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Volume 18 Issue 2 - October 2012

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looked at for a long

looked at for a long time. The result is that everyone’s sight readingskills remain well honed. Certainly, some of the material may neverbe performed for an audience, but it serves a good purpose. I wouldsuggest that it would be worthwhile for a band to have in its rehearsalfolder at least one such number at all times with some regular rotation,say once a month. This should help to keep everyone’s readingskills at a consistently good level. Most of us don’t aspire to berenowned virtuosos, but we all enjoy the satisfaction of having playedour part of that good music well.Program selection: Who should have a say in program selection?In most cases this is the sole prerogative of the conductor with someinput from the librarian. Who are the other parties whose preferencescould, and perhaps should, be considered? Put another way, wemight ask for whom is the concert planned? Is it primarily to pleasethe audience, band members, the conductor or, even possibly, sponsors?I would like to suggest that band members should have a greatervoice in programming. For most, they play in a band for the personalsatisfaction of making music with other like-minded individuals.I would like to see a movement to campaign for band members tohave a greater say in the planning of programs. Without their regularparticipation and devotion, the band would cease to exist. Get bandmembers involved in programming. Even before that, start with thedecision of what should go into a rehearsal folder.Now that we have a library and a rehearsal folder, how about selectinga program. What are the capabilities of the band members whohave to perform the material? If your band doesn’t have a hot shotbassoonist at the present time, obviously you don’t include anythingwith an important bassoon part. If it’s a minor part, some otherinstrument can play the cues to ensure that the part isn’t missingcompletely. As for solo parts within selections, who gets to play them?In many bands, the longest serving member in the section automaticallygets the nod even though other members of the section may beequally capable, if not more so. Seniority of membership is not necessarilysynonymous with level of musicianship. In some bands of myacquaintance, solo excerpts are shared by all section members unlesssome do not wish to be included. That’s another way to foster proficiencyand build confidence.In recent years many bands have taken to producing concerts witha “theme.” Perhaps it was all music of the movies, disasters, spaceexploration or something else? Is this what your audiences enjoy?Why not ask them to complete a survey form at intermission?Do your audiences really enjoy such additions as video excerptsand slide shows or do they feel that this detracts from the musicalperformance? Put another way, is your band staging a multimediapresentation or a musical concert? What would the band membersprefer?With all of that, who gets to make the decision of what to includein a program? Why not prepare a questionnaire for members tocomplete? Certainly, some just want to come to the rehearsal andthen go home, but others might just have some ideas with merit. Imight even suggest a programming committee from within the band.Naturally, in the end, the final decision must rest with the conductor,but let band members provide some creative input.That’s my two cents worth: Let’s have your comments along withselections to be included in The WholeNote basic library.DEFINITION DEPARTMENTThis month’s lesser known musical term is Vibratto: child prodigy sonof the concertmaster. We invite submissions from readers. Let’s hearyour daffynitions.Coming events: Please see the listings section for full details.Jack MacQuarrie plays several brass instruments andhas performed in many community ensembles. He canbe contacted at October 1 – November 7, 2012

A. Concerts in the GTAThe WholeNote listings are arranged in four sections:A.GTA (GREATER TORONTO AREA) covers all of Torontoplus Halton, Peel, York and Durham regions.B. there are listings for events in Barrie, Brantford,BEYOND THE GTA covers many areas of Southern Ontariooutside Toronto and the GTA. In the current issue,Cobourg, Guelph, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, London,Midland, Peterborough, Prescott, Sault Ste. Marie, SouthWaterford, St. Catharines, Stratford, Sudbury, Waterloo andWelland. Starts on page 53.C.IN THE CLUBS (MOSTLY JAZZ)is organized alphabetically by club.Starts on page 55.D. workshops, singalongs and other music-related eventsTHE ETCETERAS is for galas, fundraisers, competitions,screenings, lectures, symposia, masterclasses,(except performances) which may be of interest to our readers.Starts on page 58.A GENERAL WORD OF CAUTION A phone number is providedwith every listing in The WholeNote — in fact, we won’t publisha listing without one. Concerts are sometimes cancelled or postponed;artists or venues may change after listings are published.Please check before you go out to a concert.HOW TO LIST Listings in The WholeNote in the four sections aboveare a free service available, at our discretion, to eligible presenters.If you have an event, send us your information no later than the15th of the month prior to the issue or issues in which your listingis eligible to appear.LISTINGS DEADLINE The next issue covers the period fromNovember 1 to December 7, 2012. All listings must be received by6pm Monday October 15.LISTINGS can be sent by e-mail to orby fax to 416-603-4791 or by regular mail to the address on page 6.We do not receive listings by phone, but you can call 416-323-2232x27 for further information.MUSICAL THEATRE: LONG-RUN MUSICALS NOT LISTED DAILYAll long-run musicals appear only once and in detail in our daily concert listings (GTA/Beyond GTA), on the date of the first performance falling within the date rangecovered in this issue.First performance dates and times are as follows:October 02• 8:00: Mirvish Productions. Sister Act. (GTA)• 2:00: Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Pirates of Penzance. (Beyond GTA)October 03• 2:00: Shaw Festival. Ragtime. (Beyond GTA)• 2:00: Stratford Shakespeare Festival. 42nd Street. (Beyond GTA)• 2:00: Stratford Shakespeare Festival/Schulich Children’s Plays.You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. (Beyond GTA)October 04• 11:30am: Shaw Festival. Trouble in Tahiti. (Beyond GTA)October 10• 8:00: Mirvish Productions. La Cage aux Folles. (GTA)Monday October 01• 7:00: Union Events. Lindsey Stirling, violin.Mod Club, 722 College Ave. 1-855-985-5000..50.• 7:00: University of Toronto Faculty ofMusic. The Gryphon Trio. Brahms: ClarinetTrio; Dvořák: “Dumky” Piano Trio; Bayefsky: Tobe Patient is to Suffer. Guest: James Campbell,clarinet. Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Bldg., 80Queen’s Park. 416-408-0208. ; (sr);(st).• 8:00: Jazz.FM91. Stolen Moments: AnEvening with Mark Murphy, jazz vocals. Old MillDining Room, 21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641.; (st).• 8:00: Musideum. Sandra Taylor, singer-songwriter.401 Richmond St. W. 416-599-7323.PWYC, suggested.• 9:30: Toronto Jazz Orchestra. Thank You,Thad. Big band music written and inspiredby Thad Jones. Also works by McNeely,Brookmeyer, Overton and others. JoshGrossman, director. Rex Hotel, 194 Queen St.W. 416-899-5299. .Tuesday October 02• 12:00 noon: Canadian Opera Company.Jazz Series: Radical Cycle. Classical art songscombined with jazz, klezmer and improvisation.Dani Oore, saxophone; Sageev Oore, piano.Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre, Four SeasonsCentre for the Performing Arts, 145 Queen St.W. 416-363-8231. Free.• 12:30: York University Department ofMusic. Music at Midday: Student Showcase.Young musicians perform a wide range of worksincluding original compositions. Martin FamilyLISTINGS ZONE MAP Visit our website to see a detailed versionof this map: 15Lake Erie83 4City of TorontoLake OntarioOctober 1 – November 7, 2012 39

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