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Volume 2 Issue 7 - April 1997

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Volume 2, number 7 Copyright "' 1997 PerPul Proze · 60 Bellevue· Avenue, Toronto ON M5T 2N4 Publisher: Allan Pulker Editor: David Penman Production manager: Simone Desilets P,hotography: Michael Shaw Editorial and general inquiries 416 603-37 86 Advertising and memberships 416-406-6758 Fax:416 603-3787 E-Mail: drumkm@, Website: Under reconstruction Next publication date: April 25 (covering period May1 toJune 5) Listings deadline: April 15 Advertising deadline: April 20 Listings are free. Please phone or, write for listings guidelines. · (UN)Ciassified Ads SOc per word ( minimum) Subscriptions': per year (10 issues) Display advertising rates: on request wholenote banner: . Concept design by Jerry Ginsberg Printing by New Concept Circulation 14,000 printed and distributed whole note is a production of DRUM Publishing, 60 Bellevue ' Avenue Toronto MST ~N4 OUR COVpR: 'Musical Gallery' by Michael Shaw/ Ashley & Crippen Photographers Clockwise from bottom rigtlt: A. Eugene Nakamura, who will perfonn Mozart's Violin Concerto No.3 and Joseph Salavaggio, who will perfonn Vaughan Williams' Oboe Concerto with the CMC Orchestra cond. Dr. G~briel Leung at the CMC All Concerto Gala Conqert April 27. (See page 5) B. Joy Gordon. who first suggested "wkolenote" as the new name of our publication; with wkoknote publisher, Allan Pulker. c. Freelance violist, Arturs Jansons; subject of upcoming "Working Musicians" profile in the next issue of wkolenote. d. Da\lid Sandall harpsichord, and Mylene Ouay, baroque flute, perfonn selections from Telemann's Tafelmu,sik, w. Courtney Westcott and A very MacLean at wholenqte's Aprill4 benefit. (See ad, backcover.) WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!- 40 fingers saxophone q ,uart~t '(above) and ·EtobicoJ

wholenote april '97 3 PJUdu, ~ 'PtU:UUHt- The Great Name Change Game It's been an interesting journey from Pulse to wholenote One reader, very eru;ly on, said "... you will probably get many, many letters from readers telling you how wonderful PULSE is." True enough! And we did. "... Your excellent "ImPulse" and "SimPulse" magazine" (Brian Wilson, (Chris Dawes) and "Re- North York); "What a good Pulse" (Ruth Budd) and idea! (Pulse, that is.)" (Patty "Plus" and "Pulsate" (a real Llossa, New fork); "I crowd favourite). . appreciate it & enjoy it very But then the tide started much." (Elena, Etobicoke); to turn. None of the x-Pulse "... most useful, entertaining names was as simply musical ... constantly growing and as the original. What about . improving magazine:" (Fred future readers who'd never Kurban, North York); "a heard of Pulse? tremendous.asset in assessing We decided the new what is playing ...." (Steve name would have to stand on Living, Borough of York); " its own. the source for concert That very day it information." (Douglas arrived: ..."My suggestion is: Schalin, Toronto); The Whole Note. You could "entertaining and informative do whimsical things with the " (Mohsen Boctor· and Nadia graphics. (Joy GorrkJn, Lebar Boctor, Etobicoke) Toronto) Many of the early letters We started rolling it recommended staying with round our mouths (along some variation of "pUlse". with "Keynotes" and Inclined that way ourselves "Acora" and "Courante".) at first, we considered Slept on. it. "Puls@TO, "TO.Pulse", and SEE WINNERS, BACK PAGE Iii Ill 111111 ill !IIIII liiifliiifliiifliifliiif lf.AIOS IIIII IIIII IIIII IQII IIIII .DISC OF THE .MONTH BOISMORTIER ,( ·.,..,;, ll;ollcl iu 'Jhrc" ,\ \' h ) \ 'au J )~ l·k • lii l ' l ' JI - 1/;JII • 1; a ) J .o: ( 'UII

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