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Volume 16 Issue 5 - February 2011

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OPENERDear Die-Hard

OPENERDear Die-Hard Reader,Iuallywidening in alarm at the thought that this magazine has atits helm someone as prone to whimsical digression as this, youthe WholeNote editorial foyer is temporary, and, second, from thefact that even such alarming roller-coaster syntactical rides as thissentence must eventually lose momentum andcome to a stop, in order for me to turn myattention to the other four things I want to sayas this sixteenth February of The WholeNote’sexistence dawns, sullen in circumstance butradiant with hope.First, for those who think talk is cheap,let me point out that the previous sentence, ifhave set me back 4.40 + .47 HST – atotal of 1.87. That’s for the basic ad (up to 20 words), andthen .20 per word for the remaining 92. (Needless to say it wouldhave been an appalling waste of money, especially since, unlike thetainsno contact information, and neither asks nor offers anything.)Second, if I were to attempt to distill the essence of this Opener’sbe in the HELP WANTED section and might read something likethe following: INDEPENDENT music magazine desperately needingto be less ad hoc seeks managing editor for meaningful relationship.Job description and/or expressions of interest, words; plus .60 for the next three plus tax: If it works, it’ll be thebest .19 we ever spent.Third, for anyone seriously interested in inquiring about the job,responsibility for getting me to keep my cotton-pickin’ hands off thispage is part of the job description, but it’s probably not as importantas the ability to keep your head while allaround you are losing theirs and blaming it onyou. Or as important as having boatloads ofcuriosity about how print, web, and the newsocial media can be made to mesh in the littleniche we occupy. “Clicks and mortar” youmight call it, in the service of live local music.Fourth, it would be remiss of me not toexplain that the reason we are commencing thesearch for a managing editor at this particulartime is because Colin Eatock, whose face and thoughts you mighthave been expecting to see here, has had an attack of common senseand extricated himself from the craziness of holding down boththe managing editor’s and listings coordinator’s posts here at TheWholeNote for nigh on two years. It is you, dear whole-hearted diehards,who more than anyone else will be aware of the many waysin which we emerge from Colin’s two years of service-beyond-thecall-of-duty,in tidier shape, and better corporate health, than before.We are grateful and wish him well in restoring some balance to hismultifaceted musical life.—David Perlman, publisher@thewholenote.comPHOTO AIR’LETH AODHFINThe WholeNote The Toronto Concert-Goer’s GuideVOLUME 16 NO 5 | FEB 1 – MAR 7, 2011720 Bathurst St, Suite 503, Toronto ON M5S 2R4MAIN TELEPHONE 416-323-2232FAX 416-603-4791SWITCHBOARD & GENERAL INQUIRIES Ext 21Chairman of the BoardAllan PulkerPublisher/Editor In Chief | David Perlmanpublisher@thewholenote.comCD Editor | David Oldsdiscoveries@thewholenote.comEvent Advertising/MembershipKaren Ages | members@thewholenote.comAdvertising/Production Support/OperationsJack Buell | adart@thewholenote.comConcert ListingsOri Dagan and Sharna Searlelistings@thewholenote.comJazz ListingsOri Dagan | jazz@thewholenote.comWebsiteBryson Winchester | systems@thewholenote.comCirculation, Display Stands & SubscriptionsChris Malcolm | circulation@thewholenote.comPatrick Slimmon | patrick@thewholenote.comTHE ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL IS AN AGENCYOF THE GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO.THANKS TO THIS MONTH’S CONTRIBUTORSBeat ColumnsBANDSTAND | Jack MacQuarrieBOOKSHELF | Pamela MarglesCLASSICAL & BEYOND | David PerlmanCHORAL SCENE | Benjamin SteinEARLY MUSIC | Simone DesiletsIN THE CLUBS | Ori DaganJAZZ NOTES| Jim GallowayMUSIC’S CHILDREN | mJ buellIN WITH THE NEW | Jason van EykOPERA | Christopher HoileWORLD MUSIC | Andrew TimarFeaturesDavid Perlman, MJ Buell, David Olds,Daniel Foley, Andrew Timar,Gabrielle McLaughlinCD ReviewersKaren Ages, Alex Baran, Geoff Chapman,Colin Eatock, Daniel Foley, Richard Haskell,Tiina Kiik, Roger Knox, Allan Pulker,Cathy Riches, Terry Robbins,Michael Schwartz, Bruce Surtees,Robert Tomas, Jason van Eyk,Ken Waxman, Dianne WellsProofreadingSimone Desilets, Karen Ages, Sharna SearleListingsFelix Deak, Ori Dagan,Richard Haskell, Nick Torti, Sharna SearleLayout & DesignBrian Cartwright, Uno RamatSUBSCRIPTIONS per year + HST (10 issues)www.thewholenote.comUpcoming Dates & DeadlinesFree Event Listings Deadline6pm Tuesday February 15Display Ad Reservations Deadline6pm Tuesday February 15Advertising Materials Due6pm Thursday February 17Publication DateTuesday March 1Next issue is Volume 16 No 6, coveringMarch 1, 2011 – April 7, 2011WholeNote Media Inc. accepts no responsibilityor liability for claims made for any product orservice reported on or advertised in this issue.Printed in CanadaCouto Printing & Publishing ServicesCirculation StatementDecember 2010: 30,000 printed & distributed.Canadian Publication ProductSales Agreement 1263846ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTEPublications Mail Agreement #40026682Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:WholeNote Media Inc.503-720 Bathurst StreetToronto ON M5S 2R4COPYRIGHT © 2011 WHOLENOTE MEDIA INC6 thewholenote.comFebruary 1 - March 7, 2011

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