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Volume 2 Issue 6 - March 1997

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Page 8 • March 1 - April 5 · 1 997 the the the the the etcetera file file file file file •March 7 5:30: Women's Intercultural Network. Fourth Annual International Women's Day Awards ho~ouring women who "strive to improve the quality of life in the family, workplace and community." This year's recipient is Lydi;t Adams, Amadeus Choir of Toronto (see Pulse June 1996). North York Central Library Auditorium, 5140 Y onge St. 733-5171. . •March 15 10:00 a.'m.: Institute for Christian Studies. Lecture by Joachim Segger, : "The W ebern Piano Variations, Opus 27: Performance and Analysis Relationships. U. ofT~ Faculty of Music, 80 Queen's Pk. Cresc. 979- . 2331. Free. •Beginning March 15, continuing to April 13. Creative Artist · Productions. Puccini Workshop & Performance for singers and pianists who love Puccini & want detaile

I AUDITION CANTILENA, the innovative 18-m\:tnber perfon11ing ensemble rcqui1es SINGERS who arc interested in performing Classical, Musical Theatre, Folk, Spirituals, Sacred, Gospel, and Pop repertoire with dements of theatre added (costumes, lighting, sound, movement.) CANTILENA rehearses on Tuesday evenings. 'Auditions will be held in Toronto on Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4 at First Unitarian Congregation, 175 St. CI:Ur Ave. W., Toronto Prepare a solo piece to demonstrate your vocal ability. An accompanist will be provided; please bring sheet music. Ybu \viii be asked to sight-read a passage of music. Call 1-800-867-3281 for an audition time and/or more information. c B Soloists, dancers, choirs, orchestras & recitalists you can perform at Yonge and St.Ciair in a bright open space featuring: -•lOOm 2 of unencumbered stage •high quality wood floor excellent for dance •36 rank Karl Wilhelm tracker organ and a Steinway grand piano •fine acoustics suitable for recording .•audience accommodation: approximately 500 persons efull wheelchair accessibility •close to subway, adjacent to municipal parking We want you. to peifonn at Christ Church Deer Park Telephone 920-5211, I fax 920-8400 L A A R v 0 I Q E u R E s s Dawn Lyons & Den Ciul 109 Fuller Avenue Toronto, Ontario M6R 2C4 Phone: (416) 538-3062 Fax: (416) 538-3062 Email: page at -dlyons liARPSICtiORDS CLAVI CHORDS SPINETS VIRGINALS FORTE-PIANOS Sales - Repairs - Rentals Agents for Zuckermann Harpsichords mUSIC mATRIX affordable administrative,services for composers, performers, and presenters of music. Grant Preparation Financial Management Prom.otional Materials free Musicians' lnJ:>rmation Ser:vices . inc(uding_ MUSIC FUNDING CA'LENDAR and CALENDAR OF 20TH-CENTURY CONCERT MUSIC PERFORMANCES IN TORONTO ll!lllli!llllillliill .. ilffirlffirmn« lAX OS !lUI IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII by appointment: Lauren Pratt at 416-785-7075 416-785-8849 fax mumatrix@ A not-for-profit corporation. Financial assistance for these services is provided by The Municipality of MetropoiHan Toronto and The Toronto Arts Council. Which classical rtcord , company has a catalogut with 1,300 difftrtnt CD's'~ Naxos Which rtcord company ·rr:========================illl has mort than 100 CD's rtcommtndtd in tht We buy· tfiJ[J of your @!181B&'Jn&811 lliPs (vinyl I) Ptnguin (;uidt to · Classical Music'~ (like Beethoven, Mozart, Stockhausen) We travel anywhere for good collection MIKROKOSMOS Mail Order C.ompany • (416) - 224 - 1956 Fax { 416) - 224 - 2964 Ask our free,· monthly set-sale catalog~e: More than g)g(f](ill) ~ !1/AB 0 'lltiJ~ every month Many audiophile Decca & EM/ records (Sorry, mail or phone order only!) Naxos Which rtcord company stlls all of thtst rtcordings for undtr ptr co·~ Naxos ..• ... first in classical music A vaHable at record stores everywhere Ill Ill Ill Ill IIIII! Ill lftifmnlffifi'i' lAX OS IIIII IIIII 11111 . 11111 IIIII DISC OF THE MONTH HANDEL OBOE CONCERTOS Anthony Camdtn. ohot & City of London Sinfonia eonducttd hy Nicholas Ward "Brilliant musical playing" Available for under at record stores everywhere

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