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Volume 2 Issue 6 - March 1997

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Page 1 0 • March 1 - April 5 1997 For 10 years, . we at CiuT Radio, 89.5 FM, have been providing you with that hard-to-pin-down sonic experienc~ you so love to cook and wash dishes to. If your household chores are still being done in silence, C i u T invites you to tune into Toronto's most consistent and inn 0 vat i v e new music radio. We'd also appreciate your pledge during our ,annual funding drive, ·March 14-23. For the cost of a case of dog food, a couple of martinis, or a decent goldfish, you can keep cutthig .. edge music vital and ac.cessible 52 weeks a year, · over 15,000 Screaming watts (from Kitchener to Cobourg, Buffalo to B-arrie). :.: Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 Sunday2 Tuesday4 to Tuesday 11 W edriesday 12 Thursday 13 and Friday 14 Saturday 15 Sunday 16 Tuesday 18 W ednesday19 Glen Hall: Halluci;nations Workshops Glen Hall: Hallucinations Performance Jay Pitter: Gre.en is the Colour of Spring WHAT • NEXT: TBA MASTER MUSICIANS OF THE EAST Majid Kiani Canadian Electronic Ensemble; . Stonehenge Revisited WHAT • NEXT~ Evidence CCMC,9pm Native Women in the Arts Tune in, dial up and pledge to: Thursday20 WHAT • NEXT: Roscoe Mitchell 20th-century Sundays Radical Departures with Stephen Satory, 6~7 p.m. New Music Tuesdays ' . Media Lab with Ted Phillips . 9-11 p.m. 2nd, 3rd, 4th Tuesdaysofnrnth The Audible. Woman with Sarah Peebles · . 9-11 p.m. 1st Tuesday of the month Flashes of Timeless Joy " with Tom Sekowski, 11 p.m.- midnight Temporary Nice Place · with Neil Wiemik & Andra McCartney 12 a.m.-1 a.m. Saturday. 22 Sunday 23 Moriday ?4 Tuesday 25 Wednesday 26 Thursday 27 Saturday 29 Guy Few TheHaseks DOMusic Workshop CCMC,9pm R&R MASTER MUSICIANS OF THE EAST Trichy Sankaran Geordie MacDonald and the Painkillers Avante Jazz & Improv Fridays Improvised Mixology, with the RustB:rothers 11 a.m. - noon In Through the Outside with Nilan Perera 1-4 p.m. S9.5fm CiuT S9.5fm The Canada Council Touring Office Conseil des Arts du Canada Office des tournees

March 1 - April 5 1997 • Page 11 MAKE THIS THE BAND PAGE: AN INVITATION FROM THE PUBLISHER Most of us somewhere along the line as part ofour education have played in a amcert band. As budding woodwind, brass or percussion player~, we grappled with the "classics" arranged for these "orchestras without strings", with Broadway musical medleys and sometimes with the few classics composed and scored by the composer himself for this type of ensemble. I'll always remember being thrilled by the majesty of the theme of Wagner's Die Meistersinger in the arrangement which I played in my school band in grade 12. I also recall the excitement of conducting Gustav Holst's band suites when I was a high school music teacher and the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment the students felt when they had mastered it. Beyond the high school level there are many musicians, most of them amateur, still keeping active musically through participation in concert bands - university bands, military bands and community bands. They, along with community orchestras and community choirs, both of which have received some recognition in these pages, are providing musical opportunities for adults after they have finished school. Many of these groups are very good, with many members who went far beyond the high school level. A few, like the Hannaford Silver Band, carry the form to a high art. We think there's enough interest out there in concert bands for us to create a permanent concert band niche in this publication. So how about it? If you are involved in a concert band, please ask your publicity person to keep us informed about your organizati,on's activities and upcoming performance;. Here's a heartwarmer, for starters: Last June the Royal Regiment of Canada Concert Band used St. Clement's Anglican Church to make a recording. Now the church, which was built in 1891, needs extensive repair work, so the band is doing what it does best to help the church,-with a benefit concert on March 1. For tickets or information about or to order a copy of the new CD, phone the Royal Regiment at 973-3677. July and August. Their concerts on March 21 and 22 will feature trumpeter extraordinaire, 40 year veteran of the T.S.O., -arranger and composer, Johnny Cowell. Other concert bands active in March include the Band of the Royal Regiment of Canada (March 1); the Northdale Concert Band (March 2); Hannaford Street Silver Band (with the Moe Koffman Quintet-­ March 9); the Hart House Symphic Band (March 22); the Brampton Concert Band (March 22); the U. ofT. Wind Symphony (March 22); the U. ofT. Faculty of Music Concert Band (March 22 and 23); and the Scarborough College concert band (March 23) featur~ng tfte !:K.oe ~fman Q_uintet Sunaay ~rcft 9 3:00pm Bane ~[[ett 6')fteatre 27 '&ront Street C&st 366-7723 Toronto Oshawa North York Scarborough (416) 588-7886 (905) 434-1612 (416) 663-8612 (416) 439-8001 Repair Financing Musical Instruments

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