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Volume 18 Issue 9 - June/July/August 2013

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Castlereagh StreetRVE

Castlereagh StreetRVE – Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery, 1366York Road, St. DavidsSMC – St. Mark’s Church, 41 Byron StreetSPB – Simcoe Park Bandshell, King Street atPicton StreetSV – Stonechurch Vineyards, 1242 Irvine RoadTWH – Trius Winery at Hillebrand, 1249 NiagaraStone Road●●July 12, 7:30: Opening Gala: Anúna. FeaturingIreland’s National Choir. SMC. .●●July 13, 7:30: Stewart Goodyear, piano.Works by Beethoven. With CamerAtis Ensemble.SMC. .●●July 14, 12:00: Music of 1812. JurateBundzaite, organ; Atis Bankas, violin. SMC.; 2:00: Sunday in the Park. Lincoln WellandRegiment Association Band. SPB. Free;7:30: The Horse Flies. Alternative folk/rockmusic. RVE. .●●July 15, 2:00: New Zealand String Quartet.SMC. ; 7:30: The Great Debate: Wagnervs. The World. See listings section D, “TheETCeteras,” under Lectures & Symposia.●●July 18, 2:00: Music of 1812. Paul Kim, MinJung Kim and Atis Bankas, violin. NHS. ;7:30: André Laplante, piano. SMC. .●●July 19, 7:30: Jay Leonhart, bass. Jazz andpopular music. With John Sherwood, piano;Terry Clarke, drums. SV. .●●July 20, 11:30am: Music & Wine. Musicof the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and earlyBaroque. Toronto Consort. TWH. ; 7:30:Gryphon Trio. SMC. ; 9:30: Jazz on thePatio. John Sherwood Trio. EB. .●●July 21, 12:00: Music for Families. A concertfor young people and their parents/grandparents.Ted Staunton, writer/musician/storyteller. SMC. ; 2:00: Sunday in thePark. Araz Dance Company. SPB. Free; 7:30:Vienna Piano Trio. SMC. .●●July 22, 7:30: Elora Festival Singers. SMC..●●July 24, 2:00: Music of 1812. Paul Kim andMin Jung Kim, violin. NHS. .●●July 26, 7:30: New Country Rehab. Alternativecountry music. SV. .●●July 27, 11:30am: Young Virtuosos. DaisyRho and Alex Volkov, violin; Anson Hui, piano.SMC. ; 7:30: Robert Silverman, piano.Works by Brahms. With Atis Bankas, violin.SMC. ; 9:30: Jazz on the Patio. Ben HognestadTrio. EB. .●●July 28, 12:00: Music for Families. Saint-Saëns: Carnival of the Animals. PeterTeifenbach, narrator; Robert Kortgaard,piano. SMC. ; 2:00: Sunday in the Park.Karakoro Dance and Drums of Japan. SPB.Free. 7:30: 2 Pianos – 8 Hands. Anagnoson& Kinton, piano duo; Lithuanian Piano Duo.SMC. .●●July 29, 7:30: Brent Carver in Concert. Anevening of eclectic cabaret. SMC. .●●August 2, 4:30: Stéphane Tétreault, cello.Works by Brahms, Haydn and Tchaikovsky.SMC. ; 7:30: The Sunparlour Players.Alternative folk/rock music. SV. .●●August 3, 11:30am: Young Virtuosos. EmmaMeinrenken, violin; Marko Pejanovic, piano.SMC. ; 7:30: Kristin Hoff, mezzo, andLithuanian Piano Duo. SMC. ; 9:30: Jazzon the Patio. Mike Field Quintet. EP. .●●August 4, 2:00: Sunday in the Park: OftenRunning. Bluegrass and country music. SPB.Free; 8:00: Quartetto Gelato. Classical showpieceswith a sense of humour. Guest: BryceSummer FestivalsKulak, vocals/actor/piano. JTN. .●●August 5, 4:30: New Orford String Quartet.SMC. : 7:30: Ravel, Debussy and theJudgement of Paris. Cabaret with Tom Allenand friends. SMC. .●●August 8, 7:30: Michael Occhipinti and theSicilian Project. Mix of folk, jazz, world music,funk, blues and chamber music. RVE. .●●August 9, 7:30: Dick Hyman. Jazz pianomusic. SMC. .●●August 10, 11:30: Music & Wine: Baroquefavourites. CamerAtis Ensemble. RVE. ;7:30: Season Finale: Double Bill. Works byMozart and Schumann; Fiddle tunes, pipemusic and popular tunes. CamerAtis Ensemble;Misguided Band; Colin Maier. oboe; NaidaCole, piano. SMC. ; 9:30: Jazz on the Patio.Larry Bond Trio. EB. .●●August 11, 2:00: Sunday in the Park. NiagaraFalls Concert Band. SPB. Free.Musique RoyaleJune 9 to September 7Venues throughout Nova Scotia902-634-9994musiqueroyale.comSee Musique Royale website for completelistings.●●July 4, 7:30: Anúna: Ireland’s National Choir.St. John’s Anglican Church, 81 CumberlandSt., Lunenburg, NS. /(adv); (st).New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA)June 10 to August 31Toronto, ON416-652-5115naisa.caNAISA, located at Toronto’s ArtscapeWychwood Barns, Studio #252, presentsinstallations, concerts, workshops, a symposiumand an “intensive” during the summer,from June 10 to August 31. NAISA concertlistings appear in this issue’s daily listingsSection A, Concerts in the GTA, on the followingdates: July 20, 27; Aug 3, 14, 15, 16, 17,24. See applicable sub-sections in Section D,“The ETCeteras,” for details on NAISA’s YouthSound Art Camp Workshop (July 15 – 19),Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium (Aug 15– 17), Sound Travels Intensive (Aug 20 – 24),and installations and sound sculptures.Newmarket jazz+ FestivalAugust 2 to August 4Newmarket, ON905 841 6893artsmusicfestivals.comAll concerts at Riverwalk Commons, 200Doug Duncan Drive, Newmarket.Day passes: ; free(under 12).●●August 2, 6:00: Gates Open Music:Caribana North Theme; 6:30: Pan Future- Steel Pans; 7:30: Bob Rice Latin Jazz andDance Group; 8:30: Sounds Caribbean. BryanHuntley; 10:00: Live Music on Main Street.Featuring Newmarket bands TBA.●●August 3, 3:00: Aaron Morris: ManateeBand; 4:00: Chris Hau; 5:00: Non-AffiliatedBig Band; 6:00: Julian Troiano; 6:30: JuiceBand; 7:30: Stacey Kaniuk Band; 8:30: JustinHines; 9:30: George St. Kitts Band; 11:00: VisitMain Street.●●August 4, 12:30: Peace in the Park: a timefor prayer and meditation. Tracey Cox andDavid Rankin – Blessing Festival. 1:00: AfterHours Big Band; 2:00: Six Ways to Sunday;3:00: Glenn Marrais; 4:00: Rob Tardik; 5:00:Rich and the Poor Boys; 6:00: Lorne Lofsky;7:00: Jackie Richardson; 8:00: Neil Chapman;9:30: George Olliver.Ottawa ChamberfestJuly 25 to August 8Ottawa, ON613-234-6306ottawachamberfest.comSee Chamberfest website for Festival Passoptions.Siskind Snapshots (12 in total) at 5:45pm:emerging and established artists offer free,45-minute “snapshot” performances to ticketholders of the Siskind Concerts at 7:00pm.BM – ByWard Market, 55 ByWard MarketSquareBW – Beechwood, The Sacred Space, 280Beechwood AvenueDC – Dominion-Chalmers United Church, 355Cooper StreetNAC – National Arts Centre of Canada, 53Elgin StreetNGC – National Gallery of Canada, 380 SussexDriveOCH – Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier AvenueWestSB – St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, 310 St.Patrick StreetTH – Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa, 550Cumberland Street●●July 25, 7:00: First Night Fiesta. SwingleSingers 50th Anniversary performance. DC.; 10:00: Montréal Guitare Trio. Jazz andworld music program. SB. .●●July 26, 12:00: Anton Kuerti, piano, withKolja Lessing, violin. Mendelssohn: Sonata forpiano and violin in f Op.4; Czerny: Sonata Concertantein E-flat; Kuerti: Solo Violin Partita.DC. ; 3:00: NACO Wind Quintet. With StéphaneLemelin, piano. NGC. ; 3:00: Bringthe Kids! Around the World in 18 Strings. Aguitar tour of the world. Montréal GuitareTrio. DC. Free; 7:00: G3@20: Celebrating 20years of sterling music making. Gershwin:Porgy and Bess suite; Poulenc songs. MeashaBrueggergosman, soprano; Gryphon Trio;Tokyo String Quartet. DC. -; 10:00:What Makes it Great? I Got Rhythm: TheSongs of George Gershwin. Melanie Conly,soprano; Bud Roach, tenor; Rob Kapilow,host. SB. .●●July 27, 12:00: Lute Legends Ensemble. LukeHarris, lute; Wendy Zhao, pipa; Bassam Bishara,oud. DC. ; 1:00: Alfresco Concerts1. Montréal Guitare Trio. NGC. Free; 3:00:Alfresco Concerts 2. Luis Mario Ochoa CubanQuintet. NGC. Free; 3:00: Martin Beaver andPedja Muzijevic in Concert. Three centuriesof violin sonatas. NGC. . 5:45: SiskindSnapshots. Anita Pari, piano/cello/composer.DC; 7:00: Siskind Concert: Marc-André Hamelin.Alkan: Love Me from Three Pieces in thePathetic Style; Haydn: Sonata in c. DC. -; 9:30: Luis Mario Ochoa Cuban Quintet.Luis Marion Ochoa, vocals and guitar; HilarioDurán, piano. SB. (ticket includes VanDjango concert at 10:30); 10:30: Van Django.Gypsy Jazz of the 1930s Hot Club de Paris. SB.Included with Luis Mario Ochoa Cuban Quintetticket at 9:30.●●July 28, 11:00am: National Treasure Spotlight.Eleanor James, mezzo; Judy Loman,Jennifer Swartz, Lori Gemell, Julie Seager-Scott and Sharlene Wallace, harp. BW. ;1:00: Alfresco Concerts 3. Gypsy Jazz. CameronWilson, violin; Van Django. NGC. Free;2:00: Rising Stars of Chamberfest. A showcaseof promising young musicians. SB.; 3:00: Alfresco Concerts 4. Jazz. JohnGeggie, bass; Christine Fagan, vocals; MarkFerguson, piano; Mike Tremblay, saxophone.NGC. Free; 3:00: Beyond the Labyrinth: InSearch of John Dowland. Les Voix Baroquescelebrates the 450th year of Dowland’s birth.DC. ; 5:45: Siskind Snapshots. JamesCampbell, clarinet; Martin Roscoe, piano.DC; 7:00: Siskind Concert: Sounds from theSound. Musicians from the 2013 Festival ofthe Sound in Parry Sound. DC. ; 9:30:Dowland in Dublin. Michael Slattery, tenor; LaNef (early music ensemble). SB. ; 10:30:Strungout51. Muhly: Clear Music for cello,harp, celeste and electroacoustics; Maxwell:Serere; Sekhon: Drifting Seeds. Ariel Barnes,cello; Heidi Krutzen, harp. SB. .●●July 29, 10:00am: Chamber Chat. Britten:Suite for solo cello No.1 Op.72. Ariel Barnes,cello. DC. Free; 11:00am, 1:30 and 3:30: TheMusic of Art: Ave Maria. Rob Kapilow pairsarrangements of Ave Maria with paintingsthroughout history. Ottawa Bach Choir;Lisette Canton, conductor. NGC. $TBA; 12:00:The Seasons. Cage: The Seasons; Chopin:Preludes Op.28. Pedja Muzijevic, piano. DC.; 3:00: New Zealand String Quartet.Brahms: String Quartet Op.51 No.1 in c andNo.2 in a. NGC. ; 5:45: Siskind Snapshots.Timothy Chooi, violin; Pavel Kolesnikov, piano.DC; 7:00: Siskind Concert: Generation Next.Timothy Chooi, violin; Iryna Krechkovsky,violin; Ariel Barnes, cello; Pavel Kolesnikov,piano; Zodiac Trio. DC. ; 10:00: Silencio:Journey into Silence. Improvisation, atonalityand extended techniques. Sanctuary (JeffReilly, bass clarinet; Christoph Both, cello;Peter Togni, organ). SB. .●●July 30, 10:00am: Chamber Chat. Britten:Suite for harp in C Op. 83. Heidi Krutzen.DC.Free; 12:00: Tiberius Quartet with JamesParker. Haydn: String Quartet No.26 in gOp.20 No.3; Schumann: Piano Quintet in E-flatOp.44. DC. ; 3:00: Bring the Kids! SayIt in Sound. An interactive, family-friendly74 | June 7 – September 7, 2013

classical music experience. DC. Free; ZodiacTrio. Bacri: A Smiling Suite (Canadian premiere);and works by Bartók, Ustvolskayaand Piazzolla. NGC. ; 5:45: Siskind Snapshots.Mendelssohn: Piano Trio No.1 in d,Op.49. ConSTANZE trio. DC; 7:00: SiskindConcert: Miró Quartet with Wallis Giunta. Anevening of strings and song. DC. ; 10:00:Jazz Night. Phil Dwyer, sax and piano, andDon Thompson, bass and piano, reunite atChamberfringe. SB. .●●July 31, 10:00am: Chamber Chat. With AnnMonoyios and Bruce Dickey. See listings sectionD, “The ETCeteras,” under Lectures &Symposia; 12:00: Don’t Excite the Recollection.Lizotte: Close for Couloir (premiere).Ariel Barnes, cello; Heidi Krutzen, harp.DC. ; 3:00: What Makes it Great? Vivaldi’sFour Seasons. Rob Kapilow exploresthe background, structure, and scene-paintingelements of the music, then conducts aperformance of the “Spring” and “Summer’concerti. Timothy Chooi violin; Iryna Krechkovskyviolin; National Youth Orchestra ofCanada. NGC. ; 5:45: Siskind Snapshots.Suzie Leblanc, soprano; Julius Drake, piano.DC; 7:00: Siskind Concert: The MonteverdiVespers. Les Voix Baroques; La Rose desVents. DC. -; 10:00: The Judgementof Paris. A journey through history, music,betrayal, and war. SB. .●●August 1, 10:00am: Chamber Chat. Withmusicologist Harry Halbreich. See listingssection D, “The ETCeteras,” under Lectures &Symposia; 12:00: The Awakened Rose. Frenchmelodies and Strauss lieder. Suzie Leblanc,soprano; Julius Drake, piano. DC. ; 12:00:Chamberfest at City Hall. Improvised sound.Element Choir, Christine Duncan, conductor;Scott Thomson, composer. OCH. Free; 3:00:Leipzig String Quartet. Mozart: String QuartetNo.20 in D K499; Mendelssohn: StringQuartet No.3 in D Op.44 No.1. NGC. ; 5:45:Siskind Snapshots. Select chamber groupsfrom NYOC with conductor Stephen Sitarski.NAC; 7:00: Siskind Concert: National YouthOrchestra of Canada. Mahler: SymphonyNo.9 in D. NAC. ; Trio Solisti: Beethoven:14 Variations on an Original Theme in E-flat;and works by Chausson and Dvořák. NGC.; 10:00: Sarah Slean and String Quartet.Suhashini Arulanandam and Karen Graves,violin; Jennifer Thiessen, viola; Alex Grant,cello. SB. .●●August 2, 10:00am: Chamber Chat. Withmusicologist Harry Halbreich. See listingssection D, “The ETCeteras,” under Lectures& Symposia; 12:00: Christine Duncan andThe Element Choir Project. Exploring improvisedsound. Jim Lewis, trumpet; Jean Martin,drums. DC. ; 3:00: Bring the Kids! StoryTime with Gryphon Trio: Narrated by AnnMonoyios. Classic children’s stories by MargaretWise Brown presented with music andprojections. DC. Free; Leipzig String Quartet.Beethoven: late works. NGC. ; 5:45: SiskindSnapshots. Raphael Wallfisch talks abouthis life and career, and performs a Bach solocello suite. DC; 7:00: Siskind Concert: Quartangowith Marie-Josée Lord. An evening ofGrand Opera and tango. DC. ; 10:00: HenriqueCazes with Sambacana. Musica PopularBrasileira and Brazilian Jazz. SB. .●●August 3, 10:00am: Chamber Chat. Vivier:Cinq Chansons pour percussion. David Kentand David Schotzko, percussion. DC. Free;12:00: Chamberfest in the Market. LemonBucket Orkestra. BM. Free; 12:00: BalineseEchoes. Annalee Patipatanakoon, violin; DavidKent, David Schotzko and Mark Duggan, percussion;James Parker, piano. DC. ; 3:00:Yegor Dyachkov and Jean Saulnier. Modernistand contemporary works for cello andpiano. NGC. ; 5:45: Siskind Snapshots.Canadian ballerina Evelyn Hart joins Duo Concertanteto perform a new work by VincentHo. DC; 7:00: Siskind Concert: Pacifica Quartetwith Raphael Wallfisch. Schubert: Quintetin C, D956; and other works. DC. ; 9:30:Room of Wonders. Music inspired by folkdances from around the world. Jayme Stone,banjo (performing from new album). SB.(ticket includes Lemon Bucket Orkestraconcert at 10:30); 10:30: Lemon Bucket OrkestraReturns! Gypsy-klezmer-punk for. SB.Included with Jayme Stone ticket at 9:30.●●August 4, 11:00am: Source and Inspirationwith Duo Concertante. Bach: Sonatas Nos.1, 3, 4. Nancy Dahn, violin; Timothy Steves,piano. BW. . 3:00: Quotes and Reflections.Ives: Trio S86, K2B17; Oesterle: Centennials;Zorn: Cat O’ Nine Tails; Murphy: Blues andthe Principles of Excitation. Gryphon Trio;Ceclia String Quartet; Afiara String Quartet;and other guests. NGC. ; 5:45: SiskindSnapshots: Weinzweig @ 100. Life andaccomplishments of Canadian composerJohn Weinzweig. Maghan McPhee soprano;Lori Gemmell harp; Frédéric Lacroix, piano;James Wright, host. DC; 7:00: Siskind Concert:What Makes it Great? Mendelssohn’sOctet. Mendelssohn: Octet in E-flat Op.20.Afiara String Quartet; Cecilia String Quartet;Rob Kapilow, host. DC ; 9:30: ItinerantGardens. Constantinople; guest: Ablaye Cissoko,kora and griot (storyteller/vocalist)from Senegal. SB. ; 10:30: Saskpowerwith Warhol Dervish. Experimental chamberensemble Warhol Dervish joins Nicole Lizée’sSaskpower. SB. .●●August 5, 10:00am: Chamber Chat. Withmusicologist Harry Halbreich. See listingssection D, “The ETCeteras,” under Lectures &Symposia; 12:00: New Music Now I. MegumiMasaki performs Music 4 Eyes and Ears II, afour-part piano recital and multimedia performance.NGC. (ticket includes NewMusic Now I, II, III). 1:30: New Music NowII. Lutoslawski: Partita; Ohana: Sacral D’Ilx.Gryphon Trio; guests: Donnie Deacon, violin;Frédéric Lacroix, piano. NGC; 3:00: NewMusic Now III. Sokolović: Portrait parlé.Ensemble Transmission. NGC; 5:45: SiskindSnapshots. Xenakis: Testra. JACK Quartet;David Schotzko, percussion; Harry Halbreich,host. DC; 7:00: Siskind Concert: New YorkPolyphony. All-male vocal ensemble performsmusic ranging from medieval to cuttingedge.DC. ; 10:00: “In the Dark” by GeorgFredrich Haas. Haas: String Quartet No.3(performed in total darkness). JACK Quartet.SB. .●●August 6, 10:00am: Chamber Chat. Withmusicologist Harry Halbreich. See listingssection D, “The ETCeteras,” under Lectures& Symposia; 12:00: New Music Now IV. JACKQuartet juxtaposes its own arrangements ofmedieval music with contemporary worksby Zorn and Lachenmann. NGC. (ticketincludes New Music Now IV, V, VI); 1:30: NewMusic Now V. Featuring contemporary choralworks by Whittall, Kurtág and Berio. NGC;3:00: New Music Now VI. Featuring works forstrings, clarinet and percussion by Xenakis.NGC; 5:45: Siskind Snapshots. Improvisedworks by avant-garde multi-instrumentalistLori Freedman. DC; 7:00: Siskind Concert:Ehnes and Armstrong. Works by Beethoven,Prokofiev and Ravel. James Ehnes, violin;Andrew Armstrong, piano. DC. -;10:00: Villains and Vixens. Featuring charactersfrom classical art song, Broadway,cabaret, and grand opera. Peter McGillivray,baritone; Krisztina Szabó, mezzo; Peter Tiefenbach,piano. SB. .●●August 7, 10:00am: Chamber Chat. Withmusicologist Harry Halbreich. See listingssection D, “The ETCeteras,” under Lectures& Symposia; 12:00: Elora Festival Singers.Works by Whitacre, Britten, Lukaszewskiand Praulins. DC. ; 3:00: Bring the Kids!Mozart: Child Genius. A selection of the childMozart’s most delightful music. Cecilia StringQuartet; Karin Nagano, piano. DC. Free; TheMusic of Art: The Music of Monet; the Art ofDebussy. A unique program of art and musichosted by Rob Kapilow. DC. ; 5:45: SiskindSnapshots. Mozart: Piano Concerto No.13in C. Cecilia String Quartet; Karin Nagano,piano. DC; 7:00: Siskind Concert: GabrielaMontero. Works by Brahms and Schumann;second half devoted to improvisations basedon melodies suggested by audience. GabrielaMontero, piano; Eric Friesen, host. DC. ;10:00: Florquestra. Featuring sambas, bossanovas, and Brazilian harmony. Regina GomesTeixeira, vocals and percussion; Leonard Constant.Guitar and vocals. SB. .●●August 8, 12:00: Pallade Musica. Periodinstrument ensemble performs music forviolin and cello. DC. ; 3:00: Cheng Duo.Beethoven: Sonata for cello and piano No.3in A, Op.69; Louie: Pond Mirrors Bright Sky;Wild Horse Running; Brahms: Sonata for celloand piano No.2 in F, Op.99. Bryan Cheng, cello;Silvie Cheng, piano. NGC. ; 7:00: Trumpetsof the Angels. E. Gregson. Hannaford StreetSilver Band. DC. .Plein Air Salon Garden ConcertsJuly 3 to August 28Toronto, ON416-487-0705artistsgardencoop.comConcert listings for the Artists’ GardenCooperative’s Plein Air Salon Garden Concertsappear in this issue’s daily listingsSection A, Concerts in the GTA, on the followingdates: July 3, 6, 10, 17, 18, 24, 31; Aug 7, 14,15, 21, 28.Prince Edward County Jazz FestivalAugust 13 to August 18Picton, ON613-476-8416 x28 or 1-877-411-4761pecjazz.orgRT– Regent Theatre, 224 Main StreetB&C – Books & Co., 289 Main StreetHEW – Huff Estates Winery, 2274 County Road1, BloomfieldWH – Waring House, 395 County Road 1SAPC – St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 31King StreetGC – Glenwood Chapel, 47 Ferguson StreetSMMC – St. Mary Magdalene Church, 335Main Street●●August 13, 7:00: Benny Goodman’s CarnegieHall Concert: A Discussion. BrianBarlow and Andy Sparling. B&C. Free.●●August 14, 5:30: Jazz Gala Opening withthe Dixie Demons – Dinner. 5:30: wine, beer,vodka tasting; 6:30: dinner; 8:00: DixieDemons. HEW. 613-476-8416x28 or 1-877-411-4761 for reservations. .●●August 15, 7:30: TBA. WH. Free; 8:00: OscarPeterson’s Night Train. Dave Young, bass; RobiBotos, piano; Terry Clarke, drums; Kevin Turcotte,trumpet; Reg Schwager, guitar. RT. .●●August 16, 4:00: Rising Young Star MattWoroshyl with TBA. SAPC. Free; 7:30: AngieTurone Trio. WH. Free; 8:00: The Jensen Sisters.RT. .●●August 17, 10:00am: TBA. GC. Free;11:30am, 1:00 and 2:00: Jazz Van. ChameleonJazz Band. Location TBA. Free; 12:00:Marika Galea Quintet. SAPC. Free; 7:30:Hannah Barstow Trio. WH. Free; 8:00: CanadianSongbook. Phil Dwyer, piano/sax andLaila Biali, jazz vocals. RT. .●●August 18, 10:30am: Jazz Mass. BrianBarlow Quartet. SMMC. Free; 2:00: TBA.SAPC. Free; 2:00: Canadian Jazz Quartet.HEW. Free; 8:00: Benny Goodman at CarnegieHall. Big band re-creation of the 1938concert. RT. .Prince Edward County Music FestivalSeptember 20 to September 28Various locations in Picton and Bloomfield,ON613-393-3798pecmusicfestival.comPrince Edward County Music Festival listingswill appear in our September issue’s daily listingsSection B, Concerts Beyond the GTA.Scarborough Town Jazz festivalAugust 8 – August 11Scarborough, ON647-427-1403latinmusicprod.comBHP – Burrows Hall Park, 1081 ProgressAvenueACS – Albert Campbell Square, 150 BoroughDriveFREE admission except for Awards Night onAugust 8.● ● August 8, 7:30: Awards Night. Lenny Williams,Melba Moore and Liberty Silver. P.C. HoTheatre, Chinese Cultural Centre of GreaterToronto, 5183 Sheppard Ave. E., Scarborough..●●August 9, 1:00: Luis Mario Ochoa. Cubanmusic. ACS; 1:00: Don Naduriak Quintet,Latin jazz. BHP; 2:30: Cat Bernardi Quartet.Jazz vocals. ACS; 2:30: Heavyweights BrassBand. Jazz and fusion, New Orleans style.BHP; 4:00: Jorge Luis Torres “Papiosco” andIroko Quartet. AfroCuban jazz. ACS; 4:00:Pablo Terry. Traditional Cuban music. BHP;5:30: Alines Morales. Batucada carioca. ACS;5:30: Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo and Rumberos.Afrocuban rumba. BHP; 7:00: Bread FromHeaven. Smooth jazz and fusion. BHP; 7:30:Melba Moore. Soul and R&B. ACS.●●August 10, 1:00: Heavyweights BrassBand. Jazz and fusion, New Orleans style.ACS; 1:00: Cat Bernardi Quartet. Jazz vocals.BHP; 2:30: Njacko Backo & Kalimba Kalimba.ACS; 2:30: Texture. Contemporary jazz. BHP;4:00: Justin Bacchus. R&B, Soul. ACS; 4:00:Laura Fernandez. Latin. BHP; 5:30: Havanato Toronto. Afrocuban Caribbean jazz. ACS;5:30: Njacko Backo & Kalimba Kalimba. CameroonAfrica. BHP; 7:00: Jorge Luis Torres“Papiosco” and Iroko Quartet. AfroCubanjazz. BHP; 7:30: Liberty Silver and Friends.ACS.●●August 11, 1:00: Alexis Baro Quintet. June 7 – September 7, 2013 | 75

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