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Volume 20 Issue 1 - September 2014

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SEEING ORANGEdrive me home, stoppingto buy me a bigbowl of borscht on theway. When I tried torepay him he’d laughand say, “Just makesure you take yourown students out tolunch when you growup.” I admired everythingabout him, hisgorgeous sound andinventive musicality,his energy and kindness.Brenton Chan on Karl ToewsOne summer when I wasn’t practisingevery day or catching concepts as fast asusual Karl thought that I should go to “celloboot camp.” I lived with Karl and his wife foralmost a week. I got up at 8:30 and practisedalone until about 12:30. He practised too. I’dgo to his room for a little help then back tomy room to try it out myself. Lessons wereafter lunch or before supper. Then I did whateverhe did: swimming at the river with hisdog, chores, going to the beach, listening tomusic or more practising. Before lights outwe would watch a movie about a composer orperformer. It was great. I finally understoodthat a musician must work hard, every day.Jacques Israelievitch on Josef GingoldFrom my first lessons with Gingold it wasobvious that musicwas the main focus,technique just beingthe means to anend. Musicianship,musicmaking andchamber musicbecame my newlife. Under Gingold’sguidance being“only a soloist”could no longer bemy goal. For himit was all the same:orchestra parts, chamber music parts, soloparts, all got the same attention, enthusiasmand love. So even though I had been groomedto be a soloist, my new ambition was tobecome a well-rounded musician.Erika Raum on Lorand FenyvesHe was demanding. We used to laugh abouthow the greatest compliment you could getwas “much better” and a pat on the cheek.But it just made the very occasional “excellent”that much sweeter. He was the kindof teacher you refer to as “my teacher” yourwhole life. Lorand Fenyves is always with mebecause what I learned doesn’t really breakdown into different lessons and information.He is blended into who I am – musician, or nomusic. He was my teacher and I couldn’t haveasked for a better one.Nadina Mackie Jackson and Christopher MillardMatthew White on Jan SimonsHe consistently communicated a healthysinging technique in conjunction with alife view that suggests that a career is onlyever going to be part of a healthy life – thiswas extremely important for me. Music istoo personal a thing for it to be completelyseparate from our psychologies. A goodteacher is aware of how each person needsto be treated slightly differently in orderto bring out their best. I feel lucky to havefound a teacher who, aware of my particularskills and character, was able to bring out thebest in me.Adrianne Pieczonka on Mary MorrisonWhen I went to her at the age of 21 or 22I didn’t really have a high register. She builtmy voice and gave me the top register that Ineeded. She instilled the need to act courageouslyto get out there and do what I wantedto do, not to be afraid, and at the same timeenjoy it. She’s a tireless and dedicated workerwho would always find time to fit you intoher schedule. She is also completely down toearth and treats everyone equally whetherthey are beginner students or accomplishedperformers. Her love of contemporary musicis probably Mary Morrison’s greatest contributionto vocal artistry in Canada.Making a difference through music...Our educational music programs are :Available in English and FrenchCome with teaching guides and technical ridersCross-curricular and include lessons inmusic, art, languages, social studies, history,drama, and diversityWe bring the experience directly to your schoolFor more information please contact:Christopher Boyle - Sales and Communications Manager416-536-0264 cboyle@jmcanada.ca64 | September 1, 2014 – October 7, 2014

WE ARE ALL MUSIC’S CHILDRENA DECADE ofSEPTEMBERSAnd what they’re doing next.MJ BUELLCURTIS METCALF (euphonium)“For the month of September I’llbe in Nunavut teaching guitar tostudents whose first language isInuktitut. It is marvellous to knowthat music is truly the universallanguage.”’S CHILDRENRAY TIZZARD (trumpet) - heading forNew York (as The National Ballet’ musicadministrator). “We’re performing Alice’sAdventures in Wonderland (Sept 9-14) atLincoln Center. Then London, ON, wherethe Faculty of Music at my alma materWestern University is bestowing uponme a music alumni award. Ever-present– grant deadlines and planning for theHannaford Street Silver Band’s 2014/15season. Our first concert is awesomeBramwell Tovey on the podium featuringtrumpet soloist Andrew McCandless.”ROBERT AITKEN (flute) - at home inToronto on the occasion of his 75th birthday.“This September I’m off to New Zealand whereI will give a recital, play a concert with a fluteorchestra, present my lecture “Music as aLanguage” to the music faculty at AucklandUniversity and give some masterclasses. I hopeto find time to play a little golf and do somefishing while I’m there.”GUIDO BASSO (flugelhorn, trumpet)- practising and recovering from kneesurgery. “I can’t wait for the pain tocease. I should be back performingon October 18th at Koerner Hall withThe Boss Brass paying tribute to thelegendary late Rob McConnell and hiswonderful music. I am a great fan ofyour magazine I would like to congratulateall the members of your crew forletting all of us, readers and performers,know where we can hear great music.”NEW CONTEST! SEPTEMBER 2014 | MYSTERY CHILDPlay early, plays often.Plays well with (many) other not-soordinary musicians, on violins, viola,rebec, vielle and viola d’amore.Plays most often á table.Has a violinist daughter.Have bow(s), will travel …Concord, New Hampshire, 1975Know our Mystery Child’s name? Send your best guess by September 25.WIN FABULOUS PRIZES!JANE BUNNETT (flute, soprano sax) “Iwill be having a wonderful Septemberfinishing off my 3 and a half month tourwith my amazing group – Maqueque!Dates in Boston at Schullers, Side Door inConnecticut, Lake George Jazz Festival, NY,Wichita, Denver, the Bluenote, New YorkCity, and ending it all with a final concertand goodbye party for the girls this seasonon Sept 27 at Hugh’s Room”JAMES PARKER (piano) “I always lovedschool as a kid, because that’s whereI’d see all my friends that I didn’t see inthe summer. I still enjoy the rhythm ofSeptember, where my own kids go backto school and I see my friends, studentsby mJ buelland colleagues at University of Toronto.”JEANNETTE LAJEUNESSE ZINGG (dancer,choreographer, co-artistic-director) “MySeptember includes: choreographic workshopsfor Opera Atelier’s Alcina, openingOctober 23; leading sessions at Making of anOpera, our educational workshops for highschool students; and working on our productionof Lucio Silla for La Scala.”RUFUS WAINWRIGHT (singer,composer) Sept 11-13: London,UK; Sept 16 Stavanger, Norway;Sept 18: Moscow, Russia; Oct 4:Coventry, UK. First Canadianstop is Vancouver, Dec 7, butLoudon Wainwright III, RufusWainwright’s dad, will be inToronto to perform at Hugh’sRoom Sept 7.ild was...little fool lies herehom I held dear—starling in the primef his brief timehose doom it was to draineath’s bitter pain…(etc)ther event in the same week,eath of Mozart’s fathercal productions, portraits and“conversation pieces”.In 1772 Zoffany enjoyed a seven-yearstay in Italy with the patronageof King George III andspent several years painting portraitsin India. Returning to Eng-portrait of Mozart at the age ofCONGRATULATIONSTO OUR WINNERS! Artin Shafa and a Mozartlovingfriend will have the pleasureof the Toronto MendelssohnChoir’s season premiere concertof Mozart’s Requiem on Friday,November 3, at 8:00 PM and dinnerfor two at Il Fornello! Guestconductor Ivars Taurins of Tafelmusikleads the choir with guestsoloists Sookhyung Park (soprano),Anita Krause (mezzo-soprano),Eric Shaw (tenor), ThomasGoerz (bass-baritone) and theFestival Orchestra. Robert Lesco and a friend,guests of Music Toronto, willhear the Emerson Quartet(Thursday September 28th,8pm)play Mozart’s Divertimento forstring trio in E-flat, K.563 andWE ARE ALL MUSIC’S CHILDRENSEPTEMBER’S Child ….SUSIE NAPPER (viola da gamba) -ANGELA HEWITT (piano)land he became a founder-memberis pretty of the relaxed! Royal A couple Academy ofOp.25. Guest: Wu Han,ACROBAT MUSICBrahms’ Piano Quartet in g,59writing from Brittany. “September’sSept 7, Art of the Fugue, inchildNothingThun, piano.ill-temperedALIVE MUSICSwitzerland; Sept 15 Bach, 51about this prelude to aMontreal (1768): concerts generally with Les reputed Voix for his Carol Ditner-Wilson Beethoven, remarkable and her career Scarlatti and AlbenizAMADEUS CHOIR 25Humaines and Ensemble Capricein Wels, Austria; Sept 17 Art AMICIbrilliant technical skills and forof 13guest will hear the Exultateand then a week of preparation for athe Think Fugue you might in Amsterdam, know theyear-longintroducingseries of lecture-concertsgreater liveliness and Chamber Singers MozartNetherlands.who September’s 250, Child ATMA CLASSIQUE 5in Copenhagen personal anecdote at the Royal into Academy English (Saturday October 20th is? 8 Send pm) your includingAlma Dei Creatoris, Avebest guessmusicschildrenduring conversation which the students pieces. will But…. create 6New Brandenburgs with recycled Bach!In two portraits of Mozart attributeddo worse!” to Zoffany (the one Exsultate Jubilate, Solemn by random Ves-draw amongVerum Corpus, Salve (Anecdotes Regina, are welcome!)Off to Copenhagen followed by a weekWinners will be selectedof traveling in Umbria, Italy ... couldshown here and a pers, and choruses from correct Die entries Za-received by1, 2014 – October 7, 2014 | 65September15th, 2007.uberflöte and Idomeneo. GuestINDESuppowho keep100 VOICE WELSH MALE CHALDEBURGH CONNECTION 11ALL THE KING’S VOICES 26ANNEX SINGERS OF TORONTOAVENUE ROAD ARTS SCHOOLCANADIAN OPERA COMPANY 3CANCLONE SERVICES 54CANTORES FABULARUM 38CATHEDRAL BLUFFS SYMPHONORCHESTRA 40CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARKJAZZ VESPERS 29CHURCH OF ST. MARY MAGDCHURCH OF ST. SIMON THE ACITY OF TORONTO HISTORIC M

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