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Volume 16 Issue 7 - April 2011

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Friday, May 13,

Friday, May 13, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.30TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERTAND RECEPTIONCome to a special venue, Grace Church on-the-Hill, tocelebrate Exultate’s anniversary and John Tuttle’s finalperformance as the choir’s full-time conductor. Share inmusical memories as the choir performs some of the mostmoving and beloved works from the repertoire. At the heartof the program is a performance of Sergei Rachmaninoff’sAll-Night Vigil, Op. 37, better known as his Vespers. Often calleda choral symphony, this a cappella work is regarded as one ofRachmaninoff’s finest compositions.As a tribute to John’s leadership, the choir will premiere apiece written for the occasion by Derek Holman, a long-timeExultate collaborator. Following the concert, join the choirand John for a special reception!GRACE CHURCH ON-THE-HILL300 LONSDALE ROAD, TORONTOTICKETS Regular , Senior , Student To order or for more information: 416-971-9229WWW.EXULTATE.NETPETER MAHONSales Representative416-322-8000pmahon@trebnet.comwww.petermahon.comComposer Donald Patriquin.We Have Not Heard. Specializing in non-traditional music making, this is one of the bestmodern music festivals around. It deserves much more attention, Come to theCeilidh! has a Celtic theme with songs composed or arranged byGary Ewer and Harry Somers. Somers in particular was a toughmindedmodernist, and it is good to see choirs continue to meet thechallenge of his music. premiere of English composer David Bendall’s Requiem setting.concert which features the Canadian premiere of Bob Chilcott’sRequiem, and a number of Canadian works as well. Chilcott wasa member of the renowned King’s Singers before embarking on adistinguished career as a choral composer. Passion andResurrection, and Howard Goodall’s Eternal Lightdebut Imant Raminsh’s Quaternity: A Cantata of Seasons. Raminshis a Latvian Canadian composer based on the country’s west coast, familiar and novel. Pax Christi Chorale and the Pax Christi Youthnew CD Great Canadian Hymnsitionsis intended for use in church worship services. Nowhere moreoften than in a discussion of hymn-singing does one hear the phrase,“I like the old ones better,” so a new CD designed for such use is awelcome thing. unfamiliar works by familiar composers, Brahms’ Four Songs forTwo Horns and Harp and Verdi’s Laud Alla Vergine Maria.former work is particularly beautiful, and worth hearing live. Symphony No. 9enormous choral forces. -it the least satisfactory section of the work. Certainly, it is thesymphony’s most loosely constructed movement. Personally, when Ihear the oom-pah percussion of the tenor solo section, I immediatelywant to go a-wandering, my knapsack on my back, val-da-ree, etc.the choral movement, especially the taut mixture of serenity andPHOTO DAVID ANDERSONBenjamin Stein is a Toronto tenor and theorbist. He can becontacted at thewholenote.comApril 1 - May 7, 2011

Building Bridges,Hearing EchoesANDREW TIMARI traveled Hindustani slide guitar maestro Debashish Bhattacharyachild, Bhattacharya has in recent years built three distinct forms ofthe slide guitar, the original Indian introduction of which he tracesOn the other hand, Canadian Harry Manx forged his owndistinctive guitar style studying at the feet of the masters closer tothe inventor of the 20-stringed mohan veena, an instrument alsoof raga, while his vocals are deeply dipped in the blues. No one elsemakes music that sounds like this. Manx performs his eclectic rep-instrumentalist David Lindley. Ensemble celebrates Persian New Year and the arrival of spring. Eidaneh features Iranian classical and folk musicIf I were seeking bigthemes for this month’scolumn, my choice wouldbe to go no further thanthe Lula Lounge onconcert titled “Bridges:an inspirational eveningBridges: Led by LenkaLichtenberg and Roula Said.traditions. With tensions between and within nations being what theyare, the notion of music acting as a bridge between people is thehigh-minded leitmotif chosen by these multi-talented co-leaders. Fray -presented concert“Bridges” Roula Said, dedicated to Middle Eastern music and dance, hastwo decades. Best known as one of Canada’s leading bellydancers,Said is the director of Om Laila Bellydance, and the producerof FunkaBelly and the Bellydance Cabaret. She is also a stylishvocalist, percussionist and quanun player, as evidenced by her per-co-leads with trumpeter and composer David Buchbinder.OWNING A STEINWAY PIANO IS NOWMORE AFFORDABLE THAN EVERThanks to the strength of the Canadian Dollar, forthe first time ever, Steinway pianos are available atprices lower than the New York retail. Don’t miss thisopportunity to own your own Steinway & Sonspiano at exclusive savings.Quality and Service Since 1890210 BLOOR ST. WEST 416-961-3111Opposite the Royal Conservatory, Parking in Rear, off Bedfordwww.steinwaytoronto.comApril 1 - May 7, 2011 25

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