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Volume 16 Issue 7 - April 2011

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‘‘’UNIVERSITY AUDITIONS AREUPON US!! CHECK IN WITHSTEVE’S FOR LEVEL-APPROPRIATEMATERIALS...GOOD LUCK!WE PROUDLY FEATURE:Dedicated RCM exam requirement bookWoodwind.Diverse repertoire, method & studyrs& public address systems/dj equipment.Band and string instrument sales.Ask about our teacherdiscount program.415 Queen Street West, Toronto OntarioM5V 2A5 (416) 593-8888educational@stevesmusic.comSUNDAY, APRIL 17The Music ofNorma BeecroftPost-Classical Series 8pm //SATURDAY, APRIL 30New Ancient Stringsfeaturing Amir Amiri/Ziya Tabassian + Araz SalekNew World Series 8pm /FRIDAY MAY 6On the Trail ofKaija SaariahoPost-Classical Series 8pm //TMfor string orchestra, conducted by Gary Kulesha, alongside worldmore information about CCMW, visit dance which took place on that stage. Billed as an intimate eventfor family, friends, colleagues, and admirers of this pioneeringbest qualities to come together and celebrate her music, her lifeand her legacy. While the artists involved have asked to remaincreative collaborators, including pianists Eve Egoyan and ChristinaPetrowska Quilico, as well as dancers/choreographers Patricia Beattyand Rachel Browne, should speak to the expected tone and quality ofthis occasion.We’re extremely fortunate to haveat least one pioneering Canadianwoman composer still with us, theremarkable Norma Beecroft, who atbirthday in 2009, Beecroft markedthe occasion with a new piece forErica Goodman. We’ll have thepleasure of hearing another new workNorma Beecroft.small credits in an active life as a composer, producer, broadcasterand administrator. Beecroft’s illustrious career is well noted foraward-winning contributions to music broadcasting and production,but more so as a pioneer of electronic music. Her musical aestheticteachers Weinzweig, Petrassi and Maderna, and furthermore by theher efforts, she has been honoured twice with the Canada Council’sand an Honorary Membership from the Canadian Electroacousticabout the tribute concert, visit be sure to get in with the new via The WholeNote concert listingshere and online at Jason van Eyk is the Ontario Regional Director of the CanadianMusic Centre. He can be contacted at JEAN-MICHEL KOMARNICKIThe Music Gallery22 thewholenote.comApril 1 - May 7, 2011

Balanced DietBENJAMIN STEINThe easiest way to understand music’s place in our lives is to compareit to food. What are you in the mood for tonight? Perhapsyou’re willing to brave an exotic, unfamiliar meal from a distantland. Maybe you’re looking forward to a familiar dish, whicha notable chef promises to create anew with daringly unconventionalspices, sauces and cooking practices. Or after a long week’s work,it may be time for nothing better than comfort food, not especiallyIn music as with food, proper nourishment is achieved throughand subtlety may yield a kind of spiritual dyspepsia and a desire formore straightforward, meaty fare. But an unbroken chain of fat-friedmusical hamburgers is likely to bring on metaphysical bloat of thebrain and hardening of the aesthetic arteries.For composers, the monetary rewards of laying on the musicalsugar-treacle must be tempting, as the popularity of Rutter andLauridsen can demonstrate. On the other hand, proud and uncompromisingcreators who proffer a musical meal that is the auralequivalent of dry wooden sticks garnished with razor blades shouldnot be overly surprised or aggrieved if most audience memberspolitely decline the invitation. Nine out of ten Canadian choral clinicians urge concert-goers tochoose at least one of each category in the coming weeks, for properhealth and a balanced musical diet. Cantemus Singers sing Palestrina’s Missa Papae Marcelli, whichCantemus Singers with Michael Erdman, director.history has deemed his most popular mass setting. French composer Mass in CMinor and Haydn’s Lord Nelson Masssideredby some to be Haydn’s greatest choral achievement. Otherconcerts with music by Verdi, Bach, Brahms and Handel can befound in the listings.Let us turn to premieres, lesser-known works and Canadianyou big scaredy-cats. I promise you that yummy aural snacks await,even if the tastes and recipes are not always entirely familiar. that includes Montreal composer Donald Patriquin’s CanadianMosaic. Patriquin is an inventive and adept choral writer whosework deserves more hearing in this part of the world. April 1 - May 7, 2011 23

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