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Volume 19 Issue 5 - February 2014

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Schroeder and Keiko

Schroeder and Keiko Tokunaga, violin; LukeFleming, viola; Andrew Yee, cello. KWCMSMusic Room, 57 Young St. W., Waterloo. 519-886-1673. ; (sr); (st).●●7:30: Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.See Feb 7.●●8:00: Kawartha Concerts. Tafelmusik/Vesuvius Ensemble: Bella Napoli. Scarlatti:Concerto grosso No.5 in d; Leo: Concerto forCello in A; Vinci: Vurria addeventare surecillo(Li zite ‘n galera); Cailò: Sonata for 3 violins& continuo; and other classical works andtraditional and improvisational music of baroqueNaples. Francesco Pellegrino, tenor andchitarra battente; Marco Cera, baroque guitar,mandolino and ciaramella; Lucas Harris,baroque guitar and theorbo; Ben Grossman,baroque guitar, saz and percussion. CambridgeStreet United Church, 61 CambridgeSt. N., Lindsay. 705-878-5625 or 1-866-563-4078. ; (st).●●8:00: Kitchener-Waterloo ChamberMusic Society. Attacca String Quartet. Quartetsof Joseph Haydn (concert 7 of a projected24). Haydn: String Quartets Op. 9/6in A; 50/1 in Bb; 76/2 in d (“Fifths”). AmySchroeder and Keiko Tokunaga, violin; LukeFleming, viola; Andrew Yee, cello. KWCMSMusic Room, 57 Young St. W., Waterloo. 519-886-1673. ; (sr); (st).●●8:00: Peterborough Symphony Orchestra.A Night at the Opera. Selections fromCarmen and other works. Julie Nesrallah,mezzo; Melody Thomas, soprano; MichaelNewnham, conductor. Showplace PerformanceCentre, 290 George St. N., Peterborough.705-742-7469. .50–,50; (st/Rush/Tweet Seats); (eyeGo). 7:10: Pre-concertchat: Meet the Maestro.Sunday February 9●●1:00: Kingston Symphony. Discover theSymphony. Music for all ages. Grand Theatre,218 Princess St., Kingston. 613-530-2050.-.●●2:00: Kitchener-Waterloo ChamberMusic Society. Attacca String Quartet. Quartetsof Joseph Haydn (concert 8 of a projected24). Haydn: String Quartets Op. 1#2 inEb, 20#4 in g, 77#2 in F. Amy Schroeder andKeiko Tokunaga, violin; Luke Fleming, viola;Andrew Yee, cello. KWCMS Music Room,57 Young St. W., Waterloo. 519-886-1673. ;(sr); (st).●●3:00: Wellington Winds. Shall We Dance.Cowell: Concerto for Trumpet and Winds; andworks by Bennett, Press, Zdechlik, Debussyand others. Daniel Warren, conductor. Guest:Larry Larson, trumpet. Grandview BaptistChurch, 250 Old Chicopee Dr., Kitchener.519-579-3097. -; free(st).●●3:30: Melos Choir and Chamber Orchestra.Eros and Agape: Love’s Longing andLaments. Works by von Bingen, Victoria, Palestrina,Machaut, Dufay, and others. HollyGwynne-Timothy, conductor. St. George’sCathedral, 270 King St. E., Kingston. 613-634-9312. -.●●3:30: Nota Bene Baroque Players. FourSeasons. Vivaldi. Julie Baumgartel, VictoriaMelik and Anthea Conway-White, soloists.Registry Theatre, 122 Frederick St., Kitchener.226-808-9567. ; (sr); (st/eyeGo); free(under 12).B. Concerts Beyond the GTA ●Tuesday February 11●●12:30: McMaster School of the Arts.Lunchtime Concert Series: Zoltan Kalmanand Erika Reiman (Clarinet & Piano). ConvocationHall (UH213), McMaster University,1280 Main St W., Hamilton. 905-525-9140x27038. Free.Wednesday February 12●●2:30: Seniors Serenade. Amanda McLeod,piano. Works by Gershwin, Rogers and Hammerstein,Debussy, and Chopin. CentralUnited Church, 54 Ross St., Barrie. 705-726-1181. Free.Thursday Februrary 13●●12:00_noon: University of Guelph. ThursdayAt Noon Concert Series: Adrian Rasoand Travelling Bohemians. Latin, Gypsy andMediterranean; original works by Raso.Lore Bortolon, guitar; Kris Raso, percussion.MacKinnon Room 107, University of Guelph,50 Stone Rd., Guelph. 519-824-4120x5299.Free.Friday February 14●●8:00: Kitchener-Waterloo ChamberMusic Society. Rémi Boucher, guitar. Piazzolla:Milonga del Angel; Mangoré: ValseOp.8 No.3 and 4; Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco:Capriccio Diabolico; Giulio Regondi: Introductionet Caprice Op.23; Jacques Marchand:Feu; and other works. KWCMS Music Room,57 Young St. W., Waterloo. 519-886-1673. ;(sr); (st).●●8:00: Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.Paris Festival: From the Concert Hall to theCabaret. Dukas: Fanfare to La Peri; Adam:Overture to Si j’étais roi; Saint-Saëns: PianoConcerto No.2 in g; Satie: La belle excentrique;Grand ritournelle; Ibert: Divertissement;and other works. Benjamin Grosvenor,piano; Edwin Outwater, conductor. Centrein the Square, 101 Queen St. N., Kitchener.519-745-4711 or 888-745-4717. $19-. AlsoFeb 15.●●8:00: McMaster School of the Arts.Celebrity Concert Series: Ksenia Nosikova(Piano). Convocation Hall (UH213), McMasterUniversity, 1280 Main St W., Hamilton. 905-525-9140 x24246. ; (sr); (st).Saturday February 15●●2:00: Peterborough Singers. Celtic Celebration.Guests: Cairdeas and Clan Hannigan;Peterborough Dance Collective; RachelBemrose, choreographer; Sydney Birrell,conductor. Calvary Pentecostal Church,1421 Lansdowne St. W., Peterborough. 705-745-1820. ; (st).●●7:30: Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.Luminescence. Chevalier de Saint-Georges:Symphony No. 2; Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante;Ravel: Pavane; Poulenc: Sinfonietta.Leslie Newman, flute; Eric Hall, bassoon;Ken MacDonald, horn; James Sommerville,conductor. Hamilton Place, 10 Macnab St.S., Hamilton. 905-526-7756. -; (hpoGO).●●8:00: Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.Paris Festival: From the Concert Hall to theCabaret. See Feb 14.Sunday February 16●●2:30: Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.Paris Festival: The Salon. Fauré: Masques etbergamasques; Bizet: Symphony in C; Saint-Saëns: Cello Concerto; Debussy: Dansessacrée et profane. Cameron Crozman, cello;Lori Gemmel, harp; Edwin Outwater, conductor.Centre in the Square, 101 Queen St.N., Kitchener. 519-745-4711 or 888-745-4717.$19-.●●8:00: Kitchener-Waterloo ChamberMusic Society. Factory Arts Baroque Quartet.Works by Von Biber, Ucellini, Schmelzerand Walther. Julie Baumgartel and AndrewChung, violin; Heather Carruthers, baroquebassoon; Boris Medicky, harpsichord.KWCMS Music Room, 57 Young St. W., Waterloo.519-886-1673. ; (sr); (st).Wednesday February 19●●12:00_noon: St. Andrew’s PresbyterianChurch. Tom Loney, organ. St. Andrew’s PresbyterianChurch, 47 Owen St., Barrie. 705-726-1181. ; free(st).Friday February 21●●8:00: Folk Under The Clock. An Eveningwith Bruce Cockburn. Showplace PerformanceCentre, 290 George St. N., Peterborough.705-742-7469. .●●8:00: Kawartha Concerts. Sarah Hagen.Rachmaninoff & Others. Sarah Hagen, piano.Trinity United Church, 360 Reid St., Peterborough.705-878-5625 or 1-866-563-4078., (st).●●8:00: Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.Tiempo Libre — A Night in Havana. Celebrationof Cuban music. Tiempo Libre; Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Youth Orchestra; EvanMitchell, conductor. Centre in the Square,101 Queen St. N., Kitchener. 519-745-4711 or888-745-4717. $19-. Also Feb 22.Saturday February 22●●2:00: Capella Intima/Toronto ContinuoCollective. La Dafne. By Gagliano. Bud Roach,Lucas Harris and Borys Medicky, music directors.MacNeill Baptist Church, 1145 King St.W., Hamilton. 905-517-3594. suggesteddonation. Also Feb 23(Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre,Toronto).●●2:00: Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.Youth Orchestra Program. Centre in theSquare, 101 Queen St. N., Kitchener. 519-745-4711 or 888-745-4717. -.●●7:00: Guelph Concert Band. Kaleidoscope.Sibelius: Finlandia; Zimmer: Themefrom Gladiator; Copland: Fanfare for CommonMan; The Beatles: selections. Chris Cigolea,conductor. River Run Centre, 35 WoolwichSt., Guelph. 1-877-520-2408. ; (sr/st);(eyeGO/child).●●7:30: Grand Philharmonic Choir. GloriousEngland. Parry: Blest Pair of Sirens, IWas Glad; Vaughan Williams: O Clap YourHands, Mass in g. Mark Vuorinen, conductor.St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, 49 Queen St.N., Kitchener. 519-578-6885. ; (sr);(under 35); (child).●●8:00: Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.See. Also Feb 21.Sunday February 23●●2:30: Niagara Symphony Orchestra.POPS!: Shakin’, Not Stirred! Music fromJames Bond films. Jeans ‘n Classics Band;Bradley Thachuk, conductor. Sean O’SullivanTheatre, Centre for the Arts, 500 GlenridgeAve., St. Catharines. 905-688-5550 x3257. to ; (eyeGO); (PSSTnso).● 2:30: Orchestra Kingston. In Concert.Smetana: Die Moldau; Beethoven: SymphonyNo.1; Donaldson: Bagpipes; Griffith: Aurora.Salvation Army Citadel, 816 Centennial Dr.,Kingston. 613-634-9312. -.●●3:00: Guelph Symphony Orchestra.The Planets. Buhr: Akasha (Sky); Reinecke:Flute Concerto in D; Holst: The Planets.Laura Andrews, flute. River Run Centre,35 Woolwich St., Guelph. 519-763-3000. ;(under 30); (child); (eyeGO).●●3:00: Kawartha Youth Orchestra.Music Magic. Orchestral works by Mozartand Debussy. Market Hall Theatre,140 Charlotte St., Peterborough. 705-749-1146. /(adv); (under 19).Tuesday February 25●●12:30: McMaster School of the Arts.Lunchtime Concert Series: Lara Housez andIslay-May Renwick (Voice & Oboe). ConvocationHall (UH213), McMaster University,1280 Main St W., Hamilton. 905-525-9140x27038. Free.●●8:00: Jeffery Concerts. Emerson StringQuartet. Haydn: String Quartet Op.20 No.3;Bartók: String Quartet No.6; Beethoven:String Quartet Op.59 No.3. Wolf PerformanceHall, 251 Dundas St., London. 519-672-8800.; (sr); (st).Wednesday February 26●●12:30: University of Waterloo Departmentof Music. Noon Hour Concerts: Spanish/LatinMusic for flute and guitar. Kelly Williamson;Mariette Stephenson. Conrad Grebel UniversityCollege, 140 Westmount Rd. N., Waterloo.519-885-0220 x24226. Free.●●7:00: Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.Pixar in Concert. Clips and memorable scoresfrom each of Pixar’s movies, including theirlatest release, Brave. Evan Mitchell, conductor.Centre in the Square, 101 Queen St.N., Kitchener. 519-745-4711 or 888-745-4717.-.Thursday February 27● ● 12:00_noon: University of Guelph. ThursdayAt Noon Concert Series: Schubert Quartet.Schubert: Quartet for Flute, Guitar, Violaand Cello; and other works. Marlena TureskiBlackman, cello; Judy Davenport, viola; LaurelSwinden, flute; John Alac, guitar. MacKinnon42 | February 1, 2014 - March 7, 2014

Room 107, University of Guelph, 50 Stone Rd.,Guelph. 519-824-4120x5299. Free.●●8:00: Kitchener-Waterloo ChamberMusic Society. Peter Vinograde, piano.Bach: English Suites No.4, 5, 6. KWCMS MusicRoom, 57 Young St. W., Waterloo. 519-886-1673. ; (sr); (st).Friday February 28●●7:30: Bach Elgar Choir. Requiem. Fauré:Requiem; Vaughan Williams: Mass in g. JenniferTaverner, soprano; Andrew Tees,bass; Michael Bloss, organ; Alex Cann, conductor.Christ’s Church Cathedral, 252 JamesSt. N., Hamilton. 905-527-5995. . AlsoMar 2(mat).●●7:30: Chorus Niagara. Cinema: The Passionof Joan of Arc. Live choral soundtrack.Edward Moroney, organ. St. Thomas AnglicanChurch, 99 Ontario St., St. Catharines.1-866-617-3257 or 905-688-5550x3257. ;(sr); (under 30); (st). Also Mar 1.Saturday March 1●●7:30: Chorus Niagara. Cinema: The Passionof Joan of Arc. See Feb 28.Sunday March 2●●2:30: Kingston Symphony. Brahms, Mozartand Elgar. Brahms: Variations on a Themeby Haydn; Elgar: Enigma Variations; Mozart:Bassoon Concerto. Richard Hoenich, bassoon.Grand Theatre, 218 Princess St., Kingston.613-530-2050. -.●●3:00: Bach Elgar Choir. Requiem. Fauré:See Feb 28(eve).●●3:00: Georgian Bay Symphony. SwobodaPiano Quartet. Ewa Swoboda, piano; WitoldSwoboda, violin; Matt Swoboda, cello; MarcinSwoboda, viola. Harmony Centre, 8904th Ave. E., Owen Sound. 519-372-0212. $19;(sr); (under 25 years).●●3:00: John Laing Singers. The Poet’s Corner.Choral music based on poetically substantialtexts. Ager: Invisible Harps; Williams:Three Shakespeare Songs; Gjeilo: Dark Nightof the Soul; Whitacre: Five Hebrew LoveSongs; Fauré: Cantique de Jean Racine. St.Paul’s United Church, 29 Park St. W., Dundas.905-628-5238. -26.Wednesday March 5●●12:00_noon: Midday Music With Shigeru.Catherine Robbin, mezzo. York University Students.Hi-Way Pentecostal Church, 50 AnneSt. N., Barrie. 705-726-1181. ; free(st).●●12:30: University of Waterloo Departmentof Music. Noon Hour Concerts: PerformanceArt on African Child Soldiers. Jason White,piano; Pam Patel, vocals. Conrad Grebel UniversityCollege, 140 Westmount Rd. N., Waterloo.519-885-0220 x24226. Free.Friday March 7●●8:00: McMaster School of the Arts.Celebrity Concert Series: 3rd Coast PercussionEnsemble. Convocation Hall (UH213),McMaster University, 1280 Main St W., Hamilton. 905-525-9140 x24246. ; (sr);(st).Beat by Beat | In the ClubsMusical DevotionORI DAGANSILVER ANNIVERSARY: Browsing through The WholeNote alwaysallows for countless opportunities to discover new music and newmusicians – new to the reader, that is. Occasionally, the same thinghappens to me when I write this column. The Hot Five Jazzmakersare hardly newcomers to the Toronto scene – this month they celebrate25 years of Saturday matinee performances at C’est What? – buthopefully they are new to some of you as well. This band specializesin traditional jazz of the 1920s and 30s, boasting an impressive 600tunes in their repertoire, from forgotten gems to familiar ones. Manyof these rhythmically infectious, charmingly sentimental tunes mightmake you dance against your will.Alleycatz2409 Yonge St. 416-481-6865 alleycatz.caEvery Mon 8pm Salsa Night w/ Frank Bischunand free lessons. Every Tue 8:30pmCarlo Berardinucci Band. No Cover. EveryWed 8:30pm City Soul Swinging Blues & VintageR&B. No Cover. Every Thu 9pm Soul andR&B (bands alternate weekly). Every Fri/Sat 9:30pm Funk, Soul, R&B, Top 40. after8:30pm. Feb 1 Graffitti Park. Feb 6 Northof 7 Band. Feb 7 Lady Kane. Feb 8 Soular.Feb 13 Back Alley Ringers. Feb 14 Lady Kane.Feb 15 Lady Kane. Feb 20 Community SoulProject. Feb 21 Lady Kane. Feb 22 Soular.Feb 26 Electric Soul Circus. Feb 27 ProjectPhoenix. Feb 28 Graffitti Park.Annette Studios566 Annette St. 647-880-8378annettestudios.comEvery Mon 9:30pm Jazz Jam w/ Nick MorganQuartet. Suggested donation /(st).Artword Artbar15 Colbourne St., Hamilton. (full schedule)Black Swan Tavern154 Danforth Ave. 416-469-0537Official Winterfolk Venue: winterfolk.comMAIN FLOOR: Feb 14 8pm-midnight; Feb 151:30pm-midnight; Feb 16 1pm-close.SECOND FLOOR: Feb 14, Sets at 8pm, 10pm;Feb 15 Sets at 1pm, 4pm, 6-11pm Feb 16 setsat 1pm, 2pm, 4pm, 5pmBloom2315 Bloor St. W. 416-767-1315bloomrestaurant.comC. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz)Feb 14 7pm Michael Dunston Trio (dinner& show package).Castro’s Lounge2116 Queen St. E. No Cover/PWYC.Every Sun 4pm Live jazz. Every Mon 9pmRockabilly Night w/ the Cosmotones. EveryTue 8pm rotating bluegrass bands; 10:30pmblueVenus. Every Wed 8pm MediterraneanStars. Every Thu 9pm Jerry Leger & the Situation.Every Fri 5pm Ronnie Hayward. EverySat 4:30pm Big Rude Jake.C’est What67 Front St. E. 416-867-9499cestwhat.comFeb 1 3-6pm Boxcar Boys. PWYC.Feb 8 3-6pmHot Five Jazzmakers: 25th Anniversary! .Feb 15 3-6pm Boxcar Boys. PWYC. Feb 223-6pm Hot Five Jazzmakers. .Chalkers Pub, Billiards & Bistro247 Marlee Ave. 416-789-2531chalkerspub.comEvery Wed 8pm-midnight Girls Night OutJazz Jam w/ host Lisa Particelli. PWYC. Feb 16-9pm Lucien Grey Quartet . Feb 8 6-9pmRobi Botos Trio . Feb 15 6-9pm NextGeneration: The Toronto Tristano Collective. Feb 22 6-9pm Don Thompson – RegSchwager Duo .Classico Pizza & Pasta2457 Bloor St. W. 416-763-1313Every Thu 7pm Nate Renner. No Cover.Communist’s Daughter, The1149 Dundas St. W. 647-435-0103Every Sat 4-7pm Gypsy Jazz w MichaelHot Five Jazz Makers:(from left) Janet Shaw, baritone sax; John Reid, banjo;Brian Graville, trumpet; Rainer Hunck, bass; and Brian Towers, trombone.The Hot Five Jazzmakers is led by trombonist Brian Towers, abrainy Brit who moved to Canada to pursue a career in internationalbanking some 35 years ago. Working with dollars forseveral decades, the figures in his heart were clearly musical onesall along.“I had made a subconscious decision that I was not targeting thepresidency of the bank as a career goal,” he laughs. Besides which,“playing jazz in good company, after a hard week at the office, is likerecharging one’s batteries.”Towers developed his passion for New Orleans style ensembleplaying studying the work of bone players such as Kid Ory, HonoréDutrey and Wilbur De Paris, to name a few, and was deeply inspiredby the late Kid Bastien. His passion extended far beyond the bandstandas a founding member of the now defunct Classic Jazz Societyof Toronto, and he also wrote the “View from Canada” column for theMississippi Rag until it ceased publication. Towers is married to thevery talented Janet Shaw, who functions like the jewel in the crownof this band, not only with her superb musicianship on various reedinstruments, but also with her delightfully smoky vocals. (Checkout their YouTube videos!) Like her husband, Shaw is recentlyretired after a career in the pharmaceutical industry; she is now selfemployedwith her own consulting company.“I can safely say that having a musical partnership with one’sspouse is a huge benefit to the band’s development” Tower says.Janet and I have very similar tastes in jazz and we have always developedour arrangements and repertoire 24/7 ... Also, traditional NewOrleans jazz in the ensemble choruses is, for me, like a conversation.The counterpoint and polyphony is so much easier, when thereis a close personal relationship between the individuals. Financiallythere are big benefits too. On tour we save the promoters a room!”Reflecting on a quarter century of gigs at C’est What?, Towers beginsby reminiscing:“It was February 11, 1989 and we were on trial. We had alreadyhad 12 months together playing in Guelph – were we good enough toattract support and audiences in downtown Toronto? Would it February 1, 2014 - March 7, 2014 | 43

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