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Volume 16 Issue 3 - November 2010

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wherever she was in the

wherever she was in the house while I was practicing the piano. Myfather was a boy alto at the residential school he attended. He is nowa traditional drummer and singer. My brother and sister took pianolessons as kids and my brother and I have actually performed assingers together on a number of occasions. He is too busy with hisartwork now to keep up the singing.Where did hearing music fit in? CBC radio played in our house atall times when we weren’t sleeping or practising. All sorts of greatclassical music programs were airing at the time and the only one Iusually had a soccer game in the afternoon though, I didn’t have tohear the whole thing. I studied piano in the Suzuki piano departmentMusic was the way I expressed the feelings and thoughts I had that Ididn’t yet have the words to express in an adult way.First memory of yourself singing? Hmmm… probably that would beto the My Fair Lady and the Sound of Music records that we had. Iwould put one on and then dance around the living room, singing atthe top of my lungs, imagining...Your first instrument? Piano.First experiences of making music with others? Piano duets, singingin a children’s choir. I was an alto and I loved that our parts mostlydiffered from the melody and that I was providing harmonies.When you first sang alone for an audience? When I was 16 I had totake voice lessons as part of my piano training. We did little concertsonce a month and I was very excited to discover the world ofwords and being able to face my audience to see how involved theywere. At the piano, I’d never been able to do this. Singing reallyopened up possibilities in music that suited my personality even betterthan playing the piano did.The point at which you began to think of yourself as a musician?was going to be a musician…Read the full interview at up in Ontario…Dublin Messiahwill sing Messiah with the Kingston Symphony and Kingston Chor-Amor Brujo with the PeterboroughKate and the Devil, co-starring Giles Tom-Music’s Children gratefully acknowledges Victor & Edith,Liesel & Hans, Dee, Rick, Bill, and Kevin, Aradia, Opera in Concert,and NAXOS.The WholeNoteFifteen Years Ago: AnAnniversary SeriesReight copies of Vol 1No 3. Chiyoko Szlavnics, NickGotham and Peter Lutek) atthe Music Gallery ... Justone of 150 concerts in ourproclaimed.Looking back, no singleword we have published hasever evoked as profound andsustained a reaction as theleft corner of this cover.Read on.Complete Live Concert Listings!?Who knows how longwe would have persistedwith that impossible claim? But we didn’t get the chance to enjoy ourblissful ignorance. At our door within days was a list from a thenhe said. “Here are just somehanded us a long list in small handwriting, with every entry substan-Today we routinely list four times as many concerts and music-BOYSAged 7 to 12For Men & BoysChoir inEnglish CathedralTraditionD A C A P ODAVID PERLMAN+ Monthly stipend, scholarships+ Rigorous musical and voice training+ Weekly and concert performance+ UK tourContactgracemusic@gracechurchonthehill.ca58 thewholenote.comNovember 1 - December 7, 2010

TMal events every month as we did back then. But our longtime faithfulcorrespondent’s monthly summaries of our sins of omission, stillpainstakingly handwritten, are longer than ever, and the accompany-several rubber bands. comprehensiveness is more of an ideal than an achievable goal. Per-geographic catchment area, even the nature of the music we shouldour marvellous musical scene is constantly sloughing off and renewingitself.The foursome on our November 1995 cover is an interesting ex-not been since 1998), but do some research on any of the four playersand you will get a glimpse of how one thing leads to another inthis process of growth and renewal.Chiyoko Szlavnics, for example, has added a strong visual artcomponent to her compositional and instrumental palette, as anyoneventuring to the Canadian Music Centre for Nuit Blanche wouldhave noticed. And Nic Gotham’s opera Nigredo Hotel, written withbefore Not everyone represented in that issue is with us. The Elmer IselerSingers, Friday November 10 1995, were conducted by ElmerIseler, for example, in a programme including works by HarryFreedman.And several of the the listings inspire the question “Gee, I won-there who remembers those lectures?We weren’t above a bit of editorial thundering either, back then.Ariadneauf Naxos In our September issue we wondered aloud how the Canadian OperaCompany was going to manage to render the O’Keefe intimate fortheir production of Richard Strauss’s chamber opera ... The answer visually they did very well by clever use of big costumes, shadowpuppet effects, and a combination of compelling stillness and overdrawnbuffoonery ... But all the stage magic in the world could notcompensate for the big-barn’s life sucking acoustics.It’s reassuring to see that clever creative people can come soclose to making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. A better way, though,would be to start with a silk sow.It’s interesting how things come around. Free now of its cripplingthat someone out there is already dreaming of.BLUE PAGES Still Open To New Memberssenterdirectory that graced the pagesyear round online at,a living testament to theconstant process of growth and renewalI’ve just been blabbing on about.So a couple of hearty “welcomeSony Centre, neither of whom quite-take their place with the others in theonline directory at here’s a taste:Ensemble Vivant, “Canada’s Chamber Music Treasure”- innovative, “No matter the genre, there is magic inher music making.” For Catherine it is a privilege collaborating withthe world class musicians of Ensemble Vivant. New CD, “Homagewww.ensemblevivant.comThe Sony Centre For The Performing Arts is Canada’s largest softseattheatre. Audiences are invited to celebrate the Centre’s 50th Anniversaryin a revitalized and re-invigorated facility in downtowngrammingwill entice and engage the community as a Theatre of PRESENTER PROFILES 2010/2011updated onlinenTHEWHOLENOTE.COM THEBLUEPAGESe.The talent is here.e.Publicity, press kits & image consultingfor performers416.544.1803 www.lizpr.comNovember 1 - December 7, 2010 59

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