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Volume 2 Issue 6 - March 1997

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Page I 2 • March I - April 5 1997 R.S.V.P. BROADWAY jane Eyre~ already done its Toronto warmup. Ragtime roars on uptown. What do they have in common? Both were. billed as Toronto world premieres; and both are,(or will be) "Broadway bound" after completing shakedown runs here. Meanwhile down on Yonge Street at the Winter Garden, another "world premier" has slipped quietly into town and is (at time of going to press, Feb 25) in preview for an early March opening. The show is RSVP Broadway, the latest offering from Follows- Latimer Productions, producers of Forever Plaid and Forever Tango. We asked the composer of the music for RSVP Broadway, Tony D'Amato, what we should expect. A musical comedy, was the reply--"an interlude of escape and fantasy." The plot is a convoluted tale about laundering illgotten gains. The lyrics and music are patterned on the work of George Gershwin and especially the Latin side of Cole Porter. The show was conceived as ;,an affectionate evocation of the musical theatre and the culture of the 1930's, much as Guys and Dolls evoked the. 1940's and Grease evoked the 1950's." D'Amato and his writer wife, Barbara, created the show in the early 1970's mounted a version of it in Chicago in the late 70's, workshopped it in New York in the 80's and have been revising it ever since. So why Toronto? Coproducer Leo Cohen, a show business veteran, who includes among his credits participation in Rex, Pacific Overtures, Fiddler on the Roof reels off reasons: the strength of audience support for musical theatre; less expensive than most U.S. cities; and because "the talent available here far outstrips that available in New York". (He's ---- ~- ··~~~u~·~~U~>L~O ~ -·· ~·· _ - __ .... ~.~~LO ...... -- -~ - - -~~~ - -~ ...__-=.__- -- - - MUSICTHEATREMUSICTHEATRE THEATREMUSICTHEATREMUSIC early 20th Century German architect, Bruno Taut." :JRTA::IHOIZUM:JRTA::IHOIZUM IOLANTHE Music, spectacle and laughter .LHEV.LISE.. OZic.LHEV.LISE .. nZIC are not the exclusive domain of the big shows. Amateur :liSOW3H~ Y3H~:>IS OW ::I H~ V3 H~ music theatre is thriving, 3B.1V3H.1::>1SnN::U.I.1V3H.1::>1SnN here, fuelled by dedicated L..::=;;::;:.;;.....;;._ __________________. individuals devoted to the art not saying talent, please note: _ he's saying available talent.) Patricia Birch, the show's award-winning director agrees: her cast for this production, she says, is "second to none." Dirk Lumbard, Michael Fletcher, Kate Hennig, Joey Hollingsworth, and Jean Louisa Kelly headline a solidly Canadian cast. AND NOW FOR SOMETHING NOT OBVIOUS You don't need us to tell you there's a new Beast iri town. Or that a second swatch of Ragtime tickets is now on sale. Or even that the smart money is on Lion King to roar into town this fall, hard on the heels of the vanishing Beast. But we're wagering that your interest in musical theatre,, as in the realm of classical music, goes well beyond the obvious four or five "top tickets'~ So, here goes. Artword 1 CIRCUS GOTHIC Artword Theatre (81 Portland Street, 408-1146) is a music theatre hotbed this month. First, it is bringing Jan Kudelka's acclaimed one woman (plus musician) show, Circus Gothic, to Toronto March 12 to 30. A fluid and compelling performer, Jan Kudelka uses acting, clown techniques and music to create twenty-three characters, based on Ms. Kudelka's experiences while studying clowning in the 1970's with the late RiChard Pochinko. Artword 2 OPERA IN THE MAKING March 2 the two people behind Artword, Judith Sandiford and Ron Weihs in collaboration with composer, William Beauvais, present the next four arias in their opera . in progress, Heloise. This is part of their regular Composers' Soiree at which new work by Colin Eatock, Timothy Minthorn and Ben Stein will also be presented. ST. PAUL'S HASTEN TO COME March 29 St. Paul's Foundation for the Arts presents an in-concert version of Hasten to Come Before Winter by Eric Robertson, Marek Norman and Richard Ouzounian. Described as "a cross between The Messiah and Les Miserables," it was presented fully staged to standing ovations for five performances in 1993, in recognition of the parish's 150th anniversary. WEL TBAUMEISTER For years New Music Concerts under the artistic direction of flutist-composer, Robert Aitken, has been bringing world-renowned contemporary composers to Toronto. NMC's concert on the 16th, "Architectural Music Theatre for orchestra, voice and 'light'", introduces to us German composer Jens Peter Ostendorf. Against a laser light background created by Toronto artists Henry Jesionka and Peter Mettler, the work offers the audience "a rare glimpse into the utopian world of visionary for recreation and personal growth. One such group; the North Toronto Players, has been packing theatres for 31 years. This year's show is Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe . As always G&S's matchless blend of tune and comedic text brings out the best in these singers and actors (and they in turn bring out their audience, year after year). John Ricciardelli -Music: Michael Harms- Stage . Don Torney - Set Design Barb Scheffler -Choreographer Dates: March 7,8,13,14,15 at 8 pm March 9 at 2 pm Tickets: .00 for adults .00 for seniors on March 9 .00 for children under 12 Opening night special: . 00 for adults Location: Cardinal Carter Academy 36 Greenfield Avenue North York A Magical Tale of Love, Fantasy&. Parliamentary Privilege

MUSIC THEATRE WE'VE GOT A LITTLE LIST •Toronto Opera Repertoire, Giuseppe Macina, dir. J. Strauss: Die Fledermaus, March 1, 8:00. Puccini: La Boheme, March 2, 2:00. ( , ). Opera excerpts: Aida, Lucia di Lammermoor, Lohengrin, La Forza del Sun PWYC. 81 Portland St. . 408-1146. •Follows-Latimer Productions. RSVP Broadway, by Barbara & Tony D'Amato. Prev. Mar. 1,4 at 7:30; Mar. 1,2 at 2:30. Opening night Mar. 5, 7:30. Tuesday - Saturday: 7:30; matinees Wed, Sat, & Sunday. To April 20. Winter Garden Theatre, 189 Yonge St. 872-5555. March 1 - April 5 1 997 • Page 1 3 Destino, March i 2 & 13, •North Toronto Players. 8:00. (Free.) Central Gilbert & Sullivan: Iolanthe . Technical Theatre, n.e. cnr March 7 ,8, 13, 14,15 at 8:00; Harbord & Bathurst. 698- March 9 at 2:00. Cardinal 9572. Carter Academy, 36 •Artword Theatre. Jan Greenfield Ave. 905-727- Kudelka: Circus Gothic. Jan 2209. Kudelka, actor, clown & •St. Paul's Church. Eric singer; Cameron Shook, Robertson: Hasten to Come musician. March 12-30 (prev. Before Winter. March 29, March 11, 8:00). Wed-Sat at 8:00. 227 Bloor St. East. 8:00; Sun at 2:00. ,, 699-5879. ,. Prokofiev's delightful classic for children of all ages eter andtheWolf performed by the Orchestra · and Dancers of the Shevchenko Musical Ensemble as part of a CONCERT of Shevchenko School of Performing Arts and "Kaniv" Dancers Sunday, April 6 • 3:00 pm Betty Oliphant Theatre 404 Jarvis (north of Carlton) Adults , Seniors , Children (under 16) For tickets call (416) 533-2725 • VISA orders accepted Curtain Call Players OLll'Eif Book, music and lyrics by Lionel Bart RECIPE FOR AM IMTOXICATIMC MUSICAL! TAKE TWO PARTS DANCINC ONE PART SINCINC. kD A RUM·RUNNINC CANCSTER AND HIS ELECANT WIFE. MIX IN A BUTLER WITH A SECRET AND A SWEET YOUNC CIRL WHO WANTS TO. BE A STAR. friR THINCS UP WITH A HANDSOME SCOTLAND YARD ACENT. . SERVE ON THE ROCKS IN AN ART DECO PENTHOUSE. CARNISH WITH A SLICE OF CLAMOUR AND A TWIST OF COMEDY! April17 to 19 & 24 to 26 at 8pm Sunday matinee April20 at 2pm * R e.-erved .-ea~iDIT * Adults Seniors/Students Group Rates Available . Tickets I Information ~ (416) 462-3903 E -

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