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Volume 17 Issue 1 - September 2011

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--Kitchener-Prince Edward County Music Festival.Beethoven and the Slavs.-Picton. Jeffery Concerts. Tokyo String Quartet.London. SweetWater Music FestivalConcertTwo--Owen SoundSunday September 18SweetWater Music FestivalConcertThree--Owen SoundPrince Edward County Music Festival.Breezes on a Sunday Afternoon. -Picton. Tuesday September 20Prince Edward County Music Festival.Young Musicians in Concert. Picton. Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber MusicSociety. Mercer-Oh Trio. Waterloo. Wednesday September 21Music at St. Andrew’s. PaulGockel, organ. Barrie. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.Wednesday Noon Concerts. Kitchener.Orchestra LondonCathedral Series:Bella Italia-LondonB. Concerts Beyond the GTAThursday September 22Wilfrid Laurier University.Music at Noon. Waterloo. Prince Edward County Music Festival.The Lovely Miller Maid: a multi-media presentation.Picton. Friday September 23All Canadian Jazz Festival.FridayNight Party. Port Hope.Colours of Music. American Holiday.-Barrie. Prince Edward County Music Festival.The Shape and Colour of Music.-Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber MusicSociety. Anya Alexayev, piano. Waterloo. Saturday September 24All Canadian Jazz Festival.Tenth Anniversary: Day 1. Blow Port Hope.Colours of Music. Romance in France.Barrie.-All Canadian Jazz Festival.HeadlineConcert: Aspects of Oscar. Port Hope.Colours of Music. Brahms CelebratedGerman Requiem. -Barrie.-Prince Edward County Music Festival.The Glory of Old Vienna. --Picton. Sunday September 25All Canadian Jazz Festival.TenthAnniversary: Day 2.-Port Hope.Chamber Music Hamilton. AlcanQuartet. Hamilton. Colours of Music. Balalaika Virtuoso– Russian Duo. Barrie. -Colours of Music. Soaring Strings.--Barrie. Cuckoo’s Nest Folk ClubGavinDavenport, guitar and concertina. LondonMonday September 26Colours of Music. Toy Pianos- junctQin. -Barrie. Colours of Music. Peter McGillivrayand Friends. Barrie.Colours of Music. Schubert’s Octet– The Masterpiece. -Barrie.Tuesday September 27Colours of Music. Six HandsOne Piano - junctQin. -Barrie. Cathedral Church of St. Paul. NoonOrgan Recital. London. Colours of Music. The Happy Sound.Barrie. Colours of Music. On the Upbeat.--Barrie. -Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber MusicSociety. Beethoven Complete Sonatas for Violinand Piano: Concert One. -Waterloo. Wednesday September 28Colours of Music. The StoriedHarp. Barrie. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.Wednesday Noon Concerts. Kitchener. Colours of Music. The Singing Violin.-Barrie. -Colours of Music. Music on the GrandScale.-Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber MusicSociety. Beethoven Complete Sonatas for Violinand Piano: Concert Two. Waterloo. Thursday September 29Colours of Music. Barrie’s OwnMarilyn Reesor. --Barrie. Wilfrid Laurier University.Music at Noon. Waterloo. Colours of Music. Kimberly Barberand Friends. Barrie. Colours of Music. La Bohème – Puccini’sBeloved Opera in Concert. ----Barrie. Friday September 30Colours of Music. Songs MyMother Taught Me. Barrie.Colours of Music. Legendary Liszt.44 thewholenote.comSeptember 1–October 7, 2011

September 1–October 7, 2011 45

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