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Volume 19 Issue 7 - April 2014

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Beat by Beat | In the

Beat by Beat | In the ClubsCONTINUEDWalk with Jordan ScholarshipFoundation,” in memory ofJordan Davis, a 17-year-oldJacksonville, Florida teen whowas fatally shot for listening toloud music.For those unfamiliar with thetragedy, during the AmericanThanksgiving weekend of 2012,Jordan Davis was in an SUV withthree of his friends, listening tohip-hop while parked at a gasstation. Forty-seven-year-oldMichael Dunn, parked adjacently,asked them to turn downthat “thug music” and when theyrefused, he fired indiscriminatelyand shot at the SUV, killingDavis. The Florida jury convictedDunn of three counts of seconddegreeattempted murder butthe jury was deadlocked on theVivia Kaymurder charge.Vivia Kay had never met Jordan Davis, but being a Florida nativeherself, followed his trial closely.“Growing up around the societal and systemic racism that breedsthese kinds of violent crimes, I followed both the Trayvon Martin andJordan Davis trials with a great deal of interest. Particularly after theJordan Davis trial, I felt enraged and horrified — Jordan Davis wasmurdered because he was listening to music,” says Kay.“Growing up in the small-town South, driving around and listeningto music was what I did, what we all did on a weekend night. I readthat Jordan Davis’ last words were “turn it up.” That’s exactly whatI would have done as a teenager. I wouldn’t have been targeted by aracist like Davis’ killer, because I’m not black. But I wouldn’t haveturned down my music, either. That’s why Jordan Davis’ murderresonated with me on such a personal level. And it’s why I’m doingthe Send Love South benefit.”The artists are donating their time and Musideum owner DonaldQuan has generously waived much of his usual fee for the space, sobeyond the small rental fee every penny of show proceeds will bedonated to the Walk with Jordan Scholarship Fund, a scholarship setup by Jordan Davis’ parents in his memory. The Scholarship Fundaims to support students from the Florida/Georgia border region inpursuing a college or university education, which as someone whostruggled to pay for university also resonates deeply with Vivia Kay,who recently earned a PhD in ethnomusicology at York University.With a performance background in classical singing as well as jazzvocals, her dissertation examines Southern Gospel music and theculture that surrounds it. On April 24, Kay’s band Blacksparrow willfeature Mark Kieswetter on Musideum’s Bechstein piano and bassistJordan O’Connor.“The music that we are presenting is a selection of gospel, jazz androck songs along with two originals I’ve written for the occasion. Markand I have been rehearsing and working together on the arrangements,and I am really excited about them. The music will be centredaround laments regarding injustice and evil in the world as well ashopes for justice and better times. I think it will be an emotional andcathartic evening, but it isn’t going to be an entirely mournful one. Ibelieve that love and hope are radical acts in today’s world, and that isthe ultimate message of the show.”For those unable to attend, there is an opportunity to contribute tothe cause by visiting the foundation’s website: Dagan is a Toronto-based jazz vocalist, voiceactor and entertainment journalist. He can becontacted at Yonge St. 416-481-6865 alleycatz.caEvery Mon 8pm Salsa Night w/ Frank Bischunand free lessons. Every Tue 8:30pmCarlo Berardinucci Band. No Cover. EveryWed 8:30pm City Soul Swinging Blues & VintageR&B. No Cover. Every Thu 9pm Souland R&B (bands alternate weekly). EveryFri/Sat 9:30pm Funk, Soul, R&B, Top 40. after 8:30pm. Apr 3 Latin Night w/ Love toDance Studio. Apr 4 Ascenion. Apr 5 Soular.Apr 10 Latin Night w/ Love to Dance Studio.Apr 11 Disco Night w/ Disco Inferno.Apr 12 Soular. Apr 17 Back Alley Ringers.Apr 18, 19 Lady Kane. Apr 23 Electric SoulCircus. Apr 24 Blush. Apr 25, 26 Lady Kane.Annette Studios566 Annette St. 647-880-8378annettestudios.comEvery Mon 9:30pm Jazz Jam w/ Nick MorganQuartet. Suggested donation /(st).Artword Artbar15 Colbourne St., Hamilton. (full schedule)Bloom2315 Bloor St. W. 416-767-1315bloomrestaurant.comApr 10 7pm Luis Mario Ochoa Quartet (dinner & show package).Castro’s Lounge2116 Queen St. E. No Cover/PWYC.Every Sun 4pm Live jazz. Every Mon 9pmRockabilly Night w/ the Cosmotones. EveryTue 8pm rotating bluegrass bands; 10:30pmblueVenus. Every Wed 8pm MediterraneanStars. Every Thu 9pm Jerry Leger & the Situation.Every Fri 5pm Ronnie Hayward. EverySat 4:30pm Big Rude Jake.C’est What67 Front St. E. (full schedule)Apr 5 and Apr 19 3-6pm Hot Five Jazzmakers.PWYC.Chalkers Pub, Billiards & Bistro247 Marlee Ave. 416-789-2531chalkerspub.comEvery Wed 8pm-midnight Girls Night OutJazz Jam w/ host Lisa Particelli. PWYC. Apr 56-9pm Collen Allen Trio ; free(under16). Apr 12 6-9pm Mike Murley Trio ;free(under 16). Apr 19 6-9pm Lisa MartinelliQuartet ; free(under 16). Apr 25, 26 8pmDonna Jacobs cabaret: While I Can .Classico Pizza & Pasta2457 Bloor St. W. 416-763-1313Every Thu 7pm Nate Renner. No Cover.Communist’s Daughter, The1149 Dundas St. W. 647-435-0103Every Sat 4-7pm Gypsy Jazz w Michael Johnson& Red Rhythm. PWYC.DeSotos1079 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-651-2109Every Thu 8pm-midnight Open Mic Jazz Jam,hosted by Double A Jazz.C. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz)Dominion on Queen500 Queen St. E. (full schedule)Every Tue 8:30pm Hot Club of CorktownDjango Jam w/ host Wayne Nakamura.PWYC. Every Wed 8pm Corktown UkeleleJam . Apr 3 7pm The Wee Folk Club .Apr 4 9pm Havana to Toronto Safari .Apr 5 9pm Paul James Band Blues Party. Apr 13 4:30pm Wintergarten Orchestra. Apr 14 8pm Good Neighbours Open Mic.PWYC. Apr 17 7pm The Wee Folk Club .Apr 19 9pm D.B. Buxton Sonic Blues BBQ .Apr 25 9pm Ori Dagan: Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald. Apr 26 9pm Hat Full of Feathers .Dovercourt House805 Dovercourt Rd. (full schedule)Every Sat 9pm-1am Saturday Night Swing:Dance featuring Live Swing Bands and twopre-party dance classes. Dance ; withone class, with both. Apr 5 Up JumpedSwing. Apr 12 Lily Frost & the SwingingDukes. Apr 19 Melissa Lauren Swing Band.Apr 26 Bertie and the Gents.Emmet Ray, The924 College St. (full schedule)All shows: No Cover/PWYC.Fionn MacCool’s181 University Ave. 416-363-1944fionnmaccools.comEvery Sun 6pm Classical Social, hosted bySimon Capet. No Cover.Flying Beaver Pubaret, The488 Parliament St. (full schedule)Gate 403403 Roncesvalles Ave. All shows: PWYC.Apr 1 5pm Rob Davis; 9pm Danny Marks &Alec Fraser Duo. Apr 2 5pm Bill McLean &Brian Stevens; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night.Apr 3 5pm Roberta Hunt Band; 9pm MelanieBrulee Band. Apr 4 5pm Felix Wong; 9pm TevlinSwing Band. Apr 5 5pm Bill Heffernan &Friends; 9pm Bartek Kozminski El MosaicoFlamenco Jazz Fusion Band. Apr 6 5pmCarter Brodkorb Quintet; 9pm Karl SilveriraTrio. Apr 7 5pm Mike Daley Trio; 9pm BenYoung Duo. Apr 8 5pm Denis Schingh; 9pmDanny Marks & Alec Fraser Duo. Apr 9 5pmHojin Jang Jazz Quartet; 9pm Julian FauthBlues Night. Apr 10 5pm Chris Wallace JazzStandards Quartet; 9pm Kevin Laliberte Trio.Apr 11 5pm Doc Barrister Band; 9pm DenielleBassels Band. Apr 12 5pm Bill Heffernan &Friends; 9pm Sweet Derrick Blues Band.Apr 13 5pm Joel Sheridan Band; 9pm KiteTrio. Apr 14 5pm Abbey Sholzberg Trio; 9pmBen Young Duo. Apr 15 9pm Danny Marks &Alec Fraser. Apr 16 5pm Jazz Money; 9pmJulian Fauth Blues Night. Apr 17 5pm TiffanyHanus Band. Apr 18 5pm Whitney Ross BarrisBand; 9pm Fraser Melvin Band. Apr 19 5pmBill Heffernan & Friends; 9pm ChristopherSimmons Trio. Apr 20 5pm Mark Yan Band.Apr 21 5pm Abbey Sholzberg Trio; 9pm BenYoung Duo. Apr 22 9pm Danny Marks & AlecFraser. Apr 23 5pm Leigh Graham Duo; 9pm54 | April 1 – May 7, 2014

Julian Fauth Blues Night. Apr 24 5pm DeniseLeslie Band; 9pm Cyndi Carleton Band. Apr 255pm Mr. Rick Vintage American Duo; 9pmAnnie Bonsignore. Apr 26 5pm Bill Heffernan& Friends; 9pm Brownman AkousticTrio. Apr 27 5pm Under Paris Skies. Apr 285pm Toby Hughs Band; 9pm Ben Young Duo.Apr 29 9pm Danny Marks & Alec Fraser Duo.Apr 30 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night.Gladstone Hotel1214 Queen St. W. (full schedule)Grossman’s Tavern379 Spadina Ave. (full schedule)No Cover/PWYC.Every Sat 4:30pmThe Happy Pals; 10pm featuredband. Every Sun 4:30pm New OrleansConnection Allstars; 10pm The Nationals.Every Mon 10pm No Band Required. EveryWed 10pm Bruce Domoney. Every Fri/Sat 10pm featured band – check website.Habits Gastropub928 College St. 416-533-7272habitsgastropub.comNo Cover, minimum purchase perperson.Apr 4 9pm Landen Vieina Trio. Apr 5 9pmBirds of Bellwoods. Apr 11 Chelsea McBrideTrio. Apr 26 Birds of Bellwoods.Harlem Restaurant67 Richmond St. E. (full schedule)All shows: 7:30-11pm. No Cover/PWYC.Apr 3 8pm Natasha Waterman. Apr 47:30pm Unbuttoned. Apr 5 7:30pm ZimZum.Apr 7 8pm Neil “Bee” Brathwaite. Apr 117:30pm Mellow Dee. Apr 12 7:30pm TrebleAttack. Apr 18 7:30pm Daniella Watters.Apr 19 7:30pm Marla Walters. Apr 25 7:30pmMadette.Hirut Restaurant2050 Danforth Ave. 416-551-7560Apr 1 and Apr 15 8pm The FingerStyle GuitarGroup. Apr 25 9pm Hirut Hoot Cabaret.Home Smith Bar – See Old Mill, TheHugh’s Room2261 Dundas St. W. (full schedule)All shows: 8:30pm (unless otherwise noted).Apr 3 MonkeyJunk /.50(adv).Apr 4 Lorraine Segato /$19.50(adv).Apr 6 12pm Michael Johnston Music Recital &Spring Celebration /(child). Apr 9 CaraLuft /(adv). Apr 10 Jonathan Byrdw/ Corin Raymond .50/(adv).Apr 11 Anthony Gomes .50/(adv).Apr 12 Highway 61 Revisited: Tributeto Bob Dylan w/ Jason Fowler, GregoryHoskins, Roxanne Potvin and others.50/(adv). Apr 13 12pm MichaelJohnston Music Recital & Spring Celebration/(child); 8:30pm Strunz & Farah/(adv). Apr 14 Gordie MacKeeman& His Rhythm Boys /(adv). Apr 159:30am Toronto Ravel: “Music and the Brain”/.50(adv); 8:30pm Jane Harbury’sDiscoveries: Denielle Bassels, J.F. Robitaille,Mira Meikle & Tessa Romanow /(adv).Apr 16 Tribute to Pete Seeger w/ Jory Nash& Rosalyn Dennet, James Gordon, Mike Fordand others /(adv), /(adv/st). Apr 17 Tribute to Vocal Jazz: Cadence/(adv). Apr 19 Tribute to Peter Seeger(see Apr 16). Apr 23 BlairStock /(adv).Apr 24 Dave Gunning & Allie Bennett/.50(adv). Apr 25 Celebrating LevonHelm: Jerome Avis, Lance Anderson, TerryBlersh and others /(adv). Apr 26 Luke& The Apostles .50/$19.50(adv). Apr 2712pm Michael Johnston Music Recital &Spring Celebration /(child); 8:30pmDavid Rotundo DVD Release .50/(adv).Apr 28 Visage .50/(adv).Apr 29 Andrew Collins Trio: CD Release.50/(adv). Apr 30 Luke MacMaster/(adv).Inter Steer Tavern357 Roncesvalles Ave. 416-588-8054All events: PWYC.Every Wed 8-11pm Fraser Daley. EveryThu 8-11pm Ronnie Hayward. Apr 22 4-7pmLaura Hubert.Jazz Bistro, The251 Victoria St. 416-363-5299jazzbistro.caYoung Artist Series6-8pm NO COVERStudents from Humber,U of T, York and Mohawkperform on Tuesdays, Thursdays,Fridays and SaturdaysMention this WholeNote adand receive free dessert!Every Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat 6-8pm Young ArtistSeries. No Cover/PWYC. Apr 1 6pm YoungArtist Series: Felix Wong (piano); 8pm Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen Trio /(adv). Apr 28pm Eddie Bullen Caribbean Jazz Trio .Apr 3 6pm Young Artist Series: Andrew Slade(piano); 9pm Kirk MacDonald Quartet CDRelease /(st). Apr 4 6pm Young ArtistSeries: Andrew Slade (piano); 9pm Kirk Mac-Donald Quartet CD Release . Apr 5 6pmYoung Artist Series: Aaron Zukewich (piano);9pm Kirk MacDonald Quartet CD Release. Apr 6 12:30pm Young Artist Brunch:Matt Lagan Duo. No Cover/PWYC; 7pm GabiEpstein: The Cold Never Bothered Me Gabaret. Apr 8 6pm Young Artist Series:Felix Wong (piano); 8pm Aria Tesolin .April 9 8pm Soul Nannies . Apr 10 6pmYoung Artist Series: Sam Pomanti (piano);8pm Omer Klein . Apr 11 6pm YoungArtist Series: Sam Pomanti (piano); 9pmMarc Jordan . Apr 12 6pm Young ArtistSeries: Sam Pomanti (piano); 9pm MarcJordan . Apr 13 12:30pm and 7pm MicahBarnes Trio: “New York Story” Single Release. Apr 15 6pm Young Artist Series: FelixWong (piano); 9pm Lucy Ricardo Sound System. Apr 16 8pm Kalabash CaribbeanJazz Sextet . Apr 17, 18 6pm Young ArtistSeries: Felix Wong (piano); 9pm Lenny SolomonQuartet . Apr 19 6pm Young ArtistSeries: Felix Wong (piano); 9pm Lenny SolomonQuartet . Apr 23 8pm Soul Nannies. Apr 24, 25 6pm Young Artist Series: SandorSchwisberg (piano); 9pm Beverly TaftMeets the Nathan Hiltz Orchestra . Apr 266pm Young Artist Series: Sandor Schwisberg(piano); 9pm Beverly Taft Meets theNathan Hiltz Orchestra . Apr 27 12:30pmYoung Artist Brunch Series: Emily SteinwallDuo. No Cover/PWYC; 7pm Ilana Waldston:April Fools…in Love” . Apr 29 8pm TogniTrio .Jazz Room, TheLocated in the Huether Hotel, 59 King St. N.,Waterloo. (full schedule)Attendees must be 19+, shows 8:30-11:30pmApr 4 Lydia Persaud . Apr 5 Lorne LofskyTrio . Apr 11 Rufus John Quintet .Apr 12 Dave Thompson . Apr 18 AndrewMcAnsh Sextet . Apr 19 Heillig Manoeuvre. Apr 25 Momentus Sextet .Apr 26 Tim Louis Quartet .Joe Mama’s317 King St. W. 416-340-6469Live music every night; All shows: No Cover.Every Mon 7:30-11:30pm Soul Mondays.Every Tue 7-11pm Blue Angels.Every Wed 8pm-12am Blackburn. EveryThu 8:30pm-12:30am Blackburn. EveryFri 10pm-2am The Grind. Every Sat 10pm-2am Shugga. Every Sun 6-10pm Organic:Nathan Hiltz (guitar); Bernie Senensky(organ); Ryan Oliver (saxophone); MorganChilds (drums).KAMA214 King St. W. 416-599-5262All shows: 5-8pm. No Cover, food/beverageminimum.Every Thu Thursdays at Five: Members of theCanadian Jazz Quartet: Frank Wright (vibraphone);Duncan Hopkins (bass); Don Vickery(drums) and special guests: Apr 3 SteveMcDade (trumpet/flugelhorn). Apr 10 PatLaBarbera (sax). Apr 17 Brigham Phillips(trumpet/trombone). Apr 24 Dave Caldwell(sax).Local Gest, The424 Parliament St. 416-961-9425Jazz Sundays 4:30-7:30pm. No Cover, food/beverage minimum.Lula Lounge1585 Dundas St. W. (full schedule)Apr 4 8pm Max Senitt Trio . Apr 9 8pmJaymz Bee’s Birthday Bash: Chobo, LuxuryBob, Bonzai Suzuki, Maylee Todd and Fitness/(adv). Apr 14 8pm Euphonia(sugg). Apr 23 8pm Ron Davis: Symphronica. Apr 29 8pm Autorickshaw CDRelease or (with CD).Manhattans Pizza Bistro & Music Club951 Gordon St., Guelph 519-767-2440manhattans.caAll shows: PWYCMcQueen’s993 Queen St. E. 647-748-7740manhattans.caEvery Sat 4-7:30pm Ronnie Hayward Trio.Mezzetta Restaurant681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687mezzettarestaurant.comSets at 9pm and 10:15pm. Jazz/World MusicSeries: Cover -.Apr 2 Café Ole Trio . Apr 9 Ted Quinlan(guitar); Mike Downes (bass). Apr 16 GeorgeSawa (qanun); Suzanne Meyer-Sawa (darabukkah).Apr 23 Roland Hunter Trio .Apr 30 Kieran Overs (bass); Rudy Smith(steel pan).Monarchs PubAt the Eaton Chelsea Hotel33 Gerrard St. W. (full schedule)All shows: 8pm-midnight. No Cover.Morgans on the Danforth1282 Danforth Ave. 416-461-3020morgansonthedanforth.comSunday Brunch, 2-5pm, No CoverApr 6 Rita di Ghent (vocals); Dave Restivo(keys). Apr 13 Gina P (vocals); Scott Metcalfe(keys). Apr 20 Steve Koven (keys); HenryHeillig (bass). Apr 27 Lisa Particelli’s GNOEast Jazz Jam.Musideum401 Richmond St. W., Main Floor416-599-7323musideum.comNawlins Jazz Bar & Dining299 King St. W. 416-595-1958nawlins.caEvery Tue Stacie McGregor; Every Wed JimHeineman Trio. Every Thu Nothin’ But theBlues w/ guest vocalists. Every Fri/Sat AllStar Bourbon St. Band; Every Sun BrookeBlackburn.Nice Bistro, The117 Brock St. N., Whitby. 905-668-8839nicebistro.comApr 30 7-9pm Zoey Chilco Duo .99(includes dinner).Old Mill, The21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641oldmilltoronto.comThe Home Smith Bar: No Reservations. NoCover. food/drink minimum. All shows:7:30-10:30pm Apr 3 Sundar ViswanathanTrio. Apr 4 Gord Sheard Trio. Apr 5 MikeDownes Trio. Apr 10 David Occhipinti Trio.Apr 11 Arlene Smith Quartet. Apr 12 ChrisGale Trio. Apr 17 Vincent Wolfe Trio.Apr 19 Alex Pangman & Her Alleycats.Apr 24 Steve Koven Trio. Apr 25 Lara SolnickiTrio. Apr 26 Don Thompson & Neil Swainson.Paintbox Bistro555 Dundas St. E. 647-748-0555paintboxbistro.caApr 12 8pm Roberto Occhipinti Quartet .Apr 26 10am Junior Jazz Jam for Kids w/Autorickshaw. Free.Painted Lady, The218 Ossington Ave. (full schedule) April 1 – May 7, 2014 | 55

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