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Volume 19 Issue 5 - February 2014

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FOR OPENERS | DAVID PERLMANMore readers each monthare starting to notice (andcomment on the fact) thatwhere we used to say FREEon our cover we now sayPRICELESS.It’s a bit of an in-joke,but it’s also a clear-eyedwarning that, to paraphrasethe Rhodes scholar,“nothing ain’t worth nothingif it’s free.” Thirty thousandcopies a month tomake and distribute are justthat, and not covered by thefour percent in revenue thatwe derive from arts councilsgrants!We’d love to keep thingsthat way forever, and fornow we aren’t asking youour readers to do anythingdifferent: find us, pick us upeach month, use us with joy,and support the endeavoursof all the musically alive entitieswhose endeavours wecatalogue, among them theadvertisers who pay our bills!Viva la musica!A funny thing happenedon the way from the lobby (the north lobby thatis, of Roy Thomson Hall). I was on my way backfrom RTH to the WholeNote office here at theCentre for Social Innovation at 720 Bathurst Street,last Wednesday morning January 15 2014. I hadbeen at the Simcoe-King punchbowl for a TorontoSymphony Orchestra 10am season launch for their2014/15 season (more about that in a minute), andwas heading back to the WholeNote office. On thatparticular morning it was cold enough that insteadof my usual King-Streetcar-to-Bathurst/Bathurst-Streetcar to-Lennox saunter I took the coward’s wayand slunk through the underground tunnels fromRTH to St. Andrew and took the trains to Bathurst.And it was there that the aforementioned funnything happened. Ah but I am going too fast. Somebackground is needed.Two bits of historyFirst bit of history: around 10 or 12 years agothe TTC decided that loitering at Bathurst subwaystation was becoming a real problem. The bestpossible way to deal with the perceived problem,their experts decided, was to pipe non-stop classicalmusic into the station, reasoning that the loiterers,being of a certain ilk, would be so offended thatthey would vacate.Second bit of history: around two years ago theTTC decided that the pigeons who had moved intoresidence inside the Bathurst subway station werebecoming a real problem (riding the escalators to theplatforms, for example). The way to deal with theproblem, the experts said, was to pipe loud recordingsof hawks at unpredictable intervals into thestation, reasoning that any self-respecting pigeonwould immediately beat a retreat no matter howcold it was outside.Back to our storyAnd so it was that at around 12:30pm this pastJanuary 15 I was strolling through the mezzaninelevel at Bathurst subway station, my press kit fromthe TSO season launch in one hand and a patty fromthe station patty shop in the other. And right then,a funny thing happened. What happened was thatthe Brandenburg concerto (in A440) stopped, andsimultaneously Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite and a SharpshinnedHawk launched their respective cadencesinto the mezzanine. And nary a loiterer bolted. Andnot one pigeon ducked for cover.Aha, I said to myself. There is a new audience forthis music we love.The WholeNote VOLUME 19 NO 5 | FEBRUARY 1, 2014 - MARCH 7, 2014Centre for Social Innovation720 Bathurst St., Suite 503, Toronto ON M5S 2R4PHONE 416-323-2232 | FAX 416-603-4791Publisher/Editor In Chief | David Perlmanpublisher@thewholenote.comChairman of the Board | Allan Pulkerdirectors@thewholenote.comEDITORIALManaging Editor | Paul Enniseditorial@thewholenote.comRecordings Editor | David Oldsdiscoveries@thewholenote.comSocial Media Editor | Sara Constanteditorial@thewholenote.comListings Editor | David Perlman (acting)listings@thewholenote.comClub Listings Editor | Ori Daganjazz@thewholenote.comSALES, MARKETING & MEMBERSHIPConcerts & Events/Membership | Karen Agesmembers@thewholenote.comRetail Sales/Marketing | Garry Pagemarketing@thewholenote.comDirectories | Adam Weinmanneducation@thewholenote.comAdvertising/Production Support/OperationsJack Buell | adart@thewholenote.comClassified Ads | classad@thewholenote.comWebsite/Systems | Bryson Winchestersystems@thewholenote.comCirculation/Subscriptions | Chris Malcolmcirculation@thewholenote.comSUBSCRIPTIONS per year + HST (9 issues)THANKS TO THIS MONTH’S CONTRIBUTORSBeat ColumnistsBenjamin Stein, Paul Ennis, Wendalyn Bartley,David Podgorski, Christopher Hoile, Hans deGroot, Andrew Timar, Jim Galloway, JackMacQuarrie, Ori Dagan, David Olds, Allan PulkerFeaturesPaul Ennis, Andrew TimarCD ReviewersAlex Baran, Larry Beckwith, Stuart Broomer,Max Christie, Hans de Groot, Daniel Foley,Jim Galloway, Janos Gardonyi, Richard Haskell,Tiina Kiik, Pamela Margles, Alison Melville,Christina Petrowska Quilico, Terry Robbins,Michael Schwartz, Bruce Surtees, Andrew Timar,Robert Tomas, Ken Waxman, Dianne WellsProofreadingJohn Sharpe, Paul Ennis,Sara Constant, Karen AgesListingsDavid Perlman, Ori Dagan,Adam Weinmann, Tilly Kooyman,JennieLea McLeish, Ruth AtwoodFelix Deak, Bryson WinchesterCirculation TeamAbram Bergen, Asa Perlman, Beth Bartley,Bob Jerome, Dagmar Sullivan, Dave Taylor,Gero Hajek, Jack Buell, Jack Suttaby, Jeff Hogben,Joan Andrews, John Dodington, Lorna Nevison,Micah Herzog, Niamh Malcolm, Patrick Slimmon,Paul Ennis, Randy Weir, Rebecca Carpenter,Robert Faulkner, Sharon Clark, The Giang Nguyen,Tom Sepp, Vicki Stainton, Wende BartleyLayout & DesignBryson Winchester, Uno RamatTHE ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL IS ANAGENCY OF THE GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIOUpcoming Dates & DeadlinesFree Event Listings Deadline6pm Saturday February 8Display Ad Reservations Deadline6pm Saturday February 15Classifieds Deadline6pm Saturday February 22Advertising Materials Due6pm Tuesday February 18Publication DateFriday February 28Volume 19 No 6 coversMarch 1, 2014 to April 7, 2014WholeNote Media Inc. accepts no responsibility orliability for claims made for any product or servicereported on or advertised in this issue.Printed in CanadaCouto Printing & Publishing ServicesCirculation StatementFebruary 2014: 30,000 printed & distributedCanadian Publication Product Sales Agreement1263846ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTEPublications Mail Agreement #40026682Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:WholeNote Media Inc.Centre for Social Innovation503–720 Bathurst StreetToronto ON M5S 2R4COPYRIGHT © 2014 WHOLENOTE MEDIA INCthewholenote.com6 | February 1, 2014 - March 7, 2014

And back to RTHI love the way that season launches and pressconferences have morphed over the years we’ve beendoing this stuff. Ten years ago a TSO season launchwould have attracted 30 TSO staffers, about the samenumber of sponsors, and maybe 15 ink-stainedwretches from media, mainstream and otherwise.Someone from the TSO would have introduced somekey sponsor who would have read a quick speechand then the music director would have tried tosound spontaneous as he made his way through themedia package that was going to be handed out atthe end of the launch anyway, so no real need to takenotes or listen.It’s sure not that way any more! For one thing,there were well over 250 people at this launch, mostof them TSO subscribers, seduced by an occasionoffering genuinely witty and off-the-cuff stuff fromthe music director, interspersed with four or fivewell-produced little video greetings from the comingseason’s luminaries, and an opportunity right afterthe launch to sit in on a TSO rehearsal in the hall. Infact there were so many people there enjoying theevent that you could hardly see that the number ofmedia types in attendance these days is far-and-awayless healthy than, say, the number of pigeons on theplatform at Bathurst subway station.As for the details of the season announced lastWednesday, stay tuned over the next month or so.There’s a lovely lot to talk about, and Peter Oundjian,the TSO music director, has promised us a visit,probably at the beginning of March, during theirNew Creations Festival, to talk about it all. “Hardto believe it’s already ten years since he came onthe scene” you hear some say. “Hard to believe it’sonly ten years” you hear from others; testament, Isuppose to the fact that he wears the role with allthe comfort of an old pair of slippers and all theenjoyment of a kid with a brand new toy.And what of the endangered few?That’s what I found myself wondering leavingRTH that particular frosty morning. And by “thefew” I don’t mean the pigeons or the loiterers,but us. The arts media. When in all the time I havebeen doing this, I found myself wondering, have Iever felt more mainstream leaving a TSO launch?In other words, when has the main stream ofarts coverage in the city’s media been so dried upand shrunken that The WholeNote’s presence orabsence at an event like this would even be noticedor commented upon?Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong withhaving one’s contribution to the cause noted. Butit’s unnerving to realize that one is standing out ina crowd because the crowd is dwindling.Among the biggest talking points at the TSOlaunch that day was that one of the city’s best andtruest voices on the musical arts scene might bethinking of winding up his blog, leaving us all witha far less musical Toronto.Nah, I say, if Grieg and the hawks can keep thepigeons and loiterers hanging around to listen atBathurst Station, there’s hope for reinvention yet.publisher@thewholenote.comINDEX OF ADVERTISERSAcademy Concert Series 38Andrea Warren 49Annex Singers 35Art of Time Ensemble 18Associates of the TSO 16, 32,40ATMA 5Aurora Cultural Centre 15Beaches Presbyterian Church34Canadian Opera Company 21Canadian Sinfonietta 31, 38Capella Intima / TorontoContinuo Collective 36, 41Chamber Music Society ofMississauga 36Christ Church Deer Park JazzVespers 25Civic Light Opera Co 32Cosmo Music 27Etobicoke PhilharmonicOrchestra 35Gallery 345 29Hannaford Street Silver Band31Heliconian Hall 46Jeffrey Concerts 42Jubilate Singers 35Kindred Spirits Orchestra 33Ladom Ensemble 33Liz Parker 48Long & McQuade 26Markham Concert Band 39Mississauga Symphony 30Moeller Organs 48Mooredale Concerts 36Music at Metropolitan - Noonat Met 30Music Toronto 9, 32, 37Musicians in Ordinary 33Nagata Shachu 25Nancy Sicsic 48Nathaniel Dett Chorale 12, 34Neapolitan Connection 47New Music Concerts 17, 40Norm Pulker 48NYCO 16Opera York 37Orpheus Choir 39Pasquale Bros 46Peter Mahon 14Reaching Out Through Music31Roy Thomson Hall 3Royal Conservatory 4, 22, 47Sheila McCoy 48Silverthorn Symphonic Winds36Sine Nomine 35Sinfonia Toronto 39St. Philip’s Anglican Church26Steinway Piano Gallery 7Steve Jackson Pianos 24Syrinx 15, 39Tafelmusik 2, 35, 41Tafelmusik Baroque SummerInstitute 46Tallis Choir 38The Sound Post 23Timothy Eaton MemorialChurch 33Toronto Chamber Choir 40Toronto City Opera 32Toronto Classical Singers 40Toronto Consort 19, 38Toronto Mendelssohn Choir13Toronto Symphony 29, 63, 64TorontoSinfonietta 36U of T Faculty of Music 11Victoria Scholars 40Visual and Performing ArtsNewmarket 39VOICEBOX - Opera in Concert23Windermere String Quartet34Women’s Musical Club ofToronto 37Wychwood Clarinet Choir February 1, 2014 - March 7, 2014 | 7

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