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Volume 16 Issue 9 - June 2011

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Babin, Belanger,

Babin, Belanger, Bourque, Derome,Duguay, Del Fabbro, Guilbeault, Hubler,Lajeunesse, Letarte, Menard, Nicolas,Nisenson, Poizat, Proulx, Sabourin,original compositions featured on this, theare so strong, and designed to illuminatethe group’s tight ensemble sense whilemaintaining a continuous improvisational to take out whatever moves you and boogiealong with Fanfare Pourpour’s freewheeling—Tiina Kiikwww.thewholenote.comShe Was A BoyOld Wine, New Bottles | Fine Old Recordings Re-ReleasedThe Metropolitan Opera has instituteda program to issue classic Saturdayafternoon performances from thepast preserved on their own archive tapes,entrusting them to Sony Classical which isbatch includes Tosca, Die Walküre, DieMeistersinger von Nürnberg, Le Nozze diFigaro, Romeo et Juliette (Gounod), LaBohème, and Il Barbieri di SevigliaBRUCE SURTEESTosca andDie WalküreTosca-(804682, 2 CDs,mono)engaged from theopening bars, listeningthrough to the-afternoon in January1955 a youngerLeontyne Price’s Tosca was heard and seenacross the continent in the NBC TelevisionOpera Theatre with David Poleri asThe MagicFluteDon Giovanni withshe was no stranger to the MET audiencewho accorded her an enthusiastic ovation as-voice was quite incomparable for its beautyand ease of delivery, making this an import-synopsis of the events on stage and all thethat future releases will include the legend-TurandotThe Die WalküreKlobucar (85308, 3 CDs, mono)by von Karajan who was to be in charge ofevery aspect of the productions from castingout too well, beginning with an inevitableclash of personalities between MET generalKarajan conductedonly the premierperformances ofthis production on27 and Decemberthe critical acclaimof both audienceand press, withGundula Janowitz asFor this Februaryperformance theconductor was theand RysanekTo hear this ensemble of singers performinglive in faultless sound will be reason enoughMusic lovers with an enquiring mind,who also have some interest in Mahler,SymphonyNo.10 and how it found its way, more orless (actually more) to the concert stagewill applaud a new release from Testament(SBT3–1457, 3CDs at a reduced price)attention when he announced that he hadprepared a performing version of Mahler’sthe journey to Mahler’s Tenth, followed bythe performance by Berthold Goldschmidtand the Philharmonia Orchestra, annotatedplayed by The London Symphony Orchestraauthored a fascinatingI Saw the World End(Oxford University Press,ISBN 9780193153189,paperback)be a multi volume study, there is here is a scholarly yet unpretentiousand thought provoking revelation and aa unique exposition on The Ring in a twoAn Introduction to Der Ring desNibelungen (Decca 443 5812)their permutations and combinations asthey appear and re-appear, which canbe a revelation and illumination to evento the narrative are the passages wherethe character is saying one thing but themusic beneath discloses that what he or shereally means or intends is something quiteThe discs can be heard and re-heard withoutFollowing his big win in Moscow’sin 1958, Van Cliburn was a hot ticket, playingplayed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestraunder Fritz Reiner-Brahms SecondSchumannissued (Testament SBT2-1460, 2CDs at areduced price)and uncomplicated with all concerned in topentation,sensible phrasing and a distinctive56 thewholenote.comJune 1 – July 7, 2011

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