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Volume 19 Issue 7 - April 2014

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ORANGE PAGESWelcome to The WholeNote’s second annual Orange Pages MusicEducation Directory! What has changed since last year is that the profilesyou read in these pages are no longer static. They live online in a directorythat changes and grows as each new teacher completes the questionnaireupon which the directory is founded. With time we hope it will become asweeping overview of the music education scene in all its variety and scope,with students and prospective students enabled to search its riches asgenerally or specifically as they choose. Thanks to all the educators who havecompleted the survey (more that 145 at press time). Thanks particularly tothose who chose to go beyond filling out the survey and to reveal a bit moreabout themselves in the profiles that follow here.As we did last March, we have divided the profiles into three clusters:• Community Schools offering year-round part-time music programming• Private Instruction by professional teachers• Summer Music Education across Ontario and beyondIn the fall we hope to extend the scope of the directory to encompassfull-time music-centred education, including universities, colleges andspecialized elementary and secondary schools.For schools, camps and teachers who missed this annual print snapshotof the Orange Pages, take heart! It resides online, maintained and updatedonline, year round. For information on joining, please contact and we will send you the survey link.We look forward to working with you to make this directory the best it canbe as a resource for anyone pursuing an active musical life.COMMUNITY SCHOLS● Bloor West Music Studios2352A and 2228 Bloor St. W.Bloor West Music Studios opened its doors in1990, offering private music lessons at 2352A and2228 Bloor Street West, between Willard Avenueand Windermere Avenue. Since then it has becomea music school of prestige, training serious musicians,hobbyists and people who just want tohave fun. We are a family-run community servicedirected by Doug and Karen Hibovski andstaffed by 17 talented and dedicated teachers. Privatelessons are available in all levels of guitar(rock, classical, blues, jazz and contemporary),piano (classical, jazz and contemporary), voice,violin, wind instruments, drums and bass guitarto students of all ages (from 4 to 84). Studentsalso may join our popular Rock Band program. Wewelcome you to try a lesson for● Etobicoke Suzuki MusicEvery music school teaches kids how to playmusic … We teach them how to live it.Programs year-round; summer programs onWednesday evenings from May 7 to August 27Central Etobicoke and surrounding areaSince 1982, over 3,000 families have made EtobicokeSuzuki Music a part of their lives. ESM is a notfor-profit,community-based program, recognizedas one of the oldest and finest Suzuki programsin Canada. Our teachers have extensive SuzukiMethod training and an average of over 20 yearsteaching experience.We believe that learning music should be a joyfulexperience. Our approach is based on the philosophyof Dr. Shinichi Suzuki – that talent can betaught and every child can learn. Our childrenbegin as young as age three – first learning to playby ear and by heart. We offer instruction in violin,viola and cello, with weekly private lessonsand group classes. Other activities include concerts,recitals, a workshop, orchestra and a toddlerclass. We have studios in Etobicoke, West Torontoand Mississauga.Ann Balmer,● International Music AcademyWinner of the Consumer’s Choice Award for thebest private music school in the GTA.Winner of the Royal Conservatory of Music GoldMedal for teaching excellence.4981 Highway 7, Unit 1, MarkhamThe International Music Acadeny (iMA) offersprofessional music education at the highest internationalstandards for all ages, levels and instruments.The iMA provides a complimentary initialassessment in order to discover the personal learningstyle and music potential of the student as wellas to create a personalized program, tailored tohis/her individual goals and objectives.Music lessons are taught by highly inspiringand motivating professionals. All teachers havea master’s degree in music and a minimum of 15years teaching experience. Most also have degreesin music pedagogy and are certified to teach inOntario. All teachers are also registered with theRoyal Conservatory of Music. The tuition fee isthe same for all instruments, levels, teachersand students. Like us on Facebook and follow uson Twitter!905-489-4620info@● MNjccSuzuki Music SchoolSeptember to May, Tuesday afternoonsMiles Nadal Jewish CommunityCentre, 750 Spadina Ave., TorontoOur Suzuki program offers a friendly communityand supportive atmosphere of weekly violinand cello group classes with level- and age-appropriateenrichment consisting of note readingensembles, theory and/or musicianship. All classestake place on Tuesdays late afternoon throughearly evening. All students are required to takeone weekly private lesson, either at the MNjcc (iftime and space permit) or at the home of the privateteacher. Our students range in age from 3 to18 years. All of our Suzuki teachers are accreditedand registered through the Suzuki Association ofthe Americas (the SAA).416-924-6211● North York Suzuki School of Music15 Lesmill Rd., Unit 6Our school has been teaching music to childrenin the Suzuki Method for over 40 years. Piano, violin,viola, cello and guitar lessons are offered byour highly trained and certified teachers. To augmentprivate lessons, students also have weeklygroup lessons. Children participate in concerts,workshops and special events such as fiddling andimprovisation, and we also offer Parent and Toddlerclasses for children up to four years of age.This program emphasizes the importance of amusic environment from birth. Come share a joyousmusic experience with your child!Join our friendly atmosphere for learning andloving music.416-222-5315admin@northyork-suzuki.comnorthyork-suzuki.com62 theWholeNote 2014/15 ORANGE PAGES DIRECTORY

● VIVA! Youth ChoirSeptember to JuneAuditions: April 5 and June 7VIVA! offers youth the opportunity to achieveartistic excellence through innovative educationin a singer-centred, inclusive community. VIVA!’sfive choirs serve singers from the ages of four toyoung adults. Monday rehearsals focus on excellentvocal repertoire, theory instruction, Orffinstruction for the youngest singers and vocalcoaching. Private vocal instruction is available.Performance opportunities include two majorconcerts plus many other optional events annually.Performing Arts Camp in the fall is an excellentway for singers to learn musical skills and toconnect with fellow singers. With an emphasis onthe well-rounded singer, VIVA! often incorporatesacting, dancing, movement and composition intoactivities. Singers with disabilities are encouragedto audition.Carol Woodward Ratzlaff,founder/artistic directorSusan Suchard, general● Voices of Colour MusicTorontoVoices of Colour Music offers a personalizedapproach to music study and performance. Underdirector Denise Williams, the studio offers lessonsin voice, piano, theory, improv and songwriting,as well as early childhood music. We representall styles, classical to contemporary, includingopera, art song, music theatre, folk, gospel, jazz,etc., and provide preparation for exams, festivals,auditions, concerts and other performance opportunities.Beginner or advanced, amateur or professional,classical or contemporary, we strive tohone each student’s own natural vocal or instrumentalcolour and style through individuallytailored studies which promote healthy singingor playing with ease and freedom. Inquire aboutour group classical and contemporary performanceclasses and masterclasses.416-588-5845 x2info@voicesofcolourmusic.comvoicesofcolourmusic.comPRIVATE INSTRUCTION● Adam Weinmann, oboe/pianoCollege/OssingtonThe world of music has room for everybody! Iam a professional oboist and pianist with a master’sdegree from the California Institute of theArts offering lessons in oboe, piano, musicianshipand theory, taught from my home studio indowntown Toronto. Whether you are looking toprepare for RCM exams, brush up on your pianoNorth York Suzuki School of Musicskills, supplement a high school band programor take your first steps into the music world, Iwill tailor your lessons to your unique musicalgoals and your individual style of learning. Byincorporating all elements of music into lessons,I strive to create good foundations in musicianshipfor all the students I teach. Come and findyour place in music!● Brian KatzBoth teaching and performing have been atthe forefront of my 40 years of professional life inmusic. At age 12, I was drawn to sharing my knowledgewith others, a passion that would ultimatelylead me to pursuing undergrad and graduatedegrees in music education at the University ofToronto, where I have been adjunct faculty forsome 18 years (I also teach at York). Private lessonsat home hold a special place in my heart: Inthis context, free of worrying about administeringgrades – yet honouring the highest of standards– I can guide you while we, together, forgeout a path/pace that speaks to your needs. Myareas of expertise: Jazz-Classical-Folk-World Guitar;Classical-Jazz Theory/Harmony/Ear Training;Jazz Piano; Composition; Classical-Jazz-Free Improvisation;Dalcroze● Janice KerkkampEast York; Bloor/SpadinaJanice Kerkkamp, MusBac (University ofToronto), BEd (University of Toronto), ARCT (VoicePerformance), is a contralto and flautist with over30 years’ experience as a private music teacher.Learn to sing or play the flute for fun! Janice canalso help you prepare for conservatory exams, festivals,competitions and university auditions. Lessonsare held in her home in East York or at herchurch in the Bloor/Spadina area. Janice enjoysgiving private lessons in flute, singing, theory(rudiments, harmony, counterpoint, and analysis)and musicianship (sight singing and ear training);all levels (beginner to advanced) and all agesare● Jessica DeutschBloor/OssingtonAre you a string player who wants to expandtheir musical horizons? I will help you learn toplay and improvise in a wide variety of styles!Through years of performance experience withgroups such as the Lemon Bucket Orkestra, EsmeraldaEnrique Spanish Dance and Ozere, I havelearned to play jazz, Klezmer, Celtic, bluegrass,flamenco, Balkan and more. I love teaching violinists,violists and cellists the basics of improvising:how to play over different chords, how tofit into various styles and how to have fun doingit! Lessons are taught at a bright home studio atBloor and● Michele Jacot, clarinet/saxophone/fluteAll ages and stages!Spadina and DupontOne of Michele’s great joys as a musician is tohelp others discover and shape their musical talent.Whether you’re just beginning or building onwhat you already know, private studio sessions arekey. Michele teaches what to practice and HOW topractice. You will develop great technique and atheWholeNote 2014/15 ORANGE PAGES DIRECTORY 63

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