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Volume 16 Issue 5 - February 2011

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Best of the Web | Come

Best of the Web | Come On In, the Surfing’s FineDO YOU SURF? As February blustersand blows, the question may conjureup images of sandy beaches andsunshine. Canada, than the kind that requires a buffphysique and a new swimsuit. And you cando it without having to venture outdoors.Our growing readership representsdiverse thinkers, including those who “don’tdo internet.” But there are some excellentreasons to join us on the World Wide Web,and enrich your experience by becoming anonline reader at Miss a Beat!latest edition, even if you haven’t been ableto pick up a copy. If you go to our website homepage, and lookat-sults,or see concert listings right away? On the internet you can seestreet date.Contests! Tickets! CD Giveaways!By becoming a registered user of The WholeNote online, you invitegood luck into your life. It’s easy to register at the top left-hand sideof our home-page. We’ll send you an email, no more than four timesa month, including you in opportunities to win a variety of musicrelatedgoodies, such as tickets to operas and concerts.. Join today,win tomorrow! (We never make other use of email addresses, exceptClick and Ye Shall Search…exactly what you want in our comprehensive concert listings:LISTINGS BY MUSICAL GENREYou can search our online concert listings according to musicalgenre. At the top of our hompage, click on “Concert Listings”, andthen look for “Search Listings” on the left side of the new page. Youcan choose from among Band/Wind Ensemble; Chamber Music;Concerts; Music for Children; Music Theatre; New Music; Opera;Organ Recitals/Concert; Orchestral Music; Piano Recitals/Concerts;Vocal Recital/Concerts; World Music.LISTINGS BY GEOGRAPHICAL ZONEYou can also search our listings according to your location. YouMore Than Just the MagazineThere’s just so much music to talk about. When we have articles orthese are continued or expanded online. And then there areBLOGSTheWholeNote’s regular staff writers as well as local artists and musicappreciators.WholeNote blogs include reviews of live music (see Cathy Riches’(read “Phil’s Philes” by Phil Ehrensaft exploring the Metropolitanof musical interest.ORI DAGANOne example: I recently travelledscene there, including a performance bywrote:Despite the fact that her top endhas vanished – she sounds more like atrombone rather than a trumpet – todaythe beauty in her art lies in the emotionalcommand of her interpretations… Rosshas lived every song she sings, resultingin a live performance that is steepedin the truth of life experience. (FromHere are some choice additionalsamples from the blogs:A piano in a public venue is anorphan. It’s not just an orphan. It’s apoor neglected, abused, fetal alcohol syndrome, crack baby thatgrows into one pathetic old beast that can break your heart. (FromPlease vote for your favourite composer tonight. Whether yourvote is cast for the composer’s hairstyle or musical aesthetic is upto you. Submit your ballot at the end of the show. And let’s all stopthe gravy train!”… (From Andrew Timar’s blog about the EnsembleContemporain de Montréal presented by New Music Concerts at TheAccess Back Issues and Wholenote Directories!Gave away your May WholeNote, with the Canary Pages ChoralDirectory in it, to a friend teetering on the edge of joining a choir?What if you spill a tall cold Canada Day pilsner on your copy ofthe July/August double issue, and can’t read the summer festivallistings? No problem! Our website archives date back to 2005,including feature stories, CD reviews and beat-by-beat columns. Ourdirectories are available online year-round. (The Canary Pages, ThePaper Can’t Really Singamuse-bouche, provided by the music community and our staff.Here’s a seasonally topical example! Go to the homepage of ourSelect by clicking the little round button,so you’ll be searching our website, not the whole web. Then typeDestiny Blues into the search box.I hope that this piece has tempted you to test the waters of ourworld wide web wanderings. The WholeNote is committed to itsprint publication, but we’re delighted to be extending our readershipfrom Southern Ontario to anywhere on the musical planet.54 thewholenote.comFebruary 1 - March 7, 2011

Just the Spot | Favourite Musical PlacesGABRIELLE McLAUGHLINKnox College Chapel, University of TorontoWHEN I FURIOSI WAS in its toddler years, it staggeredaround the city looking for a place to set up its playpen.With a small but growing audience, this was a tricky search.Large venues seemed empty with our crowd, and tiny places madeour somewhat unrestrained baroque ensemble feel like we wereinvading the audience’s personal space. Yes, chamber music ismeant to be intimate, but no one wants to feel like the performers oraudience can smell sweat.After trying a few spots around town, we landed on Knox CollegeChapel. Tucked away in King’s College Circle, Knox Collegeis the Presbyterian theology school of the University of Toronto. Itand access, but the chapel itself is on the King’s end of the building. ear. The intimate acoustic allows for chamber music to be performedwith ease, but the chancel is distant enough from the pewsto circumvent any odour problems. We always found the Knox stafffriendly and there are enough toilets in the building to make for ashort intermission.The décor is spectacular – high vaulted ceilings with gothicwood, stone and glass panels. The passageway leading from StGeorge to the chapel also leaves the traveler with a Hogwarts-esquefeeling. Aside from the beauty and communion of the setting, KnoxCollege Chapel contains two organs of note. The organ in theis a Wolff tuned to a 5th comma meantone. All this is hidden in oneof the best-kept secret concert venues in the city.I Furiosi lasted happily in this space until early adolescence, atwhich point it had to seek larger accommodations. The glass doorsat the entrance to the chapel still reverberate with the “BRAVO”yelled by one memorably drunken audience member, who stormedout, apparently overcome.Although we are now in our adult digs and we do our ownlaundry and remember to have showers, we sometimes miss theearly days with our friends at Knox. This is still the perfect spotfor an up-and-coming chamber group. The acoustic is particularlybeautiful for early music. Highly recommended for ensembles withimpeccable personal hygiene.The WholeNotedelivers toOver 70 amateur &professional choirsOver 80 restaurants, fine foodstores, bakeries, coffee shops& tea housesOver 90 churches, communitycentres & seniors homesOver 100 orchestras, bands &concert venuesOver 110 schools, musicdepartments & conservatoriesOver 120 book, video, audio &music shopsOver 130 libraries & librarysystems.Add it up and it all makes aWholeNote of sense.Now add yourself!416-323-2232 x33circulation@thewholenote.comTheWholeNote is Ontario MusicTHEFebruary 1 - March 7, 2011 55

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