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Volume 20 Issue 8 - May 2015

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Manhattans Pizza Bistro

Manhattans Pizza Bistro & Music Club951 Gordon St., Guelph (full schedule)All shows: PWYC.May 3, 24 Stan Chang. May 5, 19 BradHalls. May 6 John Zadro. May 8 Hans LuchsQuartet. May 10 Thomas Hammerton.May 12, 26, 31 Paul Taylor. May 13, 27 Jokela/Vogan/Cooley. May 14 Joni Nehrita Duo.May 20 Accent Trio. May 22 John McLelland+ Jesse Turton. May 23 Christine Aziz+ Bartosz Hadala. May 28 Mary-CatherineMcNinch Pazzano Trio.Mezzetta Restaurant681 St. Clair Ave. W (full schedule)All shows: 9pm, (unless otherwise noted).May 6 Rob Piltch (guitar) & Neil Swainson(bass). May 13 Dave Young (bass) &Reg Schwager (guitar). May 20 8pm DinoToledo (guitar) & Fernando Gallego (voice).No cover. May 27 Bernie Senensky (piano) &Dave Young (bass).Mod Club, The722 College St. 416-588-4663themodclub.comMonarch Tavern12 Clinton St. (full schedule)May 11 7:30pm Martin Loomer & His OrangeDevils Orchestra . May 28 9pm Red RideTour 2015 with Derek Miller, Cris Dereksen,Kristi Lane Sinclair & Christa Couture .Monarchs PubAt the Eaton Chelsea Hotel33 Gerrard St. W. (full schedule)All shows: 8pm-midnight. No cover.May 6 Laura Hubert. May 7 WickedGrin. May 13 Diane Roblin’s ‘Reconnect’.May 14 Mark Stafford. May 20 JordanaTalsky Quartet. May 21 Brandon Santini.May 27 Michael Danckert. May 28 The Jackde Keyzer Band.Morgans on the Danforth1282 Danforth Ave. (full schedule)All shows: 2pm-5pm. No cover.May 3 At Ease. May 10 Stacey MacIntyre.May 17 Allyson Morris. May 24 Laura Hubert& Brendan Davis. May 31 Lisa Particelli’s ‘GirlsNight Out’ Jazz Jam.Musideum401 Richmond St. W., Main (full schedule)May 1 8pm Russ Nolan (sax) CD Releasewith Daniel Barnes (drums), Jeremy Ledbetter(piano), Jesse Dietschi (bass) $20.May 10 3pm Georgia Steel & Rick Maltese/$20(st). May 15 8pm GAME.SET.TRAP:Donny Milwalkee (drums), Darryl Joseph-Dennie (keyboards), Stacey Shopsowitz(bass) and featured guests .Nawlins Jazz Bar & Dining299 King St. W. 416-595-1958nawlins.caAll shows: No cover/PWYC.D. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz)Every Tue 6:30pm Stacie McGregor. EveryWed 7pm Jim Heineman Trio. Every Thu 8pmNothin’ But the Blues w/ guest vocalists.Every Fri 8:30pm All Star Bourbon St. Band.Every Sat 6:30pm Sam Heinman; 9pm AllStar Bourbon St. Band. Every Sun 7pmBrooke Blackburn.Nice Bistro, The117 Brock St. N., Whitby. (full schedule)Old Mill, The21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641oldmilltoronto.comThe Home Smith Bar: No reservations. Nocover. $20 food/drink minimum. All shows:7:30pm-10:30pmMay 1 Bernie Senensky (piano) Trio withNeil Swainson (bass), Terry Clarke (drums).May 2 Sean Bray’s (guitar) Peach Triowith Mark Dunn (bass), David MacDougall(drums). May 7 Shannon Gunn (voice)Trio with Neil Swainson (bass), Brian Dickinson(piano). May 8 Jake Wilkinson (trumpet,piano) Trio with Jon Meyer (bass),Lee Wallace (guitar). May 9 Barry Elmes(drums) Quartet with Perry White (sax), RegSchwager (guitar), Steve Wallace (bass).May 14 Nancy Walker (piano) Trio withKieran Overs (bass), Ethan Ardelli (drums).May 15 Richard Underhill (sax) Trio withEwan Farncombe (piano), Artie Roth (bass).May 16 Mary Panacci (voice) Quartet withAnthony Panacci (piano), Paul Novotny (bass),Mark Kelso (drums). May 21 Mark Kieswetter(piano) Trio with Ross MacIntyre (bass),Kevin Dempsey (drums). May 22 MelissaStylianou (voice) Quartet with Jamie Reynolds(piano), Dan Fortin (bass), Nick Fraser(drums). May 23 Ron Westray (trombone,flugelhorn) Trio with Ross MacIntyre (bass),Anthony Michelli (drums). May 28 BarbaraGordon (voice) Trio with Adrean Farrugia(piano), Pat Collins (bass). May 29 NeilSwainson (bass) Trio with Rob Piltch (guitar),Davide DiRenzo (drums). May 30 MorganChilds (drums) Trio with Jeff McLeod (piano),Neil Swainson (bass).Paintbox Bistro555 Dundas St. E. (Full schedule)Pilot Tavern, The22 Cumberland Ave. 416-923-5716thepilot.caAll shows: 3:30pm. No cover.May 2 Alex Dean (sax) Quartet with ChrisGale (sax), Pat Collins (bass), Ethan Ardelli(drums). May 9 Norman Marshall Villeneuve’s(drums) Jazz Message with Eric Boucher(piano), Artie Roth (bass), Bob Brough (sax),Alexis Baro (trumpet). May 16 Bob Brough’s(sax) 67th Birthday Celebration with TerryClarke (drums), Adrean Farrugia (piano),Artie Roth (bass), and featured guests.May 23 Allison Au (sax) Quartet with TrevorGiancola (guitar), John Meyer (bass), EthanArdelli (drums). May 30 Sugar Daddies Sextetwith Gord Sheard (piano), Jeff King (sax),Dave Dunlop (trumpet), Tom Bellman (guitar),Peter Howard (drums), Steve Conover (bass).Poetry Jazz Café224 Augusta Ave. (full schedule)All shows: 9pmReposado Bar & Lounge136 Ossington Ave. (full schedule)May 1 10pm Reposadists Quartet: Tim Hamel(trumpet), Jon Meyer (bass), Jeff Halischuck(drums), Roberto Rosenman (guitar), withSandy Alexander (voice).Reservoir Lounge, The52 Wellington St. E. (full schedule).Every Tue 9:45pm Tyler Yarema and hisRhythm. Every Wed 9:45pm Bradley and theBouncers. Every Thu 9:45pm Mary McKay.Every Fri 9:45pm Dee Dee and the DirtyMartinis. Every Sat 9:45pm Tyler Yarema andhis Rhythm.Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, The194 Queen St. W. (full schedule)Call for cover charge info.May 1 4pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pmParker/Abbott Trio; 9:45pm Laura SwankeyGroup. May 2 12 noon Danny Marks andFriends; 3:30pm N.O.J.O. (Neufeld OcchipintiJazz Orchestra); 7:30pm The Brothers;9:45pm Frank Botos Group. May 3 12 noonHumber Community Music Student JazzRecitals; 9:30pm Miriam Snider (Vancouver).May 4 6:30pm Peter Hill Group; 9:30pm TheToronto Jazz Orchestra. May 5 6:30pm MattNewton Trio; 9:30 Classic Rex Jam Hostedby Chris Gale. May 6 6:30pm Ross WooldridgeGroup; 9:30pm Tim Ries Group (NYC).May 7 6:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:30pm HansLuchs Organ Trio (Chicago). May 8 4pm HogtownSyncopators; 6:30pm Parker/AbbottTrio; 9:45pm Norman Marshall Villeneuve(Montreal). May 9 12 noon Danny Marks andFriends; 3:30pm The Advocats Big Band;7:30pm The Bacchus Collective; 9:45pm MarkKelso’s Jazz Exiles. May 10 12 noon ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm Red Hot Ramble;7pm Jonno Lightstone’s Klez Konnection;9:30pm Rebecca Henessy’s Fog. May 1112 noon MusicFest; 6:30pm Peter Hill Group;9:30pm Joe Sullivan Big Band (Montréal).May 12 12 noon MusicFest; 6:30pm MattNewton Trio; 9:30 Classic Rex Jam Hostedby Chris Gale. May 13 12 noon MusicFest;6:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:30pm Kirk MacDonaldQuartet. May 14 12 noon MusicFest; 6:30pmYouth Jazz Canada: 2015 National Combo;9:30pm Kirk MacDonald Quartet. May 154pm Hogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm Teri ParkerFour; 9:45pm The Travelling Wall-barries.May 16 12 noon Danny Marks and Friends;3:30pm Tonight at Noon (Charles MingusTribute); 7:30pm The Bacchus Collective;9:45pm The Travelling Wall-barries. May 17 12noon Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pmClub Django; 7pm Joel Visentin’s BugalooSquad; 9:30pm Eric Divito (New York). May 186:30pm Peter Hill Group; 9:30pm Mike Herriott& the OTR Band. May 19 6:30pm MattNewton Trio; 9:30 Classic Rex Jam Hosted byNorbert Botos. May 20 6:30pm Ross WooldridgeGroup; 9:30pm Jeff LaRochelle. May 216:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:30pm Jesse MaloneGroup. May 22 4pm Hogtown Syncopators;6:30pm Teri Parker Standards; 9:45pmAvi Granite Group (NYC). May 23 12 noonDanny Marks and Friends; 3:30pm SocialistNight School; 7:30pm The Bacchus Collective;9:45pm Ted Warren’s Broadview.May 24 12 noon Excelsior Dixieland JazzBand; 3:30pm Allison Toffan’s Toronto RhyhmInitiative; 7pm Joel Visentin’s Bugaloo Squad;9:30pm Ethio-Jazz Project. May 25 6:30pmPeter Hill Group; 8:30pm John Macleod’sRex Hotel Orchestra. May 26 6:30pm MattNewton Trio; 9:30 Classic Rex Jam Hostedby Chris Gale. May 27 6:30pm Ross WooldridgeGroup; 9:30pm Michael Herring’s WAYNORTH. May 28 6:30pm Kevin Quain; 9:30pmMichael Herring’s WAY NORTH. May 29 4pmHogtown Syncopators; 6:30pm Teri ParkerTrio; 9:45pm Terra Hazelton Group. May 3012 noon Danny Marks and Friends; 3:30pmLaura Hubert Group; 7:30pm The BacchusCollective; 9:45pm Quinsin Nachoff Trio (NYC)featuring Dan Weiss. May 31 12 noon ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz Band; 3:30pm FreewayDixieland Band; 7pm Joel Visentin’s BugalooSquad; 9:45pm Quinsin Nachoff Trio (NYC)featuring Dan Weiss.Salty Dog Bar & Grill, The1980 Queen St. E. 416-849-5064 (fullschedule)Sauce on the Danforth1376 Danforth Ave. 647-748-1376sauceondanforth.comAll shows: No cover.Every Mon 9pm The Out Of Towners: DirtyOrgan Jazz. Every Tue 6pm Julian Fauth.Seven44(Formerly Chick n’ Deli/The People’s Chicken)744 Mount Pleasant Rd. (full schedule)May 4 7:30pm Advocats Big Band No cover.May 11 7:30pm Bob Cary Big Band No cover.May 18 7:30pm George Lake Big Band Nocover.Smiling Buddha, The961 College St. (full schedule)May 3 11am Laura Yiu Quintet, Jazz MoneyNo cover.Stori Aperitivo95 King St. E (full schedule)Toni Bulloni156 Cumberland St. (full schedule)No cover. Saturday shows: 9pm. food/drink minimum. Sunday shows: 6pm. food/drink minimum.Tranzac292 Brunswick Ave. (full schedule)3-4 shows daily, various styles. Mostly PWYC.Every Mon 10pm Open Mic Mondays.Every Thurs 7:30pm Bluegrass Thursdays:Houndstooth. Every Fri 5pm The FoolishThings (folk). May 3 5pm Monk’s Music.May 15 7:30 Dust: The Quietest Big Band inthe Known World. May 19 10pm The KenMcDonald Quartet. May 26 10pm Nick FraserPresents. May 27 7:30pm Trevor Giancola.May 29 10pm The Ryan Driver Sextet.58 | May 1 - June 7, 2015

Galas and Fundraisers●●May 11 7:00: Flato Markham Theatre.Unveiling of the 2015/16 Diamond Series Season.Performances from artists booked fornext season. 101 Town Centre Blvd., Markham.905-305-SHOW (7469); plus HST per person.●●May 21 6:00 (reception); 7:30 (show): Sistering/MotionClothing. 13th Annual FunnyGirls and Dynamic Divas – A Comedy andMusic Cabaret. Reception of hors d’oeuvres,silent auction, pop-up boutique, performanceand dessert. Elvira Kurt, host; SandraShamas, comedian; Jully Black and AmandaMartinez, vocalists; Jane Bunnett, sax/flute;and others. Glenn Gould Studio, 250 FrontSt. W. 416-926-9762 x233; .●●May 24 2:00: Canadian Children’s OperaCompany. Artistic Director Ann Cooper Gay’sRetirement Celebration. COC Courtyard,227 Front St. E. 416-366-0467. Free.●●June 6 6:00: Ermanno Mauro MasterClass. Annual Gala Dinner and Concert: “LesBelles Voce.” Arias for sopranos, tenors,baritones and bass. Ermanno Mauro, tenor;Nicole Bellamy, accompaniment; and others.The Columbus Centre Rotunda, 901 LawrenceAve. W. 5; 00 for a table of 8.●●June 7 3:00 – 6:00: Toronto Early MusicPlayers Organization. Annual FundraisingTea and Silent Auction. Live music, freefood and beverages; CDs, books and sheetmusic for sale. Grace Church on-the-Hill,300 Lonsdale Rd. 416-537-3733. Admission bytax-deductible donation.Contests●●Musicworks Magazine. 2015 Contests forElectronic Music Composition and “SonicGeography” Writing. Cash prizes and winnerspublished. Submit a 10-minute compositionin one of the following genres: electroacoustic,acousmatic, glitch, turntable art, or videomusic; OR submit a 500-word essay describinghow sound influences place and shapesyour experience. Deadline to apply: June The ETCeterasDemonstrations and Tours●●May 24 10:00am – 5:00: Canadian MusicCentre. Doors Open Toronto. Explore theinsides of our historic building (ChalmersHouse); live performances and workshopsthroughout the day. 20 St. Joseph St. 416-961-6601 x201. Free.Festivals, Festivities●●May 2 8:00. 14th Annual DEEP WIRELESSFestival of Radio & Transmission Art. HEARNOW HERE. Performances by Allison Cameron,Dan Tapper and James Bailey. NAISASpace, 601 Christie St., Rm 252.●●May 3 1:30 – 3:30. 14th Annual DEEP WIRE-LESS Festival of Radio & Transmission Art.SOUNDwalk with Susan Aaron, to celebrateJane’s Walk. Cedarvale Park/Ravine. Meet atHeath St. Entrance to St. Clair West Subway.Free.●●May 3 2:00 – 4:00: Hamilton PhilharmonicOrchestra. 2015 What Next Festival of NewMusic: Coffee with the Composers. Casualdrop-in event with Christien Ledroit (HPOComposer-in-Residence), Abigail Richardson-Schulteand other composers featuredin the festival. Mulberry Street Coffeehouse,193 James St. N., Hamilton. 905-526-7756;●●May 9 10:00am – 12:00 noon. 14th AnnualDEEP WIRELESS Festival of Radio & TransmissionArt. Introducing Leslie to the StopFarmer’s Market. Performances by KnutAufermann & Sarah Washington. The StopFarmer’s Market, The Covered Street, ArtscapeWychwood Barns, 601 Christie St.●●Registration is now open for 2015 CultureDays. Register early to start planning a CultureDays event in your community. CultureDays take place on September 25, 26 and 27,2015.●●May 22 8:00. 14th Annual DEEP WIRELESSFestival of Radio & Transmission Art. TransXTransmission Art Symposium performances.Tonic Train (Knut Aufermann & Sarah Washington);Peter Flemming: VibWav. WychwoodTheatre, 601 Christie St., #176. ; (st);Free with TransX Symposium●●May 23 8:00. 14th Annual DEEP WIRE-LESS Festival of Radio & Transmission Art.TransX Transmission Art Symposium performances.Doug Van Nort: Sarah Boothroyd:A dispersion of elements. Wychwood Theatre,601 Christie St., #176. ; (st); Free withTransX Symposium registration.●●May 25 – 31, 12_noon – 5:00: 18th AnnualSubtle Technologies Festival. EN. MORENDO:Sound art installations by Alexandra Gelis,Andrew Zealley and Mitchell Akiyama. GladstoneHotel, 1214 Queen St. W., 1st floor.Lectures, Salons, Symposia●●May 3 2:00: Toronto Opera Club. “Out of MyMind”: Schoenberg, Bartók and ExpressionistOpera. Lecture by Jeffrey L. Stokes, Assoc.Professor, Music Performance Studies, Universityof Western Ontario. Rm. 330, EdwardJohnson Bldg., Faculty of Music, U of T,80 Queen’s Park. 416-924-3940. .●●May 8 7:00: Soundstreams Salon 21. LatinAmerican Encounters. Learn and hear howpercussion instruments common in LatinAmerican music have defined a multitude ofmusical styles. Gardiner Museum, 111 Queen’sPark. 416-504-1282. Free, PWYC reservedseating and gallery preludes available.●●May 12 2:30: Oakville Opera Guild. Tea withOpera: The Life of an Opera Singer, a presentationwith live singing. Guest: CassandraWarner, mezzo-soprano. Oakville CentralLibrary Auditorium, Navy St., Oakville. 905-827-5678. (minimum donation). Proceedsto scholarship awarded annually to a youngCanadian singer studying at U of T OperaDivision.●●May 22–24 . 14th Annual DEEP WIRE-LESS Festival of Radio & Transmission Art.TransX Transmission Art Symposium. Register.Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 ChristieSt. Wychwood Theatre, Rm. 176. ; (st)●●May 29 8:00: Oakville Opera Guild. Teawith Opera. Location and details TBA. 905-827-5678. (minimum donation). Proceedsto scholarship awarded annually to a youngCanadian singer studying at U of T OperaDivision.●●May 30 9:00am – 4:30. 18th Annual SubtleTechnologies Festival. Speaker Series. ArtscapeYoungplace. 180 Shaw St.●●May 31 10:00am – 3:00. 18th Annual SubtleTechnologies Festival. Panel Discussions:Sounding/Surviving: the role of music inhealth, emotion and memory; Instruments ofChange: the politics of voice and voice recognitiontechnology. Artscape Youngplace,180 Shaw St., Rm. 107.Screenings●●May 16 8:00: Ensemble Polaris/BaroqueMusic Beside the Grange. The DistanceBetween. Presentation of newly composedand improvised music with films shot in Iceland,New Zealand, Italy and France, exploringideas of “home” and “away”. Films by LizGibson-DeGroote, Alicia Harris, Pierre Tremblay,Gerda Cammaer and Gabriele Grotto;compilation of extracts from films by JamesMcCrorie and students in Ryerson’s Schoolof Image Arts. Marco Cera, guitar, mandolin,banjo; Kirk Elliott, violin, accordion, smallpipes and other instruments; Margaret Gay,CALL FORAUDITIONS15/16 SEASONNoel EdisonARTISTIC DIRECTORThe TMC is looking forexperienced singers,particularly tenors andbasses, to join Canada’spremier symphonic choir.Good sight-reading skillsnecessary, and ability tocommit to an excitingschedule of rehearsalsand performances.Auditions will be heldMay 19 & 20, 2015Audition package availableat www.tmchoir.orgFor more info, call Kimberat 416-598-0422, x221Photo by Brian May 1 - June 7, 2015 | 59

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