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Volume 2 Issue 4 - December 1996/January 1997

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Dec'96/ Jan'97 . .. ..

Dec'96/ Jan'97 . .. .. -------- ' ----- PULSE (O_ncert ~tes CONTINUED FROM !>AGE 4 tradition that began in the Middle Ages. CONSORT, CHAMBER, SYMPHONY & SLIDES Back to Mr. Fallis' busy schedule: On December 7 he leads a renaissance consort in collaboration with the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra's presentation, "Renaissance Revival" featuring medieval and renaissance music for Advent, and a performance · of "Musica Antiqua" by Canadian composer, Lothar Klein. Then, Dec. 13 the Toronto Consort presents sacred music of the middle ages and renaissance along with readings from the Tyndale Bible and projected slides of medieval and renaissance paintings of the Christmas story projected on a screen behind the performers. PLAINSONG PLACE One of the places where Gregorian Chant, or plainsong, has been revived and continues to thrive is at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, where the choir will be singing the plainsong Mass X for the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary on December lOth. · BAROQUE AT KNOX, GIBBONS AT ST. ANNE'S, PAX CHRISTl CHORALE Winding up our "early" overview, December 13 Knox College Chapel will be presenting a concert of early Baroque music for organ and strings with music by Lebeque, Couperin and Marin Marais, whose compositions formed much . of the soundtrack for the film, "Tousles matins du monde". On the 15th, the Choir of St. Anne's Church will be singing the English renaissance composer, Orlando Gibbons' "This is the record of John" as well as plainsong settings of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis at Evensong.. , And December 21 the Pax Christi Chorale will be presenting Christmas music of the Renaissance for voices and instruments. OPERATIC HAPPY FIFTIETH AT U.OF T. Over the past half century the Opera School at the Faculty of Music at U ofT has produced a steady stream of fine opera singers, and every month brings us oppottunities to hear some of them perform in operas and oratorios or in recital. December, however, will bring us an unprecedented opportunity to hear many distinguished Opera School alumni in a single concert, the Opera Division's 50th Anniversary Gala Concert on December 6. NOT TO BE MISSED This year is the tenth anniversary of a truly remarkable contribution to the cultural life of our community. - the Amadeus Choir's Annual Carol and Chanukah song competition and Carols with Brass Concert. At the Ford Centre, the choir will honour the many entrants to date and perform this year's winning entries, which we are told, are very, very good. INTRODUCING www. pulsetoronto. com JANUARY 1, 1997

Dec'96/ Jan'97 PRESENTING pulse's GREAT big (little) CD G I v E - A w A y Longtime readers will remember our regular ticket give-aways--great while they lasted but hell to administer! Well amnesia has set in and we're launching in a cautious way what we think could become a great (big) good thing for us all. Just for starters, there are nine cd's up for grabs this month. See Concert Homework, page 9. '" ....... " -- --~~- -- ---..- PULSE THE ROY ANS CENTRE FOR VOICE AND WELLNESS Lost your voice? Excessive mucus? Dryness, raspiness, nodes? WE CAN HELP Save protect and develop your voice with our REVOLUTIONARY VOCAL TECHNIQUE and well researched and recognized natural herbs and remedies. For initial consultation 416-229-0976 -ONTARIO •• __ CHORAL 5 FEDERATION Supporting Ontario's Choral Community for 25 Years NEW SCHOOL OF ClASSICAL VOCAL STUDIES OPEN HOUSE EVERY SUNDAY I 18 Isabella Street Toronto, Ontario M4Y IPI . offers: • Quality Instruction for Career- Minded Singers · • Strong Emphasis on Voice Building • Scholarships for singers aged 13-20 • Preparation for Competition and Exams • Vocal Rehabilitation for Adults • Regular Performance Opportunities • Free Personal Assessment • Piano, Theory, Dance and Language for Singers · • Vocal Coaching • Competitive Fee Structure Information & Support Services Choral Library Services • Competitions Children's Choir Camp • Publications Ontario Youth Choir • Workshops We welcome inquiries about our services, or about how you can become a member. Ontario Choral Federation 100 Richmond Street East, Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario M5C 2P9 Tel: 416-363-7488 Fax: 416-363-8236 Charitable Registration * 0384404-22 170 TbePo~ West #411 Donk~:1~~7!!~ftG3 Fax 4 l6-44~-764o Minirltuni purchase .00 ·• Expi~D~;3J,l~96.: \ P.S. Donit MiSs oirr •••• . ·•. OnnfR StbiiJI: ~ - •t "MESSIAif~ Cll~ral kate Only .25 & GST OOer: New Novello Ed.

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