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Volume 16 Issue 8 - May 2011

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Just the Spot |

Just the Spot | Favourite Musical PlacesProfound MachinationsROBERT POMAKOVPUB: Formal name: public house – a building with a bar and one ormore public rooms licensed for the sale and consumption of alcoholicdrink, often also providing light meals. (Source: is the essence of Opera Bob’s Public House: the two yearbrain child of two good friends and myself. Located in the townmasquerading as a football club, a basketball team whose constantrebuilding makes the TTC’s Sheppard line look like the road to thepromised land, and a baseball team that, at least, keeps us hopingfor another “touch them all Joe”! A town, in other words, wheresport fans could use a drink.In Hog’s Hipsterville, OB’s attempts to maintain the tradition ofits name: a public place. A place where the neighbourhood Dad cantake a break and catch the game of puck on the reality box, men ofthe letters of the law can toss back a half dozen after a long day ofnegotiations, the co-ed softball team can celebrate their shellacking,and the 905ers can see how the real spend their Friday nights; notstanding in line for a sweaty basement bash.As we spend every free moment posting on our walls, readingtweety’s latest squeak, waiting for our next message on our I-phone,I-pad, I-have no life, let us not forget the simpler and slower daysof yore when human communication was done with the voice, theglaze, the shake of a head and the tap on the shoulder. Traditions areentrenched in our human condition for good reason. Just as operawas the rock music of its time (not the tuxedo wearing, champagnesipping we attribute to it), a bar is a solid wood counter, a bar manand taps of beer. Not a granite landing, with Hollywood star-inwaitingpouring you a martini from your choice of sixteen vodkas.If opera is the highest form of human expression, combining allforms of art, the pub must be the culmination of human disentanglement:the perfect place to vent, relax, let loose, argue, sit in solitaryOpera Bob’s Public House: 1112 Dundas Street West, northside, six doors east of Ossington.observance of our social machinations, or a place to drink the fruitsof monkish labour.Come down to the Public House; just off the Ossington strip onthe road leading to the sleeper town of the steel Hammer. A placeto be you, it’s a place where all are welcome (even plaid-shirt, tightjean, silly hat wearing, and date varieties). Toss back amicrobrew as Neil sings the line “Old man take a look at my life,I’m a lot like you were,” or a live group of ragtag culprits blaststhrough their songs much like the fat soprano busted through an ariaof Joe Green’s at La Scala. Ponder deep questions: should a ball parkwatching the great pastime on tv? How do you condimate yourswhile watching our boys in baby blue? The profundity persists…Toronto-born operatic bass Robert Pomakov is currently workingat the Metropolitan Opera on Rigoletto and Il Trovatore andmakes his next local appearance in the COC’s new production ofRigoletto in the fall.PHOTO (OPERA BOB’S) TZEROThe WholeNote MarketplaceComprehensive · . ResidentialSoundproo?ng Solutions 56 thewholenote.comMay 1 – June 7, 2011leon 416-995-4016

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