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Volume 17 Issue 5 - February 2012

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some recording — this

some recording — this year, but I’m still getting used to calling theshots. I’m used to supporting a bandleader’s creative vision, but Ilove the idea of being in charge of the musical direction, there are somany things I want to do!”SPEAKING OF DOING MANY THINGS, Vancouver’s Cory Weedsis not only a saxophonist (, but also a jazz clubowner (, record label owner (, radio show host (Chasin’ the Train on CFRO, and he’s a father of two! After firing off a few questions toWeeds, I acquired both insight and inspiration.As a musician, recording artist,club owner, record label owner,radio host, etc. you are obviouslyextremely devoted to jazz music.How did this devotion come about?Well, jazz was always in myhousehold. My dad is a guitarplayer and music was always apart of my family. I was a typicalrebellious teenager and didn’treally figure out how great jazzwas until I was in about grade 11.When I graduated from school I didn’t really have any other intereststhan music so I went to music school (Cap College) and things justgrew from there. I knew I wanted to be involved with this music. Ihad a very entrepreneurial spirit from a young age and when I wasabout 24 or 25 there was a big lull in the jazz scene here. Not a lotgoing on. I was mad that I couldn’t go see Oliver Gannon, CamRyga, Ross Taggart etc on a regular basis so I decided I should startmy own club, so I did. The label was a natural transition. I hadbeen doing radio before that so that continued and musically I wasprepared for my career to sort of slow down and stop. The completeopposite happened and I couldn’t be happier. Jazz isn’t a part of mylife, it is my life.What sacrifices (if any) have you had to make in order to own and runa successful jazz club?Job security, pension, EI, benefits (although I married a schoolteacher). I don’t feel I have sacrificed much. I have a beautiful wife,two kids who are the lights of my life, we own an apartment, wehave a car. I mean what more could someone want? I have all thisall while being in the “jazz” business. I feel very fortunate.There are fewer jazz clubs in Toronto than there used to be … whatadvice would you give to someone who has a dream of opening one up?Wow that’s a tough question. Be prepared to dedicate your life toit for at least five years. I mean 24/7. If you’re not a musician thentalk to musicians, find out what they like/don’t like about other clubs.Get to know the musicians first. I had the musicians on my side fromday one and that is the single most important thing. Try promotinga few concerts locally to get your feet wet. Finally, don’t give up.Persevere!!!What do you enjoy about playing in Toronto?I love T.O. and always have. It was the first big city I visited as anadult and the second I would get there I’d head to Sam the RecordMan to spend all the money I had on CDs. Now my sister lives thereand I love connecting with all my Toronto musician friends. I loveplaying with Bernie Senensky, always look forward to seeing KellyJefferson and Andy Scott and love playing with everyone I get achance to. I have found that through my club, my label and my ownrecords I have some fans there too which is really nice. Building afan base is a long, slow process and it’s nice to see the hard workpay off.If you’re reading this column early enough in the month, you’vegot a few chances to catch Weeds in and around The Big Smoke: atThe Rex (Feb 2 at 9:30pm), with vocalist Maureen Kennedy at theDominion on Queen (Feb 3 at 8:30pm), at the Pilot Tavern (Feb 4 at3:30pm) or at The Jazz Room in Waterloo (Feb 4 at 8:30pm).Ori Dagan is a Toronto-based jazz vocalist,voice actor and entertainment journalist. He canbe contacted at Weeds.with Cory Weeds . Feb 4 8:30pm Moo’dSwing . Feb 5 4-7pm Jazz Jam with NoahLeibel. Feb 10 8pm Mike Field Jazz Quintet. Feb 11 4pm “Sound of Ronnie Hayward& his Quintet” CD Release Party; 8:30pm Allsax4tet . Feb 12 5-8pm Uptown SwingBand . Feb 17 9pm Mat MacDonald QuartetPWYC. Feb 18 8:30pm Young Kim Quartet. Feb 19 4-7pm Jazz Jam with Noah LeibelFeb 24 9pm Havana to Toronto with host JoaquinNunez Hidalgo . Feb 26 7pm MusicalTheatre Cabaret.Dovercourt House805 Dovercourt Rd. (full schedule)Fri Feb 17 9:10pm-1am 3rd Friday Blues DanceParty with Roberta Hunt & the Gents. Dance; with class. Every Sat 9pm-1am SaturdayNight Swing: Dance featuring Live SwingBands and dance lessons. Dance ; withone class, with both. Bands: Feb 4 AlexPangman & Her Alleycats. Feb 11 Roberta Hunt& the Gents. Feb 18 Toronto Jazz Orchestra.Emmet Ray, The924 College St. 416-792-4497All shows 9pm unless otherwise noted. (full schedule)Feb 1 Chet Vincent. Feb 2 John Wayne Swingtet.Feb 5 Angela Sande. Feb 6 Shannon GrahamGroup. Feb 8 Peter Boyd. Feb 9 Box Full ofCash. Feb 12 3pm-12am Emmet Ray Music Festival.- sugg. donation. Feb 13 PeripheralVision. Feb 15 Vokurka`s Vicarious Virtuoso Violin.Feb 16 Patrick Brealey. Feb 19 Brian Friedland& Jeff LaRochelle. Feb 20 David Buchbinder.Feb 22 Alistair Christl & The Lonely. Feb23 Ken Yoshioka. Feb 26 Tyler Emond. Feb 27Josh Cole Quartet. Feb 29 Gregory Finney.Flying Beaver Pubaret, The488 Parliament St. (full schedule)Feb 3, 4 7pm Carole Pope /(adv).Gallery Studio, The2877 Lake Shore Blvd., Etobicoke416-253-0285 www.thegallerystudiocafe.caEvery Tue Jazz Jam with Humber College walumni house band: Riley O’Connor (drums);Scott Kemp (bass); Scott Metcalf (piano); ShiranthaBeddage (saxophone); Lee Wallace (guitar).Every Thu 7pm Kirk MacDonald/Al HendersonDuo . Every Sat 4:30-7pm The CookingChannel No Cover. Every Sun 1:30pm Birdsof a Feather; 4pm Fair Trade; 7pm ElizabethMartins Quartet No Cover. Feb 8 7:30pm UptownSwing Band .Gate 403403 Roncesvalles Ave. All shows: PWYCFeb 1 5pm Brian Cober & Aslan Gotov BluesDuo; 9pm Kurt Neilsen & Richard Whiteman.Feb 2 5pm Melissa Lauren; 9pm The Bettys.Feb 3 5pm Elizabeth Martins; 9pm Sabor LatinJazz Band. Feb 4 5pm Bill Heffernan & Friends;9pm Melissa Boyce. Feb 5 5pm Jeff Taylor &the S.L.T.; 9pm Kyle McGyle. Feb 6 5pm KenMcDonald; 9pm Richard Whiteman. Feb 7 5pmJorge Gavidia; 9pm Julian Fauth. Feb 9 5pmBrian Cober & Aslan Gotov; 9pm Vincent Bertucci.Feb 9 5pm Alex Samaras; 9pm EddiePaton. Feb 10 5pm Donné Roberts; 9pm FraserMevlin. Feb 11 5pm Bill Heffernan & Friends;9pm Keiko Jazz Band. Feb 12 5pm WhitneyC. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz)Ross Barris; 9pm David Hutchison. Feb 13 5pmDenis Schingh; 9pm Richard Whiteman. Feb14 5pm Mighty Tusk Band; 9pm Julian Fauth.Feb 15 5pm Brian Cober & Aslan Gotov; 9pmRommel Reyes. Feb 16 5pm Margot Roi; 9pmGia & the Unpredictable Update. Feb 17 5pmBobby Hsu; 9pm Sweet Derrick. Feb 18 5pmBill Heffernan & Friends; 9pm Patrick Tevlin`sNew Orleans Rhythm. Feb 19 5pm France St.Trio; 9pm Brownman. Feb 20 5pm Tom Duke;9pm Richard Whiteman. Feb 21 5pm Byung-Gul Jung; 9pm Julian Fauth. Feb 22 5pm BrianCober & Aslan Gotov; 9pm Blakeley Walker.Feb 23 5pm Noam Lemish; 9pm Cyndi Carleton.Feb 24 5pm The Brodkorb/Simmons/GueretteTrio; 9pm Bartek Kozminksi el Mosaico FlamencoJazz Fusion. Feb 25 5pm Bill Heffernan &Friends; 9pm The Pearl Motel. Feb 26 5pm AlanZemitas; 9pm Aj Ing Fusion Band. Feb 27 5pmOlga & the Gimlets; 9pm Richard Whiteman. Feb28 5pm Andy Malette; 9pm Julian Fauth. Feb29 5pm Brian Cober & Aslan Gotov; 9pm JohnWayne Swingtet.Grossman’s Tavern379 Spadina Ave. (full schedule)Every Sat 4-8pm The Happy Pals; Every Sun9:30pm-2am The Nationals w Brian Cober:Double Slide Guitar Open Jam; Every Mon 9:30No Band Required. Every Wed 9:30pm ErnestLee & Cotton Traffic. Feb 3 Swinging BlackJacks. Feb 4 Grayceful Daddies. Feb 10, 11 KidBastien Forever with Guido Cairo. Feb 17 JulianFauth. Feb 18 Combo Royale. Feb 19 The Connection.Feb 24 Frankie Foo. Feb 25 CautionJam. Feb 26 The Connection.Harlem Restaurant67 Richmond St. E. (full schedule)All shows: No Cover/PWYCEvery Mon 8pm-1am Open Jam Night withCarolyn T. Every Fri/Sat 7:30-11:30pmJazz/Blues. Feb 3 Unbuttoned. Feb 4 JoannaMohammed. Feb 10 Dan McLean Jr. Feb 11Gibrran. Feb 17 Jill Peacock. Feb 18 Reece.Feb 24 Carol Oya. Feb 25 James King Trio.Harlem Underground Restaurant/Bar745 Queen St. W. Mon Daniel Gagnon. Every Tue JohnCampbell. Every Thu, Every Sat Carl Bray.Hirut Restaurant2050 Danforth Ave. 416-551-7560Every Wed 8pm Open Mic with Gary 17. EverySat 7pm Ethi Fidel Band.Hot House Café35 Church St. 416-366-7800www.hothousecafe.comEvery Sun 11am-3pm. Brunch with Jazz Zone.Hugh’s Room2261 Dundas St. W. (full schedule)All shows at 8:30pm unless otherwise noted.Feb 2 Ian Thomas /.50(adv). Feb 3Garnet Rogers /.50(adv). Feb 4 Fathead/(adv). Feb 5 12th Annual BanjoSpecial /(adv). Feb 8 DK Ibomeka“Ocean” CD Release /$17(adv). Feb 9Catherine MacLennan /(adv). Feb 10Suzana da Camara & her Company of Menfeat Diana Salvatore /$17.50(adv). Feb52 February 1 – March 7, 2012

11 Micah Barnes & Jackie Richardson: A JazzValentine .50/(adv). Feb 12 Alfie Zappacosta/(adv). Feb 13 John Alcorn &Adi Braun: Speak Low .50/(adv). Feb14 Betty & 14 Betty & the Bobs Valentine’sShow .50/(adv). Feb 16 David Newland“Give It a Whirl” CD Release /(adv).Feb 17 Dave Young & Terry Promane Octetfeat. Kevin Turcotte, Vern Dorge, Mike Murley,Perry White, Gary Williamson & Terry Clarke.50/(adv). Feb 18 Danny Marks &Guests: Tribute to Muddy Water & Howlin’ Wolfe/(adv). Feb 21 Jane Harbury’s Discoveries:David Krystal, Anastasia Rizikov, Rory Jordan-Stevens& Jordana Talsky $17/(adv).Feb 22 Tony McManus .50/(adv).Feb 23 Treasa Levasseur & Tanika Charles/(adv). Feb 24 Andy Maize & Friends./(adv) Feb 25 The Way to SanJose:Music of Burt Bacharach w Lori Cullen, Julie Michels,Aaron Jensen & more /.50. Feb26 2pm Ken Whiteley`s Annual Gospel MusicSeries w Marlene O’Neill, Joan Harris & LenUdow .50/(adv); 7pm SHINE! for theJim Fay Music Bursary feat. Ron Hawkins & theDo Good Assassins, Corin Raymon & the Sundowners,and more /(adv).Jazz Room, TheLocated in the Huether Hotel59 King St. N., Waterloo 226-476-1565.www.kwjazzroom.comAll attendees must be 19+; opening acts at6pm, headliners (listed below) at 8:30pm.Feb 3 Lorne Lofsky Quartet . Feb 4 CoryWeeds Quartet . Feb 10 Trace Element .Feb 11 Barry Elmes Quintet . Feb 17 BarbFulton Quintet . Feb 18 Maureen KennedyQuartet . Feb 24 Andrew McAnsh Sextet. Feb 25 Kelsey Grant Quartet .Joe Mama’s317 King St. W. 416-340-6469. No Cover.Every Sun 7-11pm Nathan Hiltz Trio & SpecialGuests. Every Mon 7:30-11:30pm SoulMondays. Every Tue 7-11pm Blue Angels.Every Wed 8pm-12am Blackburn. Every Thu8:30pm-12:30am Blackburn. Every Fri 10pm-2am The Grind. Every Sat 10pm-2am Shugga.Latinada Restaurant & Jazz Bar1671 Bloor St. W. 416-913-9716www.latinada.comLula Lounge1585 Dundas St. W. 416-588-0307www.lula.caFeb 2 7:30pm Swing Shift Big Band . Feb3 10pm Salsa Friday w Changuy Havana and DJSuave . Feb 4 10pm Salsa Saturday w LadySon y Articulo Veinte and DJ GIO . Feb 512:30pm Sunday Family Salsa Brunch . Feb8, 9 8pm Pastel Supernoa’s Love Letters .Feb 10 10pm Salsa Dance Party w Alberto Alberto& Super Bando Show & DJ GIO . Feb11 10pm Salsa Saturday w Café Cubano andDJ Suave . Feb 12 12:30pm Sunday FamilySalsa Brunch. . Feb 14 7pm and 9:30pmValentine’s Day w the Alithea Cameron Quintet. Feb 18 10pm Salsa Saturday w Son Acheand DJ Suave . Feb 19 Feb 5 12:30pm SundayFamily Salsa Brunch ; 7pm Salon Noir:The Surreal Speakeasy /(adv). Feb 2410pm Salsa Dance Party w Yani Borrell & theClave Kings and DJ Suave . Feb 25 10pmOrquesta Fantasia . Feb 26 12:30pm SundayFamily Salsa Brunch ; 7pm AkwabaDance Company /(under 12).Manhattan’s Music Club951 Gordon St., Guelph. 519-767-2440www.manhattans.caMezzetta Restaurant681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687www.mezzettarestaurant.comEvery Wed: sets at 9pm, 10:15pm. -.Feb 1 Robi Botos (melodica); Jozef Botos (guitar);Attila Darvas (bass). Feb 8 Morgan Childs(drums); Lee Wallace (guitar); Jon Meyer (bass).Feb 15 Mike Murley (sax); David Occhipinti(guitar). Feb 22 Don Thompson (bass); RegSchwager (guitar). Feb 29 Lorne Lofsky (guitar);Kieran Overs (bass).Momo’s Bistro664 The Queensway, Etobicoke 416-252-5560www.momosbistro.comEvery Wed 8pm Open Mic.Monarchs PubAt the Delta Chelsea Hotel, 33 Gerrard St. W.416-585-4352 www.monarchspub.caEvery Tue Acoustic Open Mic Night. EveryWed Jazz Wednesdays. Every Thu Blues Thursdays.Feb 17-19 Winterfolk Festival. For details:www.winterfolk.comMuch Me816 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-651-0009Every Thu 8-11pm Ben D’Cunha (piano andvocals). No Cover.Nawlins Jazz Bar & Dining299 King St. W. 416-595-1958www.nawlins.caEvery Tue Stacie McGregor; Every Wed JimHeineman Trio; Every Thu Blues Night w GuestVocalists; Every Fri/Sat All Star Bourbon St.Band; Every Sun Brooke Blackburn.Old Mill, The21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641www.oldmilltoronto.comHome Smith Bar: No Reservations. No Cover; minimum per person. 7:30-10:30pm.Feb 2 Brigham Phillips (piano). Feb 3 GeorgiaAmbros (vocals); Mark Eisenman (piano);Steve Wallace (bass). Feb 4 Adrean Farrugia(piano); Kelly Jefferson (sax); Andrew Downing(bass). Feb 9 John Sherwood (piano). Feb 11Sheree Jeacocke Cerqua (vocals); Mark Camilleri(piano); Scott Alexander (bass); Kevan Mc-Kenzie (drums). Feb 11 Brian O’Kane (trumpet);Lorne Lofsky (guitar); Neil Swainson (bass). Feb16 John Sherwood (piano). Feb 17 Sophia Perlman(vocals); Adrean Farrugia (piano); Pat Collins(bass). Feb 18 Ross Wooldridge (clarinet);John Sherwood (piano); Neil Swainson (bass).Feb 23 John Sherwood (piano). Feb 24 BarbaraGordon (vocals); Adrean Farrugia (piano); JonMaharaj (bass). Feb 25 Ron Davis (piano); DanielFortin (bass); Morgan Childs (drums).Pantages Martini Bar & Lounge200 Victoria St. 416-362-1777Every Fri Robert Scott; Every Sat Solo Piano:Various artists.Pilot Tavern, The22 Cumberland Ave. 416-923-5716www.thepilot.caJazz Saturdays 3:30–6:30pm. No Cover.Feb 4 Cory Weeds with Bernie Senensky Trio.Feb 11 Alison Young Quartet. Feb 18 SugarDaddies. Feb 25 Botos Brothers Quartet.Quotes220 King St. W. 416-979-7697Every Fri 5pm Canadian Jazz Quartet: GaryBenson (guitar), Frank Wright (vibes), DuncanHopkins (bass) Don Vickery (drums) and featuredguest: Feb 3 Al Kay (trombone). Feb 10Bob Brough (saxophone). Feb 17 Denny Christianson(trumpet). Feb 24 John MacMurchy.Reposado Bar & Lounge136 Ossington Ave. 416-532-6474www.reposadobar.comFridays Cover; all other nights PWYC.Every Wed Spy vs. Spy vs. Sly Every Thu, FriThe Reposadists.Reservoir Lounge, The52 Wellington St. E. 416-955-0887www.reservoirlounge.comEvery Mon Sophia Perlman and the Vipers;Every Tue Tyler Yarema & his Rhythm; EveryWed Bradley & the Bouncers; Every Thu Alysha& the Brilltones. Every Fri DeeDee & theDirty Martinis; Every Sat Tyler Yarema & hisRhythm. Early shows: Tue, Wed, Thurs 7-9pmincluding Feb 2 Alex Pangman & her Alleycats.Feb 21 Beverly Taft & her Swell Fellas.Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, The194 Queen St. W. (many shows PWYC; covercharge applies to some shows, call ahead)Feb 1 6:30pm Katie Malloch Retirement Partyw music by Barry Elmes Quintet; 9:30pm DanielJamieson. Feb 2 6:30pm Ross Wooldridge Trio;9:30pm Cory Weeds w Perfectly Hank feat. BernieSenensky. Feb 3 4pm Hogtown Syncopators;6:30pm The Maisies; 9:45pm The Navigators.Feb 4 12pm Danny Marks & Friends; 3:30pmComposers Collective; 7pm Lester McLean Trio;9:45pm Vaughan Meisner. Feb 5 12pm ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz; 3:30pm Club Django; 7pm TheOffbeat; 9:30pm Random Access. Feb 6 6:30pmU of T Student Ensembles; 9:30pm Humber CollegeStudent Ensembles. Feb 7 6:30pm Shields& Fielding Trio; 9:30pm Rex Jazz Jam. Feb 86:30pm Rhonda Stakich Trio; 9:30pm Bill WithersTribute w Justin Bacchus. Feb 9 6:30pmRoss Wooldridge; 9:30pm Kiki Misumi Quintet.Feb 10 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pmThe Maisies; 9:45pm Ross Wooldridge Sextet:Benny Goodman Tribute. Feb 11 12pm DannyMarks & Friends; 3:30pm Jake Chisholm Group;7pm Lester McLean Trio; 9:45pm Brad Goode.Feb 12 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz; 3:30pmDr. Nick Blues; 7pm The Offbeat; 9:30 Fern Lindzon.Feb 13 6:30pm U of T Student Ensembles;9:30pm Humber College Student Ensembles.Feb 14 6:30pm Shields & Fielding Trio; 9:30pmRex Jazz Jam. Feb 15 6:30pm Rhonda StakichTrio; 9:30pm Yves Leveille Quartet. Feb 166:30pm Ross Wooldridge Trio; 9:30pm YvesPublicity, press kits& image consultingfor performers416.544.1803www.lizpr.comLeveille Quartet. Feb 17 4pm Hogtown Syncopators;6:30pm The Maisies; 9:45pm ElianaCuevas. Feb 18 12pm Danny Marks & Friends;3:30pm Laura Hubert; 7pm Lester McLean Trio;9:45pm Hotfoot Orchestra. Feb 19 12pm ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz; 3:30pm Toronto Jazz Orchestra;7pm The Offbeat; 9:30pm Will Vinson Quartet.Feb 20 6:30pm U of T Student Ensembles;9:30pm Will Vinson Quartet. Feb 21 6:30pmShields & Fielding Trio; 9:30pm Rex Jazz Jam.Feb 22 6:30pm Rhonda Stakich Trio; 9:30pmRobb Cappelletto. Feb 23 6:30pm Ross WooldridgeTrio; 9:45pm Dave Turner Quartet. Feb 244pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm The Maisies;9:45pm Dave Turner Quartet. Feb 25 12pmDanny Marks & Friends; 3:30pm Christ HuntTentet +2; 7pm Lester McLean Trio; 9:45pm BobBrough Quartet; 12:30am Rinsethealgorithm.Feb 26 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz; 3:30pmFreeway Dixieland; 7pm The Offbeat; 9:30pmDavid French’s Bloomsday. Feb 27 6:30pm U ofT Student Ensembles; 9:30pm John MacLeod’sRex Hotel Orchestra. Feb 28 6:30pm Shields& Fielding Trio; 9:30pm Rex Jazz Jam. Feb 296:30pm Rhonda Stakich Trio; 9:30pm TesseractCD Release.Ristorante Roma1090 Bloor St. W. 416-531-4000All shows: PWYCJazz Every Fri/Sat 8pm, Every Sun 6pm.Le Saint Tropez315 King St. W. 416-591-3600Live piano jazz 7 days a weekwww.lesainttropez.comSomewhere There227 Sterling Rd. Unit #112 416-262-2883All shows: coverFeb 1 8pm Complete Chamber Works of QueenVictrola. Feb 2 8pm Alaniaris: Ken Aldcroft (guitar);Michael Kaler (bass); Mark Zurawinski(drums). Feb 4 8pm Kyle Brenders (sax); SteveWard (trombone); Wes Neal (bass); Mark Segger(drums). Feb 5 5pm Ancient Egypt: HolgerSchoorl (guitar/vocals); Kyle Brenders (clarinet);Pete Johnson (bass). Feb 8 8pm QueenVictrola: Cheryl O (cello); Michaelangelo Iaffaldando(accordion/tenor banjo/clarinet). Feb 98pm Alaniaris. Feb 12 5pm Ancient Egypt; 8pmRobin Buckley (drums/percussion); Jesse Levine(keys); Mike Overton (bass); Jeremy Strachan(sax); 9pm Funky Bunch: Germaine Liu (drums/percussion); Heather Segger (trombone). Feb14 8pm Josh Cole (bass); David French (sax);Caleb Chan, Hugh Marsh (violin); Alex Goodman(guitar); Dan Gaucher (drums). Feb 15 8pmQueen Victrola; 9pm Octopus: Germain Liu, MarkZurawinski (percussion). Feb 16 8pm Alaniaris.Feb 19 5pm Ancient Egypt. Feb 22 8pm CherylO (cello); Michaelangelo Iaffaldano (misc. instruments);Queen Victrola. Feb 23 8pm Alaniaris.February 1 – March 7, 53

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