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Volume 19 Issue 9 - June/July/August 2014

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ORI DAGANIn the Clubs

ORI DAGANIn the Clubs continues from page 14Beat by Beat | In the Clubs8) Toronto native Beverly Taft is oneBeverly Taftof this city’s busiest jazz vocalists – sheis performing four gigs at the festival:at Musideum with pianist Robi Botoson June 24 and in various ensemblesat the Dominion on Queen; back toback on June 22 from 1 to 4pm withGeorge Westerholm and the York JazzEnsemble and 5 to 8pm with SamMurata on violin, Tony Quarrington onguitar and special guest from Japan,pianist Yumi Nakata; and again atthe Dominion on June 28 from 4 to7pm singing bossa nova with NathanHiltz on guitar, Jordan O’Connor onbass and Chris Gale on tenor sax. Taft’sis a light instrument that is easy tolisten to and her passion for performing this music is always evident.9) An exciting talent for her singing, songwriting and performancestyle, Maylee Todd defines genre in a sense, and though she is far frombeing a “jazz singer” the Toronto Jazz Festival has wisely booked her toperform at Shops on Don Mills. Comparisons to Björk and Kate Bushare likely, but here is an authentic voice of an exciting individual, notto be missed! I’m sad to miss this one myself (I’m playing at Paupersat precisely the same time!) but I will be visiting forfuture dates and following her on Twitter at @mayleetodd to find outwhere she will be next!10) Now here’s a concept: live jazz performances at music stores!Leading up to the Jazz Festival, the 333 Yonge Street location ofHMV will present three live performances at 6pm called “The HMVUnderground”: the Mike Downes Trio, led by JUNO-winning bassistextraordinaire (June 16); Myriad3 (Chris Donnelly on piano, DanFortin on bass and Ernesto Cervini on drums, June 17); and thearresting voice of Eliana Cuevas (June 18). This is a wonderful opportunityto hear these artists up close and get an autographed copyof their recordings. What better way to get people back into themusic stores?Ori Dagan is a Toronto-based jazz vocalist, voiceactor and entertainment journalist. He can becontacted at by Beat | Jazz NotesA Name to KnowJIM GALLOWAYOnce a year WholeNote puts out an issue thatcovers more than one month and this editionis the lucky or unlucky one depending onyour point of view. On this occasion I thoughtI would take the opportunity to write a fewwords about a musician with whom I recentlyspent time in Vienna, Austria.At a time when the dream of most youngguitar players was to become proficient atplaying three chords enabling them to play theblues and so call themselves musicians, therewere a few who set their sights a little higher.Howard AldenOne of them was a young man in HuntingtonBeach, Southern California. His name? Howard Alden, destined tobecome one of the finest jazz guitarists of his or any other generation.The beginnings are familiar – a piano at home on which by age fivehe was picking out tunes and an old banjo gathering dust – a fourstringmodel which set him on his destined path.Those of you who are not dyed-in-the-wool fans may not recognizehis name, but if Woody Allen is one of your favourites, you would havecertainly heard him on one of his soundtracks. An early influence wasRoy Clarke on Hee Haw and his playing certainly took a change indirection when he was exposed to the music of Goodman and Basie.A phone call from Allen in the late 90s opened yet another door forHoward when the director asked him if he would be willing to coachthe principal actor for his upcoming movie Sweet and Lowdown,whose role required him to play the guitar.The actor was Sean Penn and what Howard assumed would takea few weeks turned into six months of intensive work during whichtime he and Sean developed a warm relationship.If you would like to hear the real thing in person, Howard will be intown for one night, Thursday, October 30, at the Old Mill Toronto.Have a happy summer and spend some of it listening to live jazz.Jim Galloway is a saxophonist, band leader and formerartistic director of Toronto Downtown Jazz. He canbe contacted at In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz)Alleycatz2409 Yonge St. 416-481-6865 alleycatz.caEvery Mon 8pm Salsa Night w/ Frank Bischunand free lessons. Every Tue 8:30pm BachataNight w/ DJ Frank Bischun and free lessons.Every Wed 8:30pm Carlo BerardinucciBand. No Cover. Every Thu 9pm Soul andR&B (bands alternate weekly). Every Fri/Sat 9:30pm Funk, Soul, R&B, Top 40. .Annette Studios566 Annette St. 647-880-8378annettestudios.comEvery Mon 9:30pm Jazz Jam w/ Nick MorganQuartet. Suggested donation /(st).Artword Artbar15 Colbourne St., Hamilton. (full schedule)June 4 8pm Jazz with the Abigail Neale Quartet:Abigail Neale (sax), Chris Bruder (piano),Tom Altobelli (bass), Luke Paron (drums) /PWYC. June 5 7:30pm Karnay Gypsy Trio:Steve Karnay (piano), Charlie Bodo (violin),Gene Ruzsa (violin) . June 6 8pm JazzDouble Bill: Kite Trio: Eric Couture (guitar),Paul Van Dyk (bass), Eric Dew (drums) + SeanDowhaniuk Group: Sean Dowhaniuk (guitar),Riley Keller (sax), Josh Smiley (piano),Ethan Tilbury (bass), Mike Rajna (drums) .June 7 8pm Shari Vandermolen: Shari Vandermolen(vocals), Steve McCrae (piano),Clark Johnston (bass) /(st). June 138pm Art Crawl: Beg to Differ Trio: Tim Ninehouse(keys, vocals), Doug Sikma (guitar),Steve Foster (drums) No cover/PWYC. June19 8pm Dan Walsh with guitar and songs .June 28 8pm Jazz with the Abigail Neale Quintet/PWYC.Axis Gallery and Grill3048 Dundas St. W 416-604-3333axisgalleryandgrill.comAll shows: No cover/PWYCJune 7 9pm Sandra Bouza & Redbrick. June14 9pm Junction City All Stars. June 21 12-3pmSummer Solstice Festival: Julian Faust 4-7pmTBA 8-11pm: Sintruckers.Bloom2315 Bloor St. W. 416-767-1315bloomrestaurant.comJune 12 7pm Sophia Perlman Trio: SophiaPerlman (vocals), Mark Kieswetter (piano), &Ross MacIntyre (bass) (dinner & show).June 26 7pm Robi Botos Trio: Robi Botos(piano), Louis Botos (bass), Jozsef Botos (guitar) (dinner & show).Castro’s Lounge2116e Queen St. E 416-699-8272castroslounge.comAll shows: No cover/PWYCEvery Wed 6pm Fusion Jazz with the MediterraneanStars. Every Sat 4:30pm Big RudeJake. June 29 4pm Jazzforia.C’est What67 Front St. E (416) (full schedule)June 7, 21 3pm The Hot Five Jazzmakers: BrianTowers (trombone), Janet Shaw (reeds),Jamie Macpherson (banjo), Andrej Saradin(trumpet), Reide Kaiser (piano), Gary Scriven(drums) No cover/PWYC. June 20 8pm TheHappy Pals No Cover/PWYC.Chalkers Pub, Billiards & Bistro247 Marlee Ave. 416-789-2531chalkerspub.comEvery Wed 8pm to midnight Girls Night OutJazz Jam w/ host Lisa Particelli. PWYC. June 76-9pm Fern Lindzon Trio: Fern Lindzon (piano& vocals), Michael McLennan (bass), & DavidFrench (sax) . June 14 6-9pm The NancyWalker & Kirk MacDonald Duo: Nancy Walker(piano), & Kirk MacDonald (sax) /(st).June 21 6-9pm Toronto Jazz Festival: LorneLofsky Trio: Lorne Lofsky (guitar), KieranOvers (bass), & Barry Romberg (drums) from TicketWeb. June 22 1-5pm Toronto JazzFestival: Handmade Guitar Showcase ;7-10pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Lisa Particelli’sGirls Night Out JAZZ All-Star Vocal Showcase or from TicketWeb. June 28 TorontoJazz Festival: Dave Young: Dave Young (bass),Brian Chahley (trumpet), Gary Williamson(piano), & Terry Clarke (drums) fromTicketWeb; 9:30pm Toronto Jazz Festival:Robi Botos Jazz Funk Project & DJ BrendanDavis No Cover.64 | June 4, 2014 – Sept 7, 2014

Classico Pizza & Pasta2457 Bloor St. W (Full schedule)June 1 5pm Stevie G. No cover/PWYC.DeSotos1079 St. Clair Ave. W (Full schedule)Every Sun 11am-2pm Sunday Live Jazz Brunchhosted by Anthony Abbatangeli No Cover.Dominion on Queen500 Queen St. E 416-368-6893dominiononqueen.comCall for cover charge info.June 5 The Community Soul Project. June 85pm James Anthony w/ Sweet Claudette &Dale Robinson. June 14 Don River Blues Band.June 19 6:30pm+10pm Sean Dobbins DetroitOrgan Quartet; 9:30pm Harrison Kennedy.June 20 6pm Bruce Cassidy Quartet; 10pmCaribbean Jazz Connection w/ Joaquin NunezHidalgo Band. June 21 4pm Bruce Cassidy’sHotfoot Orchestra; 9pm Que Isso? w/ KyleMcGyle. June 22 1pm York Jazz Ensemble;5pm San Murata, Tony Quarrington, & BeverlyTaft; 9pm Bruce Cassidy’s Mbaqanga SouthAfrican Township Jazz. June 23 9pm StevenCole Group June 24 8:30pm Hot Club of Corktownw/ Wayne Nakamura. June 25 8:30 DonFrancks & Friends. June 26 6:30pm+8:30pmRalphe Armstrong & The InternationalDetroiters. June 27 7:30pm+10pm Partisans.June 28 4pm Beverly Taft’s Bossa Nova Project;9pm Wintergarden Orchestra.80 Gladstone80 Gladstone (full schedule)June 14 7:30pm Les Petits Nouveaux: AlineHomzy (violin), Andy Mac (guitar), Tak Arikushi(guitar) /(st). June 29 7:30pm RobMosher’s Polebridge .Emmet Ray, The924 College St. (full schedule)All shows: No Cover/PWYCJune 5 9pm Live Gypsy Swing: John WayneSwingtet. June 9 7pm Lydia Persaud Quartet;9pm John Russon. June 12 9pm Live GypsySwing: Bossa Tres. June 16 7pm AnthonySczachor; 9pm STOP TIME. June 18 9pmPeter Boyd & Noah Zacharin. June 19 9pmLive Gypsy Swing: Vokura’s Violin. June 237pm Pram Trio; 9pm Harley Card Quintet.June 30 7pm LaRochelle-Homzy-Occhipinti-Downing; 9pm Anthony Fung.Flying Beaver Pubaret, The488 Parliament St. (full schedule)June 27 9pm Alex Tait Trio: Alex Tait (vocals),Koji Hori (guitar), Charles James (bass) advance/ door.Gate 403403 Roncesvalles Ave. All shows: PWYC.June 1 5pm Jazzforia Featuring Claire Riley;9pm Ashley St. Pierre Jazz Band. June 2 5pmMike Daley Jazz Trio; 9pm Jeff LaRochelleQuartet. June 3 5pm Rob Davis Blues Duo;9pm Danny Marks and Alec Fraser Duo. June4 5pm Little Sound Trio; 9pm Julian FauthC. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz)Blues Night. June 5 5pm Roberta Hunt Jazz& Blues Band; 9pm Mélanie Brûlée’s Band.June 6 5pm Felix Wong Jazz Trio; 9pm TevlinSwing Band. June 7 5pm Bill Heffernanand Friends; 9pm Eliza Pope Jazz Band. June8 5pm Joshua Goodman Jazz Band; 9pmBen Young Jazz Duo. June 9 5pm Byung-GulJung Jazz Band; 9pm Howard Willett BluesDuo. June 10 5pm Dennis Schingh Solo; 9pmDanny Marks and Alec Fraser Duo. June 115pm Michelle Rumball with Kevin Quain; 9pmJulian Fauth Blues Night. June 12 5pm MarkUcci Jazz Duo; 9pm Kevin Laliberté Jazz & FlamencoTrio. June 13 5pm Doc. Barrister JazzBand; 9pm Denielle Bassels Jazz Band. June14 5pm Bill Heffernan and Friends; 9pm SweetDerrick Blues Band. June 15 5pm Karl SilveriraJazz Trio; 9pm The Kilts – Play Celtic Blues.June 16 5pm Danny B. and Brian Gauci BluesDuo; 9pm Joe Amato Jazz Trio. June 17 5pmChris Wallace Jazz Standards Quartet; 9pmDanny Marks and Alec Fraser Duo. June 185pm Bruce Chapman Blues Duo; 9pm JulianFauth Blues Night. June 19 5pm The KathleenGorman Group; 9pm Tiffany Hanus Jazz Band.June 20 5pm Whitney Ross Barris Jazz Band;9pm Fraser Melvin Blues Band. June 21 5pmBill Heffernan and Friends; 9pm Valeria Matznerand Sabor Latin Jazz Band. June 22 5pmChristopher Simmons Jazz Trio; 9pm BrownmanAkoustic Trio. June 23 5pm Jazz Forge;9pm Richard Whiteman Jazz Band. June 245pm Toby Hughes Jazz Band; 9pm DannyMarks and Alec Fraser Duo. June 25 5pmLeigh Graham Jazz Duo; 9pm Mike Field JazzBand. June 26 5pm Sam Broverman Jazz Duo;9pm Cydni Carleton Jazz & Swing Band. June27 5pm Joel Sheridan Jazz Band; 9pm AnnieBonsignore Jazz Duo. June 28 5pm G StreetJazz Trio; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. June29 5pm Jeff Taylor and the SLT; 9pm Les PetitsNouveaux. June 30 5pm Andra HendersonDuo; 9pm Cheryl White Rhythm & Blues Band.Grossman’s Tavern379 Spadina Ave. (full schedule)June 3 9:30pm-1:30am Ms. Debbie and theDon Valley Stompers No cover/PWYC. June4 9:30pm-1:30am Bruce Domoney No cover/PWYC. June 10 8pm The 3 rd Annual Amy LouieGrossman’s Music Scholarship .Habits Gastropub928 College St. 416-533-7272habitsgastropub.comJune 6 9pm Pam Hyatt Trio No Cover, minimum purchase per person. June 13 9pmLanden Vieira Trio: Landen Vieira (sax), SamDickinson (guitar), & Malcolm Connor (bass) minimum purchase per person. June 199pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Chelsea McBride &the Cityscape . June 20 9pm Toronto JazzFestival: Laura Fernandez . June 21 6pmToronto Jazz Festival: Kohen Hammond Quartet. June 26 9pm Toronto Jazz Festival:Harry Vetro Jazz . June 27 9pm TorontoJazz Festival: Ori Dagan .Harlem Restaurant67 Richmond St. E. (full schedule)All shows: 7:30-11pm (unless otherwisenoted.) Call for cover charge info.June 6 Daniella Watters. June 7 Marla Walters.June 13, 20 Mike Field. June 14 MellowDee. June 21, 23, 28 Neil Brathwaite. June26 The Jazz Lovers’ Society.Home Smith Bar – See Old Mill, TheHugh’s Room2261 Dundas St. W. 416-531-6604hughsroom.comAll shows: 8:30pm (unless otherwise noted).June 3 Mary Gauthier advance/.50door. June 4 Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos delJunco advance/ door. June 5 LovingMary advance / door. June 6,7 Skydiggers w/ Peter Cash .50 advance / door. June 8 Laura Smith advance /.50 door. June 9 Judy Collins advance/ 0 door. June 10 David Lindley advance / .50 door. June 11 8pm PamelaJane Gerrard advance / door. June12 Mike Celia advance / door. June13 Dark Angel: The Music and Life of Roy Orbisonw/ Patrick Brealey advance / .50door. June 14 Glendale One with the B-TownHorns and Carolyn Scott advance / door. June 15 Linda McRae advance / door. June 17 9:30pm Toronto Ravel.50 advance / door. June 18 The Howlin’Brothers advance / door. June19 Sonny Landreth .50 advance / door.June 20 “In Cash We Trust” a concert tributeto Johnny Cash. advance / door.June 21 Eliza Gilkyson advance / .50door. June 22 7pm “Hear My Song!”: A VocalShowcase .50 advance / door / students + children. June 24 Greg Wyard.50 advance / door. June 25 The OutsideTrack advance / door. June 268pm George Lake Big Band .50 advance / door. June 27 Shine On: The Universe ofJohn Lennon .50 advance / door. June29 John Sebastian advance / door.Jazz Bistro, The251 Victoria St. 416-363-5299jazzbistro.caJune 1 12:30pm Young Artist Brunch Series:Jacob Gorzhaltsan Duo PWYC/No Cover;Fundraiser for Music Makes Us: The Coalitionfor Music Education 0. June 3 8pmHill-Overs-Chalmers Trio: James Hill (piano),Kieran Overs (bass), & Matthew Chalmers(drums) /(st). June 5, 6, 7 9pm SteveKoven Trio: Steve Koven (piano), Rob Clutton(bass), & Anthony Michelli (drums) (June5)/ (June 6, 7). June 8 12:30pm SundayBrunch with Arlene Smith: Arlene Smith(vocals), Mark Eisenman (piano) ; 7pmOri Dagan (vocals), Mark Camilleri (piano),& Allison Young (sax) /(with reservation);7pm Cabaret in the Jazz Cellar: GillianMargot: Gillian Margot (vocals), KevinBarrett (guitar) . June 11 8pm Soul Nannies:9-piece R&B, Funk & Soul Band feat.Andrew Craig (piano) . June 12, 13, 14 9pmColin Hunter and the Joe Sealy Quartet: ColinHunter (vocals), Joe Sealy (piano), Paul Novotny(bass), Daniel Barnes (drums), & AllisonYoung (sax) . June 15 12:30pm Father’sDay Brunch with Colin Hunter and Matt Pines:Colin Hunter (vocals), & Matt Pines (piano) (brunch and show); 7pm Father’s Day Dinnerwith Colin Hunter and the Joe Sealy Quartet:Colin Hunter (vocals), Joe Sealy (piano),Paul Novotny (bass), Daniel Barnes (drums), &Allison Young (sax) . June 17 8pm Ol’ BlueEyes: Adi Braun (vocals) and Andrew Tees(vocals) Salute Frank Sinatra . June 198pm Toronto Jazz Festival: Mark Mclean feat.“TAKE 5” beer, wine, shotsFrom 5PM - 7PMon our beautiful new 3rd floor“JAZZ CELLAR” Lounge.Come TAKE 5 with us!3RD FLOOR LOUNGE OPEN TUES-SAT FROM 5PM, SUN FROM 2PMDJ THURS & FRI 9PM - MIDNIGHTLive Jazz on the main floor TUES - SUN.JULY HIGHLIGHTSON OUR MAIN FLOOR:SUMMERLICIOUS: JULY 4 - JULY 20R&B WITH THE SPANDETTES: JULY 2, 16, 30MONTREAL’S JOEL MILLER QUARTET: JULY 10,11,12Available for private/corporate events. Email June 4, 2014 – Sept 7, 2014 | 65

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