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Volume 17 Issue 3 - November 2011

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Michael Black“It’s

Michael Black“It’s tricky in the sense that it’s not on a main street the way theRex is … but at the same time, it’s a good room, and I am hopingthat people will check it out. I think it’s important as musicians thatwe support it. We all cry that there aren’t more clubs, but we reallyneed to be a part of the promotion, because there isn’t really a hugeamount of money in it for the clubs.”Specializing in pulled pork, smoked brisket and baby back ribs,here’s hoping that Cherry Street’s Thursday night live music serieswill also attract some listeners hungry for great jazz.Victor LEWISLike Cervini, meatytonedsaxophonist RyanOliver also got hismasters south of theborder, graduating fromNew Jersey’s RutgersUniversity in 2009.While there, he met andstudied with a variety ofjazz legends, includingdrummer Victor Lewis.“Getting to knowVictor Lewis wascertainly a highlight,”says Oliver. “Victor isthe drum teacher at Rutgers, and I was already very familiar withhis work as he’s the drummer on a lot of my favourite records — StanGetz’s Anniversary, Dexter Gordon’s Sophisticated Giant, just toname a few.” In addition to his stints with Getz and Gordon, Lewis,a professional since his teens, has appeared on dozens of notablejazz recordings, including ones by Chet Baker, Kenny Barron, J.J.Johnson, Carla Bley and Mike Stern. As an educator, his generosityof spirit had a profound influence on Oliver’s music.“I was fortunate to get the opportunity to play drum/sax duetswith Victor at his rehearsal space in New York on a weekly basis forabout a year. It was an amazing experience. We would play throughtunes, and I learned so much about phrasing, time and makingmusical statements, just from being around Victor and hearinghim play and talk. He’s also a gifted composer, and we would playthrough some of his originals during the sessions … one thing thatstruck me the most was that Victor’s drumming would be so rhythmicallystrong and melodically clear that you wouldn’t need bass orchords to make these tunes sound. You can hear this depth everytime he plays. When I left New York to return to Toronto, one of mygoals was to bring Victor up here to play. I’m very excited to bringa musician of his stature to the city. These days it’s not happeningas much, and I hope folks will take advantage of the opportunity tohear a real jazz legend. We’ll be playing some standards, some ofmy original compositions and some of Victor’s tunes as well.”Catch the Ryan Oliver Trio with special guest Victor Lewis ondrums, November 18 at the Trane Studio and November 19 and 20at the Rex.Ori Dagan is a Toronto-based jazz vocalist,voice actor and entertainment journalist.He canbe contacted at Lounge, The52 Wellington St. E. 416-955-0887www.reservoirlounge.comEvery Mon Sophia Perlman and the Vipers;Every Tue Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm; EveryWed Bradley and the Bouncers; Every ThuDave Murphy Band. Every Fri DeeDee & theDirty Martinis; Every Sat Tyler Yarema and hisRhythm. Nov 7 9:45pm Sophia Perlman and theVipers: “The Vipers” CD Release.Revival Bar783 College St. 416-535-7888www.revivalbar.comNov 2 8pm The Songbirds: The Best of Womenin Songs .Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, The194 Queen St. W. (many shows Pwyc; covercharge applies to selected evening shows, callahead)Nov 1 6:30pm Richard Whiteman Quintet;9:30pm Monthly Blues Jam with Dr. Nick & theRollercoasters. Nov 2 6:30pm Miles Johnson:Raoul Bhaneja (vocals and harmonica) and GrahamGuest (vocals and keys); 9:30pm HendrikMeurkens (vibes and harmonica); Jeremy Price(flute); Atilla Fias (piano); Paco Luviano (bass);Richard Brisco (drums). Nov 3 6:30pm KevinQuain; 9:30pm Hendrik Meurkens (see Nov 2).Nov 4 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm DonScott Trio; 9:45pm Galaxy All-Star Orchestra.Nov 5 12pm Danny Marks & Friends; 3:30pmChris Hunt Tentet +2; 7pm Justin Bacchus;9:45pm Humber Faculty Night. Nov 6 12pmExcelsior Dixieland Jazz; 3:30pm Club Django;7pm Ugly Beauties; 9:30pm Ernesto CerviniQuartet. Nov 7 6:30pm U of T Student Jazz Ensembles;9:30pm Ernesto Cervini Quartet. Nov8 6:30pm Richard Whiteman Quintet; 9:30pmClassic Rex Jazz Jam with host Terra Hazelton.Nov 9 6:30pm Morgan Childs Trio +1; 9:30pmSamir Zarif (saxophone) with Fima Ephron (electricbass); Colin Stranahan (drums) featuringMaria Neckam (vocals). Nov 10 6:30pm KevinQuain; 9:30pm Samir Zarif (see Nov 9). Nov11 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm DonScott Trio; 9:30pm Lorne Lofsky Quartet. Nov12 12pm Danny Marks & Friends; 3:30pm JoshGrossman’s Toronto Jazz Orchestra featuring SophiaPerlman (vocals); 7:30pm Justin Bacchus;9:45pm Antonio Ciacca (piano); Pat LaBarbera(tenor sax); Roberto Occhipinti (bass); TerryClarke (drums). Nov 13 12pm-6pm SuitelifeArts for Youth Fundraiser; 7pm Ugly Beauties;9:30pm Marcel Aucoin Trio. Nov 14 6:30pmU of T Student Jazz Ensembles; 9:30pm DaveYoung and Terry Promane Big Band. Nov 156:30pm Richard Whiteman Quintet; 9:30pmClassic Rex Jazz Jam with host Terra Hazelton.Nov 16 6:30pm Morgan Childs Trio +1; 9:30pmEric St. Laurent Trio. Nov 17 6:30pm KevinQuain; 9:30pm Mike Murley 7. Nov 18 4pmHogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm Don Scott Trio;9:45pm Jake Chisholm. Nov 19 12pm DannyMarks & Friends; 3:30pm George Lake BigBand; 7pm Justin Bacchus; 9:45pm Victor Lewis(drums) with Ryan Oliver (sax) Gary Williamson(piano); Alex Coleman (bass). Nov 20 12pmExcelsior Dixieland Jazz; 3:30pm Dr Nick Blues;7pm Ugly Beauties; 9:45pm Victor Lewis (seeNov 19). Nov 21 6:30pm U of T Jazz Ensembles;9:30pm John Cheesman Jazz Orchestra. Nov22 6:30pm Richard Whiteman Quintet; 9:30pmClassic Rex Jazz Jam with host Terra Hazelton.Nov 23 6:30pm Morgan Childs Trio +1; 9:30pmMichael Skinner Quartet. Nov 24 6:30pm KevinQuain; 9:30pm Barry Elmes Quintet. Nov 254pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm Don ScottTrio; 9:45pm Barry Elmes Quintet. Nov 26 12pmDanny Marks & Friends; 3:30pm Laura HubertBand; 7pm Justin Bacchus; 9:45pm Phil Dwyer;12:45am Rich Brown’s Rinse The Algorithm.Nov 27 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz; 3:30pmFreeway Dixieland; 7pm Ugly Beauties; 9:30pmMark Segger Sextet. Nov 28 6:30pm U of T StudentJazz Ensembles; 9:30pm John MacLeod’sRex Hotel Orchestra. Nov 29 6:30pm RichardWhiteman Quintet; 9:30pm Classic Rex JazzJam with host Terra Hazelton. Nov 30 6:30pmMorgan Childs Trio +1; 9:30pm Avi Grainte 6.Ristorante Roma1090 Bloor St. W. 416-531-4000All shows: PwycEvery Fri & Sat Live Jazz 8pm. Every SunLive Jazz 6pm.Le Saint Tropez315 King St. W. 416-591-3600Live piano jazz 7 days a weekwww.lesainttropez.comSomewhere There227 Sterling Rd., Unit #112 416-763-0890All shows start at 8pm; cover.Nov 1 Pete Johnson (bass); Ali Berkok (piano);Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet); Matt Miller (electronics).Nov 2 Cheryl O (cello); Rob Clutton(bass). Nov 3 Aaron Lumley (bass); Mani Mazinani(piano/percussion/guitar/film projections).Nov 8 Sweet Talk: Jake Henry (trumpet); DustinCarlson (guitar); Devin Drobka (drums). Nov9 Cheryl O (cello); Matt Miller (laptop); GermaineLiu (percussion); Pamela Rhae Ferguson(“instant writer”). Nov 10 Aaron Lumley (bass);Not the Wind Not the Flag : Colin Fisher (guitar/saxophone); Brandon Valdivia (percussion anddrums). Nov 11 Square Nipples: Urethra Franklin(guitar and vocals); Bolivia Newton-John(bass); Frank Sumatra (drums and keys). Nov17 Aaron Lumley (bass); Anne Bourne (cello).Nov 20 Monthly Rent Party: A Night of Songsby Andrew Lukashevsky, Thom Gill and MarcelAucoin. Nov 24 Aaron Lumley (bass).Trane Studio964 Bathurst St. 416-913-8197www.tranestudio.comNov 2 8pm GAYA: Gayatari Kashyap (voiceand sitar) . Nov 3 8pm Curtis Andrews Septet. Nov 4 8pm Spero: Greg Spero (keys);Makaya McCraven (drums); Tim Siesser (bass);Marquis Hill (trumpet) /(adv). Nov 58pm Spero (see Nov 4). Nov 6 8pm Toronto-Havana Safari . Nov 10 8:30pm RobinBanks . Nov 11 8pm June “Pepper” HarrisTrio . Nov 12 8pm Steven Cole Group .Nov 13 5:30pm Jazz.FM Youth Big Band $tba.Nov 17 8pm Singer’s Den with host Al St. Louis$tba. Nov 18 8pm Ryan Oliver Trio with VictorLewis (drums) /(adv). Nov 22 8pm ModusFactor . Nov 23 8pm Fred Pauze Quintet$tba. Nov 24 8pm Sharron McLeod Quartethonors Nina Simone /(adv). Nov 25 8pmJhon Clark: Creole Soul $tba. Nov 29 8pm TaylorCook Quintet .Tranzac292 Brunswick Ave. (full schedule)3-4 shows daily, various styles; most showsPwycEvery Mon 7pm This is Awesome; 10pm OpenMic. Every Tue Jazz Tuesdays. Every Fri 5pmThe Foolish Things. Multiple performancesnightly; see website for full schedule: Nov 18pm Laura Repo; 10pm John Russon Quartet.Nov 6 5pm Monk’s Music; 6:30pm Flying Cloudpresents Karen Reed & Crossbow. Nov 8 8pmJeff Hewer; 10pm Harley Card Quartet. Nov9 10pm Stop Time. Nov 13 5pm Fred Spek’sCamp Combo; 10:30pm Lina Allemano Four.Nov 15 7pm Peter Hill; 10pm See Through Trio.Nov 16 10pm St. Dirt Elementary School. Nov19 6:30pm Michael Davidson. Nov 22 10pmRebecca Hennessey’s RJH Project. Nov 2510pm Ryan Driver Quartet. Nov 27 10:30pmSteve Ward Presents. Nov 29 10pm Drumheller.Underdown Pub, The263 Gerrard St. E. 416-927-0444 No CoverEvery Wed 10pm Rita di Ghent: Rita’s Parlour.Every Thu 9pm Jeff Barnes and Noah Zachary.Zemra Bar & Lounge778 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-651-3123www.zemrabarlounge.comEvery Wed Open Mic and Jam.Every Fri Live Music Fridays.54 thewholenote.comNovember 1 – December 7, 2011

Linda LitwackMusical Life / Career DevelopmentTwo Courses of ActionALLAN PULKERThese should be exciting times to be a musician: after all, theinternet has given us instant access to music of all genres andhistorical periods, all over the world; and locally a certainmagazine, The WholeNote, has made it much easier to publicizeperformances. There are innumerable role models around town —creative and hard-working Canadian musicians in the midst ofsuccessful, rewarding musical careers: soloists, chamber ensembles,orchestras.But for every success story there are scores of musicians who arestruggling. Perhaps they are content with their lives, as long as theyget to play or sing or compose, but the financial rewards of theirmusical activities are small, and many rely on a day job or teachingto get by. Is it lack of potential or talent, or is it something else thatstands in their way?There is growing recognition of this problem; and the consensusseems to be that there are two main causes of artist poverty. Thefirst is lack of knowledge of how to function in the world as aprofessional; the second has much more to do with the individualartist’s expectations and goals.The knowledge problem is being addressed in various ways invarious milieus. The National Youth Orchestra, for example, nowincludes career development in the curriculum of its summer programme;some universities now offer courses on developing a career;and there are various programmes to help opera school graduatesmake the transition from school to professional life.One of these is the International Centrefor Performing Artists (IRCPA) which hasin the past limited itself to assisting singersget a start. This month, November 12and 13, IRCPA is offering two seminarsat which a number of well-knownCanadian arts administrators, performersand music journalists will talk about theingredients of a successful music career.I spoke to Ann Summers Dossena, theirrepressible founder and director ofIRCPA, who has extended the invitationto these sessions not only to aspiring per-Ann Summers Dossena.formers but also to artist managers, agents and presenters: “Thereare not enough managers here and the ones who are here tend tolimit themselves to booking in Canada. Managers are badly needed.There are a lot of fulfilling jobs in the arts besides performing.”“What,” I asked, “will those who attend these sessions comeaway with?”“A whole lot of new ideas about how to apply themselves to getwork in today’s world as well as insight into what keeps people back,which can be as simple as not knowing how to dress appropriatelyor as subtle as a bad attitude. You need to be a good colleague. Youknow what they say: ‘Be nice to people on your way up becauseyou will meet them again on your way down!’ I’ll never forget, justbefore a concert I was presenting, one of the performers (a violinistand the nicest person you could imagine) … asking me which criticswere in attendance [because] he wanted to know whom to hateduring the performance! This is the sort of attitude which, in myopinion, holds people back.”I observe that to be an artist in our time is more like beinga self-employed entrepreneur. “Yes,” she replies. “I have foryears been telling artists that they are the CEO of their owncorporation … Years ago I gave up telling people, when they askedwhat I did, that I was in arts management and simply said that I wasin the import/export business.”The second of the two IRCPA seminars, Sunday, November 13,continued on page 58GALAS & FUNDRAISERS• Nov 03 7:30: DaCapo Singers. Gala Reception.Celebrating New Works competitionwinner, Patrick Murray. Limited tickets, reservein advance. Clay & Glass Gallery, 25 CarolineSt. N., Waterloo. 519-725-7549. .• Nov 05 7:00: Echo Women’s Choir. FallFling Fundraiser Square Dance. With caller LorraineSutton and live musical accompaniment.Homemade preserves for sale, home-baked pieraffle and children’s craft activities. Holy TrinityChurch, 10 Trinity Sq. 416-588-9050 x3. ;(underwaged); (family).• Nov 11 6:00: Guelph Youth Singers.Renaissance at Cutten Fields Fundraising Event.Madrigals by the Guelph Youth Singers, talk onrenaissance paintings by Dr. Sally Hickson andItalian cuisine by chef Mathew Brook. perperson, plus donation to the choir’s sustainabilityfund. Cutten Fields, 190 University Ave. E.,Guelph.• Nov 26 1:00: Steppin’ Out/Eating Disordersof York Region. Joseph and the AmazingTechnicolour Dreamcoat: Fundraising Pre-ShowEvent. Reception with the cast members, silentauction, followed by performance. Proceeds toEating Disorders of York Region. Richmond HillCentre for the Performing Arts, 10268 YongeSt. ; (child). 905-886-6632.• Dec 04 8:00: Canadian Folk MusicAwards. Gala & Reception. Awards presentedin 19 categories. Isabel Bader Theatre, 93Charles St. W. 416-978-8849.• Nov 04 Application deadline: TorontoSinfonietta. Sixth Annual Young MusiciansConcerto Competition. Instruments: violin, cello,piano and woodwinds; age categories: under16; 16 to 19. Gala winners concert February18, 2012 at the Isabel Bader Theatre. For moreinformation:• Nov 07 Application deadline: NYCO. NYCOMozart Vocal Competition. Competition for artists16 to 35 takes place November 26, 2011;two Mozart arias in original keys. Gala winnersconcert March 31, 2012, in Toronto and April28, 2012, in Oakville . fee to apply. Forcomplete rules and online application:• Nov 17 8:00: Hart House. U of T Idol. Vocalcompetition featuring U of T students, facultyand staff. Hosted by Dave Clark; his band, theWoodshed Orchestra, will accompany eachvocalist. Arbor Room, 7 Hart House Circle,University of Toronto. Free.D. The ETCeteras• Seeking “Keynotes” Kiwanis Music Festivalof Greater Toronto. Keynotes are thevolunteers who assist the adjudicators, collectmusic, prepare award certificates, recordresults in the master programme and phone endof-sessionresults to the Festival Office. LateFebruary 2012; two trainer/refresher sessionslate January (West end and East end). 416-686-9008. & SYMPOSIA• Applications until November 11: TorontoMendelssohn Choir. Choral Conductors’ Symposium.Participating conductors will work withNoel Edison and conduct the Mendelssohn Choirand the Elora Festival Singers; five conductorswill be accepted. January 24-28 in Toronto,concluding with a concert. Full details andapplication form available online: 416-598-0422 x27.• Thursday mornings until December 8: OperaIs. Previews of Upcoming Operas. Lectures byIain Scott pertaining to upcoming productionsat MetOpera, COC, Opera School, etc. Arts andLetters Club, 14 Elm St. 0 per series of 4.• Nov 05 11:00am: Northumberland LearningConnection. Opera Brown-bag Lunch Talk:Wagner’s Siegfried. Ian Montagnes gives ahalf-hour talk ahead of Metropolitan Opera HDbroadcast. 20 Queen St., Port Hope. 905-349-3402. (includes coffee/tea).• Nov 09 7:00: Silverthorn SymphonicWinds/Westmount Music Department/ArtsWestmount Music. From Practice Room toConcert Hall. Music clinic with Peter Stoll, clarinet,giving tips on how to effectively improveensemble playing. City Playhouse Theatre,1000 New Westminster Dr., Thornhill. Advanceregistration with name and numberof attendees. Free.• Nov 12 2:00-5:00. International ResourceCentre for Performings Arts. “Career Moves”Seminar for Classical Performing Artists: Part1: Making it Happen: Working as a PerformingArtist. Panel discussion featuring presenters,managers, a publicist, critics and artists; experiences,insight and advice into what is expectedof performers in the industry today, to helpartists, professionals and semi-professionalstake their careers to the next level. per dayor for both (Nov 12 and 13). Toronto Centre for the Arts, 5040 YongeSt. 416-250-3708.• Nov 13 2:00-5:00. International ResourceCentre for Performings Arts. “Career Moves”Seminar for Classical Performing Artists:Premiere Source for HigH quality food(416) 364-7397 www.pasqualebros.comNovember 1 – December 7, 2011 55

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