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Volume 20 Issue 3 - November 2014

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WE ARE ALL MUSIC’S CHILDRENNovember’s ChildStephanie MartinMJ BUELLNEW CONTEST!Who isDECEMBER’S CHILD?Stephanie Martin lives in Toronto near Eglinton and Dufferin where “pasta meets rasta.”Some of her other pastimes include yoga, French lessons, gardening, travelling and eatingexcellent food.Canadian musician Stephanie Martin is acomposer, conductor, organist, scholar, andconsummate collaborator. While her musicalvalues and appetites and curatorial instinctsare deeply rooted in early music her workembraces much that is new. A busy associateprofessor of music at York University, Martinis the artistic director of Pax Christi Chorale,and the director of Schola Magdalena, anensemble specializing in the chant and medievalpolyphony for women’s voices. She is alsoa past director of music at the historic churchof Saint Mary Magdalene. Somehow in betweenit all she finds time to consort with chambergroups such as I Furiosi Baroque Ensemble, andmaintains a vigorous blog on her website.Other musicians in your family? Everyone inmy large extended family has music in them. Icome from the Mennonite heritage of singing acappella in four parts at the drop of a hat.Earliest memories of hearing music? I have avivid and beautiful memory of sitting around ashining Christmas tree with my family singing“Silent night” in our old farmhouse. That couldbe the first time I realizedwhat music was.My Dad had an extensivevinyl record collection.I remember particularrecordings like Britten’sYoung Person’s Guideto the Orchestra, and awonderful kid’s recordcalled Tubby the Tuba. Irecall being taken to liveperformances by my Dad,and often waking up after it was all over.First memories of making music? As awee child I started copying what I heard theadults doing. I’d pick out a tune on the pianoand then make up my own songs – mostlyabout animals. My first composition was “Poorlittle horse in the stable.” All my early worksconcerned animals.And making music with others? Singing inthe junior choir at Sackville United Church,conducted by my Mom. I remember that wewere lifted beyond ourselves – a whole crowdof kids singing in a church basement soundingvery strong and very sweet, and my own tinyvoice fitting in as part of something big andwonderful.Do you remember when you began tothink of yourself as a career musician? Yes. Iremember the exact moment. I was 12 years oldand was allowed to sing in the Mennonite MassChoir conducted by my Dad, for a performanceof Handel’s Messiah. Strangely it was not whilesinging, but while listening to the orchestraplay the Pastoral Symphony that I had myepiphany. It was thedouble basses pulling outlong low notes that drewme into a magical world.I said to myself “I have tofind a way to do this forthe rest of my life.”Please enjoy theexpanded full-lengthinterview withStephanie Martin atthewholenote.comWith The American Boychoir, 1987,Princeton New JerseyIn January this “littlestangel” (front row R), now atenor, will portray ashepherd who’s in love witha nymph.Meanwhile there are threeMessiahs on his horizon– one in Toronto Dec 16-21.Also, see our concert listings,Nov 28Know our Mystery Child’s name?WIN PRIZES! Send your best guess,by October 24, TO OUR WINNERS! HERE’S WHAT THEY WONAlleluiSacred Choral Works byStephanie MartinChoirs of the Church of Saint Mary MagdaleneStephanie Martin, Conductor“Winter Nights”, (Dec 6 & 7): The Pax Christi Chorale, led by Stepanie Martin, is joined byMichele Bogdanowicz, Sean Clark and Doug MacNaughton, for J.S.Bach’s ChristmasOratorio Part II; his Nun komm der Heiden Heiland; and Stephanie Martin’s own WinterNights – a four- movement cantata for chorus, tenor soloist, strings, piano four hands,organ and percussion. Victoria Geottler and Ron Greaves each win a pair of tickets.Alleluia: Sacred choral works by Stephanie Martin, was recorded at The Church of StMary Magdalene by their award winning choir. These 18 tracks of (mostly) unaccompaniedchoral beauty are new settings of Anglican liturgical texts derived from the Psalms, theMass and the evening service of Benediction. Copies of this CD go to Tatiana Voitovitchand Anne-Maria Pennanen.Schola Magdalena is a six-voice women’s group dedicated to exploring chant and othermedieval music, and new music for women’s voices. Scola Magdalena, led by Stephanie Martin sings Compline for St.Cecilia: plainchant and motets for women’s voices at The Church of St. Mary Magdalene on Nov 21. Virgo Splendens – Medieval music for Women’sVoices is their recent recording, and Richard Diver and Julie Rahn have each won a copy.Music’s Children gratefully acknowledges Abner and Shirley, Jennifer, Larry, and Tim.70 | November 1 - December 7, 2014

2015Summer SessionJune 21 st to August 12 th , 2015apply n w!Conductor: Michael FrancisVisit our website for more details!Application Deadline: December 28 th , 20142-3 week tour in world class venues like Toronto’sKoerner Hall and Ottawa’s National Arts CentrePhoto : Marco Borggreve • Courtesy of CAMI2 week chamber music program and 3 to 4 weekorchestral training programNATIONAL AUDITIONAND TOUR SPONSORMAJOR SPONSORSTraining from internationally renowned facultyInformative guest lecturesA full bursary and 00 scholarship plus eligibilityfor the ,000 Canada Council Michael MeasuresPrize and for six 00 Awards of ExcellenceNYOC more information:416-532-4470 | 1-888-532-4470 | info@nyoc.orgNATIONAL YOUTH ORCHESTRA CANADA

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