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Volume 17 Issue 10 - July/August 2012

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A. Concerts in the

A. Concerts in the GTAThe WholeNote listings are arranged in four sections:GTA (GREATER TORONTO AREA) covers all of Torontoplus Halton, Peel, York and Durham regions.A.BEYOND THE GTA covers many areas of SouthernOntario outside Toronto and the GTA (zones 5, 6, 7 and 8B. on the map below). Starts on page 36.SUMMER FESTIVALS is organized alphabetically byfestival name, including festivals in the GTA and beyond:S. Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. Starts on page 38.IN THE CLUBS (MOSTLY JAZZ)is organized alphabetically by club.C. Starts on page 52.THE ETCETERAS is for galas, fundraisers, competitions,screenings, lectures, symposia, masterclasses,D. workshops, singalongs and other music-related events(except performances) which may be of interest to our readers.Starts on page 54.A GENERAL WORD OF CAUTION A phone number is providedwith every listing in The WholeNote — in fact, we won’t publisha listing without one. Concerts are sometimes cancelled or postponed;artists or venues may change after listings are published.Please check before you go out to a concert.HOW TO LIST Listings in The WholeNote in the four sections aboveare a free service available, at our discretion, to eligible presenters.If you have an event, send us your information no later than the15th of the month prior to the issue or issues in which your listingis eligible to appear.LISTINGS DEADLINE The next issue covers the period fromSeptember 1, 2012, to October 7, 2012. All listings must be receivedby 6pm Wednesday August 15.LISTINGS can be sent by e-mail to orby fax to 416-603-4791 or by regular mail to the address on page 6.We do not receive listings by phone, but you can call 416-323-2232x27 for further information.MUSICALS AND FRINGE FESTIVAL SHOWS NOT LISTED DAILYAll Musicals, including Fringe Festival shows of a musical nature,appear only once and in detail in our daily concert listings*(GTA/Beyond GTA), on the date of the first performance fallingwithin the date range covered in this issue.LISTINGS ZONE MAP Visit our website to see a detailed versionof this map: July 01See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:TD Toronto Jazz Festival• 12:00 noon: University of Toronto. CanadaDay Carillon Recital. Anthems, traditional pieces,modern renditions for the occasion. Roy Lee, carillonneur.Soldier’s Tower, 7 Hart House Circle.416-978-3485. Free.• 4:00: Cathedral Church of St. James.Twilight Recitals. Andrew Adair, organ. 65Church St. 416-364-7865 x231. Freewilloffering.• 4:00: Harbourfront Centre. Summer Musicin the Garden: Orfea and the Golden Harp.Retelling of the Orpheus myth for the whole family,performed by Theatre Cotton Robes. TorontoMusic Garden, 475 Queen’s Quay W. 416-973-4000. Free.• 4:30: Christ Church Deer Park. JazzVespers: Brian Barlow Big Band. 1570 Yonge St.416-920-5211. Free, donations welcome. Partof the TD Toronto Jazz Festival.• 9:30: Harbourfront Centre. Canada DayGoing Global: Hidden Cameras. WestJet Stage,Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queen’s Quay W. 416-973-4000. Free.Monday July 02See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:TD Toronto Jazz Festival• 12:15: Music Mondays. Jazz Concert: AndréRoy Trio. André Roy, jazz guitar; George Koller,bass; Vito Rezza, drums. Church of the HolyTrinity, 10 Trinity Sq. 416-598-4521 x304. suggested donation.Tuesday July 03• 1:00: Cathedral Church of St. James.Music at Midday. Ruaraidh Sutherland, organ.65 Church St. 416-364-7865 x231. Freewilloffering.• 7:00: Metropolitan United Church. CarillonRecital: Toni Raats. 56 Queen St. E. 416-363-0331. Free.• 7:30: Richmond Hill Centre for thePerforming Arts. Jazz in the Plaza. ShannonButcher, jazz vocals. 10268 Yonge St. 905-787-8811. Free.8:00: Dancap Productions. Disney’s Beauty* and the Beast. Music by Menken and Ashman;additional music by Menken and Rice; book byWoolverton. Performed by Emily Behny (Belle);Dane Agostinis (Beast); Logan Denninghoff(Gaston); and others; Rob Roth, stage director.Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts,145 Queen St. W. 416-644-3665 or 1-866-950-7469. –0; –0(mat). Also July4–7, 8, 10–15, 17–22; start times vary.Wednesday July 04• 12:15: Our Lady of Sorrows. WednesdayConcert Series. Gordon Mansell, organ. 3055Bloor St. W. 416-231-6016. Free.• 12:35: St. Stephen in-the-Fields AnglicanChurch. Concerts at Midday: Edward Moroney,organ. 103 Bellevue Ave. 647-638-3550. Free.• 5:00: University of Toronto. Summer 2012Carillon Recital Series. Traditional and contemporarypieces. Toni Raats, carillon. Soldier’sTower, Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle. 416-978-3485. Free.6:30: Toronto Fringe Festival/Poprah*Productions. Meet my New Boyfriend FAME.One-man, musical comedy cabaret featuringjazz and musical theatre songs. Written and performedby Andrew Morrisey. The Solo Room, 30Bridgman Ave. 416-966-1062. $10/(adv).Also July 5–8, 12–14; start times vary.• 7:30: Artists’ Garden Cooperative. Plein AirSalon Garden Concerts. Karyn Ellis, folksinger/songwriter. Garden and Pavilion, 345 Balliol St.416-487-0705. $10.• 8:00: Stephen Chen. A Strange Love. Classicand contemporary torch songs. Stephen Chen,mezzo and piano; Adam Weinmann, piano andoboe. Pauper’s Pub (2nd floor), 539 Bloor St. W.416-731-7073. Free.*8:15: Toronto Fringe Festival/Nutmegis the Spice of Life. Breaking Velocity. Thestory of how an ordinary day changed in a splitsecond, showing that one moment can shapeour lives and who we become. Written and performedby Megan Phillips; music by G. Hamiltonand J. Nicholson; Ernest Johns, director. TheSolo Room, 30 Bridgman Ave. 416-966-1062.$10/(adv). Also July 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15;start times vary.*10:00: Toronto Fringe Festival/It’s MyShow. It’s My Show: I Don’t Care. Musicalcomedy. Written and performed by GeorgeWesterholm; written and directed by PatrickMcKenna. Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace,16 Ryerson Ave. 416-966-1062. $10/(adv).GeorgianBayLakeHuron672 15Lake Erie83 4City of TorontoLake Ontario30 July 1 – September 7, 2012

Also July 6, 7, 9–12, 15; start times vary.10:30: Toronto Fringe Festival/Aim for* the Tangent Theatre. The Wakowski Bros.A musical comedy about a Vaudeville team.Book, music and lyrics by W.J. Colford. DerekScott (Jim Wakowski); Alex Fallis, director. St.Vladimir’s Theatre, 620 Spadina Ave. 416-966-1062. $10/(adv). Also July 6, 8–10, 12, 15;start times vary.10:30: Toronto Fringe Festival/Lost Music* Productions. Musical Pawns. A family musical.The story of the lives of David Nowakowsky(1848–1921) and his granddaughter and herfamily, as they escape both Soviet and Nazi persecution,is told in bed-time stories, songs anddances. Written and directed by Ron Graner.Tarragon Theatre Mainspace, 30 Bridgman Ave.416-966-1062. $10/(adv). Also July 6, 9,10, 12–14; start times vary.10:30: Toronto Fringe Festival/Me and* Snow White Productions. The Princess ofPorn. Adult-only musical comedy inspired byfairy tale princesses. Written by V. Velenosi andM. Larynowicz; Robert Wilkinson, composer andmusic director. Randolph Theatre, 736 BathurstAve. 416-966-1062. $10/(adv). Also July 7,9, 11–14; start times vary.Thursday July 05• 12:00 noon: Brampton Folk Club. ThursdayLunchtime Concert Series. Mark Yan Mulcahyand Glenn McFarlane. Outdoor stage, RoseTheatre, 1 Theatre Ln., Brampton. 647-233-3655. Free.2:30: Toronto Fringe Festival/Little* Fingers Music. ROCKgarden Party – AnInteractive Children’s Musical. A fun and educationalfamily musical about changing ourenvironments. Written by Charlie Kert, choreographerand cast member; also with MeganNadain, choreographer and cast member, andJustin Ross. Palmerston Library Theatre, 560Palmerston Ave. 416-966-1062. $10/(adv);(FringeKids). Also July 6, 8–10, 12–14; starttimes vary.• 7:00: Harbourfront Centre. Summer Musicin the Garden: Fiddlers and Firebrands: Musicfrom Old Ontario. Song and dance tunes from19th century Ontario, performed by Muddy Yorkand friends. Toronto Music Garden, 475 Queen’sQuay W. 416-973-4000. Free.• 7:00: St. Lawrence Market NeighbourhoodBIA. Music in St. James Park: Cuban Rhapsody.Jane Bunnett, flute; Hilario Durán, piano. 65Church St. 416-461-7744. Free.7:00: Toronto Fringe Festival/The Beast/* Monamie Productions. So We Thought WeCould Act. Musical comedy with nine originalsongs. Written and performed by Rena Hundertand Helen Prandekas; also with Dan Derksonand one other TBA; Vladimir Cara, choreographer.Tarragon Theatre Extra Space, 30 BridgmanAve. 416-966-1062. $10/(adv). Also July 6,7, 9, 10, 13, 15; start times vary.• 7:30: Whitby Brass Band. Summer ConcertSeries. Classics and pop arrangements.Heydenshore Pavilion, 589 Water St., Whitby.905-668-8337. Free.• 8:00: Music in the Barns ChamberEnsemble. Summer Concert. Oesterle:Daydream Mechanics V; Godin: Quintet; Mozart:Grande Sestetto Concertante. Wychwood BarnsMainspace, 601 Christie St. 416-537-1620.–.8:15: Toronto Fringe Festival/Epona* Productions. Tam Lin. Musical drama based ona traditional Scottish ballad and featuring Gaelicphrases and lyrics, highland dancing and livebagpipe music. Written by M. Mason. FactoryTheatre Mainspace, 125 Bathurst Ave. 416-966-1062. $10/(adv). Also July 6, 8, 9, 10,12, 14; start times vary.8:15: Toronto Fringe Festival/ToyBox*Productions. How I Lost One Pound: TheMusical. Collection of songs and monologuesabout freeing ourselves from the body as measuredby the scale. Written and directed by LesleyCarlberg. Music by H. Thomson, S. Targett,T. Smith, R. Gavel and B. Cook. With BarbaraWeigelt, Chiamaka Ugwu, Kate Abrams, LaurenWolkowski, Madeleine Redican and others.Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace, 16 RyersonAve. 416-966-1062. $10/(adv). Also July 6,8–10, 13, 14; start times vary.*10:30: Toronto Fringe Festival/Bad DressProductions. 21 Days. Musical about a womanwho only has 21 days left before dying froma rare disease. Original music by M. Lougheed.With Tabia Lau. Robert Gill Theatre, 214 CollegeSt., 3rd floor. 416-966-1062. $10/(adv).Also July 7, 8, 10–12, 15; start times vary.*10:30: Toronto Fringe Festival/Jim SandsPresents. Charlie: A Hockey Story. Musical playabout a man’s love of Shakespeare, his father’slove of hockey, and a lesson in forgiveness asthe playwright explores the old-time NHL hockeycareer of his uncle, Charlie Sands. Written andperformed by Jim Sands. Thomas Jones/WongWing Siu, director. Annex Theatre, 736 BathurstSt., 416-966-1062. $10/(adv). Also July 7,8, 10, 12, 13, 15; start times vary.10:30: Toronto Fringe Festival/Thick and* Thin Productions. Life in the Raw. Music anddrama intertwine as three sisters dream of a betterlife in 1930s Montreal. Written by BarbaraLarose, stage director, and Rick Jones, music directorand cast member. Also with Rielle Braid,Kaitlin Lane, Denise Norman and Brianne Tucker.George Ingatieff Theatre, 15 Devonshire Pl. 416-966-1062. $10/(adv). Also July 7, 8, 9, 11,12, 14; start times vary.Friday July 065:15: Toronto Fringe Festival/Fíbín Teo.The * Blind Seal/An Rón Dall. A visual, bilingual(Gaelic/English) family musical recountingthe fate of a domesticated seal on the westcoast of Ireland. Written by W.H. Maxwell;written and performed by Dara McGee; alsowith Darach O Tuairisg, Juliana Erkonnen andPeter Akerstrom; Brendan Murray, director. St.Vladimir’s Theatre, 620 Spadina Ave. 416-966-1062. $10/(adv). Also July 7, 8, 10–12, 14;start times vary.• 7:30: Canadian Music Competition. GalaConcert. Performances by finalists and winners.MacMillan Theatre, Edward Johnson Bldg., 80Queen’s Park. 877-879-1959. ; (st/child).Preceded by National Finals, see listings sectionOn the Verandahat Benares Historic HouseA Diamond JubileeSummer Concert SeriesJuly 6 Denise Leslie, jazz vocalistJuly 13 Moira Nelson &Elena Jubinville, harp/celloJuly 27 Rob Tardik, Canada’s 2010Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the YearAugust 3 Abeena Samm,folk & gospelAugust 10 Licorice Allsorts,clarinet quartetAugust 17 deVah, electric stringsAugust 24 Antonio Piretti (TOZ),acoustic guitarAugust 31 Age of Reason,60s & 70s folkFridays at 7:30pm — bring lawnchairs or blanketsSuggested donation: /person &$10/familyBenares Historic House,1507 Clarkson Road North,Mississaugawww.museumsofmississauga.com905-615-4860And don’t miss…Driftwood Theatre’soutdoor production ofA Midsummer Night’s DreamJuly 21 & 22, 7:30pmBradley Museum, 1620 Orr RoadAugust 16, 7:30pmLeslie Log House,4415 Mississauga RoadBring lawn chairs or blanketsSuggested donation /personwww.driftwoodtheatre.comJuly 1 – September 7, 31

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