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Volume 2 Issue 7 - April 1997

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St. James' Cathedral,

St. James' Cathedral, Organ Alternatives and Flying Blind Theatre Events · present Pilg'tim in.~ · Ttme 200 years on the Road with St. James , A New Play at History and Art in Toronto's Oldest'Church,.with performance, design, exhibition and inspiration from acl'oss Stjames' parish, diocesan and civic arts commlY'ities. Thursday April24 to Saturday April26 performances a:t 8:00 : . Play Script Stage Direction Production Design Lighting Design · Musical Direction Produced by Julie Salverson, based on a new story by George Satversori Edward Little Ruth Howard · , . Bill .Scott/Eric Bartnes . Christopher Dawes Julie Salverson and Christopher Dawes featuring Rita Cox, Christopher Dawes, Barbara Hannigan, Tom Hauff, George Pothitos, an amateur cast from all w~ks of life, and special contributiops by Giles Bryant, P~ter Gzowski, Richard Ouzounian, Michael Burgess and the bishops of the Diocese of Toronto The C~thedral Church of St. James King & Church Streets, Toronto Admission: general, student/ senior ~t. James' Cathedral Gift Shop 11-3 Tuesday-Saturday, 12:30-4:30 Sunday (416) 36~1728 Yearning for so callet! '~impler times" when couples romanced I~ ''big bands" the the t'he the the down by the lake at the Palais Royale? We!~ how does "Spring Fo11/Jard at the · etcetet·a· Palais Royale, April 6 at 8:00 to the fil6 file file fi[e file sounds of the Starlight Orchestra" sound? But be ready for Salsa, Cha-Cha, Tango, hard-swinging jump and even Viennese Waltzes. Glenn Miller by request only! •"Cheapseats" New Music Pass, • affordable concert-going. 961-6601. Seniors trip to "The Chocolate •April 5, 10:00: Celebrating the Soldier"- 396-4051. . Piano seminar. Metro Reference •April 27, 4:00: La Classica Library/ 393-7141. Free. Women's Chamber Choir fundraiser, •April 6, 5:00: Piano workshop by Bram~ton, 9,05.-456-0_728,: . Ruth Watson Henderson. 395-4405. •April 28: Arraymus1c fundra1s1ng •April 10,, 6:30: U.of T. Faculty of auction. Lonsdale Gallery. 53.2- Music "Evening of Elegance" -' 3019_. . reception, dinner' and dance. 236- •April , 28,29,30, 1 :30: Student 2641, . . ' Gr_aduate Colloquia. Rm. 021 •April 13. Listening circle at 1 OOth W1nt~rs College, 736-5186. Monkey- J ..S. B,ach. 925~7633 ' · · •Apri~ 30 to ft!lav 4: Bach Int. •April' 13, 1 :00:- L!uisa & Manon: Harps,1chord Festival, Montreal. 513- Two Defiant Women · ~ Lecture by 843-~88-.1. . . Wm. 'Weaver: Tanenbaum Opera •Apnl 30: Apphcat1ons to 97 Royal Centre 363-8321. · Bank Seniors Jubilee, 962-381.9. eApri/.14 to 18: T.s.o> Volunteer Conductors ~anted: Hart House . CommitteePiano Competition,Metro Jazz· Ensemble. 978-0893. Archives, 483-7611. Mif?sissauga Children' s Choir, Box .•April19, 6:00: Canadian Children's 5~0~2, . 5100 Erin Mills Pkwy. Opera •, Chorus fund raiser - "Evening ' M1ss1ss·auga, L5M 5HO .. in Monte Carlo." 3.66-0467.0. New ,members wanted. Toronto •Apri/25, 9:30: Scarborough Village Classical Singers. 443-031 2. WINNERS! CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 Like the proverbial' chewing gum, the name lost none· of its flavour on the bedpost overnight, so we decided tci. go with it. Jerry Ginsberg designed our _ fine new banner, and here we are, We think it's a name .to grow with, and hope it sits well with you. All that remains is to thank you for · your interest, and to name· our other · four "winners" though in reality we could just as well have named fifty. Every idea subq1itted helped us on our way. · . The winners are John "Tempo - 'cos W/tile there's Pulse there's life" Fertll; , Diana "TMFKAP, and I really want a ­ ticket" Coatsworth; Brian "Sax and Violins" Wilson; and Fred "notification, location & time ... Music Bridge" Kurban. Join •Sine Nom_i,ne Ensemble •L' Intemporel & friends •Mark Dubois & Gloria Saarinen •Toronto Tabla Ensemble IN A CONCERT FOR THE BENEFIT OF whole note THE MAGAZINE FORMERLY KNOWN AS PULSE Toronto's only comprehensive classical and contemporary concert source. Music Gallery Monday April 14,8pm . Reception follows. 204-1080 TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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