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Volume 16 Issue 4 - December 2010

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JEANNE LAMON continued

JEANNE LAMON continued from page 10You’ve done some contemporarymusic, too. We have done some.I’m always looking for composerswho are turned on by composersand want to write spe- We’ve had some wonderful experienceswith Canadian composers– but we’ve also hadsome experiences where they’vewritten sort of regardless of ourinstruments. So we’ve had somemixed experiences. We continueto explore that by commissioningone new piece a year.I’ve often thought that it wouldbe nice to have a composer inresidence who would work with us over a period of time, and get toknow the orchestra. That’s a long-range plan.More immediately, you look to be pretty busy over the next couple ofmonths. We have Mozart’s Symphony No. 1 coming up. I don’t thinkanyone ever does it, so that will be great. And our Messiah is aholiday tradition – but it’s different every year because the cast isdifferent. This year we have one of the best casts we’ve ever had.There’s not a weak singer amongst them.And of course there’s your “Sing-Along Messiah.” Yes, and we’re busyon December 6 at 9 o’clock.In January, the “Bach at the Coffee House” programme must be dearto your heart.causehe was the director of the Collegium at Zimmerman’s Coffeewhat they played, and what it would have been like to go there.And in February, Bach’s Mass in B Minor is no small undertaking. Noit’s not – and it’s a piece that certainly deserves to be in the canon.I expect you keep your ears to the ground. What do you think of someof the younger early-music groups out there? There’s so much hap-young people out there. It goes in waves: there was a time, about 10years ago, when I thought that maybe early music was coming to anend, because there didn’t seem to be anyone picking it up and runningwith it. Now there’s so much going on – so much energy andtalent. It’s a very rich time for baroque performance.Colin Eatock is the managing editor of The WholeNote.Discography: A Decade of Tafelmusik on CD Beethoven Symphonies Nos. 7 & 8 (2008)Analekta AN 2 9947Jeanne Lamon, Music Director Gloria In Excelsis Deo (2007) (2007) Mozart Symphonies Nos. 40 & 41 (2006)Analekta AN 2 9834 Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 6 Analekta AN 2 9831Music Director J.S. Bach: Orchestral Suites (2003) Rameau Dardanus: Le temple de la gloire (2003) J.S. Bach: Motets (2000)Taurins, Conductor J.S. Bach: Coffee Cantata, Peasant Cantata (2000)tenor Requiem (2000)PHOTO DEAN MACDONELLMARTINE CÔTÉJANINE MESSADIÉ9 h – 12 h / 9:00 AM – NOON12 h – 15 h / NOON – 3:00 DIRECT D’ICI, MAINTENANT. LIVE, HERE AND NOW.78 thewholenote.comDecember 1, 2010 - February 7, 2011

Opera's Greatest HitsNew Year's Eve 2010Opera Canada SymphonyDaniele Callegari, conductor (Italy)Isabel Bayrakdarian, sopranoRichard Margison, tenorSarah Maria Punga, mezzo-soprano (Italy)Alberto Gazale, baritone (Italy)Dazzling excerpts fromthe world's most belovedOperas: Don Giovanni,Rigoletto, MadamaButterfly, Turandot,La Traviata and more.Isabel BayrakdarianDecember 31, 2010 7pm Roy Thomson HallRichard MargisonNew Year's Concert 2011The Strauss Symphony of CanadaImre Kollár, conductor (Budapest)Hege Gustava Tjønn, soprano (Oslo-Vienna)Neal von Osten, tenor (Vienna)Dancers from Ballet St.Pölten (Austria)Inspired by Vienna'sworld-famous New Year'sConcert and featuring gloriouswaltzes, polkas and songsof Johann Strauss Jr.January 1, 2011 2:30pm Roy Thomson HallPresented by Attila Glatz Concert Productionsand Roy Thomson

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