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Volume 20 Issue 2 - October 2014

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Includes the 2014 Blue Pages Member Directory

Ready, Set...Houselights

Ready, Set...Houselights DownPART TWO: THE CURATORSSARA CONSTANTAs with any business, there’s more to music making than meets the eye. In our last issue, we featured conversations with some of the locallive music scene’s industry professionals – spanning the roles of acoustician, librarian, set designer and even surtitles operator – whohelp keep the music happening and the machine running smoothly. Also among those unspoken heroes of this city’s musical life are theconcert curators – those who do all of the artistic directing and season organizing, and whose job descriptions require a very special typeof behind-the-scenes musical genius.GERT MOTHESHere follow conversations with three such directors and organizers,each facing their own particular musical milestones. TriciaBaldwin, after 14 years as managing director of Tafelmusik, has justaccepted a new position as director of the new Isabel Bader Centrefor the Performing Arts at Queen’s University, where a whole newseries of challenges and accomplishments are in store. Lang-Ning Liu,artistic director of the Toronto International Piano Competition, isin the midst of planning and preparations for the 2014 competitionthis month. Finally, bassist, producer and composer George Koller isgetting the ball rolling with a brand new concert series: InternationalDivas, three all-acoustic concerts that will feature a grand total of 18renowned female vocalists.As each of these three curators are carried to new places – or to thenext stage of a familiar planning process – they are sure to meet withunique trials and triumphs on the road ahead. Though they won’tnecessarily be performing under the spotlights themselves in thecoming months, they will certainly play a big part in the process ofmaking live local music happen – an accomplishment that concertgoers,co-workers and star performers alike are sure to appreciate.Tricia BaldwinOutgoing: General Manager, TafelmusikIncoming: Director, Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing ArtsAfter 14 years at Tafelmusik,have you gotten used to therhythm and routine of gearingup for the start of a season?Life at Tafelmusik is alwaysan adventure – every seasonis different so it never feelsroutine. Last year we openedthe season with the renovationsof the performance spaceat Trinity-St. Paul’s. This seasonwe opened at Koerner Hall witha guest director followed by thebig reveal of the renovated lobbyand narthex; and other seasonswe’ve started with a big internationaltour. What does happenevery season is the huge rushof excitement. Seeing the musicianscome back and hearing them rehearse just makes us feel thatthe world is right again with music in the air. It’s our inspiration andour fuel.What are some of the things that you can’t ever prepare for?The fantastic new projects that the musicians conceive continue toinspire. Alison Mackay had already done the Galileo Project, so wewere thinking we’d already taken on the universe…and then shecame up with a fabulous new project that is involving partners inmany countries. It’s fantastic that way at Tafelmusik – there is alwaysthis incredible forward propulsion. I think this is what has kept usso fresh – there is no “normal” at Tafelmusik other than scaling thenext mountain!For those areas of Tafelmusik in which you have played such apivotal role, what are your thoughts about leaving the job behind?It has been profoundly life-changing to work with Jeanne Lamon,who has been an incredible partner, mentor and friend all in one anda dream to work with. It would be hard to imagine working with agroup of artists who could love music more than our musicians. Wehave gone on such a great journey together.This has been the most creative time in Tafelmusik’s history and ithas been thrilling to see the musicians’ ideas come to fruition here inToronto and on the world stage: 60 national and international tours,many recordings and films; the renovations of Trinity-St. Paul’s;and the amazing artist training programs that Jeanne Lamon andCharlotte Nediger have created, which have changed the lives of somany young musicians. We have a saying that no one actually everleaves Tafelmusik, and this is certainly true in my case. I look forwardto the friendships that we have developed over many years continuingfor many more. I feel like the luckiest person in the universe to havebeen part of Tafelmusik – and the beauty of it is that this sentiment isshared so genuinely.Looking ahead to your new position with The Isabel, what aresome of the milestones on the road ahead? The Isabel houses themusic, drama and film schools, and there is a great will to engagein creative community partnerships. I lived in Kingston and lovedit. The community really participates to make a great quality of life foreveryone; there is a rich intellectual and cultural tradition and senseof history about the city. The university is [also] very focused on excellenceand an outstanding student experience – this caring runs sodeeply. I know I will be focusing on ensuring that the students feelthat The Isabel is their arts home and encouraging participation in adiverse range of artistic activity.Which aspects of your new position are you most looking forwardto? I think, over the longer term, it will be the ability to ensure thatThe Isabel is a creative hub for innovation and arts participation.That’s what is so great about being there near the beginning of a brandnew arts centre. Forging an imaginative and brilliant future is tremendouslyexciting.Lang-Ning LiuArtistic director, 2014 Toronto International Piano CompetitionWhen is opening night forthis year’s rounds of competition?The Opening Gala ison October 24 at 6:30pm inP.C. Ho Theatre of the CCC(Chinese Cultural Centre).What type of process isit for you to prepare for thecompetition? A lot of workwas completed by the organizingcommittee to put thiscompetition together. Firststep, we needed to designthe whole competition –Repertoire, Rounds, etc., aswell as secure sponsors insupport of this event. Thenwe began the promotion ofthe competition around the10 | October 1 - November 7, 2014

KOERNER HALL IS:“A beautiful space for music ”THE GLOBE AND MAILTito Muñoz conductsthe Royal ConservatoryOrchestra withEmily Kruspe, violinFRI., OCT. 24, 2014 8:00 PM /PRELUDE RECITAL 6:45PMKOERNER HALLTito Muñoz leads a programof Bartók and Shostakovichthat includes a performanceby violinist Emily Kruspe, winnerof The Glenn Gould School’sconcerto competition.SEASON GALACONCERT!Sir James Galwayand Lady JeanneGalwaySAT., OCT. 25, 2014 8PMKOERNER HALLLiving legend Sir James Galway,Gramophone Awards 2014 LifetimeAchievement Award-winner andthe “man with the golden flute,”performs a delightfully eclecticmix of music, and shares his witand humour throughout the evening.“Committed, insightful and lovable.”(LA Times)Alice GilesSUN., NOV. 2, 2014 2PMMAZZOLENI CONCERT HALL“A fluent technique and aprismatic sense of tonal color,”(The New York Times) HarpistGiles will perform works byBach, Saint-Saëns, and more.Presented in partnershipwith the Toronto Harp Society.Generously supportedby Doug Bodley.Jeremy DenkSUN., NOV. 9, 2014 3PMKOERNER HALL“Mr. Denk, clearly, is apianist you want to hearno matter what he performs.”(The New York Times)He will perform works byJanáček, Schubert, Mozart,and Schumann.Musicians from MarlboroTUES., NOV. 4, 2014 7:30PM MAZZOLENI CONCERT HALLAn extension of Vermont’s acclaimed Marlboro Music Festival,this season’s ensemble will perform works by Haydn, Britten,and Fauré.Generously supported by Doug Bodley.Taylor AcademyShowcase ConcertSAT., NOV. 15, 2014 4:30PMMAZZOLENI CONCERT HALLFREE (TICKET REQUIRED)The Phil and Eli TaylorPerformance Academy forYoung Artists presents concertsby the leading young classicalmusicians in Canada. Hearthe stars of tomorrow!TICKETS START AT ONLY ! 416.408.0208 www.performance.rcmusic.ca273 BLOOR STREET WEST(BLOOR ST. & AVENUE RD.) October 1 - November 7, 2014 | 11

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