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Volume 20 Issue 8 - May 2015

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FOR OPENERS | DAVID PERLMANDark Clouds And Silver LiningsIt’s hard to believe that April Fool’s Day was less than a monthago. This is after, all a month during which not only do we at TheWholeNote have to do our usual aggregating of the live local concertscene and commenting on it, but we also have to pull together ourannual Choral Canary Pages — an astonishing (to me, anyway) snapshotof the range and diversity of our readership’s involvement inplaying the world’s oldest, most basic and most sophisticated instrument— the human voice. So right now April 1 feels as though it ismany hours more than a simple month’s worth of work in the past.As I am sure it must feel for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.Some of you may remember that Michael Gilbert of Musical Toronto— the blog that, far more adequately than any of the city’s dailymedia, reports on the daily passage of the musical events we chroniclemonthly here — got April Fool’s Day off to a flying start with theannouncement that the Toronto Symphony Orchestra had acquiredmajor new sponsorship and was, accordingly, being renamed ThePresident’s Choice Symphony Orchestra.Given the role that naming rights play in corporate sponsorship ofCulture and MUSH (museums, universities, schools and hospitals) theannouncement was just credible enough for the joke to have real tractionon April 1, only to turn really sour a week later when the actualTSO president’s choices put him front and centre in the harsh glare ofpublic scrutiny over the TSO’s decision to “uninvite” pianist ValentinaLisitsa, scheduled to appear with the TSO that week to perform theRachmaninov second piano concerto.True to our calling as makers of lists here at The WholeNote, wedutifully documented, in the April 14 issue of HalfTones, our regularmidmonth e-letter, the range of public reaction to the Lisitsa affair.And we also threw in an opinion of our own, which (for the benefit ofthose of you who don’t yet read HalfTones regularly) was this:when the leader of an organization makes a difficult decision, as inthis case the TSO’s president did, the reasons stated for that decisionbecome part of that leader’s legacy, even more than the decisionitself. Some agreed with his decision; some did not. But explainingthat Lisitsa had been uninvited because her widely tweeted politicalopinions “might be deeply offensive to some” has put the TSO(which though private bears our city’s proud name) on a very slipperyethical slope.(On the other hand, for those of you rubbing your hands at thepossibilities the precedent sets, I invite you to sign the online petitioncalling for the works of all composers of the Third Viennese School tobe permanently uninvited from TSO programming, because atonalismis clearly deeply offensive to some.)Silver lining: the uninviting of Valentina Lisitsa had a profoundlymoving corollary, in that a scaled-down version of the concert inquestion went ahead, without a soloist, without an intermission, andwith only one work on the program — Mahler’s Fifth Symphony,under the baton of a former TSO music director, Jukka-Pekka Saraste.As a piece of programming to suit the occasion, the Mahler couldnot have been better chosen. The orchestra was clearly burning to DOTHEIR REAL WORK, the audience was ready to listen, and Saraste,conducting without a score, gave us all the opportunity, for 90minutes, to traverse the entire emotional landscape of the turbulentweek. Mahler Five starts bleak as can be and ends determined to behappy. Granted, cheerfulness in a major key is seldom as convincingas emotional storm and stress in a minor mode. But as the work cameThe WholeNote VOLUME 20 NO 8| MAY 1, 2015 – JUNE 7, 2015Centre for Social Innovation720 Bathurst St., Suite 503, Toronto ON M5S 2R4PHONE 416-323-2232 | FAX 416-603-4791Publisher/Editor In Chief | David Perlmanpublisher@thewholenote.comChairman of the Board | Allan Pulkerdirectors@thewholenote.comEDITORIALManaging Editor | Paul Enniseditorial@thewholenote.comRecordings Editor | David Oldsdiscoveries@thewholenote.comSocial Media Editor | Sara Constanteditorial@thewholenote.comListings Editor | David Perlman (acting)listings@thewholenote.comClub Listings Editor | Bob Benjazz@thewholenote.comSALES, MARKETING & MEMBERSHIPConcerts & Events/Membership | Karen Agesmembers@thewholenote.comRecord Industry Sales/Marketing | Thom McKercherthom@thewholenote.comAdvertising/Production Support/OperationsJack Buell | adart@thewholenote.comClassified Ads | classad@thewholenote.comWebsite/Systems | Bryson Winchestersystems@thewholenote.comCirculation/Subscriptions | Chris Malcolmcirculation@thewholenote.comSUBSCRIPTIONS per year + HST (9 issues)THANKS TO THIS MONTH’S CONTRIBUTORSBeat ColumnistsHans de Groot, Jack MacQuarrie, Benjamin Stein,Paul Ennis, David Olds, David Podgorski,Ori Dagan, Wendalyn Bartley, Bob BenmJ buell, Christopher Hoile, Andrew TimarFeaturesPaula Citron, David PerlmanCD ReviewersAdam Scime, Alison Melville, Andrew Timar,Bruce Surtees, Dianne Wells, Janos Gardonyi, KenWaxman, Michael Schwartz, Ori Dagan, RichardHaskell, Robert Tomas, Stuart BroomerProofreadingJohn Sharpe, Paul Ennis,Sara Constant, Kevin KingListingsDavid Perlman, Bob Ben,Tilly Kooyman, JennieLea McLeish,Ruth Atwood, Simone DesiletsCirculation TeamAbram Bergen, Andrew Schaefer, Beth Bartley,Bob Jerome, Dagmar Sullivan, Dave Taylor,Garry Page, Gero Hajek, Jack Buell, Jeff Hogben,Joan Andrews, John Dodington, Lorna Nevison,Mark Clifford, Micah Herzog, Niamh Malcolm,Patrick Slimmon, Paul Ennis, Randy Weir, RobertFaulkner, Sharon Clark, Tiffany Johnson, TomSepp, Vicki Stainton, Wende BartleyLayout & DesignBryson Winchesteran Ontario government agencyun organisme du gouvernement de l’OntarioUpcoming Dates & DeadlinesFree Event Listings Deadline6pm Friday May 8Display Ad Reservations Deadline6pm Friday May 15Classifieds Deadline6pm Saturday May 23Advertising Materials Due6pm Monday May 18Publication DateMonday June 1 (Online)Wednesday June 3 (Print)Volume 20 No 9 coversJune 1, 2015 to September 7, 2015WholeNote Media Inc. accepts no responsibility orliability for claims made for any product or servicereported on or advertised in this issue.Printed in CanadaCouto Printing & Publishing ServicesCirculation StatementMay 2015: 30,000 printed & distributedCanadian Publication Product Sales Agreement1263846ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTEPublications Mail Agreement #40026682Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:WholeNote Media Inc.Centre for Social Innovation503–720 Bathurst StreetToronto ON M5S 2R4COPYRIGHT © 2015 WHOLENOTE MEDIA INCthewholenote.com6 | May 1 - June 7, 2015

to a close there was consensus in the house, fromplayers and audience alike — dammit after a weeklike this we have EARNED our D Major!If only for a moment, the music itself was theonly story, front and centre, which is as it should be.“THIS is what it’s really about” I heard someone sayas we all stood to applaud (and I don’t think it wasme talking to myself).Koerner by name: The 21C Festival (now in itssecond year at the Royal Conservatory) is to a largeextent the brainchild of the same individual whosponsored the performance hall that is the jewelin the crown of the RCM. This little festival is abuilding project every bit as complex and importantas the building it sits in and will take as much timeand attention to bring to fruition. Wende Bartley’sIn With The New on page 14 suggests that so farthings are on the right track.The world’s oldest instrument II: If like me youhave always thought of barbershop singing or acappella in general, as somehow inferior to “real”choral singing, then do yourself a favour and readthe first half of Ben Stein’s column (page 22). Andthen carry on and read the rest of it! Soccer, byvirtue of its lack of dependency on pads and gearand other equipment, has earned the title “thebeautiful game.” Perhaps unaccompanied singingstands poised to do the same.We Are All Music’s Children: Somewhere alongthe line, in the next couple of issues (if it hasn’thappened already) the number of people interviewedfor MJ Buell’s column/contest in this magazinewill pass the 100 mark; each of them hasAdam Sherkin 39Amadeus Choir 25, 46, 60Arts Media Project 62Associates of the TSO 16ATMA 5Aurora Cultural Centre35, 36Bach Children’s Chorus39Bellus Barbari 48Bloor Street UnitedChurch 62Canadian Children’s OperaCompany 39, 60Canadian Opera Company28Canadian Sinfonietta 41Cantemus 50Cathedral BluffsSymphony Orchestra 23,49, 54Christ Church Deer ParkJazz Vespers 32Columbus Centre 59Columbus Centre ConcertBand 51Continuum ContemporaryConcerts 48Counterpoint CommunityOrchestra 49Elmer Iseler Singers 37Elora Festival 4Ensemble Polaris 42INDEX OF ADVERTISERSExultate Chamber Singers48Halcyon Strng Quartet 47Harmony Singers 48Holy Blossom Temple 41Humbercrest UnitedChurch 41I FURIOSI BaroqueEnsemble 52Jazz Bistro 62Jubilate Singers 52Kindred Spirits Orchestra42Lark Ensemble 47Lawrence ParkCommunity Church 38Lisa Chisholm 62LizPR 62Lula Music and ArtsCentre 15Maestro Music 43Mississauga Festival Choir38Mississauga SymphonyOrchestra 11, 44Music at Metropolitan 36,38, 49Music Toronto 9Nathaniel Dett Chorale 24,47New Music Concerts 43Newchoir 50Nocturnes in the City 18answered the same simple set of questions. No twosets of answers have been the same. And the reservoirof people to interview will never run dry aslong as music lives. Regular readers of the column,stay tuned! Come September 25 Music’s Childrenwill be helping us celebrate The WholeNote’s 20thanniversary, and you could be at the front of theline to join the celebration.Listen Up! If you are not in the habit of readingthe record reviews at the back of the magazine(because what’s the point of reading words aboutmusic when you can’t hear the music the words areabout), then you won’t have seen the bright yellowarrow sign below. Just saying!Norm Pulker 62Not the Music 65Off Centre Music Salon 25Orchestra Toronto 51ORGANIX 12Orpheus Choir 40Pasquale Bros 60Peter Mahon 23Red Chamber 64Remenyi House of Music13Roy Thomson Hall 33Royal Conservatory 45, 77Russell Drago 44Samantha Chang 61SING! 48, 49, 51, 75Small World Music 19Soundstreams 46St. James’ Cathedral 10,38St. Olave’s Church 52St. Philips’ Jazz Vespers32Steinway Piano Gallery 11Stephen Satory 45Subtle Technologies 4Tafelmusik 2, 3, 37, 47Talisker Players 41Tapestry Opera 29Toronto Chamber Choir45Toronto Choral Society 41Toronto City Opera 59publisher@thewholenote.comWhat if you could listen in?Now you can!Visit theListening more informationThom McKercher at thom@thewholenote.comToronto Classical Singers51Toronto Consort 27, 30, 45Toronto Jazz Festival 17, 31Toronto Masque Theatre42Toronto MendelssohnChoir 59Toronto Summer MusicAcademy and Festival 19,62Toronto SymphonyOrchestra 38, 44, 78Toy Piano Composers /TorQ Percussion Ensemble45Trio Arkel 43Unitarian Congregation inMississauga 46Universal Music 65Univox / Florivox 47Victoria Scholars 22Village Voices 60VIVA! Youth Singers 52VOCA Chorus 23Westben 21, 55Western University 60Windermere StringQuartet 46Women’s Musical Club ofToronto 38Wychwood Clarinet Choir4616BLUETH AnnualPAGESDON’TEVERSTOPMUSIC ISFOR LIFETHE BLUE PAGESA rich resource formusicians and all lovers oflive music, with detailedprofiles of SouthernOntario’s live music makersand their current seasons.Printed in the October editionof The WholeNote and updatedyear-round on our website.THE CANARY PAGESThe WholeNote’s annualguide to the extraordinarychoral diversity of SouthernOntario. See page 34THE GREEN PAGESGUIDE TO SUMMERMUSIC FESTIVALSAND EVENTSThere’s so much to enjoy -you’ll want a copy at homeand one in your summertravel bag. Printed in ourSummer edition (June, July& August). Don’t miss ourenhanced coverage online.Deadline May 8COMING IN JUNE 2015!Musical guidesonline, all the May 1 - June 7, 2015 | 7

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