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Volume 2 Issue 8 - May 1997

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Volume 2, number 8 Copyright "' 1997 PerPul Proze 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto ON M5T 2N4 Publisher: Allan Pulker Editor: David Perlman Production manager: Simone Desilets Photography: Michael Shaw Editorial & general inquiries 416 603-3786 Advertising & memberships 416-406-6758 Fax: 416 603-3787 E-Mail: drurrikm Website: Under reconstruction Next publication date: May 25 covering period June 1 to July 5 Listings deadline: May 15 Advertising deadline: May 20 Listings are free. Please phone or write for listings guidelines. (UN)Ciassified Ads 50c per word ( minimum) Subscriptions: per year (1 0 issues) Displ~y advertising rates: on request wholenote banner: Concept design by Jerry Ginsberg Printing by New Concept Circulation 14,000 printed & distributed wholenote is a productio~ of DRUM Publishing, 60 Bellevue Avenue Toronto MST 2N4 Op-Anon 's Nina Scott-Stoddart. See MusicTheatreMusic, page 10 CONTENTS Publication dates and deadlines Publisher's Podium .. .2 3 Musicians in our Midst . . . . . 4 Concert Notes . . . . . . . . . . 4, 30 Liturgical Music in Context by John Tuttle . 5, 7 Bandstand: Metropolitan Silver Band, Fanfare for the CBA 8 Etcetera File . . 9, 27 Music Theatre . 10, 11, 12 Too Late to list . . 13 May listings . . . 13-24 First Five days of June 24-25 Members Page Bell'Arte Singers. Toronto Jewish Folk Choir (Un)Classifieds .... Distribution Index of Advertisers . Our mistake . Index .. 26 27 28-29 30 30 31 TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE.

wholenote may '97 3 THE PUBLISHER'S PODIUM GENEROUS SPIRITS, ALL Our thanks to: the Sine Nomine Ensemble for Medieval Music, Gloria Saarinen, Mark DuBois, George Koller, Ritesh and Joanna Das, the Toronto Tabla Ensemble, Duo L'Intemporel, Courtney Westcott and Avery MacLean for their performances in the wholenote fundraising concert on April 14. Their generous spirit permeated the entire event, creating an atmosphere of celebration and good will. And the generosity didn't end with the performers. In addition, many audience members went home with door prizes whose value fa~ exceeded the ticket price. Our thanks to the Academy Concert Series, the Amadeus Choir, the Amadeus Ensemble, the Arbor Oak Trio, Ashley & Crippen Photographers, EMI Classics, the Music Gallery, the Music Umbrella Series, Naxos Records, and the Sine Nomine Ensemble for their generous contributions of CDs and concert subscriptions for door prizes. *NIMBL IS AS NIIVIBL DOES? Those of you accustomed to picking up wholenote in the lobby at the St. Lawrence Centre will have to look elsewhere (across the road at the Hummingbird, for example). We've been advised that the chairman of the St Lawrence Centre board has decided that we (and other free arts publications) are cluttering their premises. I suppose it makes sense. After all, anyone picking up wholenote at the st lawrence is already at the StLawrence, right? So, just as long as people can read the St Lawrence Centre's (free) wholenote listings in other people's lobbies .... *NIMBL: NOT IN MY BEAUTIFUL LOBBY! SEEKYEI And speaking of distribution, it had to happen. The list of places to pick up wholenote has outgrown its place of pride on our back cover. It's now on pages 28 and 29 inst~ad. Once again there's room for the list to grow ... so if you know of any new likely distribution point for wholenote, call us (or have them call us) at (416) 406-6758. More ... Much More than just a Music Store ... Toronto's Source For Printed Music, Gifts & Musical Accessories TORONTO'S STEINWAY GALLERY Fine Pianos By: STEINWAY & SONS 00t1J!t111(by Steinway) :J"iisPnborfFr IBACH 'lJitnqler & QJ:a1ttJlhel1 Plus quality reconditioned pianos, all makes and price ranges • 1' 1\IN III JIYIUSil Canada's largest selection from publishers world wide. Classical, Popular, Broadway, Jazz, Rock Scores, Libretti, Biographies •f\l lJSil l'tll\ l lllll l i\ I;N Everything to bring music alive fo'r youngsters: storybooks, tapes, video cassettes, posters, games, projects, instruments, and instruction books KORG Piano Disc'" Digital Pianos & Keyboards Disk Player & Silent Piano Systems ~!!!~!J.Yi) (416) 961-3111 210 Bloor Street W. and • t\ll i SSlli\ II S ;\N i l l.III S From trinkets to original works of art, instrument care kits to jewelry metronomes, music stands, and so much more. RCM Music & Bookstores (416) 597-9809 273 Bloor St.W (Royal Conservatory Bldg.) TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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