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Volume 2 Issue 9 - June 1997

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6 June

6 June '97 whol~ote " bWIDS sT~sT(i\masTffi}lusnmD IF THE ROADCREWS ARE OUT, CAN THE BANDS BE FAR BEHIND?. With the arrival (we hope} of warm weather comes also The participating bands have the option of receiving the season of outdoor band concerts. A mere fourteen a critical assessment by two adjudicators and a ranking hours into June the Northdale Concert Band under to professional standards of difficulty. The public is veteran Faculty of Music trumpeter and bandsman, invited to attend. If the weather is rainy the event will Stephen Chenette, will start it all with "Music in the take place at Northview Hts. S.S. at Bathurst and Finch. Park" at Mel Lastman Square. On Wednesday, June 4, For further information, call the C.B.A. office at 905-826-. the Band of the Royal Danish Lifeguards with the Safri · 5542. (Percussion) Duo, will be playing a free concert at 12:30 at Nathan Philips Square. The same group will be doing a more formal concert the next evening, June 5, at Metropolitan United Church. Friday night, June ·6, the Etobicoke Community Concert Band is taking over the Palais Royale Ballroom, presenting "Swinging at the Palais!" The program will be big band dance music. Seating will be cafe style and dancing encouraged but not mandatory! 1 Come to the Cavalcade The Canadian Band Association will be presenting its out of the ordinary annual event, "Cavalcade of Winds" on Saturday, June 7 from 10 a .m. until 5 p.m./ Eight bands, ·including the G.T.A. Teachers' Wind Ensemble, from Southern Ontario will be performing for about half an hour each. Each group is encouraged to in~lude new Canadian compositions in its program and has been asked to make available material showing rehearsal day/times ::).nd joining procedures for potential new members. BaVJd Leader Jo~VJ Edward Liddl I PA~-...,_ (j Big winds The band "spectacular" event of the month, however, has to be the military reserve bands' get-together the afternoon of June 15 at Maple Leaf Gardens. Many, if not all the· military bands in the city, woodwind and brass and bagpipe bands, with lots of percussion, of course, will regale us with enough pomp and . circumstance to get us through the year, maybe several! Last Blast The last of the band events that we have discovered in June will be the evening of the 17th, when the Thornhill Community Concert Band will perform varied repertoire in a concert at Mel Lastman Square. BAND CAMP IN THE CITY When the term "band camp" comes up, it usually conjures up images·of expensive lake side facilities, and every kind of "extracurricular" :n~n-niusical activity froin 1tennis to water ski-ing. . Wonderful as these residential camps are, sometimes the price tag is just a little out of reach. · There is now a less pricey alternative, competitive musically, but without the added cost of accommodation arid nonmusical camp activities. It is the Montcrest School's summer band camp, a day camp that runs in three two week sessions fro.r:n June 16 to July 25, right here in Toronto, near Broadview subway ,just south of Danforth. It is the brainchild of Veronica Sherk, a teacher at Montcrest, graduate of U.of' T. Faculty of Music, and cofounder of the Toronto Youth Wirid Ensemble .. Her collab-orators will include Mark Hopkins, Music Director at Upper Canada 'College. Each day will be divided into four periods including specialised instrumental work, band rehearsals, rhythm classes and instruction for .beginners. Contact Veronica for . registration or information at 469-2008, ext. 269.' • Canadian Band Association presents. Cttllttlcttde of Wlnds Concert Band Music All Day at Mel· Lastman Square in North York Saturday June 7th Where The Music Begins! We £:Cll'ry a r.:omplete li1ie (?fw

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