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Volume 20 Issue 3 - November 2014

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Beat by Beat | In the

Beat by Beat | In the ClubsC. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz)improvisers and classical players. A virtuosic and versatile musician,Bob Stevenson’s compositions combine jazz, free improvisation andthrough-composed music, drawing deeply from his decades of experienceas a player, conductor, composer and educator. I asked him toname three of his favourite music venues in the world.“I’ve been fortunate to perform some great music with inspiringartists in wonderful venues throughout the world,” says Stevenson.“The three conditions required for a quality venue are the acoustic,the vibe and the willingness and ability of the venue to supportyour work. More than any other concert hall, the Brahms-Saal atthe Musikverein in Vienna meets these requirements. The hall functionsas an extra player in your group; whatever you give, it gives back.The crew is fantastic, great choice of well-maintained pianos. I firstplayed Massey Hall when I was 15. Again, you really feel the roomand its history, plus you can speak from the stage, and everyone canhear you, even if you don’t have a mic. I got to play in an orchestrabacking up Dizzy Gillespie there. I have a very nostalgic feeling forthe first Music Gallery in Toronto on St. Patrick just north of Queen.You were welcome to try just about anything. It was a hole in the wall,but it was our hole. For a young artist just starting out, that’s veryimportant.”Why Gallery 345 for his birthday concert?“Thanks to Ed Epstein, musicians from a wide variety of approachesand backgrounds have the opportunity to present their work in asupportive atmosphere. He’s performing a great service to the culturalcommunity. He does it because he cares about music and the peoplewho make it.”You, reader, are invited to Bob’s 60th birthday party on SundayNovember 23 rd at 3pm at Gallery 345, and please tell him we sent you!Candido Camero: Fresh off asuccessful tour with Maqueque(comprised of Cuban musiciansmostly in their early 20s),Jane Bunnett will be feelingyounger this month when sheand pianist Hilario Duran sharethe stage with 93-year-old jazzlegend Candido Camero for threeexciting evenings at Jazz Bistro.“Every conga player all overthe world has the most incrediblerespect for what Candido hasdone and for who he has playedwith. Legends like he – at 93 –you never know, he might makeit to 100 – just aren’t aroundanymore,” reflects Bunnett.“I first met him at the lastIAJE in Toronto. I interviewed him, so I really researched it and I waschecking up on all this stuff, it was so amazing! He was on the EdSullivan show 50 times – he recorded with Coltrane, Sonny Rollins,Tony Bennett, Dizzy Gillespie, you name it. The first time he playedin Toronto was 1952 with Stan Kenton at Massey Hall, just down thestreet from where we will be playing. The exciting thing about him forme is that he was really the first Cuban musician, along with ChanoPozo, that really took the congas into jazz. He was also the first congaplayer to play two, and later three congas. Nobody had ever done thatbefore – and he tuned them. A lot of people just bang them but hetunes them before every gig. At 93 of course he’s not as forceful as hewas but he’s still extremely eloquent and tasteful. He knows the olderstyle of this music, how not to overplay, where to accent. He neverdrank a drop of alcohol in his life so his brain is pretty amazing.”Get intoxicated by the music of Jane Bunnett, Hilario Duran andCandido Camero on Thursday, Friday and Saturday November 6, 7 and8 at Jazz Bistro.Ori Dagan is a Toronto-based jazz musician, writer andeducator who can be reached at’s Tavern379 Spadina Ave. (full schedule)All shows: No cover (unless otherwise noted).November 1 4:30pm The Happy Pals; 10pmCaution Jam. November 2 4:30pm NewOrleans Connection All Star Jazz Band; 10pmThe National Blues Jam with Brian Cober.November 3 10pm No Band Required.Habits Gastropub928 College St. (full schedule)November 7 9pm Eva Green Jazz Trio .November 8 8pm Habits Jazz Jam hosted bythe Harry Vetro Quartet. November 14 9pmChelsea McBride Group . November 219pm Laura Fernandez Jazz Trio . November28 9pm Gord Sheard Jazz Trio .Harlem Restaurant67 Richmond St. E. (full schedule)All shows: 7:30-11pm (unless otherwisenoted.) Call for cover charge info.November 1 Mellow Dee. November7 Zimzum. November 8 Liz Loughrey & AdrianX. November 22 Kristen Fung. November28 Daniella Watters. November 29 Mike Field.Hirut Cafe and Restaurant2050 Danforth Ave. 416-551-7560Call for cover charge info.Every Sun 3pm Open Mic with NicolaVaughan: folk/country/jazz/world/R&B. November4, 18 8pm Finger Style Guitar Association.November 5 8pm The Best Originals:Singer/Songwriter/Spoken Word Competition.November 6 8pm In the Round: Masterand Smorgasbord Series: Glen Hornblast,Susan Latimer, Boris Buhot. November 289pm Hirut Hoot CabaretHome Smith Bar – See Old Mill, TheHugh’s Room2261 Dundas St. W. 416-531-6604hughsroom.comAll shows: 8:30pm (unless otherwise noted).November 1 “Day of the Dead”: A MexicanNight to Remember with the QuiqueEscamilla Band $20(adv)/(door). November3 Alex Pangman CD release: “New”: AlexPangman (voice), Matt Rhody (violin), TomSaunders (bass sax), Brigham Phillips (trumpet),Ross Wooldridge (clarinet), Peter Hill(piano), Chris Banks (bass), Glenn Anderson(drums) .50(adv)/(door). November 410am Toronto Ravel . November 5 JamesGordon’s “Stephen Harper: The Musical”(adv)/(door). November 6 Wilsonand Swarbrick with special guest Pee WeeEllis (adv)/.50(door). November 7 IanThomas (adv)/.50(door). November8 Anthony Gomes $20(adv)/.50(door).November 9 Charlie Mars (adv)/$20(door). November 10 Daniel Champagne(adv)/$20(door). November 12 Isabeland The Uncommons CD Release: “Heartsand Arrows” (adv)/$20(door). November14 7th Annual New Orleans Stomp!With Dr. Michael White & Gregg Stafford(adv)/(door). November 15 BlackUmfolosi $20(adv)/.50(door). November16 Professor Louie & The Crowmatrix.50(adv)/(door). November 17 9pm50+ Poems for Gordon Lightfoot: A Literaryand Musical Celebration $20(GeneralAdmission)/(Launch Special withBook). November 18 Adonis Puentes& Pancho Amat CD Release: “VeinteAños” (adv)/.50(door). November19 Measha BrueggergosmanCD Release (adv)/(door). November20 Chloe Charles and Kae Sun(adv)/(door). November 21, 22 StanRogers Tribute (adv)/.50(door).November 26 8pm Celebrating Sunnuz(adv)/.50(door)/(st). November27 Lennie Gallant CD Release: “Live Acousticat The Carlton” (adv)/.50(door). November28 A Man Called Wrycraft presents9th Annual Heart of Saturday Night: A Tributeto Tom Waits (adv)/(door). November29 Blue Ain’t the Word: A Tribute tothe Music of Ray Price featuring The Rizdales& special guests (adv)/$20(door). November30 2pm Ken Whiteley’s Sunday GospelMatinee $20(adv)/.50(door); 8:30pmA Tribute to The Last Waltz – The Music of TheBand - 38th Anniversary of the original concert(adv)/(door).Jazz Bistro, The251 Victoria St. 416-363-5299jazzbistro.caNovember 1 9pm Halie Loren (voice) withMatt Treder (piano), Mark Schneider (bass)$20. November 2 11:30am Sunday Brunchwith Hannah Barstow No cover/PWYC; 7pmSunday Cabaret with Whitney Ross-Barriswith Mark Kieswetter (piano), Ross Mac-Intyre (bass) . November 4 8pm HowieSilverman CD release: “New Tomorrow”:Howie Silverman (drums, piano), RobertoOcchipinti (bass), Reg Schwager (guitar),Dave Restivo (piano), Bill McBirnie (flute),Johnny Johnson (saxophones), Memo Acevedo(drums, percussion). November 5 8pmR&B Night w/ Soul Stew: Michael Dunston(lead vocals, percussion), David Gray (guitar,background vocals), Matt Horner (keyboards,background vocals), John Johnson(saxophones), Mark Kelso (drums, backgroundvocals), Robert Occhipinti (bass,background vocals) . November 6, 7, 89pm Cuban Rhapsody: Jane Bunnett, HilarioDuran and featured guest Candido Camero$20 (Thursday), (Friday, Saturday). November9 12pm Sunday Brunch with ClaireYunjin Lee No cover/PWYC; 7pm Alex Samarasand John Alcorn Sing . November 128pm Amy Cervini CD release: “Jazz Country”$20. November 13, 14, 15 9pm William CarnSextet: William Carn (trombone), Tara Davidson(saxophones, Thursday), Kelly Jefferson(saxophones, Friday and Saturday), DavidBraid (piano), Jon Maharaj (bass), AnthonyMichelli (drums) . November 16 12pm“Dream a Little Dream of Me” with Alexis Gordon,Andres Sierra and special guest MarcusNance $20; 7pm Kristina Nøjd with MarkKieswetter (piano), Ross MacIntyre (bass),& Maxwell Roach (drums) . November19 8pm Colin Hunter with Anthony Terpstraand His Seventet No cover/ food anddrink minimum. November 20, 21, 22 9pmMelissa Stylianou CD release: “No Regrets”:Melissa Stylianou (voice), Jamie Reynolds(piano), Andrew Downing (bass), Nick Fraser(drums, Friday), Matt Wilson (drums,60 | November 1 - December 7, 2014

Saturday, Sunday) Thursday, / (st);Friday/Saturday $20. November 23 12pmBrunch with Aucoin, Davidson, & Samaras$20; 7pm Peter Campbell CD release: “Streetof Tears”: Peter Campbell (voice), Mark Kieswetter(piano), Reg Schwager (guitar), RossMacIntyre (bass) . November 23, 30 8pmCabaret in the Jazz Cellar: Judith Lander withBruce Harvey $20. November 27, 28, 29 9pmBroadsway $20. November 30 12pm TheMantini Sisters .Jazz Room, TheLocated in the Huether Hotel, 59 King St. N.,Waterloo. (full schedule)All shows: 8:30-11:30. Attendees must be 19+.November 1 Petr Cancura Band (NYC) $20.November 7 Stretch Orchestra $20. November14 Top Pocket . November 15 TaraDavidson & Friends CD release: “Duets” .November 21 Stephen Zurakowski Quartet. November 22 Don Thompson Trio .November 28 David Braid Septet . November29 Joel Miller Quintet (Montreal) $20.Joe Mama’s317 King St. W 416-340-6469joemamas.caEvery Tue 6pm Jeff Eager. Every Wed 6pmThomas Reynolds & Geoff Torrn. Every Thurs9pm Blackburn. Every Fri 10pm The Grind.Every Sat 10pm Shugga. Every Sun 6:30pmOrganic: Nathan Hiltz (guitar); BernieSenensky (organ); Ryan Oliver (sax), MorganChilds (drums).KAMA214 King St. W. (full schedule)All shows: 5-8pm.November 6 Pat Labarbera.Local Gest, The424 Parliament St. 416-961-9425 (call forconcert schedule)Jazz Sundays 4:30-7:30pm. No cover.November 2 Boom For Rent: Chris Gale(saxophones), Reg Schwager (guitar), BrendanDavis (bass), Ted Warren (drums).November 9 Lazersuzan: Aron Slipacoff(electronics, voice), Jon Campbell (drums,percussion), Jeff Koven (bass), Pedro Orrego(guitar, voice), Steve Koven (keyboards),Kenny Kirkwood (saxophone, percussion,voice), Pierre Mongeon (trumpet). November16 Faith Amour.Lula Lounge1585 Dundas St. W. (full schedule)November 1 10:30pm Moda Étérna (salsa). November 5 9pm Robbie Rox and TheMonster Horn Band (Rock/Jazz) . November7 7:30pm Roberto Riveron Trio (Jazz)Free before 8pm; 10:30pm Yani Borrell(Salsa) , Free for women before 10pm.November 8 10:30pm Conjunto Lacalu(Salsa) . November 13 8pm Zeynep OzblienCD Release (Latin Jazz) ; 10pm ValeriaMatzner and Carlos Liebedinsky (ElectronicTango/Latin Jazz) . November 147:30 Nancy Walker Trio (Jazz) Free before8pm; 10:30pm Changui Havana (Salsa) .November 15 10:30pm Lula All Stars (salsa). November 16 8pm David Buchbinder andJaron Freeman-Fox (jazz/world) . November20 7:30pm Ron Davis’s Symphronica:Glenn Gould Meets Lady Gaga (jazz) $20.November 21 7:30 Hilario Duran (Jazz) Freebefore 8pm; 10:30pm Cafe Cubano (Salsa), Free for women before 10pm. November22 10:30pm Orquesta Fantasia (salsa) .November 28 7:30 Plakaso (Jazz) Free before8pm; 10:30pm Changui Havana (Salsa) ,Free for women before 10pm.Manhattans Pizza Bistro & Music Club951 Gordon St., Guelph (full schedule)All shows: PWYCNovember 1 Parker Abbott Trio. November4 Carmen Spada. November 5, 26 Jokela &Vogan. November 8 ¡DO! – drums and organ.November 11, 25 Brad Halls. November 12,19 John Zadro. November 15 Karyn Kirkwood& the Riff-Raff.Mezzetta Restaurant681 St. Clair Ave. W (full schedule)All shows: 9pm, unless otherwise noted.November 19 Brazilian Jazz: Bill McBirnie(flute), Reg Schwager (guitar).Monarch Tavern12 Clinton St. (full schedule)November 10 7:30pm Martin Loomer & HisOrange Devils Orchestra .Monarchs PubAt the Eaton Chelsea Hotel33 Gerrard St. W. (full schedule)All shows: 8pm-midnight. No cover.November 5 The Laura Hubert Quartet.November 6 Harpdog Brown CD Release.November 12 The Melissa Lauren Quartet.November 13 Wicked Grin. November 19 TheGene Hardy Quartet. November 20 The GaryKendall Band. November 26 The MichaelDanckert. November 27 The Jack de KeyzerBand.Morgans on the Danforth1282 Danforth Ave. (full schedule)All shows: 2-5pm. No cover.November 2 At East. November 9 AllysonMorris feat. Adrean Farrugia (piano), PatCollins (bass). November 16 Ros Kindlerfeat. Mark Kieswetter (piano), Ross MacIntyre(bass). November 23 Thyron Lee Whytefeat. David Restivo (piano), Robert Whyte(bass). November 30 8pm Lisa Particelli’sGirls’ Night Out East Jam, feat. Mark Kieswetter(piano).Musideum401 Richmond St. W., Main (full schedule)November 2, 9, 23, 30 3pm Don Naduriak’sJambanda: “Party Music” $20. November8 8pm Dorothy Stone & Ori Dagan:“DivaMeets Crooner” $20. November 19 8pm BillKing $20. November 21 8pm Lara Solnicki &George Koller $20. November 27 8pm Lazersuzan$20. November 30 8pm Brownman+1 $20.Nawlins Jazz Bar & Dining299 King St. W. 416-595-1958nawlins.caAll shows: No cover/PWYCEvery Tue 6:30pm Stacie McGregor. EveryWed 7pm Jim Heineman Trio. Every Thu8pm Nothin’ But the Blues w/ guest vocalists.Every Fri 8:30pm All Star Bourbon St. Band.Every Sat 6:30pm Sam Heinman 9pm All StarBourbon St. Band. Every Sun 7pm BrookeBlackburn.Nice Bistro, The117 Brock St. N., Whitby. (full schedule)Old Mill, The21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641oldmilltoronto.comThe Home Smith Bar: No reservations. Nocover. $20 food/drink minimum. All shows:7:30-10:30pmNovember 1 Amy McConnell (voice) Trio withWilliam Sperandei (trumpet), Mark Kieswetter(piano). November 6 Anthony Panacci(piano) Trio with Mike Downes (bass), MarkKelso (drums). November 7 Sherie Marshall(voice) Trio with Mike Cado (guitar), PatCollins (bass). November 8 Don Thompson(vibes) Trio with Reg Schwagger (guitar), NeilSwainson (bass). November 13 Bonnie Brett(voice) Trio with Mark Eisenman (piano),Steve Wallace (bass). November 14 GeorgeKoller (bass) Quartet with Nathalie Kraemer(voice), Bob Brough (saxophone), Vito Rezza(drums). November 15 Verne Dorge (saxophone)Trio with Brian Dickinson (piano),Russ Boswell (bass). November 20 MaureenKennedy (voice) Trio with Mark Kieswetter(piano), Ross MacIntyre (bass). November21 Ted Warren Commission: Ted Warren(drums) Mike Malone (trumpet, flugelhorn),Ted Quinlan (guitar), Mike Downes (bass).November 2 Michael Dunston (voice) Triowith Bernie Senensky (piano), Dave Young(bass). November 27 Beverly Taft (voice) Triowith Adrean Farrugia (piano), Neil Swainson(bass). November 28 Bob Brough (saxophone)Trio with Dave Restivo (piano), ArtieRoth (bass). November 29 Alastair Kay(trombone) Trio with Brian Dickinson (piano),Mike Downes (bass).Paintbox Bistro555 Dundas St. E. (full schedule)November 22 8pm Denis Schingh .Painted Lady, The218 Ossington Ave. (full schedule)Pilot Tavern, The22 Cumberland Ave. All shows: 3:30pm. No cover.November 1 Bernie Senensky Quartet. November8, 15, 22, 29 Saturday Jazz, bandsTBA.Poetry Jazz Café224 Augusta Ave. (full schedule)Reposado Bar & Lounge136 Ossington Ave. (full schedule)November 1 9:30 Bradley & the Bouncers.Reservoir Lounge, The52 Wellington St. E. (full schedule).Every Tue 9:45pm Tyler Yarema and hisRhythm. Every Wed 9:45pm Bradley and theBouncers. Every Thu 9:45pm Mary McKay.Every Fri 9:45pm Dee Dee and the DirtyMartinis. Every Sat 9:45pm Tyler Yaremaand his Rhythm.Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, The194 Queen St. W. (full schedule)Call for cover charge info.November 1 12pm Danny Marks and Friends;3:30pm The Toronto Jazz Orchestra; 7pmMike ‘Shrimp Daddy’ Reid; 9:45pm Artie RothGroup. November 2 12pm Excelsior DixielandJazz Band; 3:30pm Club Django; 7pm JoelVisentin’s Bugaloo Squad; 9:30pm Petr Cancura(Brooklyn). November 3 6:30pm U of TJazz Ensembles; 9:30pm John CheesemanJazz Orchestra. November 4 6:30pm AdamTeixeira; 9:30pm Classic Rex Jam hosted byChris Gale. November 5 6:30pm Harley CardTrio; 9:30pm Ralph Alessi Quartet. November6 6:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:30pm Ralph AlessiQuartet. November 7 4pm Hogtown Syncopators;6:30pm Perry White Four; 9:45pmBarry Elmes Group. November 8 12pm DannyMarks and Friends; 3:30pm Swing Shift BigBand; 7pm The Bacchus Collective; 9:45pmBarry Elmes Group. November 9 12pm ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm Mr. Rick’sTin Pan Alley; 7pm Joel Visentin’s BugalooSquad; 9:30pm Random Access. November10 6:30pm U of T Jazz Ensembles;9:30pm Dave Young / Terry Promane Octet.November 11 6:30pm Adam Teixeira’s TropicalPunch; 9:30pm Classic Rex Jam hostedby Chris Gale. November 12 6:30pm HarleyCard Trio; 9:30pm Brad Cheeseman Group.November 13 6:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:45pmLorne Lofsky Group. November 14 4pm HogtownSyncopators; 6:30pm Chris Gale Group;9:45pm Lorne Lofsky Group. November 1512pm Danny Marks and Friends; 3:30pm TheAdvocats Shift Big Band; 7pm The BacchusCollective; 9:45pm John MacMurchy Septet.November 16 12pm Excelsior DixielandJazz Band; 3:30pm Red Hot Ramble; 7pmJoel Visentin’s Bugaloo Squad; 9:30pm BeverlyTaft Group. November 17 6:30pm U of TJazz Ensembles; 9:30pm Pram Trio. November18 6:30pm Adam Teixeira; 9:30pm ClassicRex Jazz Jam. November 19 6:30pm HarleyCard Trio; 9:30pm Funky Knuckles (Texas)+ Sidewalk Chalk. November 20 6:30pmKevin Quain; 9:45pm Al Henderson Quintet.November 21 4pm Hogtown Syncopators;6:30pm Chris Gale Group; 9:45pm Al HendersonQuintet. November 22 12pm Danny Marksand Friends; 3:30pm Laura Hubert Group;7pm The Bacchus Collective; 9:45pm RossWooldridge Sextet (Artie Shaw+Gramercy5 Tribute). November 23 12pm ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm Dr. Nick & TheRollercoasters; 7pm Joel Visentin’s BugalooSquad; 9:30pm Jacob’s Cattle. November 246:30pm U of T Jazz Ensembles; 8:30pm JunoAward Winners: John MacLeod’s Rex HotelOrchestra. November 25 6:30pm JoannaReynolds / Rob Thaller Duo; 9:30pm ClassicRex Jam hosted by Chris Gale. November 266:30pm Harley Card Trio; 9:30pm Suyun KimMemorial. November 27 6:30pm Kevin Quain;9:30pm David Braid & Peripheral Vision.November 28 4pm Hogtown Syncopators;6:30pm Chris Gale Group; 9:45pm Joel Miller(Montreal) & Honeycomb. November 2912pm Danny Marks and Friends; 3:30pm TheMississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble; November 1 - December 7, 2014 | 61

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