she and the oboe were meant for each other.Whether she will stick with oboe or sample other instruments beforeAs with the string orchestra, there are initial shortages. Lowbrass wannabes were in short supply. It seems that, amongst grand-appeal that tubas and euphoniums.The goal for this group has already been established, and it’s ambitious.The CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio has already been booked forTORONTO’SPRINT MUSICHEADQUARTERSAttention: private studio musicteachers and students! we’ve goteverything you need this September -come check out our new Pianorepertoire selection featuring G.Henle and BaerenreiterVerlageditions!WE PROUDLY FEATURE:Dedicated RCM exam requirementbook sections for Theory, Piano,Strings, Brass & Woodwind.Diverse repertoire, method & studyselections for all instruments.Full selection of electric andacoustic guitars,keyboards,drums,and accessories including amplifiers& public address systems/dj equipment.Band and string instrument sales.Ask about our teacherdiscount program.415 Queen Street West,Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2A5store: (416) 593-8888www.stevesmusic.comeducational@stevesmusic.comPHOTOS JACK MACQUARRIEOctober 1 - November 7, 2010 29

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