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Volume 17 Issue 6 - March 2012

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D. LAWSfounded the

D. LAWSfounded the vocalist-friendly jazz jam in 2005 and since then wellover 1000 singers have graced the stage, from curious amateursto seasoned professionals. The weekly Wednesday event beganin Cabbagetown’s defunct Cabbage Patch (now the Flying BeaverPubaret) and then moved to Ten Feet Tall (a venue very muchmissed) before settling at Chalkers Pub Billiards and Bistro (247Marlee Ave.) in North York. “My fav premium martini at ChalkersPub is the Chocolate Swirl,” says Particelli. “It’s all about the cherriesfor me. The best part is that they’re only on Wednesdaysduring GNOJAZZ. [Chalkers Pub proprietor] Steve Greco launchedthe martini and free billiards special in January 2011 to celebratethe GNOJAZZ 6th anniversary and he has kept it going by populardemand.”Connect the Shots. If you love tequila, Reposado (136 OssingtonAve.) calls your name! The Dundas and Ossington joint prides itselfon providing more premium tequila than anywhere else in the city,highlighting nearly 70 varieties on their website. Made with freshlysqueezed juice, their most popular cocktail is a blood orange margarita,selling over 1500 units monthly! Reposado never fails to attracta crowd on live music nights, so get there early. Among their weeklyroster of bands is Spy vs Sly vs Spy: guitarist James Robertson,drummer Sly Juhas and bassist Michael Herring performing classicspy and Spaghetti Western themes, surf and eclectic covers.Somewhere There’s Music. “Somewhere There is a temple ofart, not a den of sins!” wrote back Michelangelo Iaffaldano fromSomewhere There (227 Sterling Rd., Unit 112) to my query. “Justkidding. Thanks for asking; we’re not licensed, but we’ll make youa mean cup of green tea at no charge.” Personally I am lookingforward to checking out the creative music presented in this space,including an experimental performance of sound poetry on March13 scored by vocalist Zoë Alexis-Abrams; and on March 20, a saxophoneduet by Marian Jago and Paul Newman.Don’t Sample Them All in One Night! “The Emmet Ray specializesin Whisky from all over the world,” says Andrew Kaiser,general manager of The Emmet Ray (922 College St.). “Canadian,American, Scottish, Irish, and some unique single malts from Japan,France and India. I find sipping on a nice whisky while listeningto jazz, blues or rockabilly is a perfect match. The jazz enthusiastsseem to prefer single malt whisky from Scotland … now with a greatblues band or rockabilly trio, North American matches it best. Thebottom line is, you pair one of our 130 whiskies with one of our 47beers or ciders, great live music, and you will have just made it anight to remember.”A Licence to Celebrate. A few months back I wrote about theGallery Studio Café (2877 Lake Shore Blvd. W.) in Etobicoke, whichhas been doing very well in recent months, with a new Tuesdaynight jazz jam featuring a Humber College Alumni house band:Riley O’Connor on drums, Scott Kemp on bass, Scott Metcalf onpiano, Shirantha Beddage on saxophones and Lee Wallace on guitar.The Gallery’s owner Derek Houghton emailed me enthusiasticallywith some big news last month: the venue is now licensed to sellalcohol! On March 10, the sensational Steve Koven Trio will beperforming as part of a grand re-opening. Congratulations to DerekHoughton and the Gallery Studio Café!Please enjoy your beverages of choice, responsibly. Cheers!Ori Dagan is a Toronto-based jazz vocalist,voice actor and entertainment journalist. He canbe contacted at Particelli withson Max Barkleyat Chalkers.Hot House Café35 Church St. 416-366-7800www.hothousecafe.comEvery Sun 11am-3pm. Brunch with Jazz Zone.No Cover.Hotel Ocho195 Spadina Ave. 416-593-0885www.hotelocho.comEvery Wed Twosomes & Threeways Series:all shows 8pm . Mar 7 Sharron McLeod(vocals); Kevin Barrett (guitar). Mar 14 LesleyYoung (vocals); John McKay-Clements (guitar).Mar 21 Thyron Lee Whyte (vocals). Mar 28Sharron McLeod (vocals); Kevin Barrett (guitar).Hugh’s Room“Toronto’s home of live Folk and Roots”2261 Dundas St. W. (full schedule)All shows at 8:30pm unless otherwise noted.Mar 2 The McFlies /(adv). Mar 3 JoniMitchell Tribute w Mia Sheard, Jory Nash,Lenni Jabour, Dave Matheson and others.50/(adv). Mar 4 Andrew Collins:“Cats and Dogs” CD Release /(adv).Mar 6 Gia & the Unpredictable Update: CDRelease $17.50/(adv)/(st). Mar 7 MurrayPorter /(adv). Mar 8 Ron Hynes.50/(adv).Mar 9 Really Randy! Tributeto Randy Newman w Lori Collen, MichaelJerome Browne, George Koller, Treasa Levasseurand others .50/(adv). Mar 10Steve Forbert .50/(adv). Mar 13 J.P.Cormier & The Elliott Brothers: Final Show/.50(adv). Mar 14 Strunz & FarahGuitar Duo /(adv). Mar 15 Ian Shaw:A Broadway Stage Affair: Love Songs fromthe Great Musicals /(adv). Mar 16An Evening of Fado: Sonia Tavares & PauloFilipe . Mar 17 St. Patrick’s Day Celebrationwith Rant Maggie Rant .50/(adv).Mar 18 The Portuguese Guitar: Marta Pereirada Costa & Louis Simao . Mar 19 LucasSilveira & Nancy Dutra . Mar 20 FrankieChavez and Alexandra Boga . Mar 21Jimmy Flynn .50/(adv). Mar 22 JamesFaulkner /(adv). Mar 23, 24 John Hammond/.50(adv). Mar 24 Michael JohnstonMusic Studio Student Recital & SpringCelebration /(child). Mar 25 Amy Cervini:“Digging Me, Digging You” CD Release/.50(adv)/students half price. Mar 28Bianca .50/(adv). Mar 29 Diane Lee-Clemons /.50(adv). Mar 30 Adam Makowicz:Jazz Piano Virtuoso .50/(adv).Mar 31 Krooner & King: Andy de Campos &Bruce Andrew Stewart /(adv).Jazz Room, TheLocated in the Huether Hotel, 59 King St. N.,Waterloo. 226-476-1565www.kwjazzroom.comAll attendees must be 19+; opening acts at6pm, headliners (listed below) at 8:30pm.Mar 2 Ray Podhornik Sextet . Mar 3 BonnieBrett Quartet . Mar 9 Rob Gellner Sextet. Mar 10 Pat LaBarbera Quartet . Mar16 Amy Cervini Quintet . Mar 23 GlennBuhr Trio . Mar 24 Andy Scott Quartet .Mar 30 Joni NehRita Quartet . Mar 31Aubrey Dale Quartet .Joe Mama’s317 King St. W. 416-340-6469Live music every night.C. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz)All shows: No Cover.Every Sun 7-11pm Nathan Hiltz Trio & SpecialGuests. Every Mon 7:30-11:30pm SoulMondays. Every Tue 7-11pm Blue Angels.Every Wed 8pm-12am Blackburn. Every Thu8:30pm-12:30am Blackburn. Every Fri 10pm-2am The Grind. Every Sat 10pm-2am Shugga.Latinada Restaurant & Jazz Bar1671 Bloor St. W. 416-913-9716www.latinada.comAll shows at 8:30pm: No Cover. minimumon Fridays and Saturdays.Every Wed Milonga Night: The Latinada Triofeat Alex Gajic (violin). Every Thu Latin Jazz.Every Fri Cuban Jazz with Ruben Vazquez &Friends. Every Sat Traditional Cuban Musicwith Onelvis Fernandez.Liberto Bistro, The25 Liberty St. 416-533-8828www.libertobistro.caEvery Tue Open Mic w Big Rude Jake.Every Wed Noah Zacharin.Lula Lounge1585 Dundas St. W. 416-588-0307www.lula.caMar 1 8pm A Night to Remember w Yani Borelland the Clave Kings: Fundraiser for MigrantWorkers’ Families sugg. donation. Mar 28pm Quique Escamilla Trio ; 10pm SalsaDance Party w Café Cubano and DJ Suave .Mar 3 10pm Salsa Saturday w Moda Eterna& DJ Gio . Mar 4 11am Sunday FamilyBrunch /(under 12) Mar 9 8pm AlitheaCameron; 10pm Salsa Dance Party w TipicaToronto & DJ Suave (both shows). Mar 1010pm Salsa Saturday w Confunto Lacalu andDJ Gio . Mar 11 11am Sunday Family SalsaBrunch /(under 12). Mar 14 8pm SamanthaMartin & the Haggard CD Release Party/(adv). Mar 15 8:30pm Dwayne Morgan(adv). Mar 16 10pm Salsa Dance Partyw Son Ache and DJ Suave . Mar 17 10pmSalsa Saturday w Ricky Franco and DJ Gio .Mar 18 11am Sunday Family Salsa Brunch/(under 12). Mar 19 7pm Mirateca Artspresents: Dead Combo . Mar 21 CanadianMusic Week Jazz Showcase: 7pm Juliann Kuchoki;8pm Dibigode; 9pm Sizhukong Ensemble;10pm Midtown Collective. Mar 23 10pm SalsaDance Party w Café Cubano and DJ Suave .Mar 24 10pm Salsa Saturday w Orquesta Fantasiaand DJ Gio . Mar 25 11am SundayFamily Salsa Brunch /(under 12). Mar 299pm Heavy Weather: the Music of Joe Zawinuland Weather Report . Mar 30 8pm HilarioDuran Trio; 10pm Salsa Dance Party w Yani Borrelland the Clave Kings and DJ Suave (bothshows). Mar 31 10pm Salsa Saturday w ModaEterna and DJ Gio .Manhattan’s Music Club951 Gordon St., Guelph. 519-767-2440www.manhattans.caMezzetta Restaurant681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687www.mezzettarestaurant.comEvery Wed Jazz Series: sets at 9pm and10:15pm. - Cover.Mar 7 Dave Young (bass); Robi Botos (keys).Mar 14 Ted Quinlan (guitar); Mike Downes(bass). Mar 21 Marilyn Lerner (keys); Matt Brubeck(cello). Mar 28 Michael Occhipinti Trio.54 March 1 – April 7, 2012

Momo’s Bistro664 The Queensway, Etobicoke. 416-252-5560www.momosbistro.comEvery Wed 8pm Open Mic.Monarchs PubAt the Delta Chelsea Hotel33 Gerrard St. W. 416-585-4352www.monarchspub.caEvery Tue Acoustic Open Mic Night. EveryWed Jazz Wednesdays. Every Thu BluesThursdays.Much Me816 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-651-0009Every Thu 8-11pm Ben D’Cunha, piano andvocals, No Cover.Nawlins Jazz Bar & Dining299 King St. W. 416-595-1958www.nawlins.caEvery Tue Stacie McGregor; Every Wed JimHeineman Trio; Every Thu Blues Night w GuestVocalists; Every Fri/Sat All Star Bourbon St.Band; Every Sun Brooke Blackburn.Old Mill, The21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641www.oldmilltoronto.comThe Home Smith Bar: No Reservations, NoCover. minimum per person. All shows7:30-10:30pm. Every Thu Sizzling Solo PianoSeries. Every Fri Something to Sing AboutSeries. Every Sat Jazz Masters Series. Mar1 John Sherwood (piano). Mar 2 Lisa Martinelli(vocals); Kevin Turcotte (trumpet); Adrean Farrugia(piano); Pat Collins (bass). Mar 3 Jake Wilkinson(trumpet); Lee Wallace (guitar); Jon Meyer(bass). Mar 8 John Sherwood (piano). Mar9 Yvette Tollar (vocals); David Restivo (piano);Mike Downes (bass). Mar 10 Mike Downes(bass); Robi Botos (piano); Ethan Ardelli (drums).Mar 15 John Sherwood (piano). Mar 16 HeatherBambrick (vocals); Mark Kieswetter (piano);Michael McClennan (bass). Mar 17 AnthonyPanacci (piano); Mike Downes (bass); MarkKelso (drums). Mar 22 John Sherwood (piano).Mar 23 Andrea Superstein (vocals); AdreanFarrugia (piano); John Maharaj (bass); MorganChilds (drums). Mar 24 Sean Bray Peach Trio:Sean Bray (guitar); Mark Dunn (bass); DavidMacDougall (drums). Mar 29 John Sherwood(piano). Mar 30 Robin Banks (vocals); RichardWhiteman (piano); Eric St. Laurent (guitar). Mar31 Bob DeAngelis (clarinet); Danny McErlain(piano); Ron Johnston (bass).Pantages Martini Bar & Lounge200 Victoria St. 416-362-1777Every Fri Robert Scott; Every Sat Solo Piano:Various artists.Pilot Tavern, The22 Cumberland Ave. (full schedule)Jazz Saturdays 3:30–6:30pm: No Cover.Mar 3 Pat LaBarbera Quartet. Mar 10 Kollage.Mar 17 Bob Brough Quartet. Mar 24 tba.Mar 31 Chris Gale Quartet.Quotes220 King St. W. 416-979-7697Every Fri Fridays at Five w Canadian JazzQuartet: Gary Benson (guitar), Frank Wright(vibes), Duncan Hopkins (bass) Don Vickery(drums) and featured guest: Mar 2 Steve Mc-Dade (trumpet). Mar 9 Russ Little (trombone).Mar 16 Pat LaBarbera (sax). Mar 23 DaveDunlop (trumpet). Mar 30 Kelly Jefferson (sax).Reposado Bar & Lounge136 Ossington Ave. 416-532-6474www.reposadobar.comAll shows: PWYC.Every Wed 10pm Spy vs Sly vs SpyEvery Thu, Fri 10pm The Reposadists Quartet.Reservoir Lounge, The52 Wellington St. E. 416-955-0887www.reservoirlounge.comEvery Mon Sophia Perlman and the Vipers.Every Tue Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm. EveryWed Bradley and the Bouncers. Every Thu Alysha& the Brilltones. Every Fri DeeDee & theDirty Martinis. Every Sat Tyler Yarema and hisRhythm. Early shows: Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday 7-9pm including Mar 1 Alex Pangman& Her Alleycats. Mar 29 Beverly Taft &Her Swell Fellas.Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, The194 Queen St. W. (many shows PWYC; covercharge to some evening shows, call ahead)Mar 1 6:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:30pm MelissaLauren Septet CD Release. Mar 2 4pm HogtownSyncopators; 6:30pm Chris Gale Trio; 9:45pmOz Noy Trio. Mar 3 12pm Laura Marks Quartet;3:30pm Swing Shift Big Band; 7pm JustinBacchus; 9:45pm Oz Noy Trio. Mar 4 12pmExcelsior Dixieland Jazz; 3:30pm Club Django;7pm Julia Cleveland; 9:30pm Snarky Puppy.Mar 5 6:30pm U of T Student Jazz Ensembles;9:30pm Snarky Puppy. Mar 6 6:30pm WorstPop Band Ever; 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam.Mar 7 6:30pm Trevor Falls Collective; 9:30pmChet Doxas Quartet. Mar 8 6:30pm KevinQuain; 9:30 Alan Hetherington. Mar 9 4pmHogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm Chris Gale Trio;9:45pm Kevin Breit Trio. Mar 10 12pm DannyMarks & Friends; 3:30pm Laura Hubert Band;7pm Justin Bacchus; 9:45pm John Stetch andJan Jarczyk: 2 Pianos. Mar 11 12pm ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz; 3:30pm Bohemian Swing; 7pmJulia Cleveland; 9:30pm Random Access. Mar12 6:30pm U of T Student Ensembles; 9:30pmHumber College Student Ensembles. Mar 136:30pm Worst Pop Band Ever; 9:30pm ClassicRex Jazz Jam. Mar 14 6:30pm Trevor Falls Collective;9:30pm Andrew Scott. Mar 15 6:30pmKevin Quain; 9:30pm The Big Eight. Mar 164pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm Chris GaleTrio; 9:45 Time Warp. Mar 17 12pm DannyMarks & Friends; 3:30pm Jerome Godboo; 7pmJustin Bacchus; 9:45pm Forward Motion. Mar18 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz; 3:30pm Dr.Nick Blues; 7pm Julia Cleveland; 9:30pm New& Used. Mar 19 6:30pm U of T Student JazzEnsembles; 9:30pm Humber College StudentJazz Ensembles. Mar 20 6:30pm Worst PopBand Ever; 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam. Mar21 6:30pm Trevor Falls Collective; :9:30pmDonny McCaslin Group. Mar 22 6:30pm KevinQuain; 9:30pm Donny McCasclin Group. Mar23 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm ChrisGale Trio; 9:45pm Dave Neill. Mar 24 12pmDanny Marks & Friends; 3:30pm HomelessBlues Band; 7pm October Trio; 9:45 Sidewinders.Mar 25 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz;3:30pm Freeway Dixieland Jazz; 7pm JuliaCleveland; 9:30pm David French’s Bloomsday.Mar 26 6:30pm U of T Student Jazz Ensembles;9:30pm John MacLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra.Mar 27 6:30pm Worst Pop Band Ever;9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam. Mar 28 6:30pmTrevor Falls Collective; 9:30pm William Carn/Tara Davidson 9. Mar 29 6:30pm Avi GraniteGuitar Duo; 9:30pm William Carn/Tara Davidson9. Mar 30 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pmChris Gale Trio; 9:45pm Torben Waldorf Group.Mar 31 12pm Danny Marks & Friends; 3:30pmJosh Grossman’s T.J.O. Big Band; 7pm JustinBacchus; 9:45 Roberto Occhipinti 9; 12:45amRich Brown’s Rinsethealgorithm.Ristorante Roma1090 Bloor St. W. 416-531-4000All shows: PWYC.Live Jazz Fri/Sat 8pm, Every Sun 6pm.Le Saint Tropez315 King St. W. 416-591-3600Live piano jazz 7 days a weekwww.lesainttropez.comSomewhere There227 Sterling Rd. Unit #112 . 416-763-0890All shows: or PWYC.www.somewherethere.orgMar 1 8pm Alaniaris (modern interpretationsof Greek Rebetiko). Mar 3 8pm Mike Gennaro(drums). Mar 4 5pm Ken Aldcroft (guitar/drums);Germaine Liu (drums/percussion/piano); 8pm Now Series: Tilman Lewis (cello);Tomasz Karkowiak (percussion); Ken Aldcroft(guitar). Mar 6 8pm Alan Bloor (violin/bass/amplified metal sculptures). Mar 7 Colin Anthony’sDreamdance: Brenda Joy Lem (vocals/piano/percussion); Kurt Huggins (vocals/percussion);Michael Lynn (double bass); Rod Campbell(trumpet); Colin Anthony (vocals/piano/percussion).Mar 8 8pm Alaniaris (modern interpretationsof Greek Rebetiko). Mar 10 8pm Rob’sCollision: Colin Anthony (piano); Parmela Attariwala(violin); Michael Herring (bass); GermaineLiu (percussion); Matt Miller (laptop/electronics).Mar 11 5pm Ken Aldcroft (guitar/drums);Germaine Liu (drums/percussion/piano/variousinstruments); 8pm Now Series: CCMC: PaulDutton (voice); John Kamevaar (percussion);John Oswald (alto sax); Michael Snow (synth);and others. Mar 12 8pm Gone Fishing Series:Experimental Music: Bob Vespaziani (wavedrum/electronics); Meiko Ando (dancer); RobinHowell (woodwinds); Michael Gennaro, MichaelKeith (electric guitars). Mar 13 8pm ZoëAlexis-Abrams (voice). Mar 14 8pm Colin Anthony’sDreamdance: Brenda Joy Lem (vocals/piano/percussion); Kurt Huggins (vocals/percussion);Michael Lynn (double bass); Rod Campbell(trumpet); Colin Anthony (vocals/piano/percussion). Mar 15 8pm Alaniaris. Mar 178pm Nilan Perera (guitar); Nicole Rampersaud(trumpet). Mar 18 5pm Ken Aldcroft (guitar/drums); Germaine Liu (drums/percussion/piano);8pm Drum Thunder: Fundraiser for New HouseDrumkit, featuring drummers Chris Cawthray,Germaine Liu, Mark Segger, Mike Gennaro, JackVorcis, Dave Clark, Joe Sorbara. Mar 20 8pmMarian Jago, Paul Newman (saxophones). Mar21 8pm Colin Anthony’s Dreamdance: BrendaJoy Lem (vocals/piano/percussion); Kurt Huggins(vocals/percussion); Michael Lynn (doublebass); Rod Campbell (trumpet); Colin Anthony(vocals/piano/percussion). Mar 22 8pm Alaniaris.Mar 24 8pm SPL@T: Michael Ramey(guitar/electronics); Matt Miller (electronics).Mar 25 5pm Ken Aldcroft (guitar/drums); GermaineLiu (drums/percussion/piano). Mar 288pm Colin Anthony’s Dreamdance: Brenda JoyLem (vocals/piano/percussion); Kurt Huggins(vocals/percussion); Michael Lynn (double bass);Rod Campbell (trumpet); Colin Anthony (vocals/piano/percussion). Mar 29 8pm Alaniaris. Mar31 8pm Colin Anthony (piano); Michael Lynn(double bass).Trane Studio964 Bathurst St. 416-913-8197www.tranestudio.comMar 1 8pm Piano Series Launch: Ryan OliverQuintet . Mar 2 8pm Marc Auguste & theBonaparte Trio play Oscar Peterson . Mar3 8pm Jason Wilson & Friends . Mar 4, 58pm The Cookers feat. Ryan Oliver & RichardWhiteman: Live Recording . Mar 6 8pmAnne-Lise Dugas . Mar 7 8pm Liberty Wednesdays:Noah Zacharin, No Cover. Mar 8 8pmHilario Duran Trio . Mar 9 8:30pm Arecibofeat Brownman . Mar 10 8:30pm The SingersSeries with Norman Amadio . Mar 118pm Honouring Our Own: Pete Otis . Mar12 8pm NuBlue Mondays: Son Roberts Band. Mar 13 8pm Damien Villeneuve . Mar14 8pm Liberty Wednesdays: Noah Zacharin,No Cover. Mar 15 8pm Sharron McLeod Fauxtetfeat Stacie McGregor: The Music of JoniMitchell . Mar 16 8pm Robi Botos Quartet. Mar 17 8:30pm Joe Sealy Trio .Mar 18 8pm Quincy Bullen Trio . Mar 208pm Anne-Lise Dugas . Mar 21 8pm LibertyWednesdays: Noah Zacharin, No Cover. Mar 228pm Singers Den Open Mic w Al St. Louis .Mar 23 8:30pm Ron Davis Quartet feat DonnaGrantis . Mar 24 8:30pm Strange Attractorsfeat Dave Restivo . Mar 26 8pm NuBlueMondays w Son Roberts Band . Mar 27 8pmNoam Lemish Quartet . Mar 28 8pm LibertyWednesdays: Noah Zacharin, No Cover. Mar 29Sharron McLeod Fauxtet feat Stacie McGregor:The Music of Gil Scott-Heron . Mar 308:30pm David Buchbinder Group . Mar 318:30pm John Campbell Group .Tranzac292 Brunswick Ave. (full schedule)3-4 shows daily, various styles; most showsPWYC. Below are some of this month’s shows:Every Mon 7pm This is Awesome; 10pm OpenMic. Every Fri 5pm The Foolish Things. EverySat 3pm Jamzac. Multiple performances nightly,including: Mar 3 7pm Zebrina; 9:30pm JuliaCleveland. Mar 4 5pm Monk’s Music. Mar 610pm Peripheral Vision: Tribute to Paul Motian.Mar 9 10pm Trevor Giancola. Mar 11 8pm LinaAllemano Four. Mar 13 7:30pm Alison Au Quartet;10pm Stop Time. Mar 14 7:30pm NickTeehan; 10pm Ken McDonald Quartet. Mar 176:30pm Michael Davidson. Mar 18 5pm Monk’sMusic. Mar 20 10pm Richard Piasetski. Mar25 7:30pm Steve Ward Presents; 10pm OctoberTrio. Mar 27 10pm Nick Fraser’s Drumheller.Mar 30 10pm Ryan Driver Quartet.Whitlock’s Restaurant & Wine Café1961 Queen St. E. 416-691-8784www.whitlocks.caEvery Fri 8pm Gerry Mackay, solo jazz guitar,No Cover.Zemra Bar & Lounge778 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-651-3123www.zemrabarlounge.comEvery Wed Open Mic and Jam.Every Fri Live Music Fridays.Free event listings:listings@thewholenote.comMarch 1 – April 7, 55

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