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Volume 18 Issue 8 - May 2013

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Includes the 2013 Canary Pages choral directory.

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point. Thank you Adam and Karen for making it happen.Granted, it’s not all the choirs out there, by any means, but it’s agreat base to build from, from which the joy of singing along can rootand flower.As for the “spring is sprung, grass is riz” part of the rhyme, sad to say,these days it’s the spring that’s harder to spot than the birdies, whatwith climate change goosing the year from ice to full-blown summerin what seems to be only a matter of weeks. You can tell by the waythe so-called summer festivals edge their start dates back towards earlyJune every chance they get. Used to be we could publish a May issuewithout the word summer being spoken in it. Now June seems to beimitating sisters July and August every chance it gets.Where am I going with all this? Tiptoeing towards a major announcement— namely that this year we’ve decided to bow to the inevitableand accept that June is a full-blown part of the summer, and that thebest way for us to serve our readers is to bring out a combined June/July/August issue that we can put in your hands well in time to plan.Just think! No more having to cross refer two issues of the magazinefor information on one festival or summer series.Much more about this in the coming weeks. But for now all our bestfor sweet music and no rough winds to shake the darlin’ buds of Mayin this all too short of seasons.—David Perlman, May 1 – June 7, 2013 | 7

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