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Volume 19 Issue 6 - March 2014

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WE ARE ALL MUSIC’S CHILDRENMJ BUELLWho is April’s Child?Our Mystery Child’s name has appeared in every WholeNote since September 2006.Smiling to beat the band!Near Maple, ON 1929At 18 (at left) “every inch a sailor”.St Hyacinth QC, Navy Signal School, 1944U of T-bone, 1949Know our Mystery Child’s name? Send your guess to by March 24 and WIN PRIZES!Beat by Beat | BandstandSarah Keenlyside with crew at New Horizionscontinued from page 29Recruits on the Horizon! Having learned that Long and McQuadewere having an Instrument Exploration Workshop to acquaint potentialrecruits for yet another New Horizons beginners’ band in Toronto,I paid a visit, camera in hand. I soon learned that mine was not theonly camera there. The event was being filmed for TV. Filmmaker andjournalist Sarah Keenlyside of Inkblot Media was there with her crewfilming the action and interviewing participants for a proposed onehourdocumentary on the Toronto New Horizons groups. The productionis slated to be aired on TV Ontario next fall. We chatted about theevolution of these bands, from the original beginners group to level 2and level 3 groups, and wondered how many group levels there mighteventually be. Sarah posed an interesting question: “Is there such athing as graduation?” Good point!While on the subject of New Horizons bands, I received an interestingphone call a few days ago. It was from a member of one of theToronto bands who is contemplating a move to Peterborough. CouldI put her in touch with the New Horizons folks in Peterborough?Playing in a band is now an important part of her life and she doesn’twant to give that up if she moves.Canadian Band Association campaign launched: As announcedin last month’s column, the Canadian Band Association (Ontario)formally announced their campaign to promote public awarenessof the activities of wind bands in Ontario. The campaign was officiallylaunched by the Honourable Brad Duguid, Ontario Ministerfor Training, Colleges and Universities. Supporting Mr. Duguid at theevent were noted composer and conductor Howard Cable and Mr. JackLong of Long and McQuade Music. Stay tuned.Heavyweights performance call: In a recent conversation withChris Butcher, leader of the Heavyweights Brass Band, he told meof an interesting event taking place this month. They are invitinganyone who plays brass instruments or saxophones to join in a StreetBrass performance on Thursday March 6 at 6pm. Rehearsals and theperformance will all be at Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W. If interestedin joining in the fun, email Chris at for details.Al Cheslo. It is with deep sorrow that I must report the passing ofanother stalwart from the community band scene. As is so frequentlythe case in the band world, I can’t recallwhen I first met Al Cheslo. When one joinsa group it usually takes some time to get toknow those other members who don’t playin one’s section. I just know that Al hadbeen in many groups that I have been associatedwith for over 25 years. In both big“swing bands” and concert bands Al was aregular member. The last time that I spokewith him he mentioned that he was downsizingfrom a house to an apartment andwould miss the following week ’s rehearsal.Rather than see him at our rehearsal in twoweeks’ time, I attended his funeral service. We miss him.Definition Department. This month’s lesser known musical termis: An Achoired Taste: An appreciation of choral music. We invitesubmissions from readers. Let’s hear your daffynitions.Jack MacQuarrie plays several brass instruments and hasperformed in many community ensembles. He can be contacted with SheilaSheila McCoy416 574 Woodbine subway)ChildrenʼsPiano LessonsFriendly, approachable– and strict!Liz Parker416.544.1803liz.parker@rogers.comQueen/BathurstNEED HELP WITH YOUR TAXES?Specializing in personal andbusiness tax returns including prioryears and adjustmentsHORIZON TAX SERVICES INC.1 -866-268-1319 •• free consultation • accurate work • pickup & delivery50 | March 1 – April 7, 2014

Free Listings forTeachers.What’s the Catch?ALLAN PULKERBack in 1995 when we started The WholeNote, or Pulse as it firstwas called, it was certainly possible to find out about the manyconcerts going on in our city. All you had to do was go to concertvenues and pick up brochures, read and take notes on posters inplaces like the Edward Johnson Building, filch flyers from church andlaundromat bulletin boards, and so on. Point was, it was so muchwork, that no one did it, and literally hundreds of concerts wentunnoticed every season.The idea of a monthly guide to concerts was new, radical anduntested; and while we obviously liked the idea enough to dive inand do it, even we did not realize just how much music was going onin our city. By the spring of 1996, much to our amazement we werelisting about 160 concerts a month, about half of what we list now. Wehad made it possible for potential audience members to know muchmore about what was going on — to actually find out in time aboutconcertsand performers and repertoire that would be of interest.The Educational Parallel: Consider the parallels between the worldof concerts and recitals and the world of music teachers, musicschools and education programs. There are more than ever of both; all,especially with the help of the internet, can be found. But how do yousort, compare, arrange? What if there is a perfect teacher for you oryour offspring, but he or she just didn’t come up in your search?Just as there was a great desire among audiences for a comprehensivesource of information on upcoming concerts, so also, we think,there is a desire among people wanting to learn music for comprehensiveinformation on educators and programs.We made it possible right from the start, almost 20 years ago, forpresenters of live music to list what they were doing free of charge sothat audiences could be confident they were getting the whole story,not just the money story.Now we are offering educators the same opportunity— not in print,but in media which did not exist when we started The WholeNote —media which give anyone interested in studying music, from beginnerto professional, casual to committed, the means to search, sift, sortand select the teacher or program that is right for them.So what will it take? To start, about ten minutes from any teacherreading this who can see the potential benefits of being found thisway; just ten minutes, to follow the instructions at the bottom of thisarticle and fill out a simple questionnaire.Think about it. All those wretched posters with tear-offs along thebottom, taping them to lamp posts, only to find them torn off two dayslater, suddenly as passé as the passenger pigeon!Just as it was with the presenters in our concert listings, all you, theteacher, have to do is announce your presence. There is an audienceout there hungry for information.CANADIANCHOPINSOCIETYThe FourthCanadianChopin PianoCompetitionOctober 17- 26, 2014Mississauga, OntarioAllan Pulker, co-founder of The WholeNote, plays and teaches fluteand recorder. You can contact him at!All music teachers, studios, schools and providers ofsummer and continuing education programs:To make yourself part of the The WholeNote’s searchable online educationdirectory right from the start simply go to fill out the questionnaire.Application deadline:June 27, 2014For more information please March 1 – April 7, 2014 | 51

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