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Volume 16 Issue 4 - December 2010

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“On the site you can

“On the site you can start a wish list for any type of group youto all types of live music and encourage some of these people toCameron is a very committed volunteer, have told me that the group has been a lifelinefor them in hard times, which is both rewardbring people together, a positive focus in one’sweek, therapeutic and uplifting at the same the venues in The WholeNotethat there haven’t been, or don’t continue to be, their events in advance so it’s hard to always give group membersmusic don’t really highlight this feature properly, what with stagessort of stuck in the middle of nowhere so the bands can’t be seen continue having great turnouts for events, to use our numbers to fun, and want to actively support the local music scene, then you Debbie Fleming.the band by providing a secure income, but itClub SamplingMendelssohn Choir, and has fronted severalof her own bands over the years including thehighly skilled as a choral arranger, and you canhear some of her Christmas charts when the singer, pianist and songwriter Bob Dorough Ori Dagan is a Toronto-based jazz vocalist, voice actor andentertainment journalist. He can best be contacted at CD Release!PASIÓN“...the heart and spiritof Latin piano.”www.beatrizboizan.com28 thewholenote.comDecember 1, 2010 - February 7, 2011

Striving for PerfectionJACK MACQUARRIEWPlaying with no music, this young virtuoso dazzled his audience notonly with his technical skills, but also with amazing musical sounds week, we were treated to an even moreknowledgeable friend to proclaim it the bestpoint in the best seats in the house, we notonly heard their remarkable music, we sawthem communicate with each other by knowing glances and a host of subtle gestures in Davide Amadio, was free to be in constant eye contact with thetold us all in no uncertain terms that he was loving every minute of is this mini review of two professional concerts in a column devotedto community ensembles? What better way for those of us who playillusions that we might someday perform to that standard, but it doesprovide both inspiration and a measuring stick should we tend to frequently treated to the philosophy of a friend who was one of theconstantly strive for perfection, and perhaps we’ll achieve mediocachieve in music?Having suggested that we set our sights high, how are the beginHe states: “More interestingly however is the wonderful performan ensemble remarkably quickly and show every indication thatdespite the huge differences in skill levels, everyone seems pleasedwith the challenges and rewards of the repertoire and the satisfaction me of the old adage among groups seeking to recruit string players less than three months since their inaugural information meeting,ship is limited to retirees and others who don’t have daytime comners and those reconnecting with music will begin evening rehears After a brief hiatus, the band’s directors have been busy over theship fees and rehearsal dates visit their webalso created a survey to gauge the interest inmusic beyond high school within the comLast year at this time we reported on thewill be teaming up with the Amadeus ChoirLeft to right: David Childs with Hannafordguest conductor Alain Trudel.A new venture this year has two MarkhamOrchestra and the Village Voices Choir willpresent two performances of the VivaldiGloria Jack MacQuarrie plays several brass instruments, and hasperformed in many community ensembles. He can be contacted 1, 2010 - February 7, 2011 29PHOTO JACK MACQUARRIE

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