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Volume 18 Issue 1 - September 2012

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TFOR OPENERS | DAVID PERLMANA Reluctant Ode to the Power of Tenhe other day I found myself scratching my head a bit at a pressrelease from an organization I confess I had never heard of— theLos Angeles Jewish Symphony Orchestra — on the occasion of, drumrollplease, their 18th anniversary, their “Chai” anniversary.“A Chai anniversary has its roots in the Hebrew word for ‘life,’ whichis Chai, with its Hebrew letters adding up to the number 18. For thisreason, the number 18 is a spiritual number in Judaism and representsa time to reflect, remember and celebrate,” the release explained.My legions of faithful regular readers will doubtless both rememberthat I do not respond enthusiastically to anniversaries that are multiplesof five and ten. Seven, I have more than once proclaimed in thisspot, is of far more intrinsic interest than ten. Many a publicist in towncan attest to the fact that the 10th or 20th or 40th anniversary big storyidea they have floated my way has found itself dashed on the rocks ofeditorial indifference. “Forty? Wow! That’s only two years away from42. Now that’s a really important one!”So imagine my delight at receiving the above-mentioned LAJSOrelease about their BIG 18th anniversary! It adds another arrow to mybow, another argument the next time someone comes along and saysit’s time to worship at the shrine of ten!Come to think of it, 18 is what The WholeNote will turn this year. “Atime to reflect, remember and celebrate,” indeed. Thank you LAJSO!And wait, there’s more! Since 81 is simply the mirror image of 18,it stands to reason that the organizers of all this September’s variousGlenn Gould 80th anniversary celebrations should cool their jets, andwait one more year before starting the hollering and hooting. Samegoes for Murray Schafer (80). Sorry Murray.There’s a problem though, isn’t there? Even an extra year won’t beenough time to convince the public at large that it is important fortheir spiritual health to re-learn their nine times tables. That’s thething, isn’t it? Multiplying by ten is as easy as one, two, three. So ifyou were expecting me to say “bah, humbug” yet again to the powerof ten, I am sorry. I surrender. Henceforth the number ten rules: fromour cover story coverage of the two-day Glenn Gould Variations summitat Convocation Hall; to Andrew Timar’s highly personal take onthe 100th anniversary of the birth of another musical titan, John Cage;to David Olds’ reflections on the 25th anniversary of Naxos Canada. Imean, everyone knows 25 is a sort of ten!And don’t expect it to stop with this issue either. As the seasonunfolds, expect to see us tip the hat to some particularly notable 40ths:Esprit Orchestra, Soundstreams and Toronto Consort, to name but three.It’s a slippery slope, I grant you. I can already hear the aforementionedpublicists sharpening their digital pencils on behalf of clients who havereached 10 or 20, or 25, or 30 this year.Even worse, in the distance I hear a rumble of discontent from someof the notable 40s to whose anniversaries only last year we turned ablind eye. Every flip flop has its consequences. So to them I say, cheerup! You’re only a year away from 42. As I said to Bob Aitken on page28, now that’s a really important one!As for The WholeNote, 18 feels like a really fine milestone to be reaching.Mind you, it will probably take us another two years to organizethe party, anyway!And in the meanwhile, l’chaim! To life.—David Perlman, publisher@thewholenote.comThe WholeNote The Toronto Concert-Goer’s GuideVOLUME 18 NO 1 | SEPT 1 – OCT 7, 2012720 Bathurst St., Suite 503Toronto ON M5S 2R4MAIN TELEPHONE 416-323-2232FAX 416-603-4791SWITCHBOARD & GENERAL INQUIRIES Ext 21Chairman of the Board | Allan Pulkerdirectors@thewholenote.comPublisher/Editor In Chief | David Perlmanpublisher@thewholenote.comCD Editor | David Oldsdiscoveries@thewholenote.comEvent Advertising/MembershipKaren Ages | members@thewholenote.comAdvertising/Production Support/OperationsJack Buell | adart@thewholenote.comDirector of MarketingGarry Page | marketing@thewholenote.comListings DepartmentSharna Searle | Listings Editorlistings@thewholenote.comOri Dagan | Associate Editor: Jazz, The, etc@thewholenote.comWebsiteBryson Winchester | systems@thewholenote.comCirculation, Display Stands & SubscriptionsChris Malcolm | circulation@thewholenote.comPatrick Slimmon | patrick@thewholenote.comOMDC AND THE ONTARIO ARTS COUNCILARE AGENCIES OF THE GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIOTHANKS TO THIS MONTH’S CONTRIBUTORSBeat ColumnistsART OF SONG | Hans de GrootBANDSTAND | Jack MacQuarrieBOOK SHELF | Pamela MarglesCLASSICAL & BEYOND | Sharna SearleCHORAL SCENE | Benjamin SteinDISCOVERIES | David OldsEARLY MUSIC | Simone DesiletsIN THE CLUBS | Ori DaganIN WITH THE NEW | David PerlmanJAZZ NOTES | Jim GallowayMUSICAL LIFE | mJ buellMUSIC THEATRE | Robert WallaceON OPERA | Christopher HoileWORLD VIEW | Andrew TimarFeaturesRebecca Chua, Paul Ennis, David PerlmanCD ReviewersLarry Beckwith, Stuart Broomer,Nick Gotham, Richard Haskell, Tiina Kiik,Jack MacQuarrie, Christina Petrowska Quilico,Cathy Riches, Terry Robbins,Michael Schwartz, Bruce Surtees, Ken WaxmanProofreadingSharna Searle, Ori Dagan, Karen AgesListingsOri Dagan, Sharna Searle, Adam WeinmannLayout & DesignUno RamatSUBSCRIPTIONS per year + HST (10 issues)Upcoming Dates & DeadlinesFree Event Listings Deadline6pm Saturday September 15Display Ad Reservations Deadline6pm Saturday September 15Advertising Materials Due6pm Monday September 17Publication DateMonday October 1Next issue, Volume 18 No 2covers October 1 to November 7, 2012WholeNote Media Inc. accepts no responsibility orliability for claims made for any product or servicereported on or advertised in this issue.Printed in CanadaCouto Printing & Publishing ServicesCirculation StatementMay 2012: 30,000 printed & distributed.Canadian Publication Product Sales Agreement1263846ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTEPublications Mail Agreement #40026682Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:WholeNote Media Inc.503–720 Bathurst StreetToronto ON M5S 2R4COPYRIGHT © 2012 WHOLENOTE MEDIA INCthewholenote.com6 September 1 – October 7, 2012

Robert Aitken, artistic directorSunday December 9, 2012 • 2:30 pmKOREAN MUSIC PROJECTBetty Oliphant Theatre | 404 Jarvis St.Traditional Korean music & new works byKlaus Huber ❆(Switzerland) andInwon Kang ❆(S. Korea)Sunday December 9, 2012 • 8 pmTHE KOREAN STORYSukhi Kang and his ClassBetty Oliphant Theatre | 404 Jarvis St.New Music Concerts EnsembleRobert Aitken, directionCanadian and World premieres by:Sukhi Kang ❆(S.Korea)Shinuh Lee ❆(S. Korea)So Jeong Ahn ❂ N (S. Korea/Canada)Jongwoo Yim ❆(S. Korea)Unsuk Chin ❆(S. Korea)Sunday September 23, 2012 • 8 pmCELLOS GALOREBetty Oliphant Theatre | 404 Jarvis St.New Music Concerts EnsembleRobert Aitken, directionmusic by:James Rolfe ❂ N (Canada)Gilles Tremblay (Canada)Elliott Carter ❆ (USA)Bruce Mather (Canada)Michael Colgrass (USA/Canada)Saturday January 19, 2013 • 8 pmENSEMBLE SURPLUSMusic from Germany & CanadaThe Music Gallery | 197 John St.Cornelius Schwehr ❆(Germany)Dieter Mack ❆(Germany)Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf ❆(Germany)Dániel Péter Biró ❂(Hungary/Canada)Saturday April 6, 2013 • 8 pm (Benefit)SIX HUNDRED YEARANNIVERSARIESGallery 345 | 345 Sorauren Ave.Music by Six Centennarians:John Cage (USA 1912-1992)Barbara Pentland (Canada 1912-2000)Conlon Nancarrow (USA 1912-1997)John Weinzweig (Canada 1913-2006)Witold Lutosławski (Poland 1913-1994)Henry Brant (Canada/USA 1913-2008)Sunday November 11, 2012 • 8 pmGENERATION 2012The Music Gallery | 197 John St.Ensemble contemporaine de MontréalVéronique Lacroix, directionnew works by:Annesley Black (Canada)Gabriel Dharmoo (Canada)Marielle Groven (Canada)Riho Esko Maimets (Canada)Sunday February 3, 2013 • 8 pmPAST, PRESENT AND FUTURECanadian Music, Then and NowBetty Oliphant Theatre | 404 Jarvis St.New Music Concerts EnsembleRobert Aitken, directionmusic by:John Weinzweig (Canada)R. Murray Schafer (Canada)Adam Scime ❂ N (Canada)Brian Cherney (Canada)Brian Harman ❂ N (Canada)Saturday April 27, 2012 • 8 pmLE JARDIN MUSICALA Tribute to Gilles Tremblaywith Louise Bessette, solo pianoGallery 345 | 345 Sorauren by:Serge Arcuri (Canada)Gilles Tremblay (Canada)Olivier Messiaen (France)Claude Debussy (France)François Dompierre (Canada)Ernesto Lecuona (Cuba)❆ Canadian premiere |❂ World premiere | N New Music Concerts commissionSubscriptions (7 events) 0 regular | 5 seniors / arts workers | studentsPick 3 (or more) each reg | $18 snr/arts | students Korean Concerts (2 events) reg | snr/arts | studentsIndividual Tickets regular | seniors / arts workers | students Call NMC @ 416.961.9594Introductions @ 7:15pm | Concerts @ 8:00pm | Full details and PDF subscription form

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