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Volume 2 Issue 4 - December 1996/January 1997

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Gamelan Toronto. Gamelan

Gamelan Toronto. Gamelan class. 620-4931. Yorkminstrels. My Fair Lady, Nov. 24 to Dec.1 at the Leah Posluns Theatre, 4588 Ba_thurst St. 622-1971. Tuba & euphonium players, participate in Tubafest at Nathan Phillips Square, December 11 12:30. 222- 8262, ext. 6.628. Recently published: • Under the Sign of the Big Fiddle: The R.S. Williams Family, Manufacturers and Collectors of Musical Instruments by Ladislav Cselenyi-Granch, tells the story of the Williams family's musical instrument repair and manufacturing business in the late 1 9th and early 20th centuries. •"Mr Rigoletto: in conversation with Louis Ouilico" by Christina Petrowska. "Legendary Metropolitan Opera baritone, Louis Ouilico, speaks about the voice, teaching, opera and his 510 performances of Rigoletto in conversation with his wife, Christina Petrowska. New Magazine:"On a Classical Note" is a 24 page, magazine with articles on classical composers, colour illustrations, and a CD with complete works or significant excerpts of the featured composer's music - .95 per issue. Prim Communications Inc., 97 Beechwood Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 1L7, 1-888- VIVALDI. • SEEKING PERFECT SOUND 6: Music on the Hill --Timothy. Eaton Memorial BY FRANK LOCKWOOD As a recording engineer/ producer for classical and acoustic music, I am constantly investigating halls and churches to assess their acoustical characteristics. I will be continuing to share some of what I find with you here in this ongoing series. Regular readers of this column will have noticed that a fair number of the performance venues covered here are churches. The reasons for this are many: churches are often the centre of a community's cultural activities, they seldom charge more than a nominal rental for amateur and semiprofessional performing groups, and frequently, they have the best acoustics for performances of classical chamber and choral music. Many commercial recordings of classical music are made in churches for just that reason. Add to that the fact that much choral and concert music was originally written for religious purposes, and you can see why I have devoted as much attention to Toronto's churches in this column. Since we are in the season when many choir concerts dot the calendar, I felt that it was suitable to cover a building that has been the scene of many important c"oncerts of choral music in this city. Timothy Eaton Memorial Church was established in 1909 in memory of the great department store merchant, a staunch Methodist who had been a founding member of Trinity Methodist Church. Mter his death in 1907, Dr. Joseph Odery, minister of Crawford Street Methodist, entered into discussions with Mrs. Eaton and her son, John C. Eaton, in order to secure the needed donation that would see the establishment of a "Citadel of Methodism on the Hill"; While church services were held in the Deaconess Home (on the S.E. corner of Avenue Road and St. Clair), construction began on the two storey Sunday School Auditorium in 1909, to the plan of the Wickson and Gregg firm of architects. The first worship service and official dedication was held in the new building on November 19, 1911. The Sanctuary building followed, and was completed in 1914. Built in the English Gothic Cathedral style, this building was constructed from grey stone with much elaborate cut decoration. Originally there were two transepts near the front of the main hall, but renovations in the '1930s saw these disappear when the . front area of the church was opened up and the balcony extended to surround the main hall on three sides. This reconstruction did much to open up the sound qualities for the choir and the (recently refurbished) organ and expanded the seating capacity to 1200. Music has always been an important part of the worship at T.E.M.C., and several notable musicians have been employed as organist and choir master. One of the most eminent persons to hold this post was Ernest MacMillan, who led the choir and played the organ from 1919 to 1925. During his tenure, he performed much of the organ music of J.S. Bach, staged several performances of new works by Healy Willan and other North American composers, and conducted the first ever complete performance of Bach's "St. Matthew Passion" in Toronto on March 27, 1923 - beginning what would be an annual event under his baton for the next 35 years. Today, the music at Eaton Memorial is directed by Michael Bloss, an accomplished organist who performs solo recitals and stages choir concerts throughout the year. Many concerts feature congregational singing similar to the "Hymn Tasting" concerts at the Elora Festival. Coming up on December 14, will be a sing-along presentation of Handel's "Messiah", with members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Throughout the year, guest artists in recital Concerts, organist Diane Bish have included the Mooredale and the CJR T orchestra in a festival presentation of Mozart's sacred music. Michael points to this last as bringing the music, " ... full circle, and places liturgical classics back into a church setting." The church is located at 230 St. Clair West and is easily accessed via TTC Streetcar from either St. Clair subway stations. There is ample parking on-site, as well as full access for the handicapped. Timothy Eaton Memorial Church is an important part of Toronto's musical heritage, and . continues to be an active locale for performances throughout the year. Frank Lockwood is an Engineer and Producer specializing in recording classical and acoustic music. Interested readers can find previous installments of this series at http: I I I -jl I . Quality Audio Record ing for Classical and Acoustic Music 14161 769-2204 httpJ/www. I/

Dec'96/ Jan'97 '\ ---the the th; the th~l . etcetera 1 1 file file file file file __ __\ • continued Lectures: Jan. 26 1 :00: Joseph Kerman. Gay, Mordant and at Times Poetic: Berlioz's Beatrice et Benedict. The Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre, 227 Front St. E. 363-8231. . •Dec. 02 8:00: Maynard Solomon. Writing Mozart's Life. Walter Hall 978-3750. Free. •Dec. 03 12:10: Maynard Solomon. Beethoven's Diabelli Variations: The End of a Beginning. Walter Hall •Dec. 04 12:10: Maynard Solomon. Schubert's Unfinished Symphony. Walter Hall Silvester Carnival. Dec. 31 Evening. Toronto Operetta Theatre. Pre- and aftertheatre dinner & entertainment at the Novotel. Follow A Night in Venice w. champagne, trifles & dancing to live orchestra. 366-7723. 5 ( + theatre ticket) . Brampton Symphony Three Tenors Raffle. Proceeds to support the B.S.O. Childrens Concert series. 905-874- 2800. per ticket. Curtain Call Players. 42nd Street. Dec. 5-14, 461- 4188.,. Carolling: • December 14. Creative Artist Productions. Christmas Workshop and Concert. See ad, page 20; • Since 1980 the Victorian ./ Carollers, all trained singers, have serenaded shoppers at ./ Christmas time. Info or ./ bookings, call Brian Pearcy , at 691-5263. ., Scarborough Festive Choir invites singers to participate. Opening of Scarborough Bicentennial Festival of Lights on December 9. 698- 7972. Revelation Oratorio. Adrienne Clarkson presents world premiere of Canadian Victor Davies' Revelation Oratorio. 300 choir, soloists & Winnipeg Symphony. CBC Dec 12, 7:00. NATIONAL MUSIC CAMP CAMP OF CANADA Co-ed Programs Junior & High School Sessions ./ ./ ./ ./ Our Overnight Music Experience Offers: Band & Orchestra Jazz, Jazz Vocal Music Theatre Suzuki Strings Beginning Instruments Professional Faculty Water & Land Sports Plus Much More! FOR A COLOUR BROCHURE Call (416) 482-2475 or 1-800-701-34132 Visit our website at WWW.CAMP.CAINMC Cif?ancu:d.t:z.n- Yevz-pd ftr .9artlbar t::Y2d' .5"i-ape ~/!a.M:J c:anad:e.n:1 ~6.1, :Jed"Vne/daua: d ~t~ SALLY DIBBLEE SOPRANO CentrediSCS serie Lavallee series RUSSELL BRAUN BARITONE I BARYTON CAROLYN MAULE PIANO CMC-CD 5696 Canadian Music Centre Distribution Service available at .select record stores and all regional offices of the Canadian Music Centre Canadian Music Centre 20 St. Jospeh Street Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1J9 Tel (416) 961-6601 Fax (416) 961-7198 e-mail:

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