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Volume 18 Issue 5 - February 2013

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Claude BrazeauBeat by

Claude BrazeauBeat by Beat | In the ClubsHarbury At Hugh’s Turns NineORI DaganBorn in the United Kingdom’s county ofSussex, Jane Harbury came to Canada in1966, thinking it would be for just a year.“I had no goal or clear path when I camehere, it just seemed like a good idea at thetime,” she recalls. “Actually, my debating partnerin the Young Conservatives in the UK,Janice Hunt, had been living and working inSan Diego and said, “you should go, there’s tenmen for each girl!” So I said okay, but it waseasier to get to Canada in those days, so I justarrived, knew no one, stayed at the YWCA forRenée Yoxonat Hugh’s.a couple weeks and then found a room and began my life in Canada.”In the late 1960s, Harbury started working as a dishwasher at thefamous Riverboat coffee house in Yorkville. As fate would have it,within a few years she ended up being the club’s manager, becomingknown affectionately as “Riverboat Jane.” Harbury’s next chapterwas as personal assistant to record producer Brian Ahern (AnneMurray, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, to name a few) and in 1988she founded her own publicity company, passionately promotingnumerous Canadian artists across a wide spectrum of musicalgenres. Her clients have included artists such as Lhasa, Ian Tysonand Ben Heppner, and she has also publicized many events, fromthe North By Northeast festival to the JUNO Awards. Nine years ago,Harbury began presenting a successful series at Hugh’s Room calledJane Harbury’s Discoveries, a showcase of emerging artists. How didthe idea come about?“This series began as me repeatedly asking Hugh’s Room’s booker,Holmes Hooke, for opening spots for some of my ‘baby band’ artists— not necessarily bands, but those not yet known,” says Harbury.“He repeatedly replied that he didn’t have many opening act spots.Finally, probably out of sheer frustration, Holmes said “Why don’tyou do your own night? We’ll give you the room!” and so I puttogether five artists — at 25 minutes each. It turned out to be one artisttoo many, so fairly quickly I adapted and refined it to four pershow with 30 minutes each. Each artist is expected to bring at leasttwenty people, but the more the merrier, of course.”Discoveries has been presented three times annually, and as onecan imagine, there have been a lot of highlights over the years.“We’ve had some amazing nights,” she recalls. “Bora Kim on violinat 14 playing Paganini. Eric Tan amazing the audience with his talent,playing classical on the old electric keyboard! Jazz vocalists BarbraLica and Jordana Talsky, both shone.”What has Jane Harbury discovered by presenting Discoveries?“So much, but perhaps one of the most wonderful aspects is thatyou bring four diverse types of music into one show, the audiencemembers are wonderfully open to appreciating this and are so supportiveof all four. It is nerve-wracking for the artists, most of whomhave always wanted to play a venue like Hugh’s Room where they aretreated with so much respect ... it might sound as though it’s a kind ofEd Sullivan variety show, but it’s SO much more. Most of the artistsare those who find me and not usually clients of mine. Somethingmagical seems to happen at every Discoveries. I want to stress thatit’s nothing like an open stage event. The artists support each other.I love it!”The next edition of Discoveries takes place on Tuesday, February 5,featuring country/bluegrass/folk duo The Schotts, recent EtobicokeSchool of the Arts graduate Jessica Chase, Vancouver-based singersongwriterTom Taylor and Ottawa-based jazz vocalist Renée Yoxon.Being already familiar with the gorgeous voice of Yoxon, I amlooking forward to discovering the other three acts. Hope to seeyou there!Ori Dagan is a Toronto-based jazz musician, writer andeducator who can be reached at Yonge St. 416-481-6865 alleycatz.caEvery Mon 8pm Salsa Night w/ Frank Bischunand free lessons. Every Tue 8:30pm CarloBerardinucci Band. No Cover. Every Wed8:30pm City Soul Swinging Blues & VintageR&B. No Cover. Every Thu 9pm Soul andR&B (bands alternate weekly). Every Fri/Sat9:30pm Funk, Soul, R&B, Top 40. after8:30pm. Feb 1, 2 Graffiti Park. Feb 7 Riff Raff.Feb 8 Graffiti Park. Feb 9 Soular. Feb 14, 15,16 Lady Kane. Feb 21, 22 Ascencion. Feb 23Soular. Feb 28 91 Night w/ Firesound.Artword Artbar15 Colbourne St., Hamilton. (full schedule)Bon Vivant Restaurant1924 Avenue Rd. 416-630-5153bonvivantdining.comEvery Thu 6-9pm Bill Naphan Solo Guitar.Every Fri 6-9pm Margaret Stowe Solo Guitar.Castro’s Lounge2116 Queen St. E. No Cover/PWYC.Every Sun 4pm Live jazz. Every Mon 9pmRockabilly Night w/ the Cosmotones. EveryTue 8pm Smokey Folk; 10:30pm blueVenus.Every Wed 8pm Mediterranean Stars. EveryThu 9pm Jerry Legere & the Situation. EveryFri 5pm Ronnie Hayward. Every Sat 4:30pmBig Rude Jake.Chalkers Pub, Billiards & Bistro247 Marlee Ave. 416-789-2531chalkerspub.comAll weekend events: cover; free(under 16).Every Wed 8pm-midnight Girls Night OutJazz Jam w/ host Lisa Particelli. PWYC. EverySat. 6-9pm Dinner Jazz Series: Feb 2 BernieSenensky Trio. Feb 9 Fern Lindzon Trio. Feb 16Mike Murley Trio. Feb 23 Lorne Lofsky Trio.Cherry Street Restaurant, The275 Cherry St. 416-461-5111 cherryst.caAll shows: 7:30-9:30pm, cover.Feb 7 Terra Hazelton & Her Easy Answers.Feb 14 Alex Pangman & Her Alleycats. Feb21 Sarah Jerrom Quartet. Feb 28 Will FisherQuartet.Classico Pizza & Pasta2457 Bloor St. W. 416-763-1313Every Thu 7pm Nate Renner. No Cover.Communist’s Daughter, The1149 Dundas St. W. 647-435-0103Every Sat 4-7pm Gypsy Jazz w MichaelJohnson & Red Rhythm. PWYC.DeSotos1079 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-651-2109Every Thu 8pm-midnight Open Mic Jazz Jam,hosted by Double A Jazz.Dominion on Queen500 Queen St. E. (full schedule)Every Sat 4-7:30pm Ronnie Hayward.Every Sun 11am-3pm Rockabilly Brunch w/Alistair Christl. Every Tue 8:30pm Hot Clubof Corktown Django Jam w/ host WayneNakamura. PWYC. Every Wed 8pm CorktownUkelele Jam . Feb 1 9pm Havana to TorontoC. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz). Feb 2 4pm Ronnie Hayward; 9pm Moo’dSwing. Feb 3 11-3pm Rockabilly Brunch;3:30pm Nancy Dutra, Kristen Jones & DavidNewland . Feb 5 7:30-10:30pm GoodNeighbours: Open Mic Night. PWYC. Feb 7 7pmWee Folk Club. Feb 8 9pm Feed Your Head .Feb 15 8pm Big City Big Band . Feb 21 7pmWee Folk Club. Feb 23 4pm Ronnie Hayward;9pm Sonic Blues: Jerome Godboo .Dovercourt House805 Dovercourt Rd. (full schedule)Every Sat 9pm-1am Saturday Night Swing:Dance featuring Live Swing Bands and dancelessons. Dance ; with one class, $18with both. Saturday Bands: Feb 2 Isaac Ezer& The Far East Swingtet. Feb 9 Bertie & theGents. Feb 14 Valentine’s Day Blues Dancew/ Mike Daley Blues Band. Feb 16 Up JumpedSwing. Feb 23 TBA.Emmet Ray, The924 College St. (full schedule)All shows: PWYC.Feb 3 9pm Graham Playford. Feb 4 7pm JonFoster Group; 9pm Phill Albert Group. Feb6 9pm Alistair Christl and the Lonely. Feb 79pm John Wayne Swingtet. Feb 11 7pm IanSinclair: A Series of Tubes; 9pm Michael HerringQuartet. Feb 13 9pm Peter Boyd & the MutantDuo. Feb 14 9pm Box Full of Cash. Feb 16 7pmKevin Butler. Feb 18 7pm Norbert Botos Group;9pm Trevor Fall Colective. Feb 20 9pm AlistairChristl and the Lonely. Feb 21 9pm Vokurka’sVicarious Virtuoso Violin. Feb 22 7-9pm CroqueMonsieur Gypsy Jazz. Feb 23 9pm Bryn Robert.Feb 24 9pm Tropical Punch. Feb 25 7pm BryanQu Quartet; 9pm Vaughn Misener Quartet. Feb27 9pm Alistair Christ and the Lonely.Epic Lounge, The1355 St. Clair Ave. W. 647-989-8891Feb 14 7:30pm Claire Riley & The Jazz TonicTrio: Claire Riley (vocals); Boris Trevius (piano);David Thiessen (bass); Augusto Santana(drums). .Flying Beaver Pubaret, The488 Parliament St. (full schedule)Feb 1 7pm Laurence Tan. No Cover. Feb 2 7pmSuzanne Nutall and Evalyn Parry /(adv).Feb 3 7pm Sing Along w/ Kendall Partington.No Cover. Feb 8 7pm Liz Tanzey w/ KevinQuinlan /(adv); 9pm Dudettes: RyanKelly and Dale Miller /(adv). Feb 137:30pm Gavin Crawford’s Bits and Pieces/(adv). Feb 15 7pm Ryan G. Hinds .Feb 15 9pm All Strung Up. Feb 16 9pm JanetWhiteway & Elana Harte. Feb 20 7:30pmMandy Lagan. Feb 21, 22, 23, 24 7pm DinaMartina: Ample Wattage /(adv). Feb 287:30pm Vexed: Julie Michels, Terra Hazelton,Sophia Perlman /(adv).Gate 403403 Roncesvalles Ave. All shows: PWYC unless otherwisenoted.Feb 1 5pm Roberta Hunt; 9pm Jason Raso. Feb2 Bill Heffernan & Friends; 9pm Donné Roberts.Feb 3 5pm Maxine Willan; 9pm Carol Oya. Feb4 5pm Yuko Hase; 9pm Richard Whiteman. Feb5 5pm Bruce Chapman; 9pm Julian Fauth. Feb6 5pm Aimie Page; 9pm Danny B & Brian Gauci.46 February 1 – March 7, 2013

Feb 7 5pm Sarah Calbert; 9pm Mélanie Brûlée.Feb 8 5pm Felix Wong; 9pm John Deehan w/Zoe Chilco. Feb 9 5pm Bill Heffernan & Friends;9pm Mr. Rick’s Tin Pan Jazz Band. Feb 10 5pmWhitney Ross Barris; 9pm Jordana Talsky. Feb11 5pm Denis Schingh; 9pm Richard Whiteman.Feb 12 5pm Bartosz Hadala; 9pm Julian Fauth.Feb 13 5pm Lowell Whitty; 9pm String TheoryCollective. Feb 14 5pm Alex Samaras; 9pmKevin Laliberté. Feb 15 5pm Elizabeth Martins;9pm Fraser Melvin Blues Band. Feb 16 5pm BillHeffernan & His Friends; 9pm Patrick Tevlin’sNew Orleans Rhythm. Feb 17 5pm PatrickO’Reilly; 9pm Zimzum. Feb 18 5pm Tom McGill;9pm Richard Whiteman. Feb 19 5pm Darryl Orr;9pm Julian Fauth. Feb 20 5pm Ventana 5; 9pmMichelle Rumball & Kevin Quain. Feb 21 5pmMiss Caroline M~R; 9pm Denielle Bassels. Feb22 5pm Donna Greenberg; 9pm Sweet Derrick.Feb 23 5pm Bill Heffernan & Friends; 9pm SixPoints Jazz Orchestra. Feb 24 5pm Jeff Taylorand the SLT; 9pm Oolong 7. Feb 25 5pm LeighGraham; 9pm Richard Whiteman. Feb 26 5pmAndy Malette Piano Solo; 9pm Julian Fauth.Feb 27 5pm Doughwan Moon; 9pm AimeeButcher. Feb 28 5pm G Street; 9pm AnnieBonsignore & Dunstan Morey.Gladstone Hotel1214 Queen St. W. (full schedule)Every First Thu 9-11:30pm Toronto BluesSociety’s Blues Series. Free.Grossman’s Tavern379 Spadina Ave. (full schedule)All shows: No Cover/PWYC.Feb 1 Sandi Marie; Combo Royale. Feb 2 TheHappy Pals. Feb 5 Miz Debbie & the Don ValleyStompers. Feb 6 Bruce Domoney. Feb 8 RedHot Ramble. Feb 9 The Happy Pals; ChloeWatkinson and the Crossroad. Feb 10 SilverLeafs Jazz Band; New Orleans ConnectionAll-Stars. Feb 12 Chloe Watkinson and theCrossroad. Feb 13 Bruce Domoney. Feb 15Don River Blues Band. Feb 16 The Happy Pals;Blue Nash. Feb 20 Bruce Domoney. Feb 22Frankie Foo. Feb 23 The Happy Pals; CautionJam. Feb 24 New Orleans Connection All-Stars;The Nationals. Feb 27 Bruce Domoney.Harlem Restaurant67 Richmond St. E. (full schedule)All shows: No Cover/PWYC.Harlem Underground Restaurant/Bar745 Queen St. W. Mon Daniel Gagnon. Every Tue JohnCampbell. Every Thu Carl Bray Trio. Every FriJake Wilkinson. Every Sat Carl Bray.Hirut Restaurant2050 Danforth Ave. 416-551-7560Every Wed 8pm Open Mic with Gary 17.Every Sun 2:30pm Open Jam.Home Smith Bar – See Old Mill, TheHugh’s Room2261 Dundas St. W. (full schedule)All shows: 8:30pm (unless otherwise noted).Feb 1 Garnet Rogers .50/(adv). Feb 2Fathead .50/(adv). Feb 3 13th AnnualBanjo Special .50/(adv). Feb 5 JaneHarbury’s Discoveries /(adv). Feb 6The 24th Street Wailers $18.50/(adv).Feb 8 A Tribute to the Queen of Blues,Etta James /(adv). Feb 9 JackieRichardson & Micah Barnes: A Jazz Valentine/(adv). Feb 13 Valentine’s with theSinger’s Jazz Series. Feb 14 Valentine’s w/the Good Brothers /.50(adv). Feb15 Alfie Zappacosta /(adv). Feb 16Anthony Gomes .50/(adv). Feb 17Teresa Doyle & Jaron Freeman-Fox CD Release/$18(adv). Feb 20, 21, 22, 23 Folk Alliance.50/(adv). Feb 24 2pm: Ken Whiteley’sSunday Gospel Matinee .50/(adv). Feb28 Helmut Lipsky /(adv).Inter Steer357 Roncesvalles Ave. 416-588-8054All shows: No Cover/PWYCEvery Wed 8-11pm Fraser Daley. Every Thu8-11pm Ronnie Hayward Trio. Feb 2, 16 4-7pmLaura Hubert.Jazz Room, TheLocated in the Huether Hotel, 59 King St. N.,Waterloo. (full schedule)All shows: 8:30pm; attendees must be 19+Feb 1 Shafton Thomas Group . Feb 2Steve McDade Quartet $18. Feb 8 Barb FultonQuintet . Feb 9 Jamie Reynolds Trio .Feb 15 Paul Mitchel Quintet . Feb 16 RobGellner . Feb 22 Derek Hines . Feb 23Geoff Young Quartet $18.Joe Mama’s317 King St. W. 416-340-6469Live music every night; All shows: No Cover.Every Sun 6-10pm Organic Quartet. EveryMon 7:30-11:30pm Soul Mondays. EveryTue 7-11pm Blue Angels. Every Wed 8pm-12am Blackburn. Every Thu 8:30pm-12:30amBlackburn. Every Fri 10pm-2am The Grind.Every Sat 10pm-2am Shugga.Lula Lounge1585 Dundas St. W. (full schedule)Feb 1 8pm Jay Danley: Ethio-Jazz Project .Feb 8 Quique Escamilla Trio . Feb 10 7pmTD Jazz Special Project: Jaron Freeman-Fox& the Opposite of Everything ; (st).Feb 15 8pm Valentine’s Weekend w/ YiselleSanchez . Feb 19 8pm Jump Babylon andJaffa Road $TBA. Feb 21 8pm Locarno w/Café Con Pan $TBA. Feb 27 8pm Simja Dujov/(adv). Feb 28 8pm The Brothas .Mascot, The1267 Queen St. E. 416-533-2888All shows 2-5pm, PWYC (- suggested)Feb 3 Annabelle Chvostek & Culture Reject.Feb 10 Nancy Dutra & Sienna Dahlen. Feb 17Carlie Howell and the Deharms.Mezzetta Restaurant681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687mezzettarestaurant.comEvery Wed Sets at 9pm and 10:15pm. JazzSeries. Cover -.Monarchs PubAt the Delta Chelsea Hotel33 Gerrard St. W. 416-585-4352monarchspub.caEvery Wed Live Jazz. Every Thu Live Blues.Feb 15-17 Winterfolk XI Blues & RootsFestival. All-ages urban, roots and blues festival,featuring over 200 artists includes workshops;visit for details.Nawlins Jazz Bar & Dining299 King St. W. 416-595-1958nawlins.caEvery Tue Stacie McGregor; Every Wed JimHeineman Trio. Every Thu Blues Night w GuestVocalists. Every Fri/Sat All Star Bourbon St.Band; Every Sun Brooke Blackburn.Nice Bistro, The117 Brock St. N., Whitby. 905-668-8839nicebistro.comFeb 13 Barry Sears .99 (includes dinner).Old Mill, The21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641oldmilltoronto.comThe Home Smith Bar: No Reservations. NoCover. food/drink minimum. All shows:7:30-10:30pm. Every Thu Thursday NightJazz Party. Every Fri Something to Sing AboutSeries. Every Sat Jazz Masters Series. Feb 1Yvette Tollar Trio. Feb 2 Barry Elmes Quartet.Feb 7 Jazz Party w/ host Richard Underhilland guest Heather Bambrick. Feb 8 MelissaLauren Trio. Feb 9 Steve Koven Trio. Feb 14Valentine’s Jazz Party w/ hosts Sophia Perlmanand Adrean Farrugia and guest Kevin Turcotte.Feb 15 Lara Solnicki Trio. Feb 16 Sean Bray’sPeach Trio. Feb 21 Jazz Party w/ host LuisMario Ochoa and guest Luis Orbegoso. Feb22 Sam Broverman Trio. Feb 23 Alexis BaroQuartet. Feb 28 Jazz Party w/ host Ori Daganand guest Marie Goudy.Pantages Martini Bar & Lounge200 Victoria St. 416-362-1777Every Fri, Every Sat 9:30pm-12:30am SoloPiano. No Cover/PWYC.Paintbox Bistro555 Dundas St. E. 647-748-0555Feb 1 8pm Heillig Manoeuvre CD Launch .Feb 15 9:30pm Elizabeth Shepherd or(dinner and show).Pauper’s Pub539 Bloor St. W. 416-530-1331Feb 10 4:30pm Afternoon Jazz w/ The Singer’sJazz Series: Michele Mele (vocals); ReinerW. Schwarz (spoken word); Norman Amadio(piano); Duncan Hopkins (bass); Cam Jobson(drums). /(adv).Pilot Tavern, The22 Cumberland Ave. All shows: No CoverSaturday Jazz 3:30-6:30pmFeb 2 Pat LaBarbera Quartet. Feb 9 ShuffleDemons. Feb 16 Norman Marshall Villeneuve’sJazz Message. Feb 23 Sugar Daddies.Reposado Bar & Lounge136 Ossington Ave. All shows: PWYC.Every Wed 9:30pm Spy vs Sly vs Spy. EveryThu, Fri 10pm The Reposadists Quartet.Reservoir Lounge, The52 Wellington St. E. (full schedule).Every Tue 7-9pm Apres Work Series; 9:45pmTyler Yarema and his Rhythm. Every Wed7-9pm Apres Work Series; 9:45pm Big RudeJake. Every Thu 7-9pm Apres Work Series(Alex Pangman, first Thursday of every month);9:45pm Sophia Perlman. Every Fri 9:45pm DeeDee and the Dirty Martinis. Every Sat 9:45pmTyler Yarema and his Rhythm.Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, The194 Queen St. W. (call for cover charge info)Feb 1 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pmSara Dell; 9:45pm Vaughan Misener Quartet.Feb 2 12pm Danny Marks & Friends;3:30pm Michael Blake; 7pm Lester McLean;9:45pm Duncan Hopkins Quintet. Feb 312pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz; 3:30pm ClubDjango; 7pm Harley Card Trio; 9:30pm Our OldSchool. Feb 4 6:30pm U of T Student JazzEnsembles; 9:30pm Humber College StudentJazz Ensembles. Feb 5 6:30pm Mikko HildenQuartet; 9:30pm Christian Overton. Feb 66:30pm Worst Pop Band Ever; 9:30pm AimeeButcher. Feb 7 6:30pm Ross Wooldridge Trio;9:30pm The Heavyweights Brass Band. Feb8 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm SaraDell; 9:45pm Jamie Reynolds Trio. Feb 912pm Danny Marks & Friends; 3:30pm ChrisHunt Tentet + 2; 7pm Lester McLean Trio;9:45pm Humber Faculty Ensemble. Feb 1012pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz; 3:30pm RedHot Ramble; 7pm Harley Card Trio; 9:30pmOne Big Song: CD Release. Feb 11 6:30pm Uof T Student Jazz Ensembles; 9:30pm HumberCollege Students Jazz Ensembles. Feb 126:30pm Mikko Hilden Quartet; 9:30pm DaveYoung. Feb 13 6:30pm Worst Pop Band Ever;9:30pm Morgan Childs. Feb 14 6:30pm RossWooldridge Trio; 9:30pm Shafton ThomasQuartet. Feb 15 4pm Hogtown Syncopators;6:30pm Sara Dell; 9:45pm Tribute to Lee Konitzand Wayne Marsh. Feb 16 12pm Danny Marks& Friends; 3:30pm Swing Shift Big Band; 7pmMississauga Big Band; 9:45pm Frank Botos’Hungarian Project. Feb 17 12pm ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz; 3:30pm Dr. Nick Blues; 7pmHarley Card Trio; 9:30pm Pram Trio. Feb18 6:30pm U of T Student Jazz Ensembles;9:30pm John Cheesman Jazz Orchestra. Feb19 6:30pm Mikko Hilden Quartet; 9:45pmJeremy Pelt Electric Band. Feb 20 6:30pmWorst Pop Band Ever; 9:45pm Jeremy PeltElectric Band. Feb 21 6:30pm Ross WooldridgeTrio; 9:45pm Mark Eisenman Quintet. Feb 224pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm Sara Dell;9:45pm Mark Eisenman Quintet. Feb 23 12pmDanny Marks & Friends; 3:30pm Laura Hubert;7pm Lester McLean Trio; 9:45pm HowardMoore & the Vipers; 12:30am Rich Brown’sRinse the Algorithm. Feb 24 12pm ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz; 3:30pm Freeway Dixieland;7pm Harley Card Trio; 9:30pm David French’sBloomsday. Feb 25 6:30pm U of T StudentJazz Ensembles; 9:45pm John MacLeod’s RexHotel Orchestra. Feb 26 6:30pm Mikko HildenQuartet; 9:45pm Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet.Feb 27 6:30pm Worst Pop Band Ever; 9:45pmJason Marsalis Vibes Quartet. Feb 28 6:30pmRoss Wooldridge Trio; 9:30pm Tribute to ClareFischer & Cal Tjader.Seven44(Formerly Chick n’ Deli/The People’s Chicken)744 Mount Pleasant Rd. All shows: No Cover.Every Sat 4-7pm Climax Jazz Band. EveryMon Big Band Night.Statlers Lounge487 Church St. 416-922-0487All Shows: No Cover/PWYCEvery Mon 9:30pm-1am SINGular Sensation:Musical Theatre Open Mic w/ Jennifer Walls,Donovan LeNabat & Jamie Bird. Every Tue10pm Top Star Tuesday: Talent Night. EveryWed 6-10pm Kendall Partington. Every ThuFebruary 1 – March 7, 2013 47

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