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Volume 17 Issue 4 - December 2011

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KRIS KINGconcert, and I

KRIS KINGconcert, and I believe that brings their playing to a higher level —months of operation, I actually remember one very well-known jazzmusician speaking with me just minutes before he went on the stage,insisting that he was sure that people were going to talk during hisperformance. Goes to show you the “normal” expectation amongstjazz players when it comes to being listened to. I assured himthat people came to listen, without talking, and he was pleasantlyshocked…I was truly happy to do this for many years, to supportthe jazz and world music communities, and even happier to see thatin time the series could sustain itself without me doing the booking.Safa Nematy, the owner for many years now, does that these days.”I asked Nemati, how strict the restaurant is about this policy, andwhy it is important: “At Mezzetta we take our no-talking policyvery seriously,” says Nemati. “At the start of the show we remindour audience of this policy and ask them to keep their voices to aminimum volume. I believe that by creating a listening atmosphere,music … the intimate ambience at Mezzetta enhances the experiencethat could only be found in much bigger concerts.”The January schedule is not available as of press time, but therewill be three concerts in December: baritone saxophonist DavidMott in duet with bassist Rob Clutton on the 7th; vocalist MaureenKennedy with guitarist Reg Schwager on the 14th; and the RolandHunter trio on will play holiday music on the 21st.HOLIDAY BLENDSpeaking of holiday music,I have two concerts torecommend, both by vocalgroups so polished, theyrelease and listening partyby Cadence; the group’s newholiday recording Cool Yulewill be celebrated on SundayDecember 4 at 7:30pm at the Trane Studio. Dubbing themselves as“four men, four microphones, no instruments,” Cadence’s formula ischarm, skill, humour and heart aplenty.Another a cappella quartet appearance of note will take place atthe Green Door Cabaret, a new venue which I wrote extensivelyabout in the October issue. On December 9 at 8pm, don’t missa rare appearance by the Hampton Avenue 4, a distilled versionof award-winning vocal group Hampton Avenue, with vocals bySuba Sankaran, Dylan Bell, Tom Lillington and director DebbieFleming. Expect beautiful arrangements, exceptional musicianshipand infectious joy from a group that performs all too rarely thesedays. Hampton Avenue’s acclaimed CD All I Want for Christmas(1996) will be available for sale. Tickets are likely to sell out for thisconcert, so be sure to get yours in advance by visiting www.greendoorcabaret.comor by calling 416-915-6747. See you there!Ori Dagan is a Toronto-based jazz vocalist, voiceactor and entertainment journalist. He can becontacted at jazz@thewholenote.comVenue RentalThe Hampton Avenue 4, from left:Dylan Bell, Suba Sankaran,Tom Lillington and Debbie Fleming.Heliconian HallEmmet Ray, The924 College St. 416-792-4497Dec 1 DrumHand. Dec 4 Four Lights. Dec 5Andrew Downing, Jim Lewis and David Occhipinti.Dec 7 Jessica Stuart Few. Dec 8 Box Fullof Cash. Dec 12 Tova Kardonne and WEFT. Dec14 Peter Boyd. Dec 15 John Wayne Swingtet.Dec 19 Myriad: Ernesto Cervini, Chris Donnellyand Dan Fortin. Dec 22 Rockabilly with AlistairChristl and the Lonely. Dec 29 Camden Blues.Flying Beaver Pubaret, Thewww.pubaret.comDec 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 7pm LeaDelaria and Maggie Cassella’s ParticularlyQueer Holiday Pageant! Dec11, 18 Boom Boom’s Bow: A SwingingTime for Kids with Lea Delaria. Dec17 9pm Lisa Goodridge Gallery Studio, The2877 Lake Shore Blvd., EtobicokeEvery Tue Jazz Jam with Humber Collegealumni house band: Riley O’Connor Scott Kemp Scott Metcalf ShiranthaBeddage Lee Wallace (gui-. Every Sat The Cooking Channel.Every Sun Birds of a Feather; 4pmFair Trade; 7pm Elizabeth Martins Quartet.Gate 403Dec 1 5pm Jorge Gavidia Jazz & Blues Band9pm Elizabeth Martins Jazz Trio. Dec 2 5pmMike Field Jazz Band; 9pm Sabor Latin JazzBand. Dec 3 12pm Ken Yoshioka Blues Band;5pm Bill Heffernan & Friends; 9pm MelissaBoyce Jazz & Blues Band. Dec 4 12pm MelissaLauren Jazz Band; 5pm Shafton Thomas JazzQuartet; 9pm Carissa Newfeld Jazz Duo. Dec5 5pm The Roper Show; 9pm Vincent BertucciJazz Band. Dec 6 5pm Kelsey McNulty JazzBand; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. Dec 7 5pmRusty Water & the Broken Troubadour ; 9pmKurt Nielsen and Richard Whiteman Jazz Band.Dec 8 5pm Alex Samaras Jazz Band; 9pm KevinLaliberté Jazz & Flamenco Trio. Dec 9 5pm MargotRoi Jazz Band; 9pm The Pearl Motel. Dec 105pm Bill Heffernan & Friends; 9pm Max SenittLatin Jazz Band. Dec 11 12pm Joel Hartt; 5pmJohn Russon Jazz Band; 9pm Modus Factor JazzBand. Dec 12 5pm Denis Schingh Solo Piano;9pm Joel Visentin Jazz Band. Dec 13 5pm DonnéRoberts Band; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night.Dec 14 5pm Noah Sherman Jazz Band; 9pmPatrick Hewan Jazz Trio. Dec 15 5pm Tim ShiaJazz BandKen Kawashima & Bob Vespaziani:Snake Oil Johnson. Dec 16 5pm JehanKhoorshed Roots-Americana; 9pm Sweet DerrickBlues Band. Dec 17 12pm Blakeley WalkerTrio; 5pm Bill Heffernan & Friends; 9pm BartekKozminski: El Mosaico Flamenco Jazz FusionBand. Dec 18 12pm Homzychogrieve JazzBand; France St. Trio; 9pm Lara SolnickiJazz Band. Dec 19 5pm Jennifer Patrilli JazzBand; 9pm Steve Farrugia Jazz Quartet. Dec20 5pm Byung-Gul Jung Jazz Band; 9pm JulianFauth Blues Band. Dec 21 5pm Jeff LaRochelleC. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz)Quartet; 9pm Fraser Melvin Blues Band. Dec22 5pm Bean Jazz Trio; 9pm Mr. Rick & theBiscuits. Dec 23 5pm James Brown Jazz Duo;9pm Brownman Akoustic Jazz Trio. Dec 27 5pmStacey Sang Jazz Band; 9pm Julian Fauth BluesBand. Dec 28 5pm Erica Romero Trio; 9pm SeanBellaviti Jazz Band. Dec 29 5pm ChristopherSimmons Jazz Solo; 9pm Cyndi Carleton Jazz& Swing Band. Dec 30 5pm Denielle BasselsJazz Band; 9pm Brian Cober and Aslan GotovBlues Duo. Dec 31 5pm John Mason Jazz Band;9pm Real Time Jazz Ensemble. Jan 2 5pm TomMcGill Piano Solo; 9pm Richard Whiteman JazzBand. Jan 3 5pm Kelsey McNulty Jazz Band;9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. Jan 4 5pm Briancober and Aslan Gotov Blues Duo; 9pm KurtNielsen and Richard Whiteman Jazz Band. Jan5 5pm Melissa Lauren Jazz Band; 9pm SaborLatin Jazz Band. Jan 6 5pm Mike Fields JazzBand; 9pm Denielle Bassels Jazz Band. Jan 75pm Bill Heffernan & His Friends; 9pm MelissaBoyce Jazz & Blues Band. Jan 8 5pm GraycefulDaddies; 9pm Ilios Steryannis Jazz Trio. Jan9 5pm Denis Schingh Piano Solo; 9pm RichardWhiteman Jazz Band. Jan 10 5pm Jazz Generation;9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. Jan 115pm Brian Cober and Aslan Gotov Blues Duo;9pm Victor Monsivais Trio. Jan 12 5pm DonnaGreenberg Jazz Band; 9pm Kevin Laliberte Jazz& Flamenco Trio. Jan 13 5pm Heather LuckhartBlues/Roots/Jazz Band; 9pm Fraser MelvinBlues Band. Jan 14 5pm Bill Heffernan &Friends; 9pm Donné Roberts Band. Jan 15 5pmCindy Urech Jazz Duo; 9pm Wendy Weiler JazzBand. Jan 16 5pm Erica Romer Trio; 9pm RichardWhiteman Jazz Band. Jan 17 5pm CarolOya Jazz Band; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Band.Jan 18 5pm Brian Cober and Aslan Gotov BluesDuo; 9pm Lara Solnicki Jazz Band. Jan 19 5pmByung-Gul Jung Jazz Band; 9pm String TheoryCollective. Jan 20 5pm Ventana 5 Jazz Band;9pm Sweet Derrick Blues Band. Jan 21 5pmBill Heffernan & Friends; 9pm Patrick Tevlin’sNew Orleans Rhythm. Jan 22 5pm JeffreyHewer Jazz Band; 9pm Teri Parker Jazz Band.Jan 23 5pm Ken Yoshioka Blues Band; 9pmRichard Whiteman Jazz Band. Jan 24 9pm JulianFauth Blues Band. Jan 25 5pm Brian Coberand Aslan Gotov Blues Duo; 9pm Wendy IrvineJazz Quartet. Jan 26 5pm Chris Gale Jazz Band;9pm Martin Traynor. Jan 27 5pm Sam BrovermanJazz Duo; 9pm Joanna Moon Flamenco-Latinowith Quebec Edge. Jan 28 5pm Bill Heffernan& Friends; 9pm Bartek Kozminski: El MosaicoFlamenco Jazz Fusion Band. Jan 29 5pmBrownman Akoustic Trio; 9pm Carissa NewfeldJazz Duo. Jan 30 5pm Joel Hartt Jazz Duo; 9pmRichard Whiteman Jazz Band. Jan 31 9pm JulianFauth Blues Night.Green Door Cabaretat the Lower Ossington Theatre9, 10, 11, 15, 17Grossman’s TavernEvery Sat 4-8pm The Happy Pals matinee;Every Sun The Nationals w BrianCober: Double Slide Guitar Open Stage Jam;Every Mon No Band Required. EveryWed Dec 2 The Damn Neighbours. Dec 3 Grayceful64 thewholenote.comDecember 1 – February 7, 2012

Daddies. Dec 9 Swinging Black Jacks. Dec 10Laura Hubert. Dec 13 Miz Debbie and the XtraLites. Dec 17 Chloe Watkinson and the Crossroad.Dec 30 Frankie Foo.Harlem RestaurantEvery Mon 8pm-1am Open Jam Night withCarolyn T. Every Fri/Sat Jazz/Blues. Dec 2 Carol Oya. Dec 3 Reece. Dec 9Carolyn T. Dec 10 Stacey Y and Tom Hanley.Dec 16 Mike Fields. Dec 17 Kaysha Lee. Dec23 Janaia / Billy Alexander. Dec 24 Dan Mc-Lean Jr. Dec 30 Zim Zum. Dec 31 NYE event–details TBA.Harlem UndergroundRestaurant/BarEvery Mon Chris Weatherstone Trio. EveryTue John Campbell. Every Thu Carl Bray.Every Fri Chris Weatherstone Trio. Every SatCarl Bray.See Old Mill, TheHome Smith BarHot House Caféwww.hothousecafe.comEvery Sun Brunch with Jazz Zone.No Cover.Hugh’s Roomnoted.Dec 1 Craig Cardiff Dec 2Leon Redbone Dec 3 CanadianFolk Music Awards Nominee ShowcaseDec 4 John McEuenDec 5 Kicking in the Darkness:Bruce Cockburn and the Christian ImaginationDec 7 Jazz.FM91 presents Daryl Sherman: Tributeto Johnny Mercer Dec 8Oh Susanna with Friends: The Abrams Brothers,Matthew Barber, Samantha Martin, AwnaTeixeira, Open Hearts Society & Lori YatesDec 9 Rik Emmett with DaveDunlop: Strung-Out Troubadours Dec 10 Johnny Sansone Dec11 Dynamic Duos: Shannon Butcher & RossMacIntyre; Sophia Perlman & Adrean Farrugia;Barbra Lica & Colin Storey; Big Rude Jake& Alison Young; Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett.Dec 13 Clara LofaraDec 14 Quartette ChristmasShow Dec 15 Betty & the BobsDec 16 Tanglefoot UntangledDec 17 1pm The Ault SistersCelebrate the Season -The NylonsDec 18 David Bromberg QuartetDec 19, 20 Have Yourselfa Bluesy Christmas: David Rotundo Band withguests Dr. Draw, Chuck Jackson, Cheryl Lescomand more. Dec 21 ArrogantWorms Dec 23 Christmas atHugh’s Room feat. Jacob Moon with guests AliMatthews & Mike Janzen. Dec 27 Don Ross Dec 28Laughter for the Arts with Simon B. Cotter& Friends. .Dec 29 Lee Harvey Osmondwith guest Harlan Pepper Dec 30 Suzie Vinnick Dec31 Good Brothers Celebrate New Year’s Eve.Jan 6 Carole King Tribute(artists TBA) Jan 7, 8 ConnieKaldor Jan 11 Jazz FM91presents Ben Sidran: “Jews, Music & the AmericanDream.” Jan 12, 13 Enterthe Haggis CD Release Jan 19, 20, 21, 22 The Way We Feel:10th Annual Tribute to Gordon LightfootJan 25 Joanna Chapman SmithJan 26 David NewlandCD Release Jan 28 GreggLawless Jan 30 Joe HenryJan 31 Southside Johnny &the Poor Fools Jazz Room, TheLocated in the Huether Hotel, 59 King St. N.,Waterloo 226-476-1565.Dec 2 Paul Mitchell Quartet . Dec 3 RichardWhiteman Trio . Dec 9 Dave WiffenQuartet. Dec 10 Carol McCartney Band .Dec 16 John Tank, Bernie Senensky, Ted Warren. Dec 17 Kelly Jefferson Quartet .Dec 23 First Annual Jazz Room Holiday Jamhosted by Joni NehRita Quintet . Dec 31New Years Eve with Melissa Stylianou son,includes dinner. Jan 27 8pm Glenn Buhr’sEbony Tower Ensemble; Gee Baby Remix;NUMUS Jam Session .Joe Mama’sEvery Sun 7-11pm Nathan Hiltz Trio & SpecialGuests. Every Mon SoulMondays. Every Tue 7-11pm Blue Angels.Every Wed 8pm-12am Blackburn. Every ThuBlackburn. Every Fri 10pm-2am The Grind. Every Sat 10pm-2am Shugga.Latinada Restaurant & Jazz Barwww.latinada.comLiberto Bistro, Thewww.libertobistro.caEvery Tue Open Mic w Big Rude Jake. EveryWed Noah Zacharin.Lula Loungewww.lula.caEvery Sun (Dec 4, 11, 18, Jan 8, 15, 22, 29)Sunday Family Salsa Brunch with LuisMario Ochoa (includes brunch and danceDec 2 Salsa Dance Party with Son Ache. Dec3 Morning Zumba Fitness Class! ; Salsa Saturdaywith Cache and DJ Gio. Dec 5 D’bi youngCD Release. Dec 6 Lonesome Heroes: DanielleDuval, Don Brownrigg, Kendel Carson, SamCash. Dec 9 Salsa Dance Party with ConjuntoLacalu. Dec 10 Morning Zumba Fitness Class;Salsa Saturday with Café Cubano. Dec 13 LonesomeHeroes: Ariana Gillis, David Baxter, JulieFader, Whitney Rose. Dec 16 Salsa Dance Partywith Yani Borrell and the Clave Kings. Dec 17Morning Zumba Fitness Class; Salsa Saturdaywith Changuy Havana. Dec 31 New Year’sEve featuring Hilario Durán and the Lula SalsaAll-Stars.Manhattan’s Music Club951 Gordon St., Guelph. 519-767-2440www.manhattans.caMelange Restaurant172 Main St. 416-686-4795. No Cover.Dec 8 NMV Trio: Norman Marshall VilleneuveEric Boucher Jon Meyer Mezzetta Restaurant681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687www.mezzettarestaurant.comEvery Wed Dec 7 David MottRob Clutton Dec 14 MaureenKennedy Reg Schwager Dec 21 Roland Hunter Trio.Momo’s Bistrowww.momosbistro.comEvery Wed 8pm Open Mic.Nawlins Jazz Bar & Dining299 King St. W. 416-595-1958www.nawlins.caEvery Tue Stacie McGregor; Every Wed JimHeineman Trio; Every Thu Blues Night w GuestVocalists; Every Fri/Sat All Star Bourbon St.BandEvery Sun Brooke Blackburn.Old Mill, Thewww.oldmilltoronto.comThe Home Smith Bar: No Reservations. NoCover. minimum per person. All showsEvery Thu Series. Every Fri Something to Sing AboutSeries Every Sat Jazz Masters Series. Dec1 John Sherwood Dec 2 Irene AtmanDanny McErlain Pat CollinsDec 3 Colleen Allen Gary WilliamsonMike McClennan Dec8 Joe Sealy Dec 9 Maureen KennedyMark Kieswetter Ross MacIntyreDec 10 Don Vickery MarkEisenman Neil Swainson Dec15 John Sherwood Dec 16 Judy MarshakBruce Harvey GeorgeKozub Dec 17 William Carn Amanda Tosoff Kieran Overs Jan 12 John Sherwood Jan 13 MelissaStylianou Mike Murley Reg Schwager Steve Wallace Jan 14 Steve Koven Rob Clutton Joel Haynes Jan 19 John SherwoodJan 20 Daniela Nardi RonDavis Ross MacIntyre RogerTravassos Jan 21 Kelly JeffersonMark Eisenman Neil SwainsonJan 26 John Sherwood Jan 27Laura Fernandez Don Naduriak Joaquin Nunez Jan 28 NancyWalker Jon Maharaj Ethan ArdelliPantages Martini Bar & LoungeEvery Fri Robert Scott; Every Sat Solo Piano:Various artists.Pilot Tavern, TheDec 3 Sugar Daddies: Tribute to Vince Guaraldi.Dec 10 Nancy Walker Quartet. Dec 17 Kollage.Quotes220 King St. W. 416-979-7697Every Fri Fridays at Five w Canadian JazzGary BensonFrank WrightDuncan HopkinsDon VickeryDec2 TerryPromane Dec 9 Kevin TurcotteDec 16 Mike Murley Jan 13Bob DeAngelis Jan 20 John JohnsonJan 27 Andy Ballantyne Reposado Bar & Loungewww.reposadobar.comEvery Wed Spy vs. Spy vs. Sly Every Thu, FriThe Reposadists.Reservoir Lounge, The52 Wellington St. E. 416-955-0887www.reservoirlounge.comEvery Mon Sophia Perlman and the VipersEvery Tue Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm; EveryWed Bradley and the Bouncers; Every ThuDave Murphy Band. Every Fri DeeDee & theDirty Martinis; Every Sat Tyler Yarema and hisRhythm.Thursday 7-9pm including Dec 15 Alex PangmanChristmas Show. Jan 5 Alex Pangman &Her Alleycats.Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, The-Dec 1 Alex Goodman Quintet; Gabriel Palatchi. Dec 2 4pm Hogtown Syncopators;Sara Dell; Raoul &the Bigger Time. Dec 3 12pm Danny Marks &Friends; Swing Shift Big Band; 7pm ElenaKapeleris; Nadje Noordhuis t. Dec4 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz; BobCary Big Band; 7pm Aj Ing Quartet; Jorge Gavidia & Sarah Begin Quintet. Dec5 U of T Student Jazz Ensembles;John Cheesman Jazz Orchestra. Dec6 Matt Newton Trio; ClassicRex Blues Jam. Dec 7 Botos Brothers. Dec 8 AlexGoodman Quintet; Aubrey Dale’s MYID. Dec 9 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; Sara Dell; Chris Tarry Group. Dec 1012pm Danny Marks & Friends; LauraHubert Band; Elena Kapeleris; Chris Tarry Group. Dec 11 12pm Excelsior DixielandJazz; Club Django;RADIO-HEAD JAZZ PROJECT with Josh Grossman’sToronto Jazz Orchestra (7:30) & Don Scott’sIdioteque. Dec 12 U of T StudentsJazz Ensembles. Dec 13 Classic RexJazz Jam with host Terra Hazelton. Dec 14The Cookers.Dec 15 Alex Goodman Quintet;Dec 16 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; Sara Dell; Young. Dec 17 12pm Danny Marks & Friends;Jerome Godboo; 7pm Elena Kapeleris;Roy Patterson. Dec 18 12pm ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz; Freeway Dixieland;7pm Ted Warren’s Spark; Composers’Collective. Dec 19 Peter Hill Quintet;Dave Young Quintet. Dec 20 Abbey’s Meltdown; Classic Rex JazzJam with host Terra Hazelton. Dec 21 December 1 – February 7, 2012 65

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