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Volume 2 Issue 4 - December 1996/January 1997

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Dec'96/ Jan'97 (Q_ncert

Dec'96/ Jan'97 (Q_ncert ~tes NEVER TOO LATE FOR "EARLY" The music of the liturgical seasons of Advent and Christmas seems as fresh to many contemporary listeners as it must have been when it really was new. Pulse asked the month's busiest early music specialist, Toronto Consort's David Fallis about the growing popularity of the music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. He pointed out that Medieval Music has been in vogue for some time, pointing out the great interest of the past few years in the music of Hildegard von Bingen, and the plainsong revival, which has put monks singing Gregorian Chant on best seller lists. The music of both periods ~- ~ ~ _ ----:;----•·• · ···~-~·~....... ~ .. = ... ~ .... -- ~ - ~-- ---=--~ is spare, with. clean, uncluttered melodic lines, very much .in line with 20th century aesthetics. Thirteen different ensembles will be presenting music of the middle ages, renaissance and early baroque . during December. RENAISSANCE RECORDER POWER One of the most beautiful instrumental combinations of the renaissance was the recorder ensemble. It produces a sound not unlike an organ, but because each line of music is produced by a separate player, the ensemble can perform polyphonic music with a much greater independence of line. You can hear such a group at the Baroque Music by the Grange concert on December 1st. · OLD AND NEW The Exultate Chamber Singers give the early music theme a new twist in their December 6 program, combining medieval music and 20th century compositions inspired by . medieval texts. The Singers will be joined Toronto's own Sine Nomine Ensemble playing authentic period instruments. Sine Nominehas its own 12th-15th century concert December 20 at its usual veriue, the Church of St. Stephen-in-the-Fields. VINTAGE FORD The Ford Centre is really PULSE pulling out all the stops in t~e early mustc department this month with Chanticleer, Sequentia and Ensemble Anonymus. A truly remarkable opportunity to hear the best early music / performers in the world. CAMERATA Featuring settings of the text, "Hodie Christus Natus Est" by a variety of composers from a variety of historical periods, the Toronto Camerata's seasonal approach. Their concerts (Dec 7, 14 and 15) are JlOt dedicated exclusively to early {O_ncert ~tes continues on 6

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