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Volume 17 Issue 10 - July/August 2012

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B. Concerts Beyond the

B. Concerts Beyond the GTAS. Summer FestivalsCentral United Church, 54 Ross St., Barrie.705-726-1181. Free.Thursday August 09See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Brott Music Festival; Domaine Forget;Festival of the Sound; Huntsville Festivalof the Arts; Kincardine Summer MusicFestival; Ottawa Chamberfest; StratfordSummer MusicThursday August 10See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Domaine Forget; Festival of the Sound;Goderich Celtic Roots Festival; KincardineSummer Music Festival; Live from the RockFolk Festival; Midland’s Summer Serenade;Music at Port Milford; Stratford SummerMusicSaturday August 11See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival;Domaine Forget; Festival of the Sound;Goderich Celtic Roots Festival; HighlandsOpera Studio; Huntsville Festival of theArts; Leith Summer Festival; Live from theRock Folk Festival; Stratford Summer MusicSunday August 12See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Brott Music Festival; Domaine Forget;Festival of the Sound; Goderich Celtic RootsFestival; Kincardine Summer Music Festival;Live from the Rock Folk Festival; StratfordSummer MusicMonday August 13See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Highlands Opera Studio; Kincardine SummerMusic FestivalTuesday August 14See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Kincardine Summer Music Festival; PrinceEdward County Jazz FestivalWednesday August 15See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Brott Music Festival; Highlands OperaStudio; Kincardine Summer Music Festival;Prince Edward County Jazz Festival;Stratford Summer Music• 12:00 noon: Music at St. Andrews. OrganistThomas Schadl and Vocalist Richard Davidson.St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 47 Owen St.,Barrie. 705-726-1181. ; free(st).Thursday August 16See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Kincardine Summer Music Festival; PrinceEdward County Jazz Festival; StratfordSummer MusicFriday August 17See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Highlands Opera Studio; Huntsville Festivalof the Arts; Kincardine Summer MusicFestival; Prince Edward County JazzFestival; Stratford Summer Music• 8:00: Art Gallery of Hamilton. AnnexUnplugged Music Series. Samantha Martin, guitarand vocals (roots/rock); Terra Lightfoot,singer-songwriter/guitar (roots/folk/rock). AGHDesign Annex, 118 James St. N., Hamilton.905-527-6610 x232. ; (sr/st).38Saturday August 18See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Domaine Forget; Kincardine SummerMusic Festival; Prince Edward County JazzFestival; Stratford Summer MusicSunday August 19See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Highlands Opera Studio; Huntsville Festivalof the Arts; Prince Edward County JazzFestival; Stratford Summer Music• 7:00: Northdale Concert Band. In Concert.Graziano Brescacin, conductor. Upper Queen’sPark Bandshell (intersection of Parkview Dr.and Queen’s Park Dr.), Stratford. 416-652-2077. Free.Tuesday August 21See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival;Highlands Opera StudioWednesday August 22See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival;Huntsville Festival of the Arts; StratfordSummer Music• 7:30: Old Town Hall Summer ConcertSeries. Alex Pangman, jazz vocals. Hilton BeachCommunity Hall, 3080 Hilton Rd., Hilton Beach.705-246-0055. .Thursday August 23See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival;Stratford Summer MusicFriday August 24See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival;Domaine Forget; Stratford Summer MusicSaturday August 25See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival;Domaine Forget; Leith Summer Festival;Stratford Summer MusicSunday August 26See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival;Highlands Opera Studio; Stratford SummerMusicTuesday August 28See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Highlands Opera StudioThursday August 30See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Highlands Opera StudioSaturday September 01See SECTION S: SUMMER FESTIVALS for:Domaine ForgetWednesday September 05• 12:00 noon: Midday Music with Shigeru.A Tribute to Fred Astaire. Mike Lewis, piano.Hi-Way Pentecostal Church, 50 Anne St. N.,Barrie. 705-726-1181. ; free(st).Friday September 07• 7:30: Cuckoo’s Nest Folk Club. Hungrytown.American roots duo. 458 High St., London. 519-473-2099. /(adv).thewholenote.comAfrofestJuly 7 and July 8Toronto, ON416-469-5336www.musicafrica.orgAll-Canadian Jazz FestivalSeptember 21 to September 23Port Hope, ON905-885-1938www.allcanadianjazz.caAshkenaz FestivalAugust 28 to September 3Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON416-979-9901www.ashkenazfestival.comAll concerts at Harbourfront Centre, 235Queen’s Quay West, Toronto, unless otherwiseindicated in listings below.FREE admission to concerts unless otherwiseindicated as “$TBA” in listings below.• August 28 7:00: A Tribute to ChavaRosenfarb. Contemporary Yiddish songsand poetry. Theresa Tova, Brian Katz, HenriOppenheim and Goldie Morgenthaler. Beth EmethBais Yehuda Synagogue, 100 Elder St. $TBA.• August 30 7:00: Lerner and Moguilevsky:Klezmer, Jazz, Tango and Improvised Music fromArgentina. Cesar Lerner, piano/accordion/percussion;Marcelo Moguilevsky, clarinet/sax/woodenflutes/harmonica. Toronto Music Garden,475 Queen’s Quay W.; 8:00: The Corpse Bride.Theatre Panik. $TBA. Also Sept 1(eve) and2(mat).• September 1 7:00: Klezmer Shul. Klezmerand Ottoman-inspired chamber folk music.Veretski Pass. $TBA; Tales from the ForgottenKingdom: Ladino Songs Renewed. SephardicLadino music. Guy Mendilow Ensemble; 8:00:30th Anniversary Reunion: Finjan. Klezmer/Yiddish music. 8:30: The Corpse Bride. TheatrePanik. $TBA; 9:30: Socalled. Klezmer/funk/hiphop fusion; 11:00: Opa! Soviet Jewish ska/funk/reggae; Global Shtetl Cabaret. Jewish worldmusic.• September 2 2:00: The Corpse Bride. TheatrePanik. $TBA; 3:00: Ventanas. Flamenco, Greco-Turkish music; 4:00: Shashmaqam. BukharanJewish and Central Asian music; 5:00: Songsof Wonder. Contemporary Yiddish songs. BasyaSchechter. $TBA; 6:00: The Songs of ArkadyGendler. Chamber music settings of folk songsby Ukraine’s last Yiddish poet. Christian Dawid,Socalled, Kyra Folk-Farber and Sarah Gordon.$TBA; 7:00: Music of the Abayudaya. Ugandan-Jewish music. Gershom Sizomu and JJ Keki; ;8:00: Shye Ben Tzur. Indian-Jewish Qawwalimusic; 8:30: Italian-Jewish Renaissance Music.Early music of Jews in renaissance-era Italy.Lucidarum Ensemble. $TBA; 9:30: Yemen Blues.Yemenite poetry and Middle Eastern groovesmixed with West African folk, blues Jazz andfunk; 11:00: Klezmerson. Jewish music mixedwith Mexican and Latin American influences.• September 3 12:30: Toronto Jewish FolkChoir. Barnes: Dos Naye Lid; and variousJewish folk and theatre music; 2:00: TarrasBand. Traditional Klezmer music; 5:00: TheSidor Belarsky Songbook. Jewish art song.Anthony Russell, basso cantante; Sagapool.Contemporary Gypsy/Balkan fusion; 6:00:Fellowship of the Strings. Performance of showpieces,dance tunes and nigunim (soulful melodies)learned over three days of intensiveworkshops; group includes. professional andamateur musicians; 7:30: Ashkenaz FestivalFinale. Tribute to Yiddish singer Adrienne Cooper;En Masse Festival Orchestra.Aurora jazz+ FestivalAugust 3 to August 5Aurora Town Park, Aurora, ON905-841-6893www.aurorajazzfest.comAll concerts at Aurora Town Park, corner ofWells and Mosley Streets, Aurora, ON.July 1 – September 7, 2012

Admission is per day; children 12 and underare free.MC – MasterCut StageL&M – Long & McQuade StageCA/S – Coll Audio/Sherwood Stage• August 3 6:00: VANEK: Mark Pezzalato. MC;6:45: Sounds Caribbean. L&M; 7:45: JulianTroiano. MC; 8:30: Astro-Droids. CA/S; 9:15:K.C. Roberts. CA/S.• August 4 2:00: Kevin Myles Wilson. MC;2:30: After Hours Big Band. L&M; 3:15: Northof Dixie. CA/S; 4:15: BF Soul. L&M; 5:15: ChrisHau. MC; 6:00: Six Ways to Sunday. CA/S;7:00: Juice. L&M; 7:45: Patricia Duffy. MC;8:15: La Nai. L&M; 9:15: George St. Kitts:Sounds of Motown – St. Kitts Music Inc. CA/S.• August 5 12:30: Courtnay Field. L&M; 1:15:Boogie Boy Blues Concert (Ron Beer). MC; 2:25:Manatee Band. CA/S; 3:15: Michael Massaro.L&M; 4:00: Glen Marais. CA/S; 4:45: Aroundthe World: DRUM Circle. Shaw Percussion andSuzanne Smoke First Nations. All three stages(MC, L&M and CA/S); 5:30: Kush Ensemble:Afrikan Jazz. CA/S; 6:30: Rob Tardik: SmoothJazz. L&M; 7:30: Jamie Miller. MC; 8:00:Stacey Kaniuk. L&M; 9:00: Neil Chapman: RockOn! CA/S.Beaches International Jazz FestivalJuly 20 to July 29Toronto,• See daily listings, section A: Concerts in theGTA.Brampton Global Jazz & Blues FestivalAugust 9 to August 12Brampton, ON416-840-7663www.artofjazz.orgGP – Gage Park, Main Street South andWellington Street WestKWS – Ken Whillan Square, 2 Wellington StreetWestRT – Rose Theatre, 1 Theatre LaneRGS – Rose Garden Square, 1 Theatre LaneRL – Rose Theatre Lobby, 1 Theatre LaneRS – Rose Theatre Studio, 1 Theatre Lane• August 9 7:00: Jazz Mechanics Big Band.GP. Free.• August 10 6:00: Joe Louis Walker. RGS.Free; 7:30: Shakura S’Aida, blues vocalsr. RGS.Free; 8:00: Shemekia Copeland, blues vocals.RT. –; 9:00: Charlie Musselwhite, bluesharmonica. RGS. Free; 11:00: Late Night JamSession. RL. Free.• August 11 10:00am: Jazz for Juniors.RGS. Free; 10:00 to 3:00: Vocal andInstrumental Workshops. See listings sectionD, “The ETCeteras,” under Workshops; 12:45:Tara Davidson. KWS. Free; 1:00: RudreshMahanthappa, alto saxophone with Samdhi,electro-acoustic quartet. RGS. Free; 2:45:Bombay Brazil. RGS. Free. 4:15: Nancy WalkerQuintet. RGS. Free; 6:00: Autorickshaw. RGS.Free; 7:00: Vijay Iyer, piano. RT. ; 7:45:Sachal Vasandani Quartet. RGS. Free; 9:00: AnEvening with the Branford Marsalis Quartet. RT.–; 9:30: Funkadesi. RGS. Free; 11:00:Late Night Jam Session. RL. Free.• August 12 10:00 to 12:00: InstrumentalWorkshops. See listings section D, “TheETCeteras,” under Workshops. 11:00: Jazz forJuniors. RGS. Free; 1:00: Ori Dagan. KWS. Free;1:00: Jazz n’ Film. RS. Free; 1:30: Art of JazzOrchestra with Branford Marsalis. RGS. Free.Brott Music FestivalJune 3 to August 16Burlington, Hamilton and Ancaster, ON905-525-7664www.brottmusic.comSCAC – St. Christopher’s Anglican Church, 662Guelph Line, BurlingtonMPAC – McIntyre Performing Arts Centre,Mohawk College, 135 Fennell Avenue West,HamiltonSJAC – St. John’s Anglican Church, 272 WilsonStreet East, AncasterRBG – Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 PlainsRoad West, BurlingtonRC – Redeemer College, 777 Garner Road East,AncasterFor reserved seating, add to the ticket price.• July 5 7:30: Lisiecki and Goulet. M. Goulet(in collaboration with five other composers):Dance Mix: Symphonic Dances by 6 Composers;Schumann: Piano Concerto in a. Jan Lisiecki,piano; National Academy Orchestra; Boris Brott,conductor. MPAC. ; (sr); (st).• July 7 7:30: Rock the Night Away: Jeansn’Classics. Symphonic arrangements of hits byrock bands Kiss and Queen with revival bandJeans n’Classics. National Academy Orchestra,Boris Brott, conductor MPAC. ; (sr);(st). Dressing up encouraged.• July 14 7:30: Rousing Russians.Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No.1 in B-flat;Stravinsky: Petrushka; Rival: AchillesScamander. Alexei Gulenco, piano. MPAC. ;(sr); (st).• July 19 7:30: Summer Double Bill: Flute, Harp& Mahler. Susan Hoeppner, flute; Judy Loman,harp. Mozart: Flute & Harp Concerto in C;Mahler: Symphony No.1 “The Titan.” RC. ;ON THE ROAD continued from page 11WALLIS GIUNTA, MEZZO-SOPRANO“My boyfriend, baritone John Brancy, and Iare crashing Itzhak Perlman’s summer musiccamp in Long Island, to rehearse with ourpianist, on the faculty there, for an upcomingduet recital, A Lover and His Lass, forthe Music & Beyond Festival … Next season:Dorabella, in the Met’s Lindemann Programproduction of Cosi Fan Tutte … following that,Annio in La Clemenza di Tito at the CanadianOpera Company …”!!WEBSITE: wallisgiunta.comFACEBOOK: WallisGiuntaMezzoSopranoLAILA BIALI, JAZZ VOCALIST/PIANIST/COMPOSER“My debut US west coast tour with an all-female,new-music classical folk jazz crossoverquartet that works out of NYC and is led bycellist/singer/composer, Jody Redhage. I havethree big personal projects on the docket: 1)the release of a new record, Live in Concert,2)finishing up a singer-songwriter project I’mco-producing with my husband, Ben Wittman,and 3)writing for and planning my nextjazz record, slated to be released in the spring of 2013.”!!WEBSITE: lailabiali.comFACEBOOK: Laila BialiTWITTER: @LailaBialiMARION NEWMAN, MEZZO-SOPRANO“Excited to be working on a recording projectof new works by Toronto composer DustinPeters. Dustin and I have collaborated on afew pieces in Kwakwala, the language of myfather’s Kwagiulth side of the family, includingThunderbird, which I performed with theAradia Ensemble in 2010 … we are set to recordin early August … the remount of VancouverOpera’s Magic Flute, which includes sometext in Halkmelem, one of the Native languages of the West Coast …”!!WEBSITE: www.marionnewman.comCheck for updated Summer Festivalsonline at thewholenote.comcontinued on next pageMIV FOURNIEREDITH MAYBINJuly 1 – September 7, 2012thewholenote.com39

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