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Volume 19 Issue 3 - November 2013

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Beat by Beat | In the

Beat by Beat | In the ClubsC. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz)JAYMZ BEEORI DAGANORI DAGANIn Full BloomORI DAGANIt’s always good to practise what you preach, so after filing lastmonth’s column, I scooted down to Bloom Restaurant to enjoy afantastic prix-fix dinner paired with the musical adventures ofJane Bunnett, Hilario Duran and young Cuban vocalist Daymé. Toexperience such brilliant music in an intimate setting is delicious forthe ears, requiring a recipe that’s simple yet challenging: Quiet!Since most restaurantpatrons are accustomed tochewing the fat while theyeat, the only way such a seriescan work is if the music ispreceded by an announcement,which in the case ofBloom, is delivered by ownerLuis Mario Ochoa, a selfdescribed“full-time musician,teacher, arranger, composer,lyricist, guitarist, leading 3Cuban jazz at Bloom.From left: Pablo Rosales, Rosendobands of my own, producer,Leon, Juliana Capuleto, Roberto you name it!” In addition toRiveron, Luis Mario Ochoa.the monthly music seriesOchoa books, his ensembleperforms traditional Cubanmusic on the last Thursdayof every month at Bloom, a44-seat restaurant in BloorWest Village that is a true gemfor foodies, especially thosewho fancy Latin Americanand Spanish dishes “made ina Nuevo Latino style which isa contemporary haute cuisinereinterpretation with a slightJackie Richardson with Jeff Jones.North American twist.”“I got into the restaurantbusiness by accident,” Ochoaexplains. “In 2004 my brotherin law opened Bloom toexpand his restaurant business.He also owns FocacciaRestaurant on 17 HaydenStreet, but was not able tohandle two places at thesame time, so my wife — hissister — who is a travel executiveand I, went crazy andJeff Jones with the TomSzczesniak Quartet.decided to take it over andkeep it in July of 2010.”He admits that it was no easy feat to learn the restaurant businessfrom scratch. “But we are a stubborn couple that does not give upeasily, so we gave it all we had and little by little we changed concept,got the right people in the kitchen, led by Chef Pedro Quintanillaand now we have a great front of the house team led by maître d’Pedro Salvin. I started introducing music once a month with traditionalCuban music, and now we started expanding with a seconddate featuring some of the best Latin and jazz performers in town.Bloom is on a great track now, mostly because my wife is even morestubborn that I am, so she deserves most of the credit.»For the music and a sensational three-course prix fixe menu,all you pay at Bloom is and your undivided attention. Thismonth catch acclaimed Latin songstress Eliana Cuevas on Thursday,November 14, who will perform>> continued on page 56Nov 28 Tony Quarrington (guitar); RosanneAgasee (vocals); Don Thompson (bass).Emmet Ray, The924 College St. (full schedule)All shows: No Cover/PWYC.Nov 3 9pm Graham Playford. Nov 4 7pmEdwin Sheard Group; 9pm TBA. Nov 6 9pmKevin Butler & Friends. Nov 7 9pm JohnWayne Swingtet. Nov 10 9pm Jon ShearsmithGroup. Nov 11 7pm Norbert Botos Quartet;9pm Joey Goldstein CD Release. Nov 13 9pmPeter Boyd & Friends. Nov 7pm David BlakeTrio; 9pm Riverrun. Nov 20 9pm Kevin Butler& Friends. Nov 21 9pm Vokurka’s VicariousVirtuoso Violin. Nov 24 9pm The NewTropical Punch. Nov 25 7pm Kevin MacDonaldGroup; 9pm Jim Lewis (trumpet); DavidOcchipinti (guitar); Andrew Downing (bass).Nov 27 9pm Peter Boyd & Friends. Nov 289pm Ghetto Hicks.Fionn MacCool’s181 University Ave. 416-363-1944fionnmaccools.comEvery Sun 8-11pm Classical Social, hosted bySimon Capet. No Cover.Flying Beaver Pubaret, The488 Parliament St. (full schedule)Nov 1 9pm Coco “Cognac” Brown/(adv). Nov 8 9pm Ashley Bea/(adv). Nov 16 7pm Rosalind Kindler.Nov 22, 23 7pm Bill Merryweather.Gate 403403 Roncesvalles Ave. All shows: PWYC.Nov 1 5pm Mike Field;9pm Tiffany Hanus w/Sean Bellaviti Trio. Nov 2 5pm Bill Heffernan& Friends; 9pm Melissa Boyce Jazz & BlueBand. Nov 3 4pm LOM Network/ShowcaseNight; 9pm John Wayne Swingtet. Nov 4 5pmMike Daley Jazz Trio; 9pm Richard WhitemanBand feat. Terra Hazelton. Nov 5 5pm BlainDavis & Gould Blues Trio; 9pm Julian FauthBlues Night. Nov 6 5pm Diane Roblin: Reconnect;9pm Kurt Nielsen/Richard WhitemanBand. Nov 7 5pm Andrew Brewster Quartet;9pm Jordana Talsky. Nov 8 5pm Doc Barrister;9pm Tutwiler Blues Train. Nov 9 5pm BillHeffernan & Friends; 9pm Zim Zum. Nov 105pm Joel Hartt Jazz Quartet; 9pm Scott KempTrio. Nov 11 5pm Denis Schigh; 9pm RichardWhiteman Band feat. Terra Hazelton. Nov 125pm Angela Turone; 9pm Julian Fauth BluesNight. Nov 13 5pm Asha Pieper: Take Two;9pm Brian Cober: Boogie Bros. Nov 14 5pmFelix Wong Trio; 9pm Kevin Laliberte Trio.Nov 15 5pm Sam Broverman Duo; Fraser MelvinBlues Band. Nov 16 5pm Bill Heffernan& Friends. Nov 17 5pm Joanne Morra & theFrance St. Trio; 9pm Mr. Rick’s Tin Pan JazzBand. Nov 18 5pm Tom McGill; 9pm RichardWhiteman Band feat. Terra Hazelton. Nov 195pm Howard Willett Blues Duo; 9pm JulianFauth Blues Night. Nov 20 5pm Belinda CorpuzJazz Trio; 9pm Leigh Graham Duo. Nov 215pm G Street Jazz Trio; 9pm Annie Bonsignore& Dunstan Morey. Nov 22 5pm AndyDe Campos Quartet; 9pm Brownman AkousticTrio. Nov 23 5pm Bill Heffernan & Friends;9pm Denielle Bassels. Nov 24 5pm Jeff Taylor& the SLT; 9pm Jim Dolmage Trio. Nov 25 5pmChris Reid Jazz Band; 9pm Richard WhitemanBand feat. Terra Hazelton. Nov 26 5pm CeliaLarocque Trio; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night.Nov 27 5pm Noam Lemish Jazz Band; 9pmRobin Banks Band. Nov 28 5pm Byung-gulJung; 9pm Cyndi Carleton Band. Nov 29 5pmRandy Lyght Band. Nov 30 5pm Bill Heffernan& Friends; 9pm Roots Down Trio.Gladstone Hotel1214 Queen St. W. (full schedule)All events: No Cover (unless otherwise noted)Nov 15 9-11pm Parkside Drive. Nov 21 9pm-1am Combo Royale Swing Night.Grossman’s Tavern379 Spadina Ave. (full schedule)No Cover/PWYC.Every Sat The Happy Pals. Every Sun NewOrlean Connection Allstars; The Nationals.Every Mon No Band Required. Every WedBruce Domoney.Nov 1 Sandi Marie; Combo Royale.Nov 8 Swingin’ Black Jacks. Nov 14 TheResponsibles. Nov 21 Thrill Harmonic.Nov 28 The Responsibles.Habits Gastropub928 College St. 416-533-7272habitsgastropub.comAll shows: 9pm. No Cover, food or drinkminimum.Nov 1 Laura Hubert. Nov 8 Julie Michels.Nov 9 The Bayonets. Nov 14 Arlene Paculan.Nov 15 Ori Dagan. Nov 22 Bruce Harvey Trio.Nov 23 The Funk Trio. Nov 29 Ilana Waldston.Harlem Restaurant67 Richmond St. E. (full schedule)All shows: 7:30-11pm. No Cover/PWYC.Nov 1 Gyles w/ James King Trio.Nov 2 Daniella Watters. Nov 8 Reece.Nov 9 Marla Walters. Nov 15 Mike Field.Nov 16 Wade O. Brown. Nov 22 Unbuttoned.Nov 23 Zimzum. Nov 29 Michael Dunston.Nov 30 Natasha Waterman.Hirut Restaurant2050 Danforth Ave. 416-551-7560All events: PWYC.Nov 9 8pm Adam Solomon. Nov 14 8pm DanielBarnes Groove Trio. Nov 16 8pm Girma(saxophone); Amanta (piano). Nov 23 8pmRobi Peterson. Nov 28 8pm Daniel BarnesGroove Trio. Nov 29 9pm Hirut Hoot Cabaret.Home Smith Bar – See Old Mill, TheHugh’s Room2261 Dundas St. W. (full schedule)All shows: 8:30pm (unless otherwise noted).Nov 1 Ian Thomas /.50(adv). Nov 2private event. Nov 4, 5 Al Stewart & DaveNachmanoff .50/(adv). Nov 6 JusticeBentley Memorial Fundraiser feat. JenniferlMitchell Band, Liam Titcomb and Eva Avila or (couple). Nov 7 George Grosman& Bohemian Swing: “Sidney, Mon Ami”CD Release /(adv). Nov 8 AnthonyGomes .50/(adv). Nov 9 JimmyWebb /(adv). Nov 10 China Crisis.50/(adv). Nov 13 Marc Cohn/(adv). Nov 14 Amelia Curran/.50(adv). Nov 15, 16 Stan Rogers54 | November 1 – December 7, 2013

Tribute w/ James Keelaghan, Ariel Rogers,Nathan Rogers, Paul Langille and EvalynParry .50/(adv). Nov 17, 18 Midge Ure.50/(adv). Nov 19 Stephanie CadmanCD Release /(adv). Nov 20 JadeaKelly CD Release, opening set Don Brownrigg/(adv). Nov 21 Little Miss Higgins.50/(adv). Nov 22 Gregg Stafford’sNew Orleans Stomp /(adv). Nov 242pm Ken Whiteley’s Sunday Matinee: A WhiteleyFamily Gospel Gathering w/ Chris, Dan,Jesse and Ken Whiteley .50/(adv);(groups of 10+); 8:30pm Tribute to theLast Waltz /(adv). Nov 25 Octokats:Live Recording w guests Dave Pell & PatLaBarbera /(adv). Nov 26 Brian Rudy+ The Architects CD Release. /(adv).Nov 27 Jamie Baum & Jane Bunnett: QawwaliParty Project. Nov 28 Jay Aymer.50/(adv). Nov 29 A Man calledWrycraft: Tribute to Tom Waits. Nov 30 Jackde Keyzer’s Electric Love Blues Revue featLorraine Scott & Gail Berry. /.50(adv).Inter Steer Tavern357 Roncesvalles Ave. 416-588-8054All events: PWYC.Every Wed 8-11pm Fraser Daley. EveryWed 8-11pm Ronnie Hayward.Nov 23 4-7pm Laura Hubert.Jazz Bistro, The251 Victoria St. 416-363-5299jazzbistro.caNov 1 9pm Adi Braun Quartet . Nov 2 9pmAdi Braun Quartet . Nov 3 12:30pm AMonth of Sundays Brunch w/ Marcus Nance:“Come Sunday: Songs of My People” ; 8pmElizabeth Shepherd . Nov 4 7pm TerezMontcalm CD Release . Nov 5 6pm SamKogen; 9pm David Rubel Quartet CD Release. Nov 6 6pm Sam Kogen; 9pm Jaclyn GuillouGroup. Nov 7, 8, 9 6pm Sam Kogen; 9pmRoberto Occhipinti Quartet feat. Manuel Valera(Thu/Fri); (Sat). Nov 10 12:30pm AMonth of Sundays Brunch w/ Marcus Nance:“I Gotta Be Me: Bits and pieces of my life”. Nov 12 8pm Laura Marks CD Release or (with CD). Nov 13 TBA. Nov 14, 15,16 Renee Rosnes Quartet (Thu); (Fri/Sat). Nov 17 12:30pm A Month of SundaysBrunch w/ Marcus Nance: “Lush Life: TheCrossover Singer” . Nov 19, 20 6pm PatrickHewan; 8pm Seamus Blake & Bryn Roberts/(st). Nov 21, 22, 23 6pm PatrickHewan; 9pm Patricia O’Callaghan Sings LeonardCohen . Nov 24 12:30pm A Month ofSundays Brunch w/ Marcus Nance: “A Touchof Christmas” . Nov 26 6pm Ewen Farncombe;8:30pm Faber & Freedman Group. Nov 28, 29, 30 6pm Ewen Farncombe;9pm Steve Koven Trio (Thu); (Fri/Sat).Jazz Room, TheLocated in the Huether Hotel,59 King St. N., Waterloo. (full schedule)Attendees must be 19+Nov 1 8:30pm Derek Hines Quartet .Nov 2 6:30pm Ian Wright Trio; 8:30pmNancy Walker Quintet . Nov 8 8:30pmGlenn Buhr and the Button Factory Band .Nov 15 8:30pm Tesseract . Nov 16 6:30pmThiago Souza Duo; 8:30pm Melissa Stylianou. Nov 22 8:30pm Randy Lyght Band .Nov 23 4pm Workshop w/ Jamie Baum ;8:30pm Jamie Baum/Jane Bunnett Quintet. Nov 29 8:30pm Jason White Trio .Nov 30 6:30pm James Hill Trio; 8:30pm DavidRestivo Trio .Joe Mama’s317 King St. W. 416-340-6469Live music every night; All shows: No Cover.Every Mon 7:30-11:30pm Soul Mondays.Every Tue 7-11pm Blue Angels.Every Wed 8pm-12am Blackburn. EveryThu 8:30pm-12:30am Blackburn. EveryFri 10pm-2am The Grind. Every Sat 10pm-2am Shugga. Every Sun 6-10pm Organic:Nathan Hiltz (guitar); Bernie Senensky(organ); Ryan Oliver (saxophone); MorganChilds (drums).KAMA214 King St. W. 416-599-5262All shows: 5-8pm. No Cover, food/beverageminimum.Every Thu Thursday at Five: Canadian JazzQuartet: Gary Benson (guitar); Frank Wright(vibraphone); Duncan Hopkins (bass); DonVickery (drums) and special guest: Nov 7 BobBrough (sax). Nov 14 Denny Christianson(trumpet/flugelhorn). Nov 21 John MacMurchy(sax). Nov 28 Drew Jurecka (violin).Lula Lounge1585 Dundas St. W. (full schedule)Nov 3 8pm Ron Davis: Symphronica .Nov 7 8pm Robbie Rox . Nov 8 8pm FernandoGallego and Juan D. Toledo .Nov 10 Ron Davis: Symphronica . Nov 118pm euphonia . Nov 14 7:30pm DamianYonge /(adv). Nov 15 8pm Max SenittTrio . Nov 17 7pm Vincius 2013: BossaNova Celebration w/ Andy de Campos andIpanema . Nov 22 8pm Pablosky Rosales’A40 Groove . Nov 28 9pm ColdjackCD Release (includes CD). Nov 29 8pmPlakaso .Manhattans Pizza Bistro & Music Club951 Gordon St., Guelph 519-767-2440manhattans.caAll shows: PWYCNov 1 8pm Jokela & Vogan feat. Virgil Scott.Nov 2 8pm Indigo Riff’s Final Hurrah. Nov 36pm Hammerton/Wagler/O’Neill. Nov 56pm Carmen Spada. Nov 6 6:30pm Jokela& Vogan. Nov 7 8pm 20km Jazz Diet feat.Mr. Danger. Nov 8 8pm Patricia Duffy Duo.Nov 9 8pm Kevin Morse Trio. Nov 10 6pmStan Chang. Nov 12 6pm Brad Halls. Nov 136pm John Zadro. Nov 14 8pm 20km Jazz Dietfeat. Brent Rowan. Nov 16 8pm Parker AbbottTrio. Nov 17 6pm Hammerton/Wagler/O’Neill.Nov 19 6pm Carmen Spada. Nov 20 6pmJohn Zadro. Nov 21 8pm 20km Jazz Diet feat.Jane Ellenton. Nov 22 8pm Carmen SpadaTrio. Nov 23 8pm Sean Bray Peach Trio.Nov 24 6pm Stan Chang. Nov 26 6pm BradHalls. Nov 27 6:30pm Jokela & Vogan. Nov 298pm Richard Whiteman Trio. Nov 30 TBA.Mezzetta Restaurant681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687mezzettarestaurant.comEvery Wed Sets at 9pm and 10:15pm. JazzSeries: Cover.Nov 6 Ted Quinlan (guitar); Kieran Overs(bass). Nov 13 Dave Young (bass); Rob Piltch(guitar). Nov 20 Lorne Lofsky (guitar); KieranOvers (bass). Nov 27 Don Thompson (bass)Reg Schwager (guitar).Monarchs PubAt the Delta Chelsea Hotel33 Gerrard St. W. (full schedule)All shows: No Cover.Nov 1 8pm Danny Marks. Nov 6 8pm MelissaBoyce Quartet. Nov 7 8pm JeromeGoodboo Band. Nov 8 Topper. Nov 13 DaveHutchison Quartet. Nov 14 Chris AntonikBand. Nov 15 Texcanna. Nov 20 Bradleyand the Bouncers. Nov 21 Dan McKinnonBand CD Release. Nov 22 Band to theBone. Nov 27 Michael Danckert Jazz Band.Nov 28 Diana Braithwaite and Chris Whiteley.Nov 29 Robin Hawkins and the Royals.Morgans on the Danforth1282 Danforth Ave. 416-461-3020morgansonthedanforth.comNov 3 Allyson Morris (vocals); Michael Shand(keys). Nov 10 Sophia Perlman (vocals);Adrean Farrugia (keys). Nov 17 AllysonMorris (vocals); Mark Kieswetter (keys).Nov 24 Shannon Butcher Duo.Musideum401 Richmond St. W., Main Floor416-599-7323musideum.comNov 1 8pm Ventanas . Nov 2 8pm Sora. Nov 3 8pm Dovira . Nov 4 7pm BillBridges & Lew Mele feat. Diane Stapley .Nov 5 8pm Gary Diggins & Jeremy Edwares. Nov 6 8pm Mike Gennaro . Nov 78pm Jukebox Café . Nov 8 8pm Tara Kannangara. Nov 9 Gillian Kirkland .Nov 10 8pm Take Berlin . Nov 11 7pm BillBridges & Lew Mele feat. Danny Marks .Nov 12 8pm The Land of Marigold . Nov 138pm Hognestad/Connor/Claxton feat LauraSwankey and Ariel Shetzen . Nov 14 8pmVlada Mars . Nov 15 8pm Reconnect .Nov 17 8pm Jason Wilson . Nov 18 7pmBill Bridges & Lew Mele feat. Joe Macerollo. Nov 21 8pm Kiva . Nov 22 8pm SeanBray’s Peach Trio . Nov 23 8pm IvenSImonetti . Nov 24 8pm Brownman +1. Nov 25 7pm Bill Bridges & Lew Mele feat.Ma-Anne Dionisio . Nov 26 8pm Ted Phillips& Nilan Perera . Nov 28 8pm Ed Hanleyw/ Rattan Bamrah . Nov 29 8pm Ritadi Ghent & Donald Quan . Nov 30 8pmOne Big Song Group .Nawlins Jazz Bar & Dining299 King St. W. 416-595-1958nawlins.caEvery Tue Stacie McGregor; Every Wed JimHeineman Trio. Every Thu Nothin’ But theBlues w/ guest vocalists. Every Fri/Sat AllStar Bourbon St. Band; Every Sun BrookeBlackburn.Nice Bistro, The117 Brock St. N., Whitby. 905-668-8839nicebistro.comNov 20 7-9pm Duncan Hopkins & Perry White.99 (includes dinner).Old Mill, The21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641oldmilltoronto.comThe Home Smith Bar: No Reservations.No Cover. food/drink minimum. Allshows: 7:30-10:30pm. Nov 1 Amy McConnell(vocals); Mark Kieswetter (piano); WilliamSperandei (trumpet). Nov 2 RichardWhiteman (piano); Kurt Nielsen (bass);Morgan Childs (drums). Nov 7 Jazz Partyw/ Tom Szczesniak (piano); Jeff Jones(vocals); Pat Collins (bass); Davide DiRenzo(drums). Nov 8 Juliann Kuchocki (Vocals);Rob Piltch (guitar); David Restivo (piano).Nov 9 Mike Murley (sax); Reg Schwager(guitar); Steve Wallace (bass). Nov 14 privateevent. Nov 15 Carol McCartney (vocals);Brian Dickinson (piano); Chris Robinson(sax); Kieran Overs (bass). Nov 16 Dave Field(bass); David Braid (piano); Kelly Jefferson(sax). Nov 17 Micah Barnes (piano/vocals);Russ Boswell (bass); Daniel Barnes (drums).Nov 22 Peggy Mahon (vocals); Danny McErlain(piano); Dave Field (bass). Nov 23 TerryClarke (drums); Robi Botos (piano); DaveYoung (bass). Nov 28 Bruce Cassidy (trumpet/EVI);Aidan Mason (guitar); Russ Boswell(bass); Peter Grimmer (drums).Nov 29 Jordana Talsky (vocals); Adrean Farrugia(piano); Scott Kemp (bass). Nov 30 RonDavis (piano); Jordan O’Connor (bass);Roger Travassos (drums).Paintbox Bistro555 Dundas St. E. 647-748-0555paintboxbistro.caNov 2 8pm Allyson Morris CD Release .Nov 9 8pm Sam Broverman CD Release .Pilot Tavern, The22 Cumberland Ave. 416-923-5716thepilot.caAll shows: 3:30pm. No Cover.Nov 2 Don Palmer Quartet. Nov 9 ErnestoCervini Quartet. Nov 16 The Jazz Collective.Nov 23 Richard Underhill Quartet.Nov 30 John Tank Quartet.Poetry Jazz Café224 Augusta Ave. (full schedule)Nov 1 9:30pm Eric West Project . Nov 29:30pm Robb Cappelletto’s Mindgames .Nov 7 9pm Shafton Thomas Group .Nov 8 9:30pm Patrick Hewan’s Icons .Nov 14 9pm Andrew McAnsh Group .Nov 15 9:30pm Eric West Project . Nov 169:30pm Ddd Robb Cappelletto’s Mindgames. Nov 21 9pm Shafton Thomas Group .Nov 22 9:30pm Patrick Hewan’s Icons .Nov 28 9pm Andrew McAnsh Group .Rakia Bar1402 Queen St. E. 416-778-8800rakiabar.comBohemian Mondays: 8-11pm Laura Marks Triow/ guests...changing to Bohemian Tuesdaysas of Nov 19! Jam welcomes instrumentalistsand vocalists; jazz and other genres welcome.No Cover/PWYC. Nov 4 Ross MacIntyre(bass); Bernie Senensky (keys). Nov 11 MarkKieswetter (piano); Ross MacIntyre (bass).Nov 19 Adrean Farrugia (piano); Ross MacIntyre(bass). Nov 26 Ted Quinlan (guitar); ArtieRoth (bass).Reposado Bar & Lounge136 Ossington Ave. All shows: PWYC.Every Wed 9:30pm Spy vs Sly vs Spy. EveryThu, Fri 10pm The Reposadists Quartet.Reservoir Lounge, The52 Wellington St. E. (full schedule).Every Tue 7-9pm Apres Work Series;9:45pm Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm. EveryWed 7-9pm Apres Work Series; 9:45pm Bradleyand the Bouncers. Every Thu 7-9pm ApresWork Series 9:45pm Mary McKay. EveryFri 9:45pm Dee Dee and the Dirty November 1 – December 7, 2013 | 55

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