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Volume 2 Issue 6 - March 1997

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Page 4 • March I - April 5 1997 Pulse is dead! Long live .... As many of you already know we have, entirely through our own lack of corporate smarts, bumped our noses on the rock hard wall of trademark law. Translation: we must give up our beloved name, Pulse. But the owner of the trademark (the U.S. corporate parent of Tower Records) has generously given us till April to make the change. So, as announced last issue, we are offering a free ticket to T.O.'s latest world premier musical, R.S.V.P. Broadway., to each of the 5 readers offering the most useful and I or entertaining advice on what our new name needs to say. Deadline to participate is March 15! Mailing address, fax number and e-mail address are on page 2. · Meanwhile, here's a medley of reader responses so far: Too bad about "Pulse". It's such a good name. There is always "Pulsus", same thing in Latin, or "Beat" or "Tactus" or "Tempo" - probably all names taken already, in this "World of Sound" or "Musica" or "Variations", or "Echo", "Grace Notes", "Coda". There was a "Fugue" in the seventies, and there have been "Arias", "Da Capo" and "Ostinato" and "Continuo". I had better stop now. I'll ask my wife maybe she can think of something. Not to worry. While there is pulse, there is life. With best wishes. John Ferth The Recorder Centre, Toronto I have three suggestions for a new name for Pulse: NOTES, KEY CHANGES, THE BEAT. Sincerely, Beverley J. Bucknall Toronto My suggestion for a name has more than five letters - it has six and a space - and more than one syllable - it has two - nevertheless THE NA~E CHANGE GAME: READERS RESPOND conveys the gist of what you are succeeding so well in doing in your wonderful little mag. HEAR YE! Do you hear me? Sterling Beckwith Toronto ·· OK! I've thought of a few cool names you can definitely use. Catchy, exciting, eye-popping! One o~ the following must be the wmner: 1) The Mag Formerly Known as "Pulse" (maybe not!) 2) Toronto Beat 3) Rhythmsation (too Janet?) 4) Tones of TO 5) Classic Beat I really really want a ticket to RSVP Broadway. I worked very hard to help you qut (as you can see). This is not only an entertaining (somewhat!) letter but also an incredibly useful one too. Now if you could only help me out I would be thrilled beyond belief. Diana Coatsworth Stratford I've been home with a wretched flu for a. week. (I enjoyed it for 3 days, but this is too much!) Some one brought me PULSE to cheer me up - it did. What's more, it kept me sitting .for one hour, hence the array of names. (I've got to get back to horizontal soon.) So here goes. (I have the excuse of a sick mind.) Impulse, expulse (x-pulse), octo pulse, pre pulse, pro pulse, non pulsed, re pulse, pulselet, retro pulse, quasi pulse, still pulse, for ever pulse, well kept pulse, working pulse, easy pulse, pulse shmulse, arch pulse! (Bless you), tit for pulse, pulse haste, pulse keeper, pulse pusher, pulsemanship, pulse script, pulse-pourri, pulse broker, pulse-a- . ting, platy pulse, pulse minded, ne'er do pulse, notwithpulsing, pulse 'n boots, push 'n pulse, x pulse facto, pulse apart, pulse to pieces, pulse into force, pulse on I off, pulse together. And if all else fails, consider, ACCIACCATURA. Eva Saphir Toronto MORE, page 26

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