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Volume 2 Issue 10 - July/August 1997

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JUly/august '97

JUly/august '97 wholenote ' MUSIC REMAINS WHOLE IN THE CITY'S SUMMER BY CHRISTOPHER DAWES Ten months a year, our beloved Wholenote voraciously stuffs itself full of our concerts, even pursuing delinquent presenters and publicity alsorans who have failed to come up with delights for its insatiable appetite by press time. Yet, when the elation of a long-awaited spring melts into summer, Toronto smog begins its inexorable descent on the lungs of the city, and sprinklers begin overcompensating for nature's rains long-since driven away ... then, terrified, burnt-out presenters and, according to mythology, all decent concert-going folk flee 'en masse' to cottage country. Or do they? Though I'in performing or relaxing out of town during nine out of this summer's twelve-or-so weeks, I'll always think 1 of To ron to as a place of music, and of the people who make, and LIVE it, twelve months out of twelve. Arts events enjoy undiminished support during Toronto's summer, boosted by the ever-monied tourist, and by a growing population whose work life cools off when the streets heat up, releasing them to leisure, guided solely by the sense of freedom and spontaneity which only beautiful weather and scant clothing bring. With apologies to Elora, Sharon, Festival of the Sound and others trying vainly to pursue the fleeing country-seeking masses, my musical heart will remain here, with many classical/new music prese_nters who feel Toronto should be neither silent, nor subsumed by 'Molson Rocks' and other summer "art" phenomena. If you have time on your hands, consider spending it on the music that continues to flow through the veins of this publication. I know I will -- here, and wherever the summer breezes find me. Christopher Dawes, Director of Communications, Royal Canadian College of Organists, assistant organist at the Cathedral Church of St. James, and artistic director of Organ Alternatives, is himself is responsible for one of these oases of music, a series of eight short concerts, mostly organ recitals, every Sunday in July and August at 4:00 at St. James' Cathedral.

1 wholenote July/august '97 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 1 SUMMERFEST QUEST Ontario abounds with musical destinations this summer. Perhaps we can help· you find the one(s) for you! 1. Festival of the Sound artistic director, James Campbell has brought together an outstanding group of musicians to perform in Parry Sound. See Festival of the Sound listings and their ad on page 9. .-----------------, (2787). Quinte Summer Music presents "Bats and Broadwat,l' on the Bay August 8 1997 and ''Mad Bats and fnglishmen" August 9 1997 a summer musical melange of Strauss, G&S and Broadwav Marilyn Powell, STAGE DIRECTION Errol Gay, MUSIC DIRECTION PRODUCED BY Ann Cooper Gay REGENT THEATRE PICTON ONTARIO for information and tickets Tel 613-476-8416 fax 613-476-3783 P.O. Box 500, Picton ON KOK 2TO 2. The Elora Festival's elaborate plans are also well covered in our listings. Use our index on page 31 as a short cut. 3. There are three festivals in the nation's capital this summer. The first is Festival Canada, June 18 - July 19 (highlights include Benjamin Britten's The Prodigal Son, tenor Richard Margison, and Victor Davies' Revelation.) Call 1-888-910-MTS Second is the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, July 18-27; and third is The Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, July 26 to August 8, featuring the Allegri and Tokyo String Quartets. (The Chamber Festival's Music of Our Time mini festival July 31 and August 1, will be dedicated to music by contemporary composers. The Festival can be reached at 613-234-8008. Its web site is 4. One of the most unusual summer festivals is the Altamira Symphony in the Barn Summer Festival in Durham, Ot:1tario, north of Guelph. Artistic Director, Michael Schmidt, will present fourteen events, including two orchestral concerts, an opera by Mozart and an operetta by Lehar in the barn of his operational organic farm. For tickets and information, phone 1-800-967-9291. 5. Looking ahead we see Patria Musical Productions' The Princess and the Stars ' by R. Murray Schafer on September 12, 13 and 14. beginning at dawn on Wildcat Lake in Haliburton. Attending means getting on a chartered bus in Toronto at midnight and at 4:30 a.m. transferring to another which takes you ....._ ________________ ---l to the site of the performance. Patria Music/Theatre Projects presents tlie Princess of tlie Stars 6y 9{. Murray Scfiajer A Music/Theatre Spectacle at Wildcat · Lake deep in the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve for tickets and information, c a 11 toll-free 1-888-246-6109 or visit the Patria website September 12-13-14, 1997 (Friday to Sunday) at Dawn --·---TORONTO 'SONLYCCJMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE Other Music Festivals to contact for information: •The Huntsville Festival ~f the Arts, June 27 to July 20, 1-800-663-2787. . •The Boris Brott Summer Music Festival (Hamilton), July 6 to August 15, 1-905- 522-7529 •The Thornhill Chamber Music Institute's sixth summer concert series, July 21 to August 1. 905-764-1924. • Fort Henry (Kingston) 1- 800-437-2233. •The Kingston Summer Festival, all summer, 1-800~ 615-5666. •Stirling Theatre Festival, July 22-27, 613-395-2100. •The Lighthouse Festival (Port Dover) September 2 to 6. 519-583-2221. •Quinte Summer Music (Picton) August 8 and 9. 613- 476-8416. OF GREATER TORONTO Lydia Adams, Conductor 1997-1998 Subscription Series at the Ford Centre's Weston Recital Hall Call (416) 324-9333 CD November 8, 1997 at 8 p.m. Haydn's Nelson Mass Schubert's Mass in B flat with orchestra @ December 14, 1997 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Celebrate with Brass! featuring winning compositions of the 11th Amadeus Christmas Carol and Chanukah Song Writing Competition @ April 4, 1998 at 8 p.m. Mozart's Jupiter Symphony Mozart's Mass in C minor @June 7, 1998 at 7:30p.m. Viva Ia Diva! Mary Lou Fallis takes on the Amadeus Choir for an evening of song and fun AUDITIONS Good sight readers able to sing to professional standards are invited to contact the Choir office at ( 416) 446-0188 now.

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